-H.M.S. Hood Crew Information-
H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page lists men who served in Hood as well as the ship searched for listed below.

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Hood casualties who also served in H.M.S. Crescent (Hood)

Name (click link to visit individual page)Date joined or re-ratedRank / rate
Cottrell, Albert Edward1st July 1919Chief Petty Officer
Ahern, Patrick4th February 1920Able Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth4th February 1920Petty Officer
Bracken, Ernest Sydney4th February 1920Shipwright First Class
Browne, Thomas4th February 1920Able Seaman
Bunt, Inkerman4th February 1920Petty Officer
Byrne, Oswald4th February 1920Petty Officer
Kirk, Patrick4th February 1920Leading Seaman
Lewis , John4th February 1920Regulating Petty Officer
Mitchell, Alfred Richard4th February 1920Plumber 1st Class
Pascoe, Francis John4th February 1920Petty Officer
Penhaligon, Richard4th February 1920Sailmaker
Prout, Charles John4th February 1920Able Seaman
Rose, John4th February 1920Able Seaman
Salter, Mark4th February 1920Chief Petty Officer
Searle, William James Reuben4th February 1920Able Seaman
Stone, Herbert William4th February 1920Able Seaman
Thom, James4th February 1920Stoker Petty Officer
Walsh, Thomas4th February 1920Blacksmith 1st Class
White, Stanley Albert15th February 1920Petty Officer (New Series)
Ayers, Samuel John24th February 1920Able Seaman
Cretney, John James24th February 1920Able Seaman
Lloyd, Richard Edward24th February 1920Shipwright 4th Class
Marr, Alexander24th February 1920Able Seaman
Miles, Arthur24th February 1920Stoker 1st class
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George24th February 1920Able Seaman
O'Connor, Michael Augustine24th February 1920Stoker 1st class
Small, George Arthur William24th February 1920Mechanician
Bickley , Joseph Forrester1st March 1920Petty Officer
Kessell, William Merioni1st March 1920Petty Officer
McLaughlin, James Henry1st March 1920Petty Officer
Reid, Henry Arthur1st March 1920Able Seaman
Rendell, Samuel Francis1st March 1920Able Seaman
Robertson, Alfred1st March 1920Able Seaman
Sampson, Richard George1st March 1920Able Seaman
Seal, Edward1st March 1920Able Seaman
Sherrell, William Ernest1st March 1920Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter1st March 1920Able Seaman
Soper, Charles William Evans1st March 1920Petty Officer
Stygall, Charles1st March 1920Able Seaman
Thompson, Charles Henry1st March 1920Able Seaman
Walsh, Patrick1st March 1920Able Seaman
White, Cecil1st March 1920Able Seaman
Wilcox, Charles Henry1st March 1920Able Seaman
Wilds, Frederick1st March 1920Able Seaman
Young, John Scott1st March 1920Able Seaman
Banks , John James5th March 1920Petty Officer
Bulbrook, Bernard Hugh5th March 1920Yeoman of Signals
Craig, Thomas5th March 1920Petty Officer
McCormick, Henry5th March 1920Leading Seaman
O'Sullivan, Michael5th March 1920Stoker 1st class
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase5th March 1920Petty Officer
Terrell, Bernard Weeks5th March 1920Petty Officer
Williams, Joseph5th March 1920Regulating Petty Officer