-H.M.S. Hood Crew Information-
H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page lists men who served in Hood as well as the ship searched for listed below.

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Hood casualties who also served in H.M.S. Impregnable

Name (click link to visit individual page)Date joined or re-ratedRank / rate
Lewis , John5th September 1898Boy 2nd Class
Collacot, William John19th September 1898Boy 2nd Class
Parkyn, Thomas Henry25th January 1899Boy 2nd Class
Stone, Herbert William3rd February 1899Boy 2nd Class
Worth, Frederick Thomas14th February 1899Boy 2nd Class
Robertson, Alfred16th May 1899Boy 2nd Class
Lewis , John15th June 1899Boy 1st Class
Collacot, William John29th June 1899Boy 1st Class
Roberts, William Arthur7th August 1899Boy 2nd Class
Parkyn, Thomas Henry5th October 1899Boy 1st Class
Stone, Herbert William9th November 1899Boy 1st Class
Worth, Frederick Thomas9th November 1899Ordinary Seaman
Penhaligon, Richard17th November 1899Boy 2nd Class
Wheeler, Clifford9th January 1900Boy 2nd Class
Robertson, Alfred3rd February 1900Boy 1st Class
Wheeler, Henry William6th April 1900Boy 2nd Class
Baker, Alfred18th July 1900Boy 2nd Class
Penhaligon, Richard2nd August 1900Boy 1st Class
Bickell, John3rd September 1900Boy 2nd Class
Ayers, Samuel John7th September 1900Boy 2nd Class
Wheeler, Clifford13th September 1900Boy 1st Class
Rose, John13th October 1900Boy 2nd Class
Benoy, John Secombe19th January 1901Boy 2nd Class
Atreed, William Stanley23rd January 1901Boy 2nd Class
Wheeler, Henry William21st February 1901Boy 1st Class
Lewis, Charles Harold19th March 1901Boy 2nd Class
Pope, Edward James19th March 1901Boy 2nd Class
Trimble, Edgar28th March 1901Boy 2nd Class
Maslen, Charles Henry2nd April 1901Boy 2nd Class
Coles, James Henry11th April 1901Boy 2nd Class
Baker, Alfred18th April 1901Boy 1st Class
Reid, Henry Arthur24th April 1901Boy 2nd Class
Stygall, Charles23rd May 1901Boy 2nd Class
Ayers, Samuel John30th May 1901Boy 1st Class
Bickell, John13th June 1901Boy 1st Class
Kessell, William Merioni31st July 1901Boy 2nd Class
Craig, Thomas14th September 1901Boy 2nd Class
Kent, George14th September 1901Boy 2nd Class
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe17th September 1901Boy 2nd Class
Ray, George16th October 1901Boy 2nd Class
Collings, Charles Richard1st November 1901Boy 2nd Class
Atreed, William Stanley21st November 1901Boy 1st Class
Trimble, Edgar21st November 1901Boy 1st Class
Lewis, Charles Harold6th January 1902Boy 1st Class
Pope, Edward James16th January 1902Boy 1st Class
Pascoe, Francis John22nd January 1902Boy 2nd Class
Cretney, John James4th March 1902Boy 2nd Class
Strickland, Albert Horace4th March 1902Boy 2nd Class
Cousins, George Edward6th March 1902Boy 2nd Class
Reid, Henry Arthur6th March 1902Boy 1st Class
Malster, Charles18th March 1902Boy 2nd Class
White, Stanley Albert24th March 1902Boy 2nd Class
Bartlett, John Eliot27th May 1902Boy 2nd Class
Andrews, Ernest Frederick6th June 1902Boy 2nd Class
Ray, George24th July 1902Boy 1st Class
Knott, Albert George31st July 1902Boy 2nd Class
King, William Charles8th October 1902Boy 2nd Class
Cottrell, Albert Edward9th October 1902Boy 2nd Class
Cousins, George Edward13th November 1902Boy 1st Class
Cretney, John James13th November 1902Boy 1st Class
Strickland, Albert Horace13th November 1902Boy 1st Class
Usherwood, William Charles17th November 1902Boy 2nd Class
Malster, Charles11th December 1902Boy 1st Class
Collins, John8th January 1903Boy 2nd Class
King, Alfred9th January 1903Boy 2nd Class
Smith, William9th January 1903Boy 2nd Class
Bolt, Albert James12th January 1903Boy 2nd Class
White, Stanley Albert20th January 1903Boy 1st Class
