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Biography of Vice-Admiral Sir Francis Thomas Butler Tower
By Paul Bevand, MBE
Updated 06-May-2014

Sir Francis Thomas Butler Tower, K.C.B, C.B., O.B.E. served as captain of H.M.S. Hood from 1933 to 1935.

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Sir Francis Thomas Butler TowerF.T.B. "Tommy" Tower was born in December 1885. He joined the Royal Navy in 1902 and was educated at H.M.S. Britannia, Dartmouth. He saw service during the First World War. He was awarded the O.B.E. in 1919 as a result of his contributions.

Captain Tower on the bridge of H.M.S. HoodTower was promoted to Captain in 1923. He served as the Director of Naval Ordnance 1931 - 1933. In August 1933, he took command of the battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood as the Flag Captain for Sir William James. He would also work for Sir Sidney Bailey in this same capacity. He as known to some of the crew as "King Tom". He was captain of Hood when H.M.S. Renown collided with her in January 1935.

Tower was promoted to Rear-Admiral in late 1935, At this same time, he was serving as the ADC to The King. Following this, he served as the Director of Naval Equipment, Admiralty. He held this post until 1939. Suring this timeframe he received his C.B. and was married to Mary Estelle Clayton (both in 1937).

Tower was promoted to Vice-Admiral in 1939. He then retired and was made the Vice Controller of Admiralty. He held this position until 1944. He received the K.C.B. during this timeframe (1942).

In addition to his many British medals, Tower also had been awarded the Legion of Merit by the Americans. Following his retirement, he lived in Sway, Hampshire where he passed away on 18 July 1964.


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