-H.M.S. Hood Crew Information-
H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page lists men who served in Hood as well as the ship searched for listed below.

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Hood casualties who also served in H.M.S. Vivid I

Name (click link to visit individual page)Date joined or re-ratedRank / rate
Salter, Mark12th June 1899Boy 1st Class
Searle, William James Reuben22nd January 1900Ordinary Seaman
Williams, Frederick Richard John17th April 1900Boy 1st Class
Williams, Frederick Richard John26th May 1900Ordinary Seaman
King, Charles Stanley21st November 1900Boy Writer
Prout, Charles John20th January 1901Ordinary Seaman
Brazill, Frederick Charles30th January 1901Boy 1st Class
Parkyn, Thomas Henry2nd March 1901Boy 1st Class
Wheeler, Clifford18th June 1901Boy 1st Class
Wheeler, Clifford18th November 1901Ordinary Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert21st March 1902Boy 1st Class
Cunningham, John Joseph21st March 1902Boy 1st Class
Curran, Patrick21st March 1902Boy 1st Class
Trimble, Edgar31st May 1902Boy 1st Class
King, Charles Stanley1st July 1902Boy Writer
Lewis , John1st July 1902Able Seaman
Craig, Thomas11th September 1902Boy 1st Class
Craig, Thomas28th November 1902Ordinary Seaman
Walsh, Patrick21st December 1902Boy 1st Class
Roberts, Thomas21st January 1903Boy 1st Class
Sheehan, Patrick21st January 1903Ordinary Seaman
Baker, Alfred18th February 1903Ordinary Seaman
Browne, Thomas25th February 1903Boy 1st Class
Baker, Alfred26th March 1903Ordinary Seaman
Jordan, Thomas20th April 1903Boy 1st Class
Warren, Harry Frederick3rd May 1903Boy 1st Class
Salter, Mark15th May 1903Able Seaman
Worth, Frederick Thomas24th May 1903Able Seaman
Collings, Charles Richard1st June 1903Boy 1st Class
Mulley, John12th June 1903Boy 1st Class
Cremen, Dominick15th June 1903Boy 1st Class
Robertson, Alfred22nd June 1903Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael23rd June 1903Boy 1st Class
Roberts, Thomas26th June 1903Boy 1st Class
McCormick, Henry1st July 1903Boy 1st Class
Salter, Mark8th July 1903Leading Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan17th July 1903Ordinary Seaman
Litton, Sydney Charles18th July 1903Writer 3rd Class
Wellman, John20th July 1903Boy 1st Class
Cremen, Dominick4th August 1903Ordinary Seaman
Kirk, Patrick15th August 1903Boy 1st Class
Olver, John Henry15th August 1903Ordinary Seaman
Andrews, Ernest Frederick8th September 1903Boy 1st Class
Kirk, Patrick14th September 1903Ordinary Seaman
Pascoe, Francis John3rd October 1903Ordinary Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert14th October 1903Able Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph14th October 1903Able Seaman
Curran, Patrick14th October 1903Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael23rd October 1903Ordinary Seaman
Baker, Alfred29th October 1903Ordinary Seaman
Morley, John George29th October 1903Ordinary Seaman
Stone, Herbert William22nd November 1903Ordinary Seaman
Pascoe, Francis John25th November 1903Ordinary Seaman
Litton, Sydney Charles12th December 1903Writer 3rd Class
O'Sullivan, Daniel16th January 1904Able Seaman
Philp, John Henry21st January 1904Boy 1st Class
Stygall, Charles28th January 1904Ordinary Seaman
Strickland, Albert Horace17th April 1904Ordinary Seaman
McCooey, John Henry20th April 1904Ordinary Seaman
Lidstone, William John23rd April 1904Ordinary Seaman
Bickley , Joseph Forrester25th April 1904Boy 1st Class
McLaughlin, James Henry25th April 1904Boy 1st Class
Seal, Edward27th April 1904Able Seaman
Corlett, John James4th May 1904Boy 1st Class
Smyth, John Peter11th May 1904Able Seaman
Todd, James14th May 1904Ordinary Seaman
Collacot, William John26th May 1904Able Seaman
Ray, George27th May 1904Boy 1st Class
Ray, George8th June 1904Ordinary Seaman
Mahoney, Patrick9th July 1904Ordinary Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert12th July 1904Able Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph12th July 1904Able Seaman
Curran, Patrick12th July 1904Able Seaman
Corlett, John James24th August 1904Signalman
Bickley , Joseph Forrester31st August 1904Ordinary Seaman
Penhaligon, Richard31st August 1904Able Seaman
Robinson, Pryce1st September 1904Boy 1st Class
Ahern, Patrick14th September 1904Ordinary Seaman
Wills, Charles14th September 1904Ordinary Seaman
Battershell, Henry Samuel22nd September 1904Ordinary Seaman
McGlue, Hugh28th September 1904Ordinary Seaman
Martin, Samuel John1st October 1904Ordinary Seaman
Williams, Frederick Richard John1st October 1904Ordinary Seaman
Brazill, Frederick Charles2nd October 1904Able Seaman
O'Sullivan, Daniel2nd October 1904Able Seaman
Scally, Patrick2nd October 1904Able Seaman
Branch, Richard John3rd October 1904Boy 1st Class
Williams, Joseph9th October 1904Boy 1st Class
Lewis, Charles Harold15th October 1904Ordinary Seaman
Coles, James Henry24th November 1904Able Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick6th December 1904Ordinary Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert15th December 1904Able Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph15th December 1904Able Seaman
Curran, Patrick15th December 1904Able Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry17th December 1904Signalman
Smyth, John Peter18th December 1904Able Seaman
Knott, Albert George19th December 1904Boy 1st Class
Browne, Thomas21st December 1904Ordinary Seaman
Prout, Charles John21st December 1904Able Seaman
Brazill, Frederick Charles30th December 1904Able Seaman
Olver, John Henry1st January 1905Able Seaman
Knott, Albert George3rd January 1905Ordinary Seaman
Lemon, Spencer Barton7th January 1905Boy 1st Class
McArdle, James Henry7th January 1905Boy 1st Class
Trimble, Edgar7th January 1905Signalman
Atreed, William Stanley17th January 19052nd Signalman
Trimble, Edgar18th January 1905Qualified Signalman
Morton, James20th January 1905Ordinary Seaman
Penhaligon, Richard22nd January 1905Able Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry25th January 1905Signalman
Williams, Frederick Richard John26th January 1905Able Seaman
Axworthy, John Isaac James28th January 1905Able Seaman
Parkyn, Thomas Henry5th February 1905Able Seaman
Richardson, Edward William7th February 1905Acting Qualified Signalman
Battrick, Ernest William28th February 1905Boy 1st Class
King, Charles Stanley13th March 1905Writer 3rd Class
Caggie, James Alexander Kerr12th April 1905Able Seaman
Pascoe, Francis John13th April 1905Able Seaman
Richardson, Edward William27th April 1905Able Seaman
Penhaligon, Richard29th April 1905Able Seaman
Curry, David5th May 1905Boy 1st Class
Shank, John Joseph5th May 1905Boy 1st Class
Roberts, William Arthur7th May 1905Able Seaman
Kent, George14th May 1905Able Seaman
Rose, John24th May 1905Able Seaman
Campbell, Samuel25th May 1905Boy 1st Class
Mansfield, Joseph6th June 1905Ordinary Seaman
Avery, James28th June 1905Boy 1st Class
Axworthy, John Isaac James30th July 1905Able Seaman
Lemon, Spencer Barton28th August 1905Ordinary Seaman
Morton, James28th August 1905Ordinary Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick28th August 1905Ordinary Seaman
Mansfield, Joseph31st August 1905Ordinary Seaman
Whitehead, Walter Charles11th September 1905Boy 1st Class
Pressey, Leonard John Nye3rd October 1905Able Seaman
Taylor, Clarke3rd October 1905Able Seaman
Quinn, James Edmund31st October 1905Ordinary Seaman
Reid, Henry Arthur31st October 1905Able Seaman
Robertson, Alfred31st October 1905Able Seaman
Taylor, Charles Henry31st October 1905Signalman
Wellman, John31st October 1905Able Seaman
Wills, Charles31st October 1905Able Seaman
Caggie, James Alexander Kerr12th November 1905Able Seaman
Martin, Samuel John26th November 1905Able Seaman
Olver, John Henry3rd December 1905Able Seaman
Collacot, William John5th December 1905Able Seaman
Corlett, John James5th December 1905Signalman
Jordan, Thomas5th December 1905Able Seaman
Kessell, William Merioni5th December 1905Able Seaman
Power, Michael5th December 1905Ordinary Seaman
Strickland, Albert Horace5th December 1905Able Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe5th December 1905Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael1st January 1906Able Seaman
Byrne, Oswald23rd January 1906Ordinary Seaman
Martin, John30th January 1906Able Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick30th January 1906Ordinary Seaman
Stygall, Charles27th February 1906Able Seaman
Bartlett, John Eliot13th March 1906Able Seaman
Collins, John20th March 1906Ordinary Seaman
King, William Charles20th March 1906Signalman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart20th March 1906Qualified Signalman
Walsh, Edward Thomas20th March 1906Able Seaman
Bickley , Joseph Forrester24th March 1906Able Seaman
Philp, John Henry10th April 1906Able Seaman
Salter, Mark10th April 1906Petty Officer 2nd Class
Branch, Richard John21st April 1906Qualified Signalman
McLaughlin, James Henry21st April 1906Able Seaman
Sherwin, Stanley21st April 1906Able Seaman
Worth, Frederick Thomas21st April 1906Leading Seaman
Mulley, John29th April 1906Able Seaman
Norris, Cyril John2nd May 1906Boy 1st Class
Abel , Charles Henry3rd May 1906Ordinary Seaman
McGlue, Hugh3rd May 1906Able Seaman
Smith, William3rd May 1906Qualified Signalman
White, Stanley Albert3rd May 1906Able Seaman
Vosper, William Henry5th May 1906Boy 1st Class
Terrell, Bernard Weeks12th May 1906Boy 1st Class
White, Bertie John12th May 1906Boy 1st Class
Reid, Henry Arthur20th May 1906Able Seaman
Wellman, John20th May 1906Able Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William27th May 1906Able Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward29th May 1906Boy 1st Class
Coleman, Jeremiah5th June 1906Ordinary Seaman
Whitehead, Walter Charles5th June 1906Ordinary Seaman
Sherwin, Stanley7th June 1906Able Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks22nd June 1906Boy 1st Class
White, Bertie John22nd June 1906Boy 1st Class
Abel , Charles Henry8th July 1906Ordinary Seaman
McCooey, John Henry10th July 1906Able Seaman
Richardson, George William10th July 1906Able Seaman
Cousins, George Edward29th July 1906Able Seaman
Smith, William10th August 1906Leading Signalman
Walsh, Edward Thomas21st August 1906Able Seaman
Benoy, John Secombe26th August 1906Able Seaman
Martin, John26th August 1906Able Seaman
Oatway, Samuel John10th September 1906Boy 1st Class
Ray, George11th September 1906Able Seaman
Sheehan, Patrick11th September 1906Able Seaman
Brunker, Reginald William12th September 1906Ordinary Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick12th September 1906Boy 1st Class
Nulty, Thomas Joseph12th September 1906Boy 1st Class
Southwood, Arthur William12th September 1906Ordinary Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William19th September 1906Able Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe23rd September 1906Able Seaman
Abel , Charles Henry25th September 1906Able Seaman
McCormick, Henry2nd October 1906Able Seaman
Rose, John2nd October 1906Able Seaman
Turner, William6th October 1906Ordinary Seaman
McCooey, John Henry13th October 1906Able Seaman
Strickland, Albert Horace16th October 1906Able Seaman
Richardson, George William20th October 1906Able Seaman
Morley, John George21st October 1906Able Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth27th October 1906Ordinary Seaman
McLaughlin, James Henry28th October 1906Able Seaman
Bickley , Joseph Forrester4th November 1906Able Seaman
Broad, Thomas Martin6th November 1906Able Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward6th November 1906Able Seaman
Curry, David6th November 1906Ordinary Seaman
Mahoney, Patrick6th November 1906Able Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick6th November 1906Able Seaman
Searle, William James Reuben6th November 1906Able Seaman
Roberts, Thomas13th November 1906Able Seaman
Cecil, Charles9th December 1906Boy 1st Class
Thorne, John Thomas Perry9th December 1906Boy 1st Class
Trewern, Charles9th December 1906Boy 1st Class
Buttons, William Frank15th December 1906Boy 1st Class
Knight, George Richard20th December 1906Boy 1st Class
Livingstone, Peter Stanley20th December 1906Boy 1st Class
Murphy, Matthew20th December 1906Boy 1st Class
Andrews, Ernest Frederick1st January 1907Able Seaman
Battershell, Henry Samuel1st January 1907Able Seaman
Bigmore, George Henry1st January 1907Able Seaman
Browne, Thomas1st January 1907Able Seaman
Curtis, William Henry1st January 1907Able Seaman
Kirk, Patrick1st January 1907Able Seaman
Lidstone, William John1st January 1907Able Seaman
Pope, Edward James1st January 1907Able Seaman
Todd, James1st January 1907Able Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry2nd January 1907Ordinary Seaman
Kessell, William Merioni13th January 1907Able Seaman
McLaughlin, James Henry13th January 1907Able Seaman
Morley, John George13th January 1907Able Seaman
Taylor, Clarke21st January 1907Able Seaman
White, Stanley Albert3rd February 1907Able Seaman
Morley, John George4th February 1907Able Seaman
Craig, Thomas12th February 1907Able Seaman
McCooey, John Henry12th February 1907Able Seaman
Seal, Edward12th February 1907Able Seaman
Smith, Samuel Lane12th February 1907Ordinary Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin16th February 1907Boy 1st Class
Thorne, John Thomas Perry19th February 1907Ordinary Seaman
Brazill, Frederick Charles28th February 1907Leading Seaman
Cousins, George Edward3rd March 1907Able Seaman
Maguire, James5th March 1907Boy Domestic
Curry, David9th March 1907Ordinary Seaman
Power, Michael15th March 1907Able Seaman
Searle, William James Reuben16th March 1907Able Seaman
Mahoney, Patrick23rd March 1907Able Seaman
Knott, Albert George3rd April 1907Able Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford16th April 1907Able Seaman
Lewis, Charles Harold20th April 1907Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael27th April 1907Able Seaman
Williams, Joseph1st May 1907Able Seaman
King, Charles Stanley2nd May 1907Writer 3rd Class
Corcoran, James9th May 1907Boy 1st Class
Walker, Robert9th May 1907Boy 1st Class
Barry, Edward18th May 1907Boy 1st Class
McCormick, Henry18th May 1907Able Seaman
Trewern, Charles21st May 1907Boy 1st Class
Coaker, Ernest Albert28th May 1907Able Seaman
Robertson, Alfred28th May 1907Able Seaman
Rowe, Alfred28th May 1907Able Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John28th May 1907Able Seaman
Ray, George7th June 1907Able Seaman
Maguire, James12th June 1907Domestic Third Class
Turner, William12th June 1907Able Seaman
Bolt, Albert James18th June 1907Able Seaman
Cleverly, Albert Edward18th June 1907Able Seaman
Coles, James Henry18th June 1907Able Seaman
Litton, Sydney Charles18th June 1907Writer 2nd Class
McArdle, James Henry18th June 1907Qualified Signalman
Prout, Charles John18th June 1907Able Seaman
Richardson, Edward William18th June 1907Able Seaman
Roberts, William Arthur18th June 1907Able Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward21st June 1907Ordinary Seaman
Sheehan, Patrick1st July 1907Able Seaman
King, Alfred16th July 1907Qualified Signalman
Bartlett, Ernest18th July 1907Ordinary Seaman
Knott, Albert George9th August 1907Able Seaman
Robertson, Alfred10th August 1907Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael11th August 1907Able Seaman
