-H.M.S. Hood Crew Information-
H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page lists men who served in Hood as well as the ship searched for listed below.

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Hood casualties who also served in H.M.S. Suffolk

Name (click link to visit individual page)Date joined or re-ratedRank / rate
Philp, John Henry21st May 1904Boy 1st Class
Sparks, Henry21st May 1904Stoker
Philp, John Henry17th July 1904Ordinary Seaman
Philp, John Henry21st August 1905Able Seaman
Ahern, Patrick10th April 1906Ordinary Seaman
Byrne, Oswald10th April 1906Ordinary Seaman
Cranch, Samuel Pope10th April 1906Boy 1st Class
Mutter, William John10th April 1906Ordinary Seaman
Pulman, Frederick John10th April 1906Stoker 2nd class
Cranch, Samuel Pope6th June 1906Ordinary Seaman
Cranch, Samuel Pope29th August 1906Ordinary Seaman
Ahern, Patrick6th September 1906Able Seaman
Pulman, Frederick John20th September 1906Stoker 1st class
Byrne, Oswald18th May 1907Able Seaman
Mutter, William John4th July 1907Able Seaman
Baker, Alfred28th April 1908Able Seaman
Miles, Arthur28th April 1908Stoker 2nd class
Robinson, Pryce28th April 1908Signalman
Sanders, Arthur James28th April 1908Boy 1st Class
Sanders, Arthur James8th July 1908Ordinary Seaman
Miles, Arthur14th July 1908Stoker 1st class
Sanders, Arthur James4th April 1909Able Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry1st June 1909Signalman
Skidmore, Reginald John23rd July 1909Stoker 2nd class
Robinson, Pryce16th September 1909Leading Signalman
Robinson, Pryce18th November 1909Signalman
Skidmore, Reginald John23rd November 1909Stoker 1st class
Byers, Sidney3rd May 1910Able Seaman
Campbell, John3rd May 1910Ordinary Seaman
Collins, Richard3rd May 1910Stoker 1st class
Parker, Frederick Archibald3rd May 1910Ordinary Seaman
Prowse, Edgar3rd May 1910Plumber
Warren, Harry Frederick3rd May 1910Leading Signalman
Parker, Frederick Archibald11th October 1910Able Seaman
Campbell, John12th March 1911Able Seaman
Crook, Arthur Stanley2nd August 1911Acting Senior Petty Officer
Crook, Arthur Stanley27th May 1912Stoker Petty Officer
Collins, Richard5th June 1912Stoker 1st class
Oatway, Samuel John27th February 1913Able Seaman
Skidmore, Reginald John24th June 1914Stoker 1st class
Oatway, Samuel John7th April 1915Leading Seaman
Robinson, Arderne Gower27th September 1915Able Seaman
Oatway, Samuel John22nd March 1916Able Seaman
Cranch, Samuel Pope4th May 1916Able Seaman
Crocker, Charlie17th May 1917Able Seaman
Solway, Albert James17th May 1917Leading Seaman
Lidstone, William John19th May 1917Leading Seaman
Binnie, John Ernest8th August 1930Stoker 1st Class
Love, Herbert William8th August 1930Stoker 1st Class
Scott, James2nd September 1930Leading Stoker
Charker, Albert William15th September 1930Able Seaman
Stoyles, Sydney Standerton16th March 1933Stoker Petty Officer
Binnie, John Ernest29th June 1933Acting Leading Stoker
Dowdell, William Frederick Spencer19th July 1933Able Seaman
Dunwell, William Sidney19th July 1933Able Seaman
Huntley, Henry Frederick19th July 1933Plumber 2nd Class
Maycock, Ernest Victor19th July 1933Able Seaman
Moon, Walter19th July 1933Able Seaman
Bond, Sidney Wilfred2nd March 1935Able Seaman
Huntley, Henry Frederick12th July 1935Plumber 1st Class
Stoyles, Sydney Standerton1st October 1935Chief Stoker
Saul, Charles1st January 1937Stoker 1st Class
Saul, Charles1st April 1938Acting Leading Stoker
Payne, John William6th January 1939Leading Stoker
Ogden, Robert2nd March 1940Able Seaman