Taylor, Charles Henry26th January 1903Boy 2nd Class
Andrews, Ernest Frederick2nd April 1903Boy 1st Class
Wheeler, Alfred John6th April 1903Boy 2nd Class
Bunt, Inkerman17th April 1903Boy 2nd Class
Ward, James Lewis21st April 1903Boy 2nd Class
Rowe, Alfred23rd April 1903Boy 2nd Class
Titmous, Arthur Stewart14th May 1903Boy 2nd Class
Robinson, Pryce22nd June 1903Boy 2nd Class
Coaker, Ernest Albert10th July 1903Boy 2nd Class
Rowse, Reginald Thomas21st July 1903Boy 2nd Class
Cottrell, Albert Edward23rd July 1903Boy 1st Class
King, William Charles23rd July 1903Boy 1st Class
Branch, Richard John20th August 1903Boy 1st Class
Bolt, Albert James22nd October 1903Boy 1st Class
Smith, William22nd October 1903Boy 1st Class
Taylor, Charles Henry5th November 1903Boy 1st Class
Avery, James24th November 1903Boy 2nd Class
Rowe, Alfred26th November 1903Boy 1st Class
Ward, James Lewis26th November 1903Boy 1st Class
Wheeler, Alfred John26th November 1903Boy 1st Class
Brown, Joseph Francis30th November 1903Boy 2nd Class
Cleverly, Albert Edward30th November 1903Boy 2nd Class
Whitehead, Walter Charles10th December 1903Boy 2nd Class
Bunt, Inkerman1st January 1904Boy 1st Class
Titmous, Arthur Stewart1st January 1904Boy 1st Class (Signals)
Thomas, Leslie11th January 1904Boy 2nd Class
Smith, Samuel Lane19th January 1904Boy 2nd Class
Robinson, Pryce21st January 1904Boy 1st Class
Mahoney, Patrick24th January 1904Boy 1st Class
Rowse, Reginald Thomas25th February 1904Boy 1st Class
Payne, Walter11th May 1904Boy 2nd Class
Mutter, William John16th May 1904Boy 2nd Class
Avery, James30th June 1904Boy 1st Class
Brown, Joseph Francis30th June 1904Boy 1st Class
Cleverly, Albert Edward30th June 1904Boy 1st Class
Cranch, Samuel Pope6th July 1904Boy 2nd Class
Whitehead, Walter Charles4th August 1904Boy 1st Class
Vosper, William Henry7th September 1904Boy 2nd Class
White, Bertie John16th October 1904Boy 2nd Class
Smith, Samuel Lane20th December 1904Boy 1st Class
Thomas, Leslie20th December 1904Boy 1st Class
Mutter, William John1st January 1905Boy 1st Class
Payne, Walter1st January 1905Boy 1st Class
White, Bertie John1st January 1905Boy 2nd Class
Cranch, Samuel Pope9th February 1905Boy 1st Class
Canniffe, James12th February 1905Boy 1st Class
Coleman, Jeremiah12th February 1905Boy 1st Class
Bentley, Richard Adworth17th April 1905Boy 2nd Class
Vosper, William Henry25th April 1905Boy 1st Class
Turner, William11th May 1905Boy 2nd Class
White, Bertie John18th May 1905Boy 1st Class
Bracken, Ernest Sydney10th June 1905Carpenters Crew
Bentley, Richard Adworth9th November 1905Boy 1st Class
Knight, George Richard7th December 1905Boy 2nd Class
Turner, William14th December 1905Boy 1st Class
Wilds, Frederick22nd January 1906Boy 2nd Class
Oatway, Samuel John25th January 1906Boy 1st Class
Cranch, Samuel Pope26th January 1906Boy 1st Class
Mutter, William John26th January 1906Boy 1st Class
Livingstone, Peter Stanley11th March 1906Boy 1st Class
Mutter, William John13th March 1906Ordinary Seaman
Murphy, Matthew8th April 1906Boy 1st Class
Buttons, William Frank21st April 1906Boy 2nd Class
Watson, Herbert Mark22nd April 1906Boy 2nd Class
Walker, Robert27th May 1906Boy 2nd Class
Turner, William1st July 1906Boy 1st Class
Alderman, Bertie2nd July 1906Boy 2nd Class
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin2nd July 1906Boy 2nd Class
Bentley, Richard Adworth3rd July 1906Boy 1st Class
Watson, Herbert Mark10th August 1906Boy 1st Class
Knight, George Richard17th August 1906Boy 1st Class
Buttons, William Frank31st August 1906Boy 1st Class
Wilds, Frederick28th September 1906Boy 1st Class
Turner, William3rd October 1906Ordinary Seaman
Walker, Robert6th October 1906Boy 1st Class