Walker, Robert18th August 1907Ordinary Seaman
King, Alfred24th August 1907Qualified Signalman
King, Charles Stanley25th August 1907Writer 2nd Class
Crossman, Charles Herbert28th August 1907Able Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph28th August 1907Able Seaman
Curran, Patrick28th August 1907Able Seaman
Sprague, Mark31st August 1907Boy 1st Class
Alderman, Bertie7th September 1907Boy 1st Class
Bluck, Alfred Edward7th September 1907Boy 1st Class
Watson, Herbert Mark7th September 1907Boy 1st Class
Kirk, Patrick8th September 1907Able Seaman
Lidstone, William John8th September 1907Able Seaman
Atreed, William Stanley10th September 19072nd Signalman
Sherwin, Stanley10th September 1907Able Seaman
O'Sullivan, Daniel16th September 1907Able Seaman
Atreed, William Stanley1st October 1907Signalman
King, Alfred1st October 1907Signalman
Maguire, James1st October 1907Officer's Steward 3rd Class
Avery, James4th October 1907Able Seaman
Campbell, Samuel4th October 1907Signalman
Richardson, George William16th October 1907Able Seaman
Scally, Patrick24th October 1907Able Seaman
Bigmore, George Henry29th October 1907Able Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest1st November 1907Ordinary Seaman
Olver, John Henry1st November 1907Able Seaman
Pascoe, Francis John1st November 1907Able Seaman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart1st November 1907Signalman
Andrews, Ernest Frederick5th November 1907Able Seaman
Cleverly, Albert Edward5th November 1907Able Seaman
Coaker, Ernest Albert5th November 1907Able Seaman
Coles, James Henry5th November 1907Able Seaman
Connor, William5th November 1907Able Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert5th November 1907Able Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph5th November 1907Able Seaman
Curran, Patrick5th November 1907Able Seaman
Morton, James5th November 1907Able Seaman
Richardson, Edward William5th November 1907Able Seaman
Rowse, Reginald Thomas5th November 1907Able Seaman
Taylor, Clarke5th November 1907Able Seaman
Thomas, Leslie5th November 1907Able Seaman
Turner, William5th November 1907Able Seaman
Walsh, Patrick5th November 1907Able Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John5th November 1907Able Seaman
Axworthy, John Isaac James11th November 1907Able Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan11th November 1907Able Seaman
Cousins, George Edward25th November 1907Able Seaman
Mayne, George Albert30th November 1907Boy 1st Class
Lowe, William5th December 1907Able Seaman
Parnell, Thomas23rd December 1907Boy 1st Class
Robinson, Arderne Gower23rd December 1907Boy 1st Class
Sanders, Arthur James23rd December 1907Boy 1st Class
Southard, Montague William23rd December 1907Boy 1st Class
Avery, James12th January 1908Able Seaman
Rowe, Alfred12th January 1908Able Seaman
Vague, Alec14th January 1908Ordinary Seaman
Trimble, Edgar17th January 1908Signalman
Brazill, Frederick Charles26th January 1908Leading Seaman
Lewis , John4th February 1908Able Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry4th February 1908Signalman
Reid, Henry Arthur4th February 1908Able Seaman
Wellman, John4th February 1908Able Seaman
Mansfield, Joseph10th March 1908Able Seaman
Martin, Samuel John10th March 1908Able Seaman
Payne, Walter10th March 1908Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter10th March 1908Able Seaman
Butson, Owen15th April 1908Able Seaman
Cremen, Dominick15th April 1908Able Seaman
Phillips, William John15th April 1908Able Seaman
Ward, James Lewis15th April 1908Able Seaman
Ahern, Patrick28th April 1908Able Seaman
Byrne, Oswald28th April 1908Able Seaman
Mutter, William John28th April 1908Able Seaman
Ayers, Samuel John1st May 1908Able Seaman
Williams, Frederick Richard John2nd May 1908Able Seaman
Mulley, John5th May 1908Able Seaman
Norris, Cyril John5th May 1908Ordinary Seaman
Patton, Thomas5th May 1908Able Seaman
Taylor, Charles Henry7th May 1908Signalman
Avery, James9th May 1908Able Seaman
Bowden, William John10th May 1908Boy 1st Class
Clutton, Arthur Harold10th May 1908Boy 1st Class
Martin, Riley Arthur10th May 1908Boy 1st Class
Parker, Frederick Archibald10th May 1908Boy 1st Class
Porter, Alexander10th May 1908Boy 1st Class
Solway, Albert James10th May 1908Boy 1st Class
Watts, Noah Samuel10th May 1908Boy 1st Class
Salter, Mark11th May 1908Petty Officer 2nd Class
O'Callaghan, Michael John16th May 1908Boy 1st Class
Pascoe, Francis John18th May 1908Able Seaman
Lewis , John20th May 1908Able Seaman
Brazill, Frederick Charles21st May 1908Leading Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick23rd May 1908Able Seaman
Matier, Alexander30th May 1908Able Seaman
Wills, Charles30th May 1908Able Seaman
Bunt, Inkerman31st May 1908Able Seaman
Lemon, Spencer Barton4th June 1908Able Seaman
Shank, John Joseph4th June 1908Able Seaman
O'Sullivan, Daniel21st June 1908Able Seaman
Kent, George23rd June 1908Able Seaman
Malster, Charles23rd June 1908Able Seaman
Quinn, James Edmund23rd June 1908Able Seaman
Marshall, Ernest John30th July 1908Boy 1st Class
Axworthy, John Isaac James26th August 1908Able Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah26th August 1908Able Seaman
Mansfield, Joseph30th August 1908Able Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick19th September 1908Able Seaman
Corlett, John James2nd October 1908Signalman
Kent, George7th November 1908Able Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan8th November 1908Able Seaman
Phillips, William John15th November 1908Able Seaman
Collins, John17th November 1908Able Seaman
King, William Charles17th November 1908Signalman
Walsh, Edward Thomas17th November 1908Able Seaman
Lowe, William1st December 1908Able Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick1st December 1908Able Seaman
Lidstone, William John11th December 1908Able Seaman
Bickell, John15th December 1908Able Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin15th December 1908Ordinary Signalman
Pressey, Leonard John Nye15th December 1908Able Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry15th December 1908Ordinary Seaman
Trewern, Charles15th December 1908Able Seaman
Vosper, William Henry15th December 1908Able Seaman
Mutter, William John17th December 1908Able Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks20th December 1908Able Seaman
Warren, Harry Frederick20th December 1908Leading Signalman
Bulbrook, Bernard Hugh22nd December 1908Leading Signalman
Maguire, James11th February 1909Officer's Steward 2nd Class
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin6th March 1909Signalman
Buttons, William Frank9th March 1909Ordinary Signalman
Mutter, William John20th March 1909Able Seaman
Morris, Alfred John1st April 1909Signalman
Sherwin, Stanley1st April 1909Able Seaman
Lewis, Charles Harold14th April 1909Able Seaman
Cross, James Henry19th April 1909Stoker 1st class
Bentley, Richard Adworth25th May 1909Able Seaman
Ray, George25th May 1909Able Seaman
Turner, William25th May 1909Able Seaman
Worth, Frederick Thomas25th May 1909Able Seaman
Chapman, Charles Leonard19th July 1909Ordinary Telegraphist
Power, Michael24th July 1909Able Seaman
Battrick, Ernest William10th August 1909Able Seaman
Brend, Richard John10th August 1909Ordinary Seaman
Craig, Thomas10th August 1909Able Seaman
Watts, Noah Samuel10th August 1909Ordinary Seaman
Canniffe, James21st August 1909Able Seaman
Barry, Edward7th September 1909Able Seaman
Collacot, William John7th September 1909Leading Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward7th September 1909Able Seaman
Searle, William James Reuben11th September 1909Able Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward14th September 1909Able Seaman
McCormick, Henry14th September 1909Able Seaman
Robertson, Alfred14th September 1909Able Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick16th September 1909Able Seaman
Broad, Thomas Martin19th September 1909Able Seaman
Turner, William19th September 1909Able Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth12th October 1909Leading Signalman
Walker, Robert12th October 1909Able Seaman
McCooey, John Henry13th October 1909Able Seaman
Roberts, Thomas13th October 1909Able Seaman
McCormick, Henry24th October 1909Able Seaman
Morris, Alfred John13th November 1909Signalman
Rowe, Alfred15th December 1909Able Seaman
Atreed, William Stanley1st January 1910Signalman
Power, Michael1st January 1910Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter1st January 1910Able Seaman
Martin, John11th January 1910Leading Seaman
Philp, John Henry11th January 1910Leading Seaman
Smith, Samuel Lane11th January 1910Able Seaman
Knight, George Richard17th January 1910Stoker 1st class
Lemon, Spencer Barton19th January 1910Able Seaman
Whitehead, Walter Charles26th January 1910Able Seaman
Avery, James28th January 1910Able Seaman
Ayers, Samuel John28th January 1910Able Seaman
Benoy, John Secombe28th January 1910Able Seaman
Kessell, William Merioni28th January 1910Able Seaman
King, Alfred28th January 1910Signalman
McLaughlin, James Henry28th January 1910Able Seaman
Parnell, Thomas28th January 1910Able Seaman
Robinson, Arderne Gower28th January 1910Able Seaman
Rose, John28th January 1910Able Seaman
Southard, Montague William28th January 1910Able Seaman
Sprague, Mark28th January 1910Able Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John28th January 1910Able Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William28th January 1910Able Seaman
Wilds, Frederick28th January 1910Ordinary Seaman
Lowe, William4th February 1910Able Seaman
Stone, Herbert William13th February 1910Able Seaman
Vague, Alec16th February 1910Able Seaman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart18th February 1910Leading Signalman
Wilds, Frederick26th February 1910Able Seaman
Browne, Thomas1st March 1910Able Seaman
Byers, Sidney1st March 1910Able Seaman
Campbell, John1st March 1910Ordinary Seaman
McGowan, William1st March 1910Able Seaman
Pope, Edward James1st March 1910Able Seaman
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase1st March 1910Able Seaman
Todd, James1st March 1910Able Seaman
Crocker, Charlie3rd March 1910Able Seaman
Lappin, John Cunningham22nd March 1910Ordinary Seaman
Martin, Riley Arthur22nd March 1910Able Seaman
Prout, Charles John22nd March 1910Able Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry22nd March 1910Able Seaman
Cleverly, Albert Edward8th April 1910Able Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert9th April 1910Able Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph9th April 1910Able Seaman
Curran, Patrick9th April 1910Able Seaman
Roberts, William Arthur16th April 1910Leading Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest24th April 1910Able Seaman
Baker, Alfred3rd May 1910Able Seaman
Morley, John George3rd May 1910Able Seaman
Robinson, Pryce3rd May 1910Signalman
Sanders, Arthur James3rd May 1910Able Seaman
Campbell, Samuel4th May 1910Signalman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin14th May 1910Signalman
Brazill, Frederick Charles17th May 1910Leading Seaman
Cranch, Samuel Pope17th May 1910Able Seaman
Buttons, William Frank21st May 1910Ordinary Signalman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan21st May 1910Able Seaman
Knott, Albert George22nd May 1910Able Seaman
Connor, William1st June 1910Able Seaman
Searle, William James Reuben21st June 1910Able Seaman
Brown, Joseph Francis9th August 1910Able Seaman
Murphy, Matthew9th August 1910Able Seaman
Martin, John14th August 1910Leading Seaman
Bulbrook, Bernard Hugh15th August 1910Signalman
Cottrell, Albert Edward20th August 1910Able Seaman
Wellman, John23rd August 1910Able Seaman
McArdle, James Henry1st September 1910Leading Signalman
Richardson, Edward William1st September 1910Able Seaman
Martin, Samuel John6th September 1910Able Seaman
Ayers, Samuel John7th September 1910Able Seaman
Abel , Charles Henry9th October 1910Able Seaman
Payne, Walter9th October 1910Able Seaman
Thomas, Leslie9th October 1910Able Seaman
Canniffe, James14th October 1910Able Seaman
Buttons, William Frank17th October 1910Signalman
Cranch, Samuel Pope18th October 1910Able Seaman
Campbell, Samuel17th November 1910Leading Signalman
Cremen, Dominick23rd November 1910Able Seaman
Vosper, William Henry8th December 1910Able Seaman
Ward, James Lewis8th December 1910Able Seaman
Butson, Owen15th December 1910Able Seaman
Caggie, James Alexander Kerr15th December 1910Able Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah15th December 1910Able Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick15th December 1910Able Seaman
Redwood, Tom15th December 1910Able Seaman
Pressey, Leonard John Nye16th December 1910Able Seaman
Watts, Noah Samuel16th December 1910Able Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward1st January 1911Able Seaman
Parkyn, Thomas Henry1st January 1911Able Seaman
Canniffe, James8th January 1911Able Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John11th January 1911Signalman
Coles, James Henry12th January 1911Able Seaman
Kelleher, Jerome12th January 1911Able Seaman
Mulley, John12th January 1911Able Seaman
Browne, Thomas16th January 1911Able Seaman
Prout, Charles John16th January 1911Able Seaman
Strickland, Albert Horace16th January 1911Able Seaman
Bowden, William John21st January 1911Able Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks24th January 1911Able Seaman
Southard, Montague William30th January 1911Able Seaman
Morton, James4th February 1911Able Seaman
Vincer, George Edward4th February 1911Able Seaman
White, Cecil4th February 1911Able Seaman
Baker, Alfred7th February 1911Able Seaman
Bluck, Alfred Edward8th February 1911Able Seaman
Kent, George8th February 1911Able Seaman
Vague, Alec8th February 1911Able Seaman
Carnall, Samuel14th February 1911Ordinary Seaman
Chambers, Walter Stanley14th February 1911Able Seaman
Cranch, Samuel Pope14th February 1911Able Seaman
Matier, Alexander14th February 1911Able Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick14th February 1911Able Seaman
Ross, John Samuel14th February 1911Able Seaman
Trimble, Edgar14th February 1911Leading Signalman
Bolt, Albert James15th February 1911Able Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan28th February 1911Able Seaman
Corlett, John James4th March 1911Leading Signalman
Bluck, Alfred Edward7th March 1911Able Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry8th March 1911Signalman
Coaker, Ernest Albert11th March 1911Able Seaman
Porter, Alexander11th March 1911Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael25th March 1911Able Seaman
Kirk, Patrick25th March 1911Able Seaman
Curtis, William Henry4th April 1911Able Seaman
Jordan, Thomas4th April 1911Able Seaman
May, John Alfred Charles4th April 1911Able Seaman
Mayne, George Albert4th April 1911Signalman
Noxon, James4th April 1911Able Seaman
Richardson, George William4th April 1911Able Seaman
Smith, Charles William4th April 1911Ordinary Seaman
Williams, Joseph4th April 1911Able Seaman
Morley, John George9th April 1911Able Seaman
Bowden, William John20th April 1911Able Seaman
Mutter, William John22nd April 1911Able Seaman
Worth, Frederick Thomas13th May 1911Leading Seaman
King, William Charles16th May 1911Leading Signalman
