-H.M.S. Hood Crew Information-
H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page lists men who served in Hood as well as the ship searched for listed below.

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Hood casualties who also served in H.M.S. Bulwark

Name (click link to visit individual page)Date joined or re-ratedRank / rate
Bracken, Ernest Sydney18th March 1902Carpenters Crew
Penhaligon, Richard18th March 1902Ordinary Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford18th March 1902Ordinary Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William18th March 1902Boy 1st Class
Wheeler, Henry William9th August 1902Ordinary Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford3rd April 1903Able Seaman
Penhaligon, Richard7th May 1903Able Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William7th April 1904Able Seaman
Craig, Thomas7th October 1904Able Seaman
Robinson, Pryce1st January 1905Boy 1st Class
Seal, Edward1st January 1905Able Seaman
Robinson, Pryce11th May 1905Signalman
Canniffe, James12th October 1905Boy 1st Class
Smith, Samuel Lane12th October 1905Boy 1st Class
Canniffe, James10th February 1906Ordinary Seaman
Smith, Samuel Lane15th March 1906Ordinary Seaman
Canniffe, James11th February 1907Able Seaman
Robinson, Pryce12th February 1907Signalman
Todd, James Somerville12th February 1907Ordinary Seaman
Browne, Thomas13th February 1907Able Seaman
Pope, Edward James13th February 1907Able Seaman
Todd, James13th February 1907Able Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest25th February 1907Boy 1st Class
Bartlett, Ernest10th March 1907Ordinary Seaman
Byers, Sidney31st October 1907Boy 2nd Class
Crocker, Charlie31st October 1907Boy 2nd Class
Crocker, Charlie1st November 1907Boy 1st Class
Byers, Sidney6th November 1907Boy 1st Class
Todd, James Somerville8th November 1907Able Seaman
Byers, Sidney18th December 1907Ordinary Seaman
Todd, James Somerville5th February 1908Able Seaman
Crocker, Charlie15th February 1908Ordinary Seaman
Byers, Sidney18th August 1908Ordinary Seaman
Crocker, Charlie18th August 1908Ordinary Seaman
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase18th August 1908Ordinary Seaman
Redwood, Tom25th August 1908Ordinary Seaman
Campbell, John7th November 1908Boy 1st Class
McGowan, William7th November 1908Boy 1st Class
McGowan, William15th November 1908Ordinary Seaman
Crocker, Charlie11th March 1909Ordinary Seaman
Byers, Sidney2nd August 1909Able Seaman
McGowan, William28th August 1909Able Seaman
Campbell, John14th September 1909Ordinary Seaman
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase6th January 1910Able Seaman