Corcoran, James15th October 1906Boy 1st Class
Bentley, Richard Adworth25th October 1906Ordinary Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin26th October 1906Boy 1st Class
Sanders, Arthur James29th October 1906Boy 2nd Class
Porter, Alexander13th January 1907Boy 2nd Class
Southard, Montague William22nd January 1907Boy 2nd Class
Bowden, William John11th February 1907Boy 2nd Class
Tapper, Philip Henry13th February 1907Boy 2nd Class
Solway, Albert James15th February 1907Boy 2nd Class
Watts, Noah Samuel19th February 1907Boy 2nd Class
Battershell, Henry Samuel20th February 1907Able Seaman
Brend, Richard John5th March 1907Boy 2nd Class
Mayne, George Albert16th March 1907Boy 2nd Class
Alderman, Bertie2nd May 1907Boy 1st Class
O'Callaghan, Michael John19th May 1907Boy 2nd Class
White, Cecil28th May 1907Boy 2nd Class
Mayne, George Albert15th June 1907Boy 1st Class
Scully, John21st June 1907Boy 2nd Class
McGowan, William23rd June 1907Boy 2nd Class
Marshall, Ernest John5th July 1907Boy 2nd Class
Campbell, John31st July 1907Boy 2nd Class
Sanders, Arthur James19th August 1907Boy 1st Class
Tapper, Philip Henry3rd September 1907Boy 1st Class
Porter, Alexander6th September 1907Boy 1st Class
Southard, Montague William6th September 1907Boy 1st Class
Smith, Charles William11th September 1907Boy 2nd Class
Kitchen, John Miles14th September 1907Boy 2nd Class
Canty, John19th September 1907Boy 2nd Class
Noxon, James3rd October 1907Boy 2nd Class
McArdle, James Henry5th October 1907Signalman
May, John Alfred Charles11th October 1907Boy 2nd Class
Bowden, William John22nd November 1907Boy 1st Class
Brend, Richard John6th December 1907Boy 1st Class
O'Callaghan, Michael John6th December 1907Boy 1st Class
Watts, Noah Samuel6th December 1907Boy 1st Class
Kitchen, John Miles9th December 1907Boy 1st Class
Warren, William Edwin23rd December 1907Boy 2nd Class
Solway, Albert James15th January 1908Boy 1st Class
Scully, John20th January 1908Boy 1st Class
Marshall, Ernest John26th February 1908Boy 1st Class
McGowan, William26th February 1908Boy 1st Class
White, Cecil6th March 1908Boy 1st Class
Chapman, Charles Leonard23rd March 1908Boy 2nd Class
Campbell, John24th March 1908Boy 1st Class
Smith, Charles William24th April 1908Boy 1st Class
May, John Alfred Charles1st May 1908Boy 1st Class
Chapman, Charles Leonard12th June 1908
Canty, John24th June 1908Boy 1st Class
Noxon, James24th June 1908Boy 1st Class
Warren, William Edwin4th September 1908Boy 1st Class
Smith, Charles William12th September 1908Boy 1st Class
Salter, Mark20th November 1909Petty Officer 2nd Class
Branch, Richard John9th February 1910Leading Signalman
Salter, Mark1st April 1910Petty Officer (New Series)
Alford, Thomas14th June 1910Boy 2nd Class
Smith, William14th August 1910Petty Officer Telegraphist
Titmous, Arthur Stewart31st August 1910Leading Signalman
Corlett, John James1st February 1911Leading Signalman
Stewart, Albert Martin12th April 1911Boy 2nd Class
Corlett, John James22nd April 1911Leading Signalman
Lemon, Spencer Barton31st May 1911Able Seaman
Lavender, Ernest Oscar22nd August 1911Boy 2nd Class
Stewart, Albert Martin24th November 1911Boy 1st Class
Axworthy, John Isaac James27th March 1912Leading Seaman
Bigmore, George Henry11th May 1912Able Seaman
Lavender, Ernest Oscar15th May 1912Boy 1st Class
Baker, Kenneth Aldred16th July 1912Boy 2nd Class
Tipping, Alfred John Embery9th August 1912Boy 1st Class
Wheeler, Alfred John26th September 1912Able Seaman
Cleeter, William George15th November 1912Boy 2nd Class
Williams, Thomas Vincent31st December 1912Boy 2nd Class
Ray, George28th January 1913Leading Seaman
Baker, Kenneth Aldred17th June 1913Boy 1st Class
Cleeter, William George17th June 1913Boy 1st Class
Williams, Thomas Vincent13th July 1913Boy 1st Class
Trimble, Edgar20th August 1913Leading Signalman
Penwill, John Henry1st September 1913Boy 2nd Class
Taylor, Robert1st September 1913Boy 2nd Class
McConnell, William2nd September 1913Boy 2nd Class
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George8th September 1913Boy 2nd Class
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas9th September 1913Boy 2nd Class
Purdy, George William9th September 1913Boy 2nd Class
Bennett, George Arthur15th September 1913Boy 2nd Class
Larby, Frederick James24th September 1913Boy 2nd Class
Rolfe, George Robert30th September 1913Boy 2nd Class
Cromeyn, James7th October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Cannon, Thomas16th October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Pontin, Frederick William John17th October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Sampson, Richard George18th October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Moore, Wilfred Purslow22nd October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Sherrell, William Ernest25th October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Wenham, Francis Edgar25th October 1913Boy 2nd Class
McGrory, William3rd November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Carr, John Henry4th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Cosgrove, Ernest4th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Penney, Frank5th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Webber, Robert Gerald7th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Rendell, Samuel Francis10th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Stephens, James Norman12th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Lamb, Frederick Thomas12th December 1913Shipwright 2nd Class
Sutton, Stanley Carey31st December 1913Boy 2nd Class
Wilcox, Charles Henry3rd January 1914Boy 2nd Class
Soper, Charles William Evans12th January 1914Boy 2nd Class
Willetts, Walter13th January 1914Boy 2nd Class
Bates, George Arthur14th January 1914Boy 2nd Class
Lennon, James Leslie15th January 1914Boy 2nd Class
Ryan, Michael15th January 1914Boy 2nd Class
Rendell, Samuel Francis20th January 1914Boy 1st Class
Thompson, Charles Henry20th January 1914Boy 2nd Class
Cannon, Thomas8th February 1914Boy 2nd Class
Swinney, John Dixon7th March 1914Boy 2nd Class
Winfield, William Harold7th March 1914Boy 2nd Class
Moston, Arnold22nd March 1914Boy 2nd Class
Thomas, Francis Jules16th April 1914Boy 2nd Class
Bennett, George Arthur14th May 1914Boy 1st Class
Cromeyn, James14th May 1914Boy 1st Class
McConnell, William14th May 1914Boy 1st Class
Penwill, John Henry14th May 1914Boy 1st Class
Sherrell, William Ernest14th May 1914Boy 1st Class
Taylor, Robert14th May 1914Boy 1st Class
Wenham, Francis Edgar14th May 1914Boy 1st Class
Cannon, Thomas27th May 1914Boy Telegraphist
Swinney, John Dixon30th May 1914Boy Telegraphist
Winfield, William Harold30th May 1914Boy Telegraphist
Moston, Arnold13th June 1914Boy 1st Class (Telegraphist)
Penney, Frank13th June 1914Boy 1st Class
Carr, John Henry20th June 1914Boy 1st Class
Webber, Robert Gerald28th June 1914Boy 1st Class
Cosgrove, Ernest13th July 1914Boy 1st Class
Lennon, James Leslie13th July 1914Boy 1st Class
Ryan, Michael13th July 1914Boy 1st Class
Soper, Charles William Evans13th July 1914Boy 1st Class
Stephens, James Norman13th July 1914Boy 1st Class
Sutton, Stanley Carey13th July 1914Boy 1st Class
Thompson, Charles Henry13th July 1914Boy 1st Class
Willetts, Walter13th July 1914Boy 1st Class
McGrory, William30th August 1914Boy 1st Class
Wilcox, Charles Henry3rd October 1914Boy 1st Class
Rolfe, George Robert4th October 1914Boy 1st Class
Thomas, Francis Jules31st October 1914Boy 1st Class
Craft, Thomas Edward8th October 1915Boy 2nd Class
Craft, Thomas Edward7th April 1916Boy 1st Class
Canty, John12th August 1916Able Seaman
Bussey, Harry Frederick22nd November 1916Boy 2nd Class
Smith, William George22nd November 1916Boy 2nd Class
Bussey, Harry Frederick10th March 1917Boy 1st Class
Robinson, Arthur EdwardIllegbileBoy 2nd Class
Bull, Percival Horace15th March 1917Boy 2nd Class
Freeborn, Frederick Charles23rd June 1917Boy 2nd Class
Miles, Francis Benjamin23rd June 1917Boy 2nd Class
Carn, George Herbert Knight13th July 1917Boy 2nd Class
Petty, Edmund James16th July 1917Boy 2nd Class
Freeborn, Frederick Charles4th August 1917Boy 1st Class
Robinson, Arthur Edward5th September 1917Boy 2nd Class
Burningham, William Frederick Richard17th October 1917Boy 2nd Class
Howse, Thomas14th January 1918Boy 2nd Class
Robinson, Arthur Edward16th February 1918Boy 1st Class
Miles, Francis Benjamin6th April 1918Boy 1st Class
Stokes, John Edward24th June 1918Boy 2nd Class
Eyres, Thomas Walter William29th July 1918Boy 2nd Class
Smith, John Henry8th August 1918Boy 2nd Class
Gray, Alfred Ernest Edward29th August 1918Boy 2nd Class
Chappell, Robert Edwin31st August 1918Boy 2nd Class
Webb, Albert Frank23rd November 1918Boy 1st Class
Choules, Sydney James20th January 1919Boy 2nd Class
Stokes, John Edward24th January 1919Boy 1st Class
Smith, Frederick Arthur27th January 1919Boy 2nd Class
Cleverly, Albert Edward31st January 1919Petty Officer
Eyres, Thomas Walter William1st February 1919Boy 1st Class
Avery, James6th February 1919Leading Seaman
Gray, Alfred Ernest Edward21st February 1919Boy 1st Class
Smith, John Henry28th February 1919Boy 1st Class
Smith, William George24th March 1919Boy 1st Class
Rose, John28th March 1919Able Seaman
Chappell, Robert Edwin5th April 1919Boy 1st Class
Prout, Charles John23rd April 1919Able Seaman
Ahern, Patrick4th May 1919Able Seaman
Roberts, Frederick Charles9th May 1919Boy 2nd Class
Bickley , Joseph Forrester27th May 1919Petty Officer
Searle, William James Reuben5th July 1919Able Seaman
Webster, William Temple15th August 1919Able Seaman
Parker, Frederick Archibald2nd September 1919Able Seaman
Smith, Frederick Arthur6th September 1919Boy 1st Class
Choules, Sydney James25th October 1919Boy 1st Class
Bartlett, Richard1st December 1919Stoker Petty Officer
Dunwell, William Sidney1st December 1919Boy 2nd Class
Ray, George1st December 1919Petty Officer
Roberts, Frederick Charles1st December 1919Boy 2nd Class
Sheehan, Patrick1st December 1919Able Seaman
Pengelly, Henry James3rd December 1919Plumber 1st Class
Roberts, Frederick Charles25th January 1920Boy 1st Class
Sanders, Arthur James28th January 1920Petty Officer
Avery, James1st February 1920Petty Officer
Cleverly, Albert Edward1st February 1920Petty Officer
Dunwell, William Sidney21st February 1920Boy 1st Class
Ryder, Leonard23rd March 1920Boy 2nd Class
Pengelly, Henry James1st April 1920Chief Plumber
Allen, William Ernest Sydney28th July 1920Boy 2nd Class
Sheppard, Leonard Fred George26th August 1920Boy 2nd Class
Morton, James6th September 1920Petty Officer
Ray, George1st December 1920Chief Petty Officer
Canty, William Dennis6th January 1921Boy 2nd Class
Barnes, Thomas George16th February 1921Boy 2nd Class
Smith, Frederick Harry Stanley23rd March 1921Boy 2nd Class
Vincer, George Edward24th June 1921Regulating Petty Officer
Kent, George25th June 1921Regulating Petty Officer
Flint, Sydney George28th July 1921Boy 2nd Class
Bulman, Kenneth Frank19th August 1921Boy 2nd Class
Watson, B.E.M., Harry30th August 1921Boy 2nd Class
Miles, Vernon George1st September 1921Boy 2nd Class
Murch, Walter Charles John28th October 1921Leading Seaman
Mutter, William John17th December 1921Leading Seaman
Berry, Ernest Hubert4th February 1922Chief Blacksmith
Bulman, Kenneth Frank24th February 1922Boy 2nd Class
Miles, Vernon George24th February 1922Boy 2nd Class
Flint, Sydney George12th March 1922Boy 1st Class
Bulman, Kenneth Frank2nd April 1922Boy 1st Class
Corddell, Harold Leslie13th May 1922Boy 2nd Class
Todd, James Somerville13th May 1922Petty Officer
Miles, Vernon George24th June 1922Boy 1st Class
Corddell, Harold Leslie3rd September 1922Boy 1st Class
Gardner, James Daniel19th September 1922Boy 2nd Class
Ray, George20th September 1922Chief Petty Officer
Taylor, Robert2nd December 1922Able Seaman
Bawden, Lewis12th December 1922Stoker Petty Officer
Wilson, Herbert Godfrey17th March 1923Boy 2nd Class
Livingstone, Peter Stanley15th April 1923Petty Officer (New Series)
Rolfe, George Robert1st May 1923Able Seaman
Miles, Arthur17th May 1923Stoker 1st class
O'Connor, Michael Augustine17th May 1923Stoker 1st class
Bolt, Albert James15th June 1923Able Seaman
Thomas, Leslie8th August 1923Leading Seaman
May, John Alfred Charles21st November 1923Chief Writer
Porter, Alexander24th November 1923Petty Officer
May, John Alfred Charles4th January 1924Chief Petty Officer Writer
Pearce, William Frederick7th February 1924Boy 2nd Class
Campbell, John13th February 1924Petty Officer
Bickley , Joseph Forrester20th February 1924Petty Officer
Owen, Harold16th July 1924Boy 2nd Class
Bickell, John2nd September 1924Master at Arms
Moore, Wilfred Purslow2nd September 1924Acting Petty Officer
Dowdell, William Frederick Spencer12th September 1924Boy 2nd Class
Malster, Charles1st October 1924Chief Petty Officer
Pearce, William Frederick6th October 1924Boy 1st Class
Baxter, John Kenneth21st November 1924Boy 2nd Class
Butson, Owen7th February 1925Petty Officer
Owen, Harold30th March 1925Boy 1st Class
Rolfe, George Robert1st April 1925Able Seaman
Moore, Wilfred Purslow17th April 1925Petty Officer
Oatway, Samuel John21st April 1925Petty Officer
Neville, William Arthur24th April 1925Boy 2nd Class
Baxter, John Kenneth20th July 1925Boy 1st Class
Dowdell, William Frederick Spencer7th September 1925Boy 1st Class
McDonald, Harold22nd September 1925Boy 2nd Class
Richardson, George William24th September 1925Leading Seaman
Oatway, Samuel John17th October 1925Petty Officer
Stephens, James Norman20th October 1925Able Seaman
Neville, William Arthur12th November 1925Boy 1st Class
Abel , Charles Henry7th January 1926Chief Petty Officer
Todd, James Somerville7th January 1926Chief Petty Officer
Vague, Alec7th January 1926Petty Officer
Mansell, Alfred16th January 1926Petty Officer
Williams, Thomas Vincent2nd February 1926Acting Petty Officer
Balch, Percy Herbert17th February 1926Boy 2nd Class
Brookman, Frederick Robert17th March 1926Petty Officer
Norris, Cyril John17th April 1926Sailmaker's Mate
Bickley , Joseph Forrester19th April 1926Chief Petty Officer
McDonald, Harold22nd May 1926Boy 1st Class
Malster, Charles4th July 1926Petty Officer
Ogden, Robert4th August 1926Boy 2nd Class
Bentley, Richard Adworth7th September 1926Petty Officer
Norris, Cyril John15th September 1926Acting Sailmaker
Bennett, George Arthur20th October 1926Regulating Petty Officer
Balch, Percy Herbert25th October 1926Boy 1st Class
Southwood, Arthur William1st December 1926Sailmaker
Luly, Charles Arthur8th January 1927Stoker Petty Officer
Ogden, Robert13th June 1927Boy 1st Class
O'Sullivan, Michael15th October 1927Stoker 1st class
Martin, George7th January 1928Stoker Petty Officer
Watts, Noah Samuel7th July 1928Petty Officer
Thorne, John Thomas Perry2nd September 1928Petty Officer