Lemon, Spencer Barton16th May 1911Able Seaman
Quinn, James Edmund16th May 1911Able Seaman
Trewern, Charles16th May 1911Able Seaman
Scully, John29th May 1911Able Seaman
Richardson, Edward William1st June 1911Able Seaman
Cousins, George Edward6th June 1911Able Seaman
Mansell, Alfred6th June 1911Able Seaman
Warren, William Edwin6th June 1911Able Seaman
Litton, Sydney Charles9th June 1911Writer 1st Class
Thomas, Leslie25th June 1911Able Seaman
Alford, Thomas27th June 1911Boy 1st Class
Coles, James Henry1st July 1911Able Seaman
White, Cecil3rd July 1911Able Seaman
Battershell, Henry Samuel23rd July 1911Able Seaman
Andrews, Ernest Frederick1st August 1911Leading Seaman
Bunt, Inkerman1st August 1911Able Seaman
Corcoran, James1st August 1911Able Seaman
Marshall, Ernest John1st August 1911Signalman
Solway, Albert James1st August 1911Able Seaman
Taylor, Charles Henry1st August 1911Leading Signalman
Craig, Thomas13th August 1911Able Seaman
McGowan, William25th August 1911Able Seaman
Kent, George1st September 1911Able Seaman
Stone, Herbert William1st September 1911Able Seaman
Chapman, Charles Leonard5th September 1911Telegraphist
Bulbrook, Bernard Hugh13th September 1911Leading Signalman
Walker, Robert15th September 1911Able Seaman
King, William Charles18th September 1911Leading Signalman
Wheeler, Clifford24th September 1911Able Seaman
Walsh, Patrick30th September 1911Leading Seaman
Trimble, Edgar1st October 1911Leading Signalman
Williams, Frederick Richard John1st October 1911Able Seaman
Brend, Richard John7th October 1911Able Seaman
O'Sullivan, Daniel14th October 1911Able Seaman
Lemon, Spencer Barton19th October 1911Able Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John22nd October 1911Signalman
Mansfield, Joseph23rd October 1911Able Seaman
Taylor, Clarke23rd October 1911Able Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford28th October 1911Able Seaman
Richardson, Edward William30th October 1911Able Seaman
Axworthy, John Isaac James31st October 1911Leading Seaman
Butson, Owen16th November 1911Able Seaman
Buttons, William Frank16th November 1911Signalman
Marshall, Ernest John16th November 1911Signalman
Maslen, Charles Henry20th November 1911Leading Signalman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan2nd December 1911Able Seaman
Brunker, Reginald William7th December 1911Able Seaman
Oatway, Samuel John7th December 1911Able Seaman
Caggie, James Alexander Kerr9th December 1911Able Seaman
Porter, Alexander9th December 1911Able Seaman
Solway, Albert James9th December 1911Able Seaman
May, John Alfred Charles11th December 1911Writer 3rd Class
Coaker, Ernest Albert13th December 1911Able Seaman
Bowden, William John18th January 1912Able Seaman
Mahoney, Patrick3rd February 1912Able Seaman
Turner, William9th February 1912Able Seaman
Walker, Robert16th February 1912Able Seaman
Battershell, Henry Samuel18th February 1912Able Seaman
Morris, Alfred John18th February 1912Signalman
Lappin, John Cunningham1st March 1912Able Seaman
King, Alfred3rd March 1912Leading Signalman
Cecil, Charles5th March 1912Able Seaman
Malster, Charles5th March 1912Able Seaman
Power, Michael5th March 1912Able Seaman
Reid, Henry Arthur5th March 1912Able Seaman
Bickerstaff, Harry26th March 1912Able Seaman
Bowden, William John26th March 1912Able Seaman
Branch, Richard John26th March 1912Leading Signalman
Collins, John26th March 1912Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter26th March 1912Able Seaman
Southwood, Arthur William26th March 1912Able Seaman
Alderman, Bertie28th March 1912Able Seaman
Lidstone, William John28th March 1912Leading Seaman
Pope, Edward James28th March 1912Leading Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John28th March 1912Able Seaman
McLaughlin, James Henry27th April 1912Able Seaman
Bartlett, John Eliot30th April 1912Able Seaman
Benoy, John Secombe30th April 1912Able Seaman
Livingstone, Peter Stanley30th April 1912Able Seaman
McCooey, John Henry30th April 1912Able Seaman
Staddon, William Henry30th April 1912Able Seaman
Clutton, Arthur Harold1st May 1912Able Seaman
Olver, John Henry1st May 1912Able Seaman
Roberts, Thomas1st May 1912Able Seaman
Bluck, Alfred Edward6th May 1912Able Seaman
Wills, Charles8th May 1912Able Seaman
McGlue, Hugh10th May 1912Able Seaman
Bluck, Alfred Edward11th May 1912Able Seaman
May, John Alfred Charles11th May 1912Writer 3rd Class
McCormick, Henry15th May 1912Able Seaman
Patton, Thomas15th May 1912Able Seaman
Wilds, Frederick15th May 1912Able Seaman
Watson, Herbert Mark21st May 1912Leading Telegraphist
Rowe, Alfred22nd May 1912Able Seaman
Turner, William22nd May 1912Able Seaman
Cousins, George Edward28th May 1912Leading Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward1st June 1912Able Seaman
Lewis, Charles Harold1st June 1912Able Seaman
Philp, John Henry1st June 1912Leading Seaman
Cremen, Dominick15th June 1912Able Seaman
Richardson, George William30th June 1912Able Seaman
Ahern, Patrick10th July 1912Able Seaman
Craig, Thomas31st July 1912Leading Seaman
Malster, Charles8th August 1912Leading Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin13th August 1912Leading Signalman
Lewis , John13th August 1912Leading Seaman
Ray, George13th August 1912Leading Seaman
Cranch, Samuel Pope15th August 1912Able Seaman
Sheehan, Patrick25th August 1912Able Seaman
O'Sullivan, Daniel27th August 1912Able Seaman
Byers, Sidney1st September 1912Able Seaman
Campbell, John1st September 1912Able Seaman
Parker, Frederick Archibald1st September 1912Able Seaman
Collacot, William John6th September 1912Leading Seaman
Mansfield, Joseph6th September 1912Able Seaman
Lavender, Ernest Oscar12th September 1912Boy 1st Class
Cecil, Charles15th September 1912Able Seaman
McCormick, Henry15th September 1912Leading Seaman
Morris, Alfred John1st October 1912Signalman
Norris, Cyril John1st October 1912Able Seaman
Roberts, William Arthur1st October 1912Leading Seaman
Smith, Samuel Lane19th October 1912Able Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William19th October 1912Able Seaman
Warren, Harry Frederick29th October 1912Leading Signalman
Taylor, Charles Henry30th October 1912Leading Signalman
Seal, Edward11th November 1912Able Seaman
Vincer, George Edward11th November 1912Able Seaman
Cousins, George Edward16th November 1912Leading Seaman
Pascoe, Francis John16th November 1912Able Seaman
Battrick, Ernest William13th December 1912Able Seaman
Brown, Joseph Francis20th January 1913Able Seaman
Cope, Sidney James22nd January 1913Boy 2nd Class
Brown, Joseph Francis26th January 1913Able Seaman
King, William Charles28th January 1913Leading Signalman
Ayers, Samuel John30th January 1913Able Seaman
Malster, Charles31st January 1913Leading Seaman
Atreed, William Stanley4th February 1913Leading Signalman
Kirk, Patrick4th February 1913Able Seaman
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase4th February 1913Able Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick6th February 1913Able Seaman
Alford, Thomas12th February 1913Ordinary Signalman
Parkyn, Thomas Henry13th February 1913Leading Seaman
Sanders, Arthur James13th February 1913Leading Seaman
Martin, Samuel John14th February 1913Able Seaman
Shank, John Joseph14th February 1913Able Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe14th February 1913Able Seaman
Walsh, Edward Thomas14th February 1913Able Seaman
Lappin, John Cunningham16th February 1913Able Seaman
Martin, John21st February 1913Leading Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John21st February 1913Signalman
Craig, Thomas22nd February 1913Leading Seaman
Canty, John26th February 1913Able Seaman
Coaker, Ernest Albert26th February 1913Able Seaman
Broad, Thomas Martin14th March 1913Able Seaman
Collacot, William John19th March 1913Petty Officer
Corcoran, James19th March 1913Able Seaman
Scully, John20th March 1913Able Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest1st April 1913Able Seaman
Curry, David1st April 1913Leading Seaman
Stygall, Charles1st April 1913Able Seaman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart1st April 1913Leading Signalman
Cope, Sidney James5th April 1913Boy 1st Class
Baker, Alfred6th April 1913Able Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry9th April 1913Leading Signalman
Penwill, John Henry18th April 1913Leading Seaman
Alderman, Bertie24th April 1913Able Seaman
Martin, Samuel John1st May 1913Leading Seaman
Kirby, Michael11th May 1913Able Seaman
Andrews, Ernest Frederick27th May 1913Leading Seaman
Thomas, Leslie27th May 1913Able Seaman
Robinson, Pryce1st June 1913Leading Signalman
Watts, Noah Samuel4th June 1913Able Seaman
Rose, John5th June 1913Able Seaman
Robinson, Pryce15th June 1913Signalman
Cleverly, Albert Edward17th June 1913Able Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert17th June 1913Leading Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph17th June 1913Leading Seaman
Curran, Patrick17th June 1913Leading Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward17th June 1913Able Seaman
Wellman, John17th June 1913Able Seaman
Broad, Thomas Martin19th June 1913Leading Seaman
White, Bertie John21st June 1913Able Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth1st July 1913Able Seaman
Campbell, Samuel1st July 1913Leading Signalman
Kessell, William Merioni1st July 1913Leading Seaman
Morris, Alfred John1st July 1913Leading Signalman
Vincer, George Edward1st July 1913Able Seaman
Lewis , John9th July 1913Leading Seaman
Trimble, Edgar31st July 1913Leading Signalman
Bickerstaff, Harry9th August 1913Able Seaman
Rose, John13th August 1913Able Seaman
Crocker, Charlie16th August 1913Able Seaman
Abel , Charles Henry20th August 1913Leading Seaman
Bulbrook, Bernard Hugh20th August 1913Leading Signalman
Payne, Walter20th August 1913Able Seaman
Clutton, Arthur Harold29th August 1913Able Seaman
King, Alfred30th August 1913Leading Signalman
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase30th August 1913Able Seaman
Buttons, William Frank2nd September 1913Signalman
Chapman, Charles Leonard2nd September 1913Telegraphist
Pressey, Leonard John Nye2nd September 1913Able Seaman
Sherwin, Stanley2nd September 1913Able Seaman
Todd, James2nd September 1913Able Seaman
Worth, Frederick Thomas6th September 1913Leading Seaman
Cecil, Charles16th September 1913Able Seaman
Connor, William30th September 1913Able Seaman
Lowe, William30th September 1913Able Seaman
Smith, Charles William30th September 1913Able Seaman
Vague, Alec30th September 1913Able Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford30th September 1913Able Seaman
Worth, Frederick Thomas6th October 1913Acting Petty Officer
King, William Charles18th October 1913Signalman
Stone, Herbert William19th October 1913Able Seaman
Crawford, Andrew22nd October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Webster, William Temple23rd October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Munro, David Pretswell25th October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Stephenson, Frank25th October 1913Boy 2nd Class
Morley, John George27th October 1913Able Seaman
Litton, Sydney Charles29th October 1913Chief Writer
Redwood, Tom29th October 1913Able Seaman
Curtis, William John4th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Ahern, Patrick5th November 1913Able Seaman
Canniffe, James5th November 1913Able Seaman
Painter, William George14th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
Warren, Harry Frederick16th November 1913Yeoman of Signals
Atreed, William Stanley18th November 1913Leading Signalman
Wilds, Frederick18th November 1913Able Seaman
Campbell, John25th November 1913Able Seaman
Quinn, James Edmund25th November 1913Able Seaman
Strickland, Albert Horace25th November 1913Able Seaman
Baker, William26th November 1913Boy 2nd Class
O'Sullivan, Daniel30th November 1913Leading Seaman
Noxon, James1st December 1913Able Seaman
Cleeter, William George3rd December 1913Boy 1st Class
Banks , John James22nd December 1913Boy 1st Class
Malster, Charles22nd December 1913Leading Seaman
Carnall, Samuel2nd January 1914Able Seaman
Kelleher, Jerome2nd January 1914Able Seaman
Martin, Riley Arthur2nd January 1914Leading Seaman
Williams, Joseph8th January 1914Leading Seaman
Turner, William16th January 1914Able Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah20th January 1914Able Seaman
Murphy, Matthew20th January 1914Able Seaman
Ross, John Samuel20th January 1914Able Seaman
Searle, William James Reuben20th January 1914Able Seaman
Porter, Alexander21st January 1914Able Seaman
Barry, Edward24th January 1914Leading Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John25th January 1914Signalman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin31st January 1914Leading Signalman
Campbell, John1st February 1914Leading Seaman
Shank, John Joseph1st February 1914Able Seaman
Southard, Montague William2nd February 1914Able Seaman
Marshall, Ernest John3rd February 1914Signalman
Walker, Robert3rd February 1914Able Seaman
Cretney, John James4th February 1914Able Seaman
Mansfield, Joseph4th February 1914Able Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan4th February 1914Able Seaman
Cranch, Samuel Pope5th February 1914Able Seaman
Crawford, Andrew6th February 1914Boy 1st Class
Webster, William Temple7th February 1914Boy 1st Class
Munro, David Pretswell9th February 1914Boy 1st Class
Curtis, William John18th February 1914Boy 1st Class
Stephenson, Frank19th February 1914Boy 1st Class
White, Stanley Albert24th February 1914Leading Seaman
Malster, Charles28th February 1914Leading Seaman
Painter, William George28th February 1914Boy 1st Class
Crossman, Charles Herbert1st March 1914Leading Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph1st March 1914Leading Seaman
Curran, Patrick1st March 1914Leading Seaman
Jordan, Thomas6th March 1914Able Seaman
Canniffe, James8th March 1914Able Seaman
Reid, Henry Arthur10th March 1914Able Seaman
White, Cecil10th March 1914Able Seaman
Baker, William12th March 1914Boy 1st Class
Taylor, Clarke13th March 1914Able Seaman
Cretney, John James14th March 1914Able Seaman
Canniffe, James15th March 1914Able Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry17th March 1914Leading Signalman
McGowan, William17th March 1914Able Seaman
Corcoran, James19th March 1914Able Seaman
Staddon, William Henry27th March 1914Leading Seaman
Butson, Owen31st March 1914Able Seaman
Vosper, William Henry31st March 1914Able Seaman
Nulty, Thomas Joseph20th April 1914Able Seaman
Rowse, Reginald Thomas20th April 1914Able Seaman
Bigmore, George Henry22nd April 1914Able Seaman
Bigmore, George Henry1st May 1914Leading Seaman
Cremen, Dominick1st May 1914Able Seaman
Parkyn, Thomas Henry1st May 1914Petty Officer
Lavender, Ernest Oscar2nd May 1914Able Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John3rd May 1914Signalman
Curtis, William Henry4th May 1914Able Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward9th May 1914Able Seaman
Bolt, Albert James11th May 1914Able Seaman
Mansell, Alfred11th May 1914Able Seaman
Avery, James19th May 1914Leading Seaman
Kent, George19th May 1914Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael19th May 1914Able Seaman
Morton, James19th May 1914Leading Seaman
Salter, Mark19th May 1914Petty Officer (New Series)
Battershell, Henry Samuel23rd June 1914Able Seaman
Sherwin, Stanley23rd June 1914Able Seaman
Strickland, Albert Horace23rd June 1914Able Seaman
Watson, Herbert Mark24th June 1914Leading Telegraphist
Corlett, John James30th June 1914Leading Signalman
Seal, Edward1st July 1914Able Seaman
Stygall, Charles1st July 1914Able Seaman
Bickell, John2nd July 1914Petty Officer
Wheeler, Henry William24th July 1914Able Seaman
Bolt, Albert James30th July 1914Able Seaman
Baker, William31st July 1914Ordinary Seaman
Carr, John Henry2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Cromeyn, James2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Lemon, Spencer Barton2nd August 1914Able Seaman
McConnell, William2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
McSwain, James Munro2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Moore, Wilfred Purslow2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Murch, Walter Charles John2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Penwill, John Henry2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Rendell, Samuel Francis2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Ryan, Michael2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Sherrell, William Ernest2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Sutton, Stanley Carey2nd August 1914Boy 1st Class
Watson, Arthur6th August 1914Boy 1st Class
Pressey, Leonard John Nye15th August 1914Able Seaman
Rose, John5th September 1914Able Seaman
McGrory, William5th October 1914Boy 1st Class
Bates, George Arthur14th October 1914Signals Boy
Cannon, Thomas20th October 1914Boy Telegraphist
Solway, Albert James20th October 1914Able Seaman
Lemon, Spencer Barton24th October 1914Able Seaman
Collins, John25th October 1914Able Seaman
Nulty, Thomas Joseph28th October 1914Able Seaman
Loudon, William30th October 1914Boy 1st Class
Northcott, Ernest George30th October 1914Boy 1st Class
Pearson, Harold30th October 1914Boy 1st Class
Wiffin, Charles Henry30th October 1914Boy 1st Class
Young, John Scott30th October 1914Boy 1st Class
Keeley, George Edward31st October 1914Boy 1st Class
Lidstone, William John3rd November 1914Leading Seaman
Ayers, Samuel John17th November 1914Able Seaman
Bennett, George Arthur28th November 1914Ordinary Seaman
Brend, Richard John28th November 1914Leading Seaman
Cosgrove, Ernest28th November 1914Boy 1st Class
Lennon, James Leslie28th November 1914Boy 1st Class
Olver, John Henry28th November 1914Leading Seaman
Seal, Edward28th November 1914Able Seaman
Stygall, Charles28th November 1914Able Seaman
Taylor, Robert28th November 1914Boy 1st Class
Webber, Robert Gerald28th November 1914Boy 1st Class
Wenham, Francis Edgar28th November 1914Boy 1st Class
Williams, Joseph28th November 1914Leading Seaman
Williams, Thomas Vincent28th November 1914Boy 1st Class
Wheeler, Clifford17th December 1914Able Seaman
Sprague, Mark22nd December 1914Leading Seaman
Salter, Mark23rd December 1914Petty Officer (New Series)
Crossman, Charles Herbert28th December 1914Leading Seaman
Cunningham, John Joseph28th December 1914Leading Seaman
Curran, Patrick28th December 1914Leading Seaman
Tudor, Henry7th January 1915Boy 1st Class
Kirk, Patrick8th January 1915Leading Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford8th January 1915Able Seaman
Ross, John Samuel11th January 1915Able Seaman
Bickerstaff, Harry13th January 1915Able Seaman
Butson, Owen20th January 1915Able Seaman
Staddon, William Henry20th January 1915Leading Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford31st January 1915Able Seaman
Butson, Owen5th February 1915Leading Seaman
Payne, Edward9th February 1915Boy 1st Class
Whitehead, Walter Charles9th February 1915Able Seaman
Kessell, William Merioni10th February 1915Leading Seaman
Mulley, John10th February 1915Leading Seaman
Taylor, Charles Henry11th February 1915Leading Signalman
Buttons, William Frank17th February 1915Signalman
Warren, William Edwin17th February 1915Able Seaman
Bluck, Alfred Edward5th March 1915Able Seaman
Taylor, Clarke13th March 1915Leading Seaman
Collacot, William John20th March 1915Petty Officer
Mansell, Alfred22nd March 1915Able Seaman
Brend, Richard John1st April 1915Leading Seaman
Noxon, James2nd April 1915Able Seaman
Lewis , John8th April 1915Petty Officer
Kirk, Patrick9th April 1915Able Seaman
Rowse, Reginald Thomas15th April 1915Leading Seaman
Bowden, William John17th April 1915Able Seaman
King, William Charles17th April 1915Leading Signalman
Matier, Alexander22nd April 1915Able Seaman
McArdle, James Henry26th April 1915Yeoman of Signals
Vincer, George Edward28th April 1915Leading Seaman
Cremen, Dominick9th May 1915Able Seaman
Ahern, Patrick10th May 1915Able Seaman
Mayne, George Albert15th May 1915Leading Signalman
Thomas, Leslie15th May 1915Leading Seaman
Banks , John James17th May 1915Able Seaman
Walker, Robert31st May 1915Able Seaman
Morley, John George2nd June 1915Able Seaman
Stringer, Cecil Augustus Bentley5th June 1915Boy 2nd Class
Bennett, George Arthur14th June 1915Able Seaman
Williams, Joseph14th June 1915Petty Officer
Redwood, Tom26th June 1915Leading Seaman
O'Sullivan, Daniel30th June 1915Leading Seaman
Battrick, Ernest William1st July 1915Able Seaman
Knott, Albert George1st July 1915Petty Officer
Maguire, James7th July 1915Officer's Steward 2nd Class
Robinson, Pryce12th July 1915Leading Signalman
Ward, James Lewis12th July 1915Leading Seaman
Avery, James27th July 1915Leading Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William27th July 1915Able Seaman
Reid, Henry Arthur2nd August 1915Able Seaman
Richardson, Edward William8th August 1915Able Seaman
Bickell, John10th August 1915Leading Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward14th August 1915Leading Seaman
Northcott, Ernest George20th August 1915Ordinary Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe22nd August 1915Leading Seaman
Penwill, John Henry26th August 1915Boy 1st Class
Sampson, Richard George27th August 1915Ordinary Seaman
Watts, Noah Samuel2nd September 1915Able Seaman
Chapman, Charles Leonard20th September 1915Telegraphist
Webber, Robert Gerald22nd September 1915Ordinary Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick24th September 1915Able Seaman
Taylor, Robert24th September 1915Ordinary Seaman
McCormick, Henry1st October 1915Able Seaman
McGrory, William7th October 1915Ordinary Seaman
Rolfe, George Robert7th October 1915Boy 1st Class
Olver, John Henry21st October 1915Petty Officer
Wenham, Francis Edgar21st October 1915Ordinary Seaman
Stringer, Cecil Augustus Bentley23rd October 1915Boy 1st Class
Rolfe, George Robert24th October 1915Ordinary Seaman
Staddon, William Henry27th October 1915Petty Officer
Lewis, Charles Harold29th October 1915Able Seaman
Philp, John Henry29th October 1915Petty Officer (New Series)
Cremen, Dominick3rd November 1915Able Seaman
Payne, Walter3rd November 1915Able Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward11th November 1915Petty Officer
Olver, John Henry13th November 1915Petty Officer
Kelleher, Jerome24th November 1915Leading Seaman
Martin, Riley Arthur24th November 1915Able Seaman
Alderman, Bertie26th November 1915Able Seaman
Craig, Thomas1st December 1915Leading Seaman
Loudon, William1st December 1915Able Seaman
Rowse, Reginald Thomas7th December 1915Leading Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth11th December 1915Able Seaman
Northcott, Ernest George21st December 1915Ordinary Seaman
Penhaligon, Richard21st December 1915Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter21st December 1915Able Seaman
Penhaligon, Richard22nd December 1915Sailmaker's Mate
Bickley , Joseph Forrester1st January 1916Leading Seaman
White, Cecil4th January 1916Able Seaman
Kirk, Patrick8th January 1916Able Seaman
Wiffin, Charles Henry8th January 1916Boy 1st Class
Webber, Robert Gerald14th January 1916Able Seaman
Painter, William George18th January 1916Able Seaman
Coaker, Ernest Albert19th January 1916Able Seaman
Bennett, George Arthur28th January 1916Able Seaman
Curtis, William John4th February 1916Able Seaman
Lappin, John Cunningham6th February 1916Able Seaman
Taylor, Clarke8th February 1916Leading Seaman
Munro, David Pretswell10th February 1916Able Seaman
Lewis , John19th February 1916Petty Officer
Sampson, Richard George19th February 1916Able Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe3rd March 1916Leading Seaman
Broad, Thomas Martin15th March 1916Leading Seaman
Patton, Thomas15th March 1916Able Seaman
Battershell, Henry Samuel17th March 1916Leading Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry18th March 1916Leading Signalman
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas27th March 1916Ordinary Signalman
Alderman, Bertie11th April 1916Able Seaman
Webster, William Temple19th April 1916Able Seaman
Noxon, James27th April 1916Leading Seaman
Keeley, George Edward28th April 1916Able Seaman
Watson, Arthur28th April 1916Able Seaman
Andrews, Ernest Frederick29th April 1916Petty Officer
Williams, Joseph2nd May 1916Petty Officer
Maslen, Charles Henry6th May 1916Leading Signalman
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George6th May 1916Boy 1st Class
Walsh, Patrick6th May 1916Leading Seaman
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George17th May 1916Ordinary Seaman
Canty, John19th May 1916Able Seaman
Scully, John19th May 1916Able Seaman
McLaughlin, James Henry27th May 1916Petty Officer
Warren, William Edwin2nd June 1916Able Seaman
Canniffe, James4th June 1916Able Seaman
Scally, Patrick14th June 1916Able Seaman
Turner, William14th June 1916Able Seaman
Webber, Robert Gerald15th June 1916Able Seaman
Lappin, John Cunningham1st July 1916Able Seaman
Roberts, William Arthur1st July 1916Petty Officer (New Series)
Searle, William James Reuben1st July 1916Able Seaman
Brown, Joseph Francis8th July 1916Able Seaman
Taylor, Charles Henry23rd July 1916Leading Signalman
Corcoran, James25th July 1916Leading Seaman
Murch, Walter Charles John27th July 1916Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter28th July 1916Able Seaman
Lewis , John1st August 1916Ship's Corporal 1st Class
Wheeler, Alfred John5th August 1916Able Seaman
Taylor, Charles Henry9th August 1916Yeoman of Signals
Cranch, Samuel Pope26th August 1916Able Seaman
Robinson, Arderne Gower26th August 1916Able Seaman
Murphy, Matthew27th August 1916Able Seaman
Shank, John Joseph27th August 1916Able Seaman
Bussey, Harry Frederick29th August 1916Boy 2nd Class
Smith, William George7th September 1916Boy 2nd Class
Brown, Joseph Francis15th September 1916Able Seaman
Bunt, Inkerman15th September 1916Leading Seaman
Patton, Thomas17th September 1916Able Seaman
Kent, George19th September 1916Leading Seaman
Bickell, John23rd September 1916Ships Corporal
Cosgrove, Ernest26th September 1916Ordinary Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward26th September 1916Petty Officer
Lennon, James Leslie26th September 1916Able Seaman
Williams, Thomas Vincent26th September 1916Able Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick1st October 1916Leading Seaman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart13th October 1916Yeoman of Signals
Solway, Albert James17th October 1916Leading Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward20th October 1916Petty Officer
Bluck, Alfred Edward21st October 1916Able Seaman
Soper, Charles William Evans21st October 1916Able Seaman
Stephens, James Norman21st October 1916Ordinary Seaman
Thompson, Charles Henry21st October 1916Able Seaman
Willetts, Walter21st October 1916Ordinary Seaman
Campbell, John27th October 1916Leading Seaman
Crocker, Charlie27th October 1916Able Seaman
Sanders, Arthur James27th October 1916Petty Officer
Smith, Charles William27th October 1916Able Seaman
Southard, Montague William27th October 1916Able Seaman
King, Alfred28th October 1916Leading Signalman
Pearson, Harold6th November 1916Able Seaman
Richardson, George William7th November 1916Able Seaman
Patton, Thomas21st November 1916Able Seaman
Bolt, Albert James1st December 1916Able Seaman
Sherwin, Stanley7th December 1916Able Seaman
Caggie, James Alexander Kerr1st January 1917Petty Officer
Carnall, Samuel16th January 1917Able Seaman
Morton, James16th January 1917Leading Seaman
Porter, Alexander16th January 1917Leading Seaman
Todd, James16th January 1917Able Seaman
King, Charles Stanley31st January 1917Chief Writer
Bickerstaff, Harry28th February 1917Able Seaman
Stygall, Charles28th February 1917Able Seaman
Loudon, William1st March 1917Able Seaman
Wenham, Francis Edgar6th March 1917Able Seaman
Caggie, James Alexander Kerr8th March 1917Leading Seaman
Knowles, Thomas8th March 1917Able Seaman
Sheehan, Patrick8th March 1917Able Seaman
Bennett, George Arthur15th March 1917Able Seaman
Williams, Frederick Richard John15th March 1917Able Seaman
Stygall, Charles16th March 1917Able Seaman
White, Cecil21st March 1917Able Seaman
Loudon, William5th April 1917Able Seaman
Moston, Arnold6th April 1917Telegraphist
Moore, Wilfred Purslow8th April 1917Able Seaman
Curtis, William John24th April 1917Able Seaman
Southard, Montague William25th April 1917Able Seaman
Morton, James1st May 1917Petty Officer
Battershell, Henry Samuel2nd May 1917Leading Seaman
McGrory, William2nd May 1917Able Seaman
Baker, William28th May 1917Able Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks28th May 1917Leading Seaman
Moston, Arnold1st June 1917Telegraphist
Walker, Robert1st June 1917Able Seaman
Walsh, Patrick1st June 1917Able Seaman
Rolfe, George Robert2nd June 1917Able Seaman
Alderman, Bertie7th June 1917Able Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest13th June 1917Leading Seaman
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George14th June 1917Able Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick27th June 1917Leading Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth1st July 1917Leading Seaman
Wilcox, Charles Henry3rd July 1917Able Seaman
McGlue, Hugh5th July 1917Able Seaman
Wills, Charles5th July 1917Leading Seaman
Matier, Alexander9th July 1917Able Seaman
Canty, John12th July 1917Able Seaman
Mansell, Alfred24th July 1917Leading Seaman
Walsh, Patrick31st July 1917Able Seaman
Stephens, James Norman1st August 1917Able Seaman
Young, John Scott1st August 1917Able Seaman
Corcoran, James10th August 1917Able Seaman
Moore, Wilfred Purslow17th August 1917Able Seaman
Pearson, Harold19th August 1917Able Seaman
Bickley , Joseph Forrester22nd August 1917Leading Seaman
Pressey, Leonard John Nye26th August 1917Able Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry29th August 1917Leading Seaman
Williams, Frederick Richard John29th August 1917Able Seaman
Litton, Sydney Charles4th September 1917Chief Writer
Scally, Patrick28th September 1917Leading Seaman
Mayne, George Albert2nd October 1917Leading Signalman
Chambers, Walter Stanley5th October 1917Petty Officer
Cranch, Samuel Pope10th October 1917Leading Seaman
Brown, Joseph Francis12th October 1917Leading Seaman
Knott, Albert George14th October 1917Petty Officer
Wheeler, Henry William14th October 1917Petty Officer (New Series)
Coaker, Ernest Albert25th October 1917Sailmaker's Mate
Roberts, William Arthur26th October 1917Petty Officer (New Series)
Mansfield, Joseph27th October 1917Able Seaman
Stephenson, Frank27th October 1917Able Seaman
Campbell, John30th October 1917Petty Officer
Baker, Alfred3rd November 1917Able Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward4th November 1917Petty Officer
Banks , John James9th November 1917Leading Seaman
Knowles, Thomas13th November 1917Able Seaman
Lappin, John Cunningham13th November 1917Able Seaman
Banks , John James23rd November 1917Leading Seaman
Wenham, Francis Edgar24th November 1917Able Seaman
Marr, Alexander2nd December 1917Able Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William7th December 1917Petty Officer (New Series)
Watson, Arthur13th December 1917Able Seaman
Pope, Edward James17th December 1917Leading Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth1st January 1918Leading Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward1st January 1918Acting Chief Petty Officer
Rendell, Samuel Francis1st January 1918Able Seaman
Roberts, Thomas1st January 1918Able Seaman
May, John Alfred Charles6th January 1918Writer 2nd Class
Canty, John11th January 1918Able Seaman
White, Cecil11th January 1918Able Seaman
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas12th January 1918Signalman
Smith, William12th January 1918Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist
Chambers, Walter Stanley25th January 1918Petty Officer
Parnell, Thomas31st January 1918Petty Officer
Seal, Edward31st January 1918Able Seaman
Crawford, Andrew10th February 1918Able Seaman
Mulley, John10th February 1918Leading Seaman
Painter, William George10th February 1918Able Seaman
Power, Michael10th February 1918Leading Seaman
Avery, James11th February 1918Leading Seaman
Swinney, John Dixon15th February 1918Leading Telegraphist
Alford, Thomas24th February 1918Leading Signalman
Parker, Frederick Archibald28th February 1918Able Seaman
Baker, William1st March 1918Able Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest1st March 1918Leading Seaman
Kent, George6th March 1918Leading Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks13th March 1918Leading Seaman
Jordan, Thomas17th March 1918Able Seaman
McSwain, James Munro18th March 1918Able Seaman
Walker, Robert18th March 1918Able Seaman
Craig, Thomas1st April 1918Petty Officer
McGlue, Hugh1st April 1918Able Seaman
Bussey, Harry Frederick13th April 1918Boy 1st Class
Carnall, Samuel13th April 1918Leading Seaman
Battershell, Henry Samuel18th April 1918Able Seaman
Penney, Frank19th April 1918Telegraphist
Bussey, Harry Frederick25th April 1918Ordinary Seaman
Ryan, Michael29th April 1918Able Seaman
Webber, Robert Gerald29th April 1918Able Seaman
Kent, George1st May 1918Ship's Corporal Second Class
Wilcox, Charles Henry3rd May 1918Able Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah5th May 1918Leading Seaman
Barry, Edward12th May 1918Leading Seaman
Kirk, Patrick15th May 1918Able Seaman
Rolfe, George Robert16th May 1918Able Seaman
Raylor, Arthur Hermon17th May 1918Able Seaman
Swinney, John Dixon21st May 1918Leading Telegraphist
Martin, Samuel John27th May 1918Petty Officer
Lemon, Spencer Barton30th May 1918Able Seaman
Tudor, Henry30th May 1918Able Seaman
Bickley , Joseph Forrester31st May 1918Petty Officer
Painter, William George3rd June 1918Able Seaman
Brown, Joseph Francis4th June 1918Leading Seaman
Collacot, William John6th June 1918Petty Officer Gunner
Kirby, Michael11th June 1918Leading Seaman
Rowe, Alfred17th June 1918Able Seaman
Carr, John Henry20th June 1918Able Seaman
Kirk, Patrick20th June 1918Leading Seaman
Taylor, Charles Henry30th June 1918Yeoman of Signals
Abel , Charles Henry1st July 1918Petty Officer
Bartlett, John Eliot1st July 1918Petty Officer
King, William Charles1st July 1918Leading Signalman
Smith, Samuel Lane6th July 1918Able Seaman
Munro, David Pretswell12th July 1918Able Seaman
Wills, Charles15th July 1918Able Seaman
Olver, John Henry25th July 1918Petty Officer (New Series)
Thorne, John Thomas Perry26th July 1918Leading Seaman
Malster, Charles4th August 1918Petty Officer
Quinn, James Edmund4th August 1918Leading Seaman
Sherwin, Stanley4th August 1918Leading Seaman
Vague, Alec4th August 1918Leading Seaman
Reid, Henry Arthur6th August 1918Able Seaman
Pascoe, Francis John14th August 1918Petty Officer
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George18th August 1918Able Seaman
Atkins, William Edward19th August 1918Boy Steward
Avery, James20th August 1918Leading Seaman
Crawford, Andrew20th August 1918Able Seaman
Rolfe, George Robert21st August 1918Able Seaman
Purdy, George William23rd August 1918Able Seaman
Brown, Joseph Francis25th August 1918Leading Seaman
Lennon, James Leslie1st September 1918Able Seaman
Norris, Cyril John2nd September 1918Able Seaman
Battrick, Ernest William3rd September 1918Able Seaman
Bolt, Albert James10th September 1918Able Seaman
May, John Alfred Charles13th September 1918Writer 1st Class
Whitehead, Walter Charles14th September 1918Leading Seaman
McGrory, William16th September 1918Able Seaman
Morris, Alfred John19th September 1918Yeoman of Signals
Lappin, John Cunningham21st September 1918Able Seaman
Power, Michael21st September 1918Leading Seaman
Tudor, Henry27th September 1918Able Seaman
Moston, Arnold28th September 1918Leading Telegraphist
Morley, John George1st October 1918Able Seaman
White, Cecil1st October 1918Able Seaman
Alderman, Bertie2nd October 1918Able Seaman
Ahern, Patrick5th October 1918Able Seaman
Maguire, James5th October 1918Officer's Steward 2nd Class
Wilcox, Charles Henry5th October 1918Able Seaman
Cremen, Dominick14th October 1918Able Seaman
Stephens, James Norman14th October 1918Able Seaman
Baker, Alfred15th October 1918Able Seaman
Webber, Robert Gerald18th October 1918Able Seaman
Thompson, Charles Henry21st October 1918Able Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe22nd October 1918Leading Seaman
Stone, Herbert William1st November 1918Able Seaman
Parnell, Thomas11th November 1918Petty Officer
Morley, John George12th November 1918Able Seaman
Nulty, Thomas Joseph13th November 1918Leading Seaman
Moston, Arnold17th November 1918Leading Telegraphist
Robinson, Pryce22nd November 1918Leading Signalman
Loudon, William1st December 1918Able Seaman
Penwill, John Henry1st December 1918Able Seaman
Malster, Charles4th December 1918Petty Officer Gunner
Webster, William Temple5th December 1918Able Seaman
Byrne, Oswald6th December 1918Petty Officer
Southard, Montague William6th December 1918Leading Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth7th December 1918Leading Seaman
Canniffe, James11th December 1918Able Seaman
Watson, Arthur12th December 1918Able Seaman
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas13th December 1918Signalman
Bussey, Harry Frederick7th January 1919Ordinary Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah10th January 1919Petty Officer
Purdy, George William16th January 1919Able Seaman
Rowe, Alfred21st January 1919Leading Seaman
Kelleher, Jerome22nd January 1919Leading Seaman
Ray, George22nd January 1919Petty Officer
Kirk, Patrick26th January 1919Leading Seaman
Butson, Owen28th January 1919Petty Officer
Wheeler, Alfred John30th January 1919Able Seaman
Buttons, William Frank31st January 1919Signalman
Bulbrook, Bernard Hugh1st February 1919Yeoman of Signals
McArdle, James Henry1st February 1919Yeoman of Signals
Oatway, Samuel John1st February 1919Leading Seaman
Parrott, William Patrick1st February 1919Leading Seaman
Murphy, Matthew2nd February 1919Able Seaman
Corcoran, James3rd February 1919Leading Seaman
Morris, Alfred John4th February 1919Yeoman of Signals
Robertson, Alfred5th February 1919Able Seaman
Turner, William5th February 1919Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael7th February 1919Petty Officer
Sampson, Richard George7th February 1919Able Seaman
Thomas, Leslie7th February 1919Leading Seaman
Corlett, John James8th February 1919Yeoman of Signals
Curtis, William John8th February 1919Able Seaman
Moore, Wilfred Purslow11th February 1919Leading Seaman
Chapman, Charles Leonard12th February 1919Leading Telegraphist
Cottrell, Albert Edward12th February 1919Acting Chief Petty Officer
Byers, Sidney14th February 1919Able Seaman
Curtis, William Henry14th February 1919Able Seaman
Philp, John Henry14th February 1919Ship's Corporal First Class
Strickland, Albert Horace14th February 1919Petty Officer
Bunt, Inkerman19th February 1919Petty Officer
Richardson, George William20th February 1919Leading Seaman
Swinney, John Dixon20th February 1919Leading Telegraphist
Payne, Walter21st February 1919Leading Seaman
Stone, Herbert William22nd February 1919Able Seaman
Litton, Sydney Charles26th February 1919Chief Writer
Chambers, Walter Stanley28th February 1919Petty Officer
Warren, William Edwin28th February 1919Able Seaman
Barry, Edward1st March 1919Petty Officer
Byrne, Oswald1st March 1919Petty Officer
Redwood, Tom1st March 1919Petty Officer
Ward, James Lewis1st March 1919Petty Officer
Watts, Noah Samuel4th March 1919Leading Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward5th March 1919Chief Petty Officer
Prout, Charles John5th March 1919Able Seaman
Wilds, Frederick5th March 1919Able Seaman
Freeborn, Frederick Charles6th March 1919Able Seaman
Mansfield, Joseph7th March 1919Able Seaman
Browne, Thomas11th March 1919Able Seaman
Cecil, Charles11th March 1919Able Seaman
Smith, William George11th March 1919Boy 1st Class
Stephenson, Frank11th March 1919Able Seaman
Webster, William Temple11th March 1919Able Seaman
Worth, Frederick Thomas11th March 1919Petty Officer
Newcombe, Alfred James12th March 1919Able Seaman
Rose, John12th March 1919Able Seaman
Sadler, Reginald Charles13th March 1919Able Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin14th March 1919Yeoman of Signals
Whitehead, Walter Charles14th March 1919Petty Officer
Bigmore, George Henry16th March 1919Leading Seaman
Rowse, Reginald Thomas16th March 1919Leading Seaman
Bussey, Harry Frederick19th March 1919Able Seaman
Wiffin, Charles Henry20th March 1919Able Seaman
Lennon, James Leslie22nd March 1919Able Seaman
Craig, Thomas25th March 1919Petty Officer
Caggie, James Alexander Kerr26th March 1919Petty Officer
Lewis , John1st April 1919Ship's Corporal 1st Class
Martin, Riley Arthur1st April 1919Leading Seaman
McGrory, William1st April 1919Able Seaman
Taylor, Clarke1st April 1919Petty Officer
Winfield, William Harold1st April 1919Leading Telegraphist
Bates, George Arthur6th April 1919Leading Signalman
McCooey, John Henry8th April 1919Able Seaman
Brend, Richard John13th April 1919Ships Corporal
McLaughlin, James Henry20th April 1919Petty Officer
Campbell, John23rd April 1919Petty Officer
Canty, John23rd April 1919Able Seaman
White, Bertie John23rd April 1919Able Seaman
Brend, Richard John26th April 1919Regulating Petty Officer
Lewis , John26th April 1919Regulating Petty Officer
Philp, John Henry26th April 1919Regulating Petty Officer
Seal, Edward26th April 1919Able Seaman
Young, John Scott28th April 1919Able Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe30th April 1919Leading Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth1st May 1919Petty Officer
Martin, Riley Arthur1st May 1919Petty Officer
Mayne, George Albert1st May 1919Yeoman of Signals
Terrell, Bernard Weeks1st May 1919Petty Officer
Sherwin, Stanley5th May 1919Leading Seaman
Battershell, Henry Samuel6th May 1919Able Seaman
Morley, John George7th May 1919Able Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks10th May 1919Leading Seaman
Mutter, William John12th May 1919Leading Seaman
Stephens, James Norman13th May 1919Able Seaman
Kirk, Patrick14th May 1919Leading Seaman
Broad, Thomas Martin15th May 1919Petty Officer
Williams, Thomas Vincent15th May 1919Able Seaman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart19th May 1919Yeoman of Signals
Walker, Robert21st May 1919Able Seaman
Bickell, John22nd May 1919Regulating Petty Officer
Searle, William James Reuben22nd May 1919Able Seaman
Rowe, Alfred28th May 1919Leading Seaman
Brazill, Frederick Charles29th May 1919Master at Arms
Watts, Noah Samuel3rd June 1919Leading Seaman
Crocker, Charlie6th June 1919Able Seaman
Lidstone, William John6th June 1919Leading Seaman
Solway, Albert James6th June 1919Leading Seaman
Stygall, Charles7th June 1919Able Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry7th June 1919Leading Seaman
Collins, John17th June 1919Able Seaman
O'Sullivan, Daniel21st June 1919Leading Seaman
Sheehan, Patrick24th June 1919Able Seaman
Coaker, Ernest Albert11th July 1919Sailmaker's Mate
Walsh, Patrick18th July 1919Able Seaman
Payne, Edward23rd July 1919Able Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John25th July 1919Able Seaman
Purdy, George William29th July 1919Able Seaman
Maslen, Charles Henry30th July 1919Yeoman of Signals
Penhaligon, Richard1st August 1919Sailmaker
Cousins, George Edward5th August 1919Petty Officer
Carnall, Samuel6th August 1919Leading Seaman
Pope, Edward James6th August 1919Petty Officer
Bentley, Richard Adworth7th August 1919Petty Officer
Trimble, Edgar8th August 1919Leading Signalman
Lemon, Spencer Barton13th August 1919Able Seaman
Porter, Alexander13th August 1919Petty Officer
Richardson, Edward William13th August 1919Petty Officer
Tudor, Henry13th August 1919Able Seaman
Martin, Riley Arthur17th August 1919Petty Officer
Strickland, Albert Horace17th August 1919Petty Officer
Wiffin, Charles Henry17th August 1919Able Seaman
Young, John Scott17th August 1919Able Seaman
Bunt, Inkerman23rd August 1919Petty Officer
Coleman, Jeremiah26th August 1919Petty Officer
Stephenson, Frank28th August 1919Able Seaman
Abel , Charles Henry29th August 1919Petty Officer
Lappin, John Cunningham2nd September 1919Able Seaman
Murch, Walter Charles John2nd September 1919Able Seaman
Curry, David10th September 1919Petty Officer
Smith, John Henry14th September 1919Boy 1st Class
Watson, Herbert Mark15th September 1919Petty Officer Telegraphist
Rendell, Samuel Francis16th September 1919Able Seaman
Northcott, Ernest George21st September 1919Leading Seaman
Robinson, Pryce21st September 1919Yeoman of Signals
Southard, Montague William25th September 1919Leading Seaman
Marshall, Ernest John1st October 1919Leading Signalman
Sanders, Arthur James2nd October 1919Petty Officer
Smith, William8th October 1919Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist
Mayne, George Albert9th October 1919Yeoman of Signals
Alford, Thomas15th October 1919Leading Signalman
Cremen, Dominick15th October 1919Able Seaman
King, Alfred15th October 1919Leading Signalman
Smith, Charles William15th October 1919Able Seaman
Williams, Frederick Richard John15th October 1919Able Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John16th October 1919Able Seaman
Cretney, John James19th October 1919Able Seaman
Bickley , Joseph Forrester20th October 1919Petty Officer
Butson, Owen21st October 1919Petty Officer
Willetts, Walter21st October 1919Able Seaman
Corcoran, James22nd October 1919Able Seaman
Parkyn, Thomas Henry22nd October 1919Petty Officer
Whitehead, Walter Charles22nd October 1919Petty Officer
Moore, Wilfred Purslow23rd October 1919Leading Seaman
Bennett, George Arthur29th October 1919Leading Seaman
Jordan, Thomas29th October 1919Leading Seaman
Crawford, Andrew1st November 1919Able Seaman
McConnell, William12th November 1919Leading Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick12th November 1919Petty Officer
Carr, John Henry17th November 1919Able Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John18th November 1919Leading Signalman
Rolfe, George Robert18th November 1919Able Seaman
Wilcox, Charles Henry20th November 1919Able Seaman
Reid, Henry Arthur21st November 1919Able Seaman
McGrory, William24th November 1919Able Seaman
Byrne, Oswald28th November 1919Petty Officer
White, Stanley Albert28th November 1919Petty Officer (New Series)
King, Alfred29th November 1919Leading Signalman
Ahern, Patrick1st December 1919Able Seaman
Alford, Thomas1st December 1919Leading Signalman
Cleverly, Albert Edward1st December 1919Petty Officer
Prout, Charles John1st December 1919Able Seaman
Rose, John1st December 1919Able Seaman
Searle, William James Reuben1st December 1919Able Seaman
Murphy, Matthew6th December 1919Able Seaman
Seal, Edward6th December 1919Able Seaman
Stone, Herbert William7th December 1919Able Seaman
Mansell, Alfred12th December 1919Leading Seaman
Thompson, Charles Henry12th December 1919Able Seaman
Clutton, Arthur Harold13th December 1919Leading Seaman
Sherrell, William Ernest14th December 1919Able Seaman
Whitehead, Walter Charles17th December 1919Petty Officer
Ayers, Samuel John18th December 1919Able Seaman
Connor, William18th December 1919Able Seaman
Marr, Alexander18th December 1919Able Seaman
Soper, Charles William Evans18th December 1919Leading Seaman
Warren, Harry Frederick20th December 1919Yeoman of Signals
Trewern, Charles28th December 1919Petty Officer
White, Cecil1st January 1920Able Seaman
Abel , Charles Henry2nd January 1920Petty Officer
Baker, Alfred2nd January 1920Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter2nd January 1920Able Seaman
Quinn, James Edmund8th January 1920Petty Officer
Kessell, William Merioni16th January 1920Petty Officer
Ryan, Michael19th January 1920Able Seaman
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George21st January 1920Able Seaman
Campbell, Samuel26th January 1920Yeoman of Signals
Kirby, Michael1st February 1920Petty Officer
Soper, Charles William Evans1st February 1920Petty Officer
Thomas, Leslie1st February 1920Leading Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry1st February 1920Petty Officer
O'Sullivan, Daniel4th February 1920Leading Seaman
Cosgrove, Ernest5th February 1920Able Seaman
Webber, Robert Gerald5th February 1920Able Seaman
Andrews, Ernest Frederick10th February 1920Petty Officer
Stephens, James Norman13th February 1920Able Seaman
McGlue, Hugh28th February 1920Able Seaman
McSwain, James Munro28th February 1920Able Seaman
Alderman, Bertie1st March 1920Able Seaman
Bolt, Albert James1st March 1920Able Seaman
Munro, David Pretswell1st March 1920Able Seaman
Wannerton, Henry James1st March 1920Boy 1st Class
Williams, Frederick Richard John1st March 1920Able Seaman
Keeley, George Edward3rd March 1920Able Seaman
Kelleher, Jerome3rd March 1920Leading Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe3rd March 1920Able Seaman
King, William Charles6th March 1920Leading Signalman
Freeborn, Frederick Charles10th March 1920Able Seaman
Baker, William12th March 1920Able Seaman
Raylor, Arthur Hermon12th March 1920Able Seaman
Smith, Charles William15th March 1920Able Seaman
Todd, James15th March 1920Able Seaman
Battrick, Ernest William19th March 1920Able Seaman
Buttons, William Frank24th March 1920Signalman
Alford, Thomas1st April 1920Leading Signalman
Bennett, George Arthur1st April 1920Leading Seaman
Livingstone, Peter Stanley1st April 1920Petty Officer (New Series)
Redwood, Tom1st April 1920Petty Officer
McConnell, William2nd May 1920Leading Seaman
Martin, John5th May 1920Chief Petty Officer
Norris, Cyril John17th May 1920Able Seaman
Bartlett, John Eliot29th May 1920Petty Officer
Morton, James19th June 1920Petty Officer
Cleverly, Albert Edward25th June 1920Petty Officer
Rolfe, George Robert6th July 1920Able Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah8th July 1920Petty Officer
Bluck, Alfred Edward9th July 1920Able Seaman
Mansfield, Joseph19th July 1920Able Seaman
Brown, Joseph Francis21st July 1920Leading Seaman
Collins, John26th July 1920Able Seaman
Southwood, Arthur William27th July 1920Able Seaman
Bluck, Alfred Edward1st August 1920Leading Seaman
Axworthy, John Isaac James4th August 1920Leading Seaman
Matier, Alexander4th August 1920Able Seaman
Knowles, Thomas5th August 1920Able Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford5th August 1920Able Seaman
Chandler, Alfred John6th August 1920Able Seaman
Cremen, Dominick7th August 1920Able Seaman
Roberts, Thomas7th August 1920Able Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan14th August 1920Leading Seaman
Wenham, Francis Edgar26th August 1920Able Seaman
Oatway, Samuel John13th September 1920Petty Officer
Shank, John Joseph14th September 1920Able Seaman
Walker, Robert15th September 1920Able Seaman
Sherwin, Stanley18th September 1920Leading Seaman
Chambers, Walter Stanley23rd September 1920Petty Officer
Carnall, Samuel1st October 1920Leading Seaman
Parnell, Thomas1st October 1920Petty Officer
Butson, Owen8th October 1920Petty Officer
McArdle, James Henry10th October 1920Yeoman of Signals
Malster, Charles30th October 1920Petty Officer Gunner
Pearson, Harold1st November 1920Leading Seaman
Martin, Riley Arthur2nd November 1920Petty Officer
McGowan, William2nd November 1920Petty Officer
Payne, Walter2nd November 1920Leading Seaman
Pressey, Leonard John Nye2nd November 1920Leading Seaman
Vosper, William Henry2nd November 1920Leading Seaman
Watson, Arthur2nd November 1920Able Seaman
Morton, James3rd November 1920Petty Officer
Turner, William5th November 1920Petty Officer
White, Cecil5th November 1920Able Seaman
McGlue, Hugh7th November 1920Able Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward15th November 1920Chief Petty Officer
Maslen, Charles Henry16th November 1920Yeoman of Signals
Ryan, Michael27th November 1920Able Seaman
Cranch, Samuel Pope30th November 1920Able Seaman
Moston, Arnold1st December 1920Leading Telegraphist
Pressey, Leonard John Nye1st December 1920Petty Officer
Banks , John James4th December 1920Petty Officer
Whitehead, Walter Charles4th December 1920Petty Officer
Salter, Mark14th December 1920Chief Petty Officer
Bentley, Richard Adworth3rd January 1921Yeoman of Signals
Corlett, John James3rd January 1921Yeoman of Signals
Brookman, Frederick Robert8th January 1921Petty Officer
Ross, John Samuel8th January 1921Petty Officer
Sadler, Reginald Charles13th January 1921Able Seaman
Swinney, John Dixon13th January 1921Leading Telegraphist
Taylor, Charles Henry13th January 1921Yeoman of Signals
McGowan, William14th January 1921Petty Officer
Penney, Frank14th January 1921Telegraphist
Wills, Charles19th January 1921Able Seaman
Phillips, William John24th January 1921Leading Seaman
Lemon, Spencer Barton1st February 1921Able Seaman
Canniffe, James4th February 1921Able Seaman
Moore, Wilfred Purslow5th February 1921Leading Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John8th February 1921Leading Signalman
Robinson, Arderne Gower10th February 1921Able Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan11th February 1921Leading Seaman
Corcoran, James12th February 1921Able Seaman
Ray, George13th February 1921Chief Petty Officer
Power, Michael26th February 1921Leading Seaman
Young, John Scott4th March 1921Able Seaman
King, Alfred9th March 1921Leading Signalman
Stewart, Charles Robb9th March 1921Leading Seaman
Wheeler, Henry William11th March 1921Petty Officer
Mayne, George Albert16th March 1921Yeoman of Signals
Alderman, Bertie5th April 1921Able Seaman
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas8th April 1921Signalman
Bulbrook, Bernard Hugh8th April 1921Yeoman of Signals
Cremen, Dominick8th April 1921Able Seaman
Kirk, Patrick8th April 1921Petty Officer
McLaughlin, James Henry8th April 1921Petty Officer
Parkyn, Thomas Henry8th April 1921Chief Petty Officer
Purdy, George William8th April 1921Able Seaman
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase8th April 1921Petty Officer
Walker, Robert8th April 1921Able Seaman
Curtis, William Henry11th April 1921Able Seaman
Abel , Charles Henry14th April 1921Petty Officer
Martin, Samuel John14th April 1921Petty Officer
Stephenson, Frank14th April 1921Able Seaman
Tudor, Henry14th April 1921Able Seaman
Cousins, George Edward15th April 1921Petty Officer
Redwood, Tom15th April 1921Petty Officer
Nulty, Thomas Joseph16th April 1921Leading Seaman
Canty, John18th April 1921Able Seaman
Todd, James Somerville22nd April 1921Petty Officer
Cecil, Charles3rd May 1921Able Seaman
Mahoney, Patrick5th May 1921Able Seaman
Phillips, William John28th May 1921Leading Seaman
McConnell, William3rd June 1921Leading Seaman
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George7th June 1921Able Seaman
Collacot, William John14th June 1921Chief Petty Officer
Bates, George Arthur19th June 1921Leading Signalman
Watts, Noah Samuel21st June 1921Leading Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest26th June 1921Leading Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert1st July 1921Petty Officer
Cunningham, John Joseph1st July 1921Petty Officer
Curran, Patrick1st July 1921Petty Officer
Kirk, Patrick11th July 1921Leading Seaman
Craig, Thomas13th July 1921Petty Officer
Marr, Alexander13th July 1921Leading Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks13th July 1921Leading Seaman
White, Stanley Albert13th July 1921Chief Petty Officer
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin14th July 1921Yeoman of Signals
Battershell, Henry Samuel15th July 1921Able Seaman
Walker, Robert21st July 1921Able Seaman
Roberts, William Arthur23rd July 1921Chief Petty Officer
Bowden, William John25th July 1921Petty Officer
Kelleher, Jerome27th July 1921Petty Officer
Barry, Edward29th July 1921Petty Officer
Parrott, William Patrick29th July 1921Petty Officer
Bickerstaff, Harry16th August 1921Able Seaman
Northcott, Ernest George16th August 1921Leading Seaman
Noxon, James16th August 1921Leading Seaman
Nulty, Thomas Joseph16th August 1921Leading Seaman
Penwill, John Henry16th August 1921Leading Seaman
Taylor, Clarke16th August 1921Petty Officer
Wiffin, Charles Henry16th August 1921Able Seaman
Sprague, Mark17th August 1921Petty Officer
Watts, Noah Samuel29th August 1921Leading Seaman
Bulbrook, Bernard Hugh1st September 1921Chief Yeoman of Signals
Corlett, John James1st September 1921Chief Yeoman of Signals
Kessell, William Merioni1st September 1921Petty Officer
McArdle, James Henry1st September 1921Chief Yeoman of Signals
Pearson, Harold1st September 1921Petty Officer
Pope, Edward James1st September 1921Petty Officer
Quinn, James Edmund1st September 1921Petty Officer
Trewern, Charles1st September 1921Petty Officer
Walsh, Edward Thomas1st September 1921Able Seaman
Wilds, Frederick1st September 1921Leading Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah2nd September 1921Petty Officer
Crawford, Andrew2nd September 1921Able Seaman
Ryan, Michael2nd September 1921Able Seaman
Smith, Samuel Lane2nd September 1921Able Seaman
Warren, William Edwin2nd September 1921Able Seaman
Southard, Montague William3rd September 1921Leading Seaman
Curtis, William Henry5th September 1921Able Seaman
Lowe, William14th September 1921Leading Seaman
Crossman, Charles Herbert17th September 1921Petty Officer
Cunningham, John Joseph17th September 1921Petty Officer
Curran, Patrick17th September 1921Petty Officer
Crocker, Charlie18th September 1921Able Seaman
Worth, Frederick Thomas27th September 1921Chief Petty Officer
Sanders, Arthur James30th September 1921Petty Officer
Laundry, Albert Edward1st October 1921Petty Officer
McCooey, John Henry1st October 1921Able Seaman
Murch, Walter Charles John1st October 1921Leading Seaman
Rowse, Reginald Thomas1st October 1921Leading Seaman
Stephens, James Norman1st October 1921Able Seaman
Willetts, Walter1st October 1921Able Seaman
Morton, James7th October 1921Petty Officer
Parker, Frederick Archibald17th October 1921Able Seaman
Lewis, Charles Harold18th October 1921Able Seaman
Shank, John Joseph18th October 1921Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael20th October 1921Petty Officer
Patton, Thomas22nd October 1921Able Seaman
Stewart, Charles Robb22nd October 1921Able Seaman
Andrews, Ernest Frederick29th October 1921Petty Officer
Marshall, Ernest John4th November 1921Leading Signalman
Rowe, Alfred15th November 1921Petty Officer
Curtis, William John19th November 1921Able Seaman
Painter, William George19th November 1921Able Seaman
Roberts, William Arthur1st December 1921Chief Petty Officer
Avery, James6th December 1921Petty Officer
Titmous, Arthur Stewart6th December 1921Yeoman of Signals
Smith, Charles William14th December 1921Able Seaman
Loudon, William15th December 1921Able Seaman
Newcombe, Alfred James15th December 1921Able Seaman
Searle, William James Reuben15th December 1921Able Seaman
Coaker, Ernest Albert26th December 1921Sailmaker
Lappin, John Cunningham26th December 1921Able Seaman
Chandler, Alfred John1st January 1922Able Seaman
McGrory, William1st January 1922Able Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth7th January 1922Petty Officer
Campbell, John7th January 1922Petty Officer
Prout, Charles John7th January 1922Able Seaman
Seal, Edward7th January 1922Able Seaman
Stone, Herbert William7th January 1922Able Seaman
Wilcox, Charles Henry7th January 1922Able Seaman
Chambers, Walter Stanley16th January 1922Petty Officer
Southard, Montague William9th February 1922Leading Seaman
Sutton, Stanley Carey3rd March 1922Able Seaman
White, Bertie John3rd March 1922Able Seaman
Baker, William8th March 1922Leading Seaman
Purdy, George William8th March 1922Able Seaman
Marshall, Ernest John11th March 1922Leading Signalman
Cannon, Thomas1st April 1922Telegraphist
Lewis , John1st April 1922Regulating Petty Officer
McLaughlin, James Henry1st April 1922Petty Officer
Winfield, William Harold1st April 1922Petty Officer Telegraphist
Willetts, Walter10th April 1922Able Seaman
Battrick, Ernest William13th April 1922Able Seaman
Campbell, John13th April 1922Petty Officer
Cousins, George Edward13th April 1922Chief Petty Officer
Cranch, Samuel Pope13th April 1922Able Seaman
Lavender, Ernest Oscar13th April 1922Leading Seaman
Martin, Samuel John13th April 1922Petty Officer
Mayne, George Albert13th April 1922Yeoman of Signals
Warren, William Edwin13th April 1922Leading Seaman
Stephenson, Frank15th April 1922Able Seaman
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas29th April 1922Signalman
Collins, John29th April 1922Able Seaman
Morley, John George29th April 1922Able Seaman
Jordan, Thomas4th May 1922Leading Seaman
Lennon, James Leslie4th May 1922Able Seaman
Parker, Frederick Archibald4th May 1922Able Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John4th May 1922Able Seaman
Bates, George Arthur11th May 1922Leading Signalman
Carr, John Henry12th May 1922Able Seaman
Matier, Alexander12th May 1922Able Seaman
Munro, David Pretswell12th May 1922Leading Seaman
Sampson, Richard George12th May 1922Able Seaman
Roberts, William Arthur19th May 1922Chief Petty Officer
Warren, Harry Frederick22nd May 1922Chief Yeoman of Signals
Williams, Frederick Richard John22nd May 1922Able Seaman
Buttons, William Frank23rd May 1922Signalman
Robinson, Arderne Gower23rd May 1922Able Seaman
Williams, Thomas Vincent23rd May 1922Leading Seaman
Turner, William26th May 1922Petty Officer
Watson, Herbert Mark26th May 1922Leading Telegraphist
Worth, Frederick Thomas1st June 1922Chief Petty Officer
Mayne, George Albert2nd June 1922Yeoman of Signals
Parkyn, Thomas Henry3rd June 1922Chief Petty Officer
Ryan, Michael9th June 1922Able Seaman
Kessell, William Merioni10th June 1922Petty Officer
Corcoran, James14th June 1922Able Seaman
Murphy, Matthew14th June 1922Able Seaman
Wannerton, Henry James14th June 1922Ordinary Seaman
Martin, John16th June 1922Chief Petty Officer
Andrews, Ernest Frederick1st July 1922Chief Petty Officer
Roberts, Thomas13th July 1922Able Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan13th July 1922Leading Seaman
Winfield, William Harold14th July 1922Petty Officer Telegraphist
Campbell, Samuel22nd July 1922Yeoman of Signals
Ray, George22nd July 1922Chief Petty Officer
Cannon, Thomas1st August 1922Leading Telegraphist
Kirk, Patrick4th August 1922Able Seaman
Alford, Thomas8th August 1922Leading Signalman
Ahern, Patrick12th August 1922Able Seaman
Stygall, Charles12th August 1922Able Seaman
Power, Michael13th August 1922Leading Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry16th August 1922Petty Officer
Rowe, Alfred18th August 1922Petty Officer
McSwain, James Munro15th September 1922Leading Seaman
Taylor, Robert15th September 1922Able Seaman
Chambers, Walter Stanley21st September 1922Petty Officer
Vague, Alec9th October 1922Petty Officer
Watson, Herbert Mark17th October 1922Leading Telegraphist
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe20th November 1922Able Seaman
Collacot, William John30th November 1922Chief Petty Officer
Taylor, Clarke2nd December 1922Petty Officer
Norris, Cyril John1st January 1923Sailmaker's Mate
Rolfe, George Robert4th January 1923Able Seaman
Bennett, George Arthur5th January 1923Petty Officer
Worth, Frederick Thomas6th January 1923Chief Petty Officer
Brown, Joseph Francis18th January 1923Leading Seaman
Ward, James Lewis21st January 1923Petty Officer
Craig, Thomas28th January 1923Petty Officer
Lemon, Spencer Barton2nd February 1923Able Seaman
Bowden, William John9th February 1923Petty Officer
Sherwin, Stanley9th February 1923Leading Seaman
Wenham, Francis Edgar9th February 1923Able Seaman
Murch, Walter Charles John23rd February 1923Leading Seaman
Moston, Arnold15th March 1923Telegraphist
Worth, Frederick Thomas23rd March 1923Chief Petty Officer
Bennett, George Arthur24th March 1923Acting Regulating Petty Officer
Abel , Charles Henry2nd April 1923Chief Petty Officer
Robertson, Alfred4th April 1923Able Seaman
Martin, John10th April 1923Chief Petty Officer
Mulley, John10th April 1923Petty Officer
Wheeler, Henry William10th April 1923Petty Officer
Olver, John Henry11th April 1923Chief Petty Officer
Parnell, Thomas11th April 1923Petty Officer
Payne, Walter16th April 1923Leading Seaman
Bigmore, George Henry17th April 1923Leading Seaman
Knowles, Thomas17th April 1923Able Seaman
Skyrme, Edward Morgan17th April 1923Leading Seaman
Stewart, Charles Robb17th April 1923Able Seaman
Wellman, John17th April 1923Leading Seaman
Wiffin, Charles Henry17th April 1923Able Seaman
Freeborn, Frederick Charles18th April 1923Able Seaman
Mahoney, Patrick18th April 1923Able Seaman
Ray, George18th April 1923Chief Petty Officer
Seal, Edward18th April 1923Able Seaman
Stephens, James Norman18th April 1923Able Seaman
Todd, James Somerville18th April 1923Petty Officer
Walsh, Edward Thomas18th April 1923Able Seaman
Mutter, William John19th April 1923Leading Seaman
Richardson, George William20th April 1923Leading Seaman
Matier, Alexander28th April 1923Able Seaman
Crawford, Andrew3rd May 1923Able Seaman
Watson, Arthur3rd May 1923Able Seaman
Stewart, Charles Robb4th May 1923Leading Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John6th May 1923Leading Signalman
Taylor, Robert9th May 1923Able Seaman
Alderman, Bertie15th May 1923Able Seaman
Axworthy, John Isaac James15th May 1923Leading Seaman
Ayers, Samuel John15th May 1923Able Seaman
Baker, Alfred15th May 1923Able Seaman
Barry, Edward15th May 1923Petty Officer
Bartlett, Ernest15th May 1923Leading Seaman
Bates, George Arthur15th May 1923Leading Signalman
Benoy, John Secombe15th May 1923Able Seaman
Bickley , Joseph Forrester15th May 1923Petty Officer
Bolt, Albert James15th May 1923Able Seaman
Brookman, Frederick Robert15th May 1923Petty Officer
Browne, Thomas15th May 1923Able Seaman
Brunker, Reginald William15th May 1923Able Seaman
Byers, Sidney15th May 1923Leading Seaman
Clutton, Arthur Harold15th May 1923Leading Seaman
Cosgrove, Ernest15th May 1923Able Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward15th May 1923Chief Petty Officer
Crossman, Charles Herbert15th May 1923Petty Officer
Cunningham, John Joseph15th May 1923Petty Officer
Curran, Patrick15th May 1923Petty Officer
Keeley, George Edward15th May 1923Able Seaman
King, William Charles15th May 1923Yeoman of Signals
Lidstone, William John15th May 1923Leading Seaman
Malster, Charles15th May 1923Petty Officer Gunner
Mansfield, Joseph15th May 1923Able Seaman
McCormick, Henry15th May 1923Petty Officer
McGowan, William15th May 1923Petty Officer
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George15th May 1923Able Seaman
Moore, Wilfred Purslow15th May 1923Leading Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick15th May 1923Petty Officer
Penhaligon, Richard15th May 1923Sailmaker
Penney, Frank15th May 1923Leading Telegraphist
Pressey, Leonard John Nye15th May 1923Petty Officer
Reid, Henry Arthur15th May 1923Able Seaman
Rendell, Samuel Francis15th May 1923Able Seaman
Roberts, William Arthur15th May 1923Chief Petty Officer
Sadler, Reginald Charles15th May 1923Able Seaman
Sheehan, Patrick15th May 1923Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter15th May 1923Able Seaman
Soper, Charles William Evans15th May 1923Petty Officer
Strickland, Albert Horace15th May 1923Petty Officer
Thomas, Leslie15th May 1923Leading Seaman
Trimble, Edgar15th May 1923Yeoman of Signals
Webber, Robert Gerald15th May 1923Able Seaman
Wills, Charles15th May 1923Leading Seaman
Martin, John20th May 1923Chief Petty Officer
Raylor, Arthur Hermon25th May 1923Able Seaman
Kirby, Michael30th May 1923Petty Officer
Marr, Alexander6th July 1923Leading Seaman
Whitehead, Walter Charles6th July 1923Petty Officer
Wheeler, Clifford24th July 1923Able Seaman
Winfield, William Harold25th July 1923Petty Officer Telegraphist
Warren, William Edwin8th August 1923Leading Seaman
Vincer, George Edward16th August 1923Petty Officer
Baker, William18th August 1923Leading Seaman
Bigmore, George Henry18th August 1923Leading Seaman
Lidstone, William John23rd August 1923Leading Seaman
King, Alfred30th August 1923Leading Signalman
King, William Charles2nd September 1923Yeoman of Signals
Ward, James Lewis3rd September 1923Petty Officer
Robinson, Pryce5th September 1923Yeoman of Signals
Bluck, Alfred Edward7th September 1923Leading Seaman
Curtis, William Henry7th September 1923Able Seaman
Munro, David Pretswell7th September 1923Leading Seaman
Trewern, Charles7th September 1923Chief Petty Officer
Watson, Arthur14th September 1923Able Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest19th September 1923Leading Seaman
Canniffe, James19th September 1923Able Seaman
Chambers, Walter Stanley19th September 1923Petty Officer
McConnell, William19th September 1923Leading Seaman
Nulty, Thomas Joseph19th September 1923Leading Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward20th September 1923Petty Officer
Noxon, James27th September 1923Leading Seaman
Ross, John Samuel27th September 1923Petty Officer
Sampson, Richard George27th September 1923Leading Seaman
Phillips, William John28th September 1923Leading Seaman
Cleverly, Albert Edward1st October 1923Petty Officer
Martin, Riley Arthur4th October 1923Petty Officer
McArdle, James Henry4th October 1923Chief Yeoman of Signals
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase4th October 1923Petty Officer
Pearson, Harold6th October 1923Petty Officer
White, Bertie John8th October 1923Able Seaman
White, Stanley Albert11th October 1923Chief Petty Officer
Rolfe, George Robert21st October 1923Able Seaman
Byrne, Oswald30th October 1923Chief Petty Officer
Terrell, Bernard Weeks3rd November 1923Leading Seaman
Muggeridge, Frederick9th November 1923Petty Officer
Lemon, Spencer Barton10th November 1923Able Seaman
McCooey, John Henry10th November 1923Able Seaman
Bluck, Alfred Edward16th November 1923Petty Officer
Martin, Samuel John16th November 1923Petty Officer
McGrory, William16th November 1923Able Seaman
Moston, Arnold16th November 1923Telegraphist
Porter, Alexander16th November 1923Petty Officer
Livingstone, Peter Stanley17th November 1923Petty Officer (New Series)
Cretney, John James18th November 1923Able Seaman
Sherwin, Stanley18th November 1923Leading Seaman
Brown, Joseph Francis23rd November 1923Leading Seaman
Bickerstaff, Harry24th November 1923Able Seaman
Jordan, Thomas24th November 1923Leading Seaman
Penwill, John Henry24th November 1923Leading Seaman
Brunker, Reginald William26th November 1923Able Seaman
Cottrell, Albert Edward26th November 1923Chief Petty Officer
Keeley, George Edward26th November 1923Able Seaman
Mansfield, Joseph26th November 1923Able Seaman
Stygall, Charles26th November 1923Able Seaman
Webber, Robert Gerald26th November 1923Able Seaman
Warren, Harry Frederick27th November 1923Chief Yeoman of Signals
Mansell, Alfred5th December 1923Petty Officer
Wheeler, Henry William5th December 1923Petty Officer
Roberts, Thomas12th December 1923Able Seaman
Solway, Albert James21st December 1923Petty Officer
Swinney, John Dixon1st January 1924Leading Telegraphist
Curtis, William John4th January 1924Able Seaman
Ryder, Leonard4th January 1924Ordinary Telegraphist
Tudor, Henry4th January 1924Able Seaman
Strickland, Albert Horace5th January 1924Chief Petty Officer
Bluck, Alfred Edward11th January 1924Petty Officer
Sprague, Mark13th January 1924Chief Petty Officer
Southwood, Arthur William16th January 1924Sailmaker's Mate
Sanders, Arthur James19th January 1924Chief Petty Officer
Nulty, Thomas Joseph21st January 1924Acting Petty Officer
Sadler, Reginald Charles30th January 1924Able Seaman
Cosgrove, Ernest9th February 1924Able Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin9th February 1924Yeoman of Signals
O'Sullivan, Daniel13th February 1924Able Seaman
Clutton, Arthur Harold14th February 1924Leading Seaman
Smith, Samuel Lane14th February 1924Able Seaman
Solway, Albert James14th February 1924Petty Officer
Browne, Thomas7th March 1924Able Seaman
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George1st April 1924Leading Seaman
Walker, Albert Clifford1st April 1924Boy 1st Class
Chapman, Charles Leonard7th April 1924Leading Telegraphist
Crossman, Charles Herbert7th April 1924Chief Petty Officer
Cunningham, John Joseph7th April 1924Chief Petty Officer
Curran, Patrick7th April 1924Chief Petty Officer
Watts, Noah Samuel7th April 1924Petty Officer
Moore, Wilfred Purslow17th April 1924Acting Petty Officer
Baker, William23rd April 1924Leading Seaman
Crocker, Charlie23rd April 1924Leading Seaman
King, William Charles23rd April 1924Yeoman of Signals
Lowe, William10th May 1924Leading Seaman
Webber, Robert Gerald13th May 1924Able Seaman
Seal, Edward16th May 1924Able Seaman
Patton, Thomas17th May 1924Able Seaman
Purdy, George William24th May 1924Able Seaman
Branch, Richard John6th June 1924Yeoman of Signals
Painter, William George6th June 1924Able Seaman
Shank, John Joseph6th June 1924Able Seaman
Sherrell, William Ernest16th June 1924Able Seaman
Barry, Edward21st June 1924Petty Officer
O'Callaghan, Michael John22nd June 1924Leading Signalman
Ryder, Leonard23rd June 1924Telegraphist
Taylor, Robert27th June 1924Able Seaman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart27th June 1924Chief Yeoman of Signals
Canty, John2nd July 1924Able Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks2nd July 1924Acting Petty Officer
Swinney, John Dixon15th July 1924Acting Petty Officer Telegraphist
Pressey, Leonard John Nye22nd July 1924Petty Officer
Cromeyn, James28th July 1924Able Seaman
Warren, William Edwin29th July 1924Leading Seaman
Malster, Charles30th July 1924Chief Petty Officer
Collins, John14th August 1924Able Seaman
Lennon, James Leslie14th August 1924Able Seaman
Parker, Frederick Archibald14th August 1924Able Seaman
Walker, Albert Clifford14th August 1924Boy 1st Class
Webster, William Temple14th August 1924Able Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John14th August 1924Able Seaman
Scully, John16th August 1924Petty Officer
Webber, Robert Gerald16th August 1924Able Seaman
Ahern, Patrick21st August 1924Able Seaman
Bolt, Albert James1st September 1924Able Seaman
Porter, Alexander1st September 1924Petty Officer
Axworthy, John Isaac James3rd September 1924Leading Seaman
Baker, William3rd September 1924Leading Seaman
Lappin, John Cunningham3rd September 1924Able Seaman
Wills, Charles5th September 1924Leading Seaman
Battrick, Ernest William6th September 1924Able Seaman
Smyth, John Peter11th September 1924Able Seaman
McCormick, Henry12th September 1924Petty Officer
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas15th September 1924Leading Signalman
Newcombe, Alfred James15th September 1924Able Seaman
Wenham, Francis Edgar15th September 1924Leading Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin23rd September 1924Yeoman of Signals
Solway, Albert James1st October 1924Petty Officer
Corcoran, James15th October 1924Leading Seaman
Corlett, John James16th October 1924Chief Yeoman of Signals
Cremen, Dominick16th October 1924Able Seaman
Southard, Montague William16th October 1924Leading Seaman
Willetts, Walter16th October 1924Able Seaman
Thomas, Leslie1st November 1924Leading Seaman
Pearson, Harold5th November 1924Petty Officer
Swinney, John Dixon26th November 1924Acting Petty Officer Telegraphist
Martin, Riley Arthur8th December 1924Petty Officer
Cleverly, Albert Edward19th December 1924Petty Officer
Morris, Alfred John20th December 1924Yeoman of Signals
Noxon, James20th December 1924Leading Seaman
Rowe, Alfred20th December 1924Petty Officer
Brown, Joseph Francis4th January 1925Acting Petty Officer
Andrews, Ernest Frederick6th January 1925Chief Petty Officer
Ayers, Samuel John6th January 1925Able Seaman
Butson, Owen6th January 1925Petty Officer
Cousins, George Edward6th January 1925Chief Petty Officer
Kelleher, Jerome6th January 1925Petty Officer
Laundry, Albert Edward6th January 1925Chief Petty Officer
Redwood, Tom6th January 1925Petty Officer
Scally, Patrick6th January 1925Petty Officer
Skyrme, Edward Morgan6th January 1925Acting Petty Officer
Walsh, Edward Thomas6th January 1925Able Seaman
Wheeler, Clifford6th January 1925Able Seaman
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas7th January 1925Leading Signalman
Oatway, Samuel John10th January 1925Petty Officer
Knowles, Thomas14th January 1925Able Seaman
McSwain, James Munro22nd January 1925Leading Seaman
Southard, Montague William7th February 1925Leading Seaman
Canniffe, James18th February 1925Able Seaman
Chapman, Charles Leonard18th February 1925Leading Telegraphist
Jordan, Thomas21st February 1925Acting Petty Officer
Young, John Scott21st February 1925Leading Seaman
Pressey, Leonard John Nye7th March 1925Petty Officer
Battrick, Ernest William10th March 1925Able Seaman
McGlue, Hugh17th March 1925Able Seaman
Penwill, John Henry20th March 1925Acting Petty Officer
Thorne, John Thomas Perry20th March 1925Petty Officer
Marr, Alexander21st March 1925Acting Petty Officer
Reid, Henry Arthur2nd April 1925Able Seaman
Campbell, John6th April 1925Petty Officer
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase16th April 1925Petty Officer
Marshall, Ernest John21st April 1925Yeoman of Signals
Raylor, Arthur Hermon23rd April 1925Able Seaman
Winfield, William Harold24th April 1925Petty Officer Telegraphist
Crocker, Charlie28th April 1925Acting Petty Officer
Smith, Samuel Lane29th April 1925Able Seaman
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase29th April 1925Chief Petty Officer
Warren, William Edwin2nd May 1925Leading Seaman
Kirby, Michael7th May 1925Petty Officer
Benoy, John Secombe8th May 1925Able Seaman
Knott, Albert George8th May 1925Chief Petty Officer
Lavender, Ernest Oscar8th May 1925Leading Seaman
Parnell, Thomas8th May 1925Chief Petty Officer
Pope, Edward James8th May 1925Petty Officer
Coaker, Ernest Albert9th May 1925Sailmaker
Cannon, Thomas12th May 1925Leading Telegraphist
Corcoran, James12th May 1925Leading Seaman
Kirk, Patrick12th May 1925Leading Seaman
Martin, John18th May 1925Chief Petty Officer
Lidstone, William John23rd May 1925Leading Seaman
Porter, Alexander2nd June 1925Petty Officer
Pascoe, Francis John3rd June 1925Petty Officer
Lewis, Charles Harold6th June 1925Able Seaman
Cousins, George Edward18th June 1925Chief Petty Officer
Newcombe, Alfred James18th June 1925Able Seaman
Rolfe, George Robert23rd June 1925Able Seaman
Winfield, William Harold1st July 1925Petty Officer Telegraphist
Cousins, George Edward16th July 1925Chief Petty Officer
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin23rd July 1925Yeoman of Signals
Munro, David Pretswell1st August 1925Leading Seaman
Strickland, Albert Horace1st August 1925Chief Petty Officer
Terrell, Bernard Weeks1st August 1925Petty Officer
Curtis, William John5th August 1925Able Seaman
Shank, John Joseph8th August 1925Able Seaman
Stygall, Charles24th August 1925Able Seaman
Walker, Robert27th August 1925Able Seaman
Morley, John George31st August 1925Able Seaman
Mulley, John31st August 1925Petty Officer
Richardson, George William31st August 1925Leading Seaman
Sutton, Stanley Carey31st August 1925Able Seaman
Cosgrove, Ernest1st September 1925Able Seaman
McCooey, John Henry5th September 1925Able Seaman
Oatway, Samuel John8th September 1925Petty Officer
Stephens, James Norman13th September 1925Able Seaman
Coaker, Ernest Albert18th September 1925Chief Sailmaker
Corcoran, James15th October 1925Petty Officer
Alderman, Bertie25th October 1925Able Seaman
Knott, Albert George3rd November 1925Chief Petty Officer
McArdle, James Henry12th November 1925Chief Yeoman of Signals
Norris, Cyril John12th November 1925Sailmaker's Mate
Noxon, James12th November 1925Leading Seaman
Ross, John Samuel12th November 1925Petty Officer
Warren, Harry Frederick13th November 1925Chief Yeoman of Signals
McGowan, William14th November 1925Petty Officer
Byers, Sidney17th November 1925Leading Seaman
Crawford, Andrew24th November 1925Able Seaman
Young, John Scott24th November 1925Acting Petty Officer
Payne, Walter25th November 1925Acting Petty Officer
McSwain, James Munro1st December 1925Leading Seaman
Parnell, Thomas1st December 1925Chief Petty Officer
Sherrell, William Ernest1st December 1925Able Seaman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart5th December 1925Chief Yeoman of Signals
Muggeridge, Frederick11th December 1925Petty Officer
White, Bertie John11th December 1925Able Seaman
White, Stanley Albert20th December 1925Chief Petty Officer
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas1st January 1926Leading Signalman
Rowe, Alfred1st January 1926Petty Officer
Moore, Wilfred Purslow2nd January 1926Petty Officer
Alford, Thomas7th January 1926Leading Signalman
Avery, James7th January 1926Petty Officer
Barry, Edward7th January 1926Petty Officer
Buttons, William Frank7th January 1926Signalman
Cecil, Charles7th January 1926Able Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah7th January 1926Petty Officer
Curry, David7th January 1926Petty Officer
Curtis, William Henry7th January 1926Able Seaman
Lappin, John Cunningham7th January 1926Able Seaman
Loudon, William7th January 1926Leading Seaman
Mahoney, Patrick7th January 1926Able Seaman
Matier, Alexander7th January 1926Able Seaman
Mayne, George Albert7th January 1926Yeoman of Signals
McArdle, James Henry7th January 1926Chief Yeoman of Signals
Morton, James7th January 1926Chief Petty Officer
Murch, Walter Charles John7th January 1926Leading Seaman
Mutter, William John7th January 1926Leading Seaman
Ray, George7th January 1926Chief Petty Officer
Robinson, Arderne Gower7th January 1926Able Seaman
Rowse, Reginald Thomas7th January 1926Leading Seaman
Stewart, Charles Robb7th January 1926Leading Seaman
Tancock, Richard Edwin Rowe7th January 1926Able Seaman
Turner, William7th January 1926Petty Officer
Vosper, William Henry7th January 1926Leading Seaman
Ward, James Lewis7th January 1926Chief Petty Officer
Wiffin, Charles Henry7th January 1926Able Seaman
Wilcox, Charles Henry7th January 1926Able Seaman
Williams, Thomas Vincent7th January 1926Leading Seaman
Wills, Charles7th January 1926Leading Seaman
Winfield, William Harold7th January 1926Petty Officer Telegraphist
Lidstone, William John9th January 1926Leading Seaman
Mansell, Alfred9th January 1926Petty Officer
Bickerstaff, Harry15th January 1926Able Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest23rd January 1926Leading Seaman
Sampson, Richard George23rd January 1926Leading Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest25th January 1926Acting Petty Officer
Williams, Thomas Vincent30th January 1926Acting Petty Officer
Abel , Charles Henry2nd February 1926Chief Petty Officer
Bates, George Arthur3rd February 1926Leading Signalman
Brookman, Frederick Robert3rd February 1926Petty Officer
Chambers, Walter Stanley3rd February 1926Petty Officer
Bunt, Inkerman6th February 1926Petty Officer
Todd, James Somerville6th February 1926Chief Petty Officer
Campbell, John10th February 1926Chief Petty Officer
Turner, William12th February 1926Able Seaman
Trewern, Charles23rd February 1926Chief Petty Officer
Watson, Herbert Mark24th February 1926Petty Officer Telegraphist
Penwill, John Henry20th March 1926Petty Officer
Bates, George Arthur22nd March 1926Acting Yeoman of Signals
Kelleher, Jerome22nd March 1926Petty Officer
Bunt, Inkerman23rd March 1926Petty Officer
Martin, Samuel John25th March 1926Petty Officer
Smith, Samuel Lane25th March 1926Able Seaman
Matier, Alexander26th March 1926Able Seaman
Curtis, William Henry1st April 1926Able Seaman
Rendell, Samuel Francis1st April 1926Leading Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry1st April 1926Petty Officer
Marshall, Ernest John13th April 1926Yeoman of Signals
Byers, Sidney16th April 1926Leading Seaman
Sherrell, William Ernest16th April 1926Able Seaman
King, Alfred20th April 1926Leading Signalman
Moston, Arnold21st April 1926Leading Telegraphist
Murphy, Matthew24th April 1926Able Seaman
Wilds, Frederick24th April 1926Acting Petty Officer
Byers, Sidney26th April 1926Acting Petty Officer
Penney, Frank29th April 1926Leading Telegraphist
McLaughlin, James Henry3rd May 1926Chief Petty Officer
Bickley , Joseph Forrester4th May 1926Chief Petty Officer
Phillips, William John8th May 1926Acting Petty Officer
Bentley, Richard Adworth27th May 1926Petty Officer
Williams, Thomas Vincent1st June 1926Acting Petty Officer
Cottrell, Albert Edward2nd June 1926Chief Petty Officer
King, William Charles2nd June 1926Yeoman of Signals
Nulty, Thomas Joseph5th June 1926Petty Officer
Watson, Arthur26th June 1926Able Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah1st July 1926Petty Officer
Malster, Charles2nd July 1926Petty Officer
Skyrme, Edward Morgan12th July 1926Petty Officer
Bunt, Inkerman17th July 1926Petty Officer
Mansell, Alfred29th July 1926Petty Officer
Redwood, Tom1st August 1926Chief Petty Officer
Alderman, Bertie16th August 1926Able Seaman
Branch, Richard John22nd August 1926Yeoman of Signals
Parnell, Thomas23rd August 1926Chief Petty Officer
Crocker, Charlie25th August 1926Petty Officer
Campbell, Samuel30th August 1926Chief Yeoman of Signals
Martin, Riley Arthur2nd September 1926Petty Officer
Southard, Montague William2nd September 1926Leading Seaman
Sprague, Mark2nd September 1926Chief Petty Officer
Webster, William Temple2nd September 1926Able Seaman
Wellman, John2nd September 1926Petty Officer
Rolfe, George Robert3rd September 1926Able Seaman
Richardson, George William11th September 1926Leading Seaman
MItchell, Leonard Sydney George17th September 1926Leading Seaman
Wilson, George17th September 1926Able Seaman
Brunker, Reginald William1st October 1926Able Seaman
Payne, Walter12th October 1926Petty Officer
Thomas, Leslie14th October 1926Leading Seaman
Chambers, Walter Stanley22nd October 1926Chief Petty Officer
Rowe, Alfred22nd October 1926Petty Officer
Oatway, Samuel John28th October 1926Petty Officer
Phillips, William John1st November 1926Petty Officer
Butson, Owen2nd November 1926Petty Officer
Nulty, Thomas Joseph6th November 1926Petty Officer
Penney, Frank10th November 1926Leading Telegraphist
Wilds, Frederick12th November 1926Petty Officer
Southwood, Arthur William13th November 1926Sailmaker
Swinney, John Dixon13th November 1926Petty Officer Telegraphist
Taylor, Charles Henry13th November 1926Chief Yeoman of Signals
Norris, Cyril John26th November 1926Acting Sailmaker
Loudon, William2nd December 1926Leading Seaman
Vincer, George Edward15th December 1926Petty Officer
Banks , John James20th December 1926Petty Officer
Bluck, Alfred Edward20th December 1926Petty Officer
Solway, Albert James20th December 1926Petty Officer
Bowden, William John21st December 1926Petty Officer
Baker, William23rd December 1926Petty Officer
Buttons, William Frank29th December 1926Signalman
Bostock, Charles Wauchope1st January 1927Stoker Petty Officer
Cranch, Samuel Pope1st January 1927Able Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin5th January 1927Chief Yeoman of Signals
Patton, Thomas5th January 1927Able Seaman
Roberts, Thomas5th January 1927Able Seaman
Sampson, Richard George8th January 1927Leading Seaman
Watson, Arthur8th January 1927Able Seaman
White, Bertie John8th January 1927Able Seaman
Rolfe, George Robert23rd January 1927Able Seaman
Norris, Cyril John25th January 1927Acting Sailmaker
Rowe, Alfred26th January 1927Petty Officer
Rowse, Reginald Thomas26th January 1927Leading Seaman
Williams, Thomas Vincent30th January 1927Petty Officer
Wellman, John5th February 1927Petty Officer
Warren, William Edwin27th February 1927Leading Seaman
Bates, George Arthur7th March 1927Acting Yeoman of Signals
Sherrell, William Ernest12th March 1927Able Seaman
Keeley, George Edward15th March 1927Able Seaman
Bates, George Arthur22nd March 1927Yeoman of Signals
Payne, Edward9th April 1927Leading Seaman
Byers, Sidney26th April 1927Petty Officer
Lavender, Ernest Oscar26th April 1927Acting Petty Officer
Northcott, Ernest George27th April 1927Petty Officer
Vague, Alec27th April 1927Petty Officer
Battrick, Ernest William30th April 1927Able Seaman
Cleverly, Albert Edward30th April 1927Chief Petty Officer
Bunt, Inkerman2nd May 1927Petty Officer
Vosper, William Henry3rd May 1927Leading Seaman
Wheeler, Alfred John3rd May 1927Able Seaman
Raylor, Arthur Hermon25th May 1927Able Seaman
Cannon, Thomas26th May 1927Leading Telegraphist
Livingstone, Peter Stanley26th May 1927Chief Petty Officer
Sparrock, Isaiah William Purchase26th May 1927Chief Petty Officer
Taylor, Robert26th May 1927Able Seaman
Titmous, Arthur Stewart27th May 1927Chief Yeoman of Signals
Wilson, George28th May 1927Able Seaman
Laundry, Albert Edward2nd June 1927Chief Petty Officer
Bolt, Albert James16th June 1927Able Seaman
O'Callaghan, Michael John1st July 1927Yeoman of Signals
Turner, William8th August 1927Able Seaman
Marr, Alexander22nd August 1927Petty Officer
Muggeridge, Frederick24th August 1927Chief Petty Officer
Clutton, Arthur Harold27th August 1927Petty Officer
Wills, Charles27th August 1927Able Seaman
Collins, John29th August 1927Able Seaman
Smith, Samuel Lane29th August 1927Able Seaman
Wenham, Francis Edgar29th August 1927Leading Seaman
Rolfe, George Robert1st September 1927Able Seaman
Turner, William1st September 1927Petty Officer
Wilcox, Charles Henry2nd September 1927Able Seaman
Coysh, Alfred Charles Edwin9th September 1927Chief Yeoman of Signals
Lappin, John Cunningham16th September 1927Able Seaman
Alderman, Bertie21st September 1927Able Seaman
Coleman, Jeremiah21st September 1927Petty Officer
Matier, Alexander23rd September 1927Able Seaman
Bartlett, Ernest24th September 1927Petty Officer
Stephens, James Norman24th September 1927Able Seaman
Southwood, Arthur William22nd October 1927Sailmaker
Curtis, William Henry29th October 1927Able Seaman
Robinson, Arderne Gower2nd November 1927Able Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth12th November 1927Petty Officer
Thomas, Leslie12th November 1927Leading Seaman
Mutter, William John18th November 1927Leading Seaman
Ryder, Leonard21st November 1927Telegraphist
Campbell, Samuel28th November 1927Chief Yeoman of Signals
Southard, Montague William1st January 1928Leading Seaman
Tudor, Henry3rd January 1928Acting Leading Seaman
Thorne, John Thomas Perry4th January 1928Petty Officer
Bowden, William John26th January 1928Petty Officer
McGowan, William30th January 1928Petty Officer
Raylor, Arthur Hermon4th February 1928Able Seaman
Bickerstaff, Harry17th February 1928Able Seaman
Sampson, Richard George14th March 1928Leading Seaman
Vosper, William Henry22nd March 1928Leading Seaman
McGowan, William23rd March 1928Chief Petty Officer
Sherrell, William Ernest29th March 1928Able Seaman
Bentley, Richard Adworth21st April 1928Petty Officer
Butson, Owen28th April 1928Petty Officer
Canty, John1st May 1928Able Seaman
Morris, Alfred John1st May 1928Chief Yeoman of Signals
Turner, William1st May 1928Petty Officer
Watts, Noah Samuel1st May 1928Petty Officer
Walker, Robert10th May 1928Able Seaman
Winfield, William Harold24th June 1928Leading Telegraphist
Wiffin, Charles Henry5th July 1928Able Seaman
Trewern, Charles15th July 1928Chief Petty Officer
McConnell, William11th August 1928Leading Seaman
Solway, Albert James11th August 1928Petty Officer
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas15th August 1928Leading Signalman
Marshall, Ernest John15th August 1928Yeoman of Signals
Scully, John18th August 1928Petty Officer
Kelleher, Jerome21st August 1928Petty Officer
Ryder, Leonard27th August 1928Telegraphist
Brown, Joseph Francis28th August 1928Petty Officer
Chapman, Charles Leonard28th August 1928Leading Telegraphist
Crocker, Charlie28th August 1928Petty Officer
Cromeyn, James28th August 1928Able Seaman
Curtis, William John28th August 1928Able Seaman
Lennon, James Leslie28th August 1928Able Seaman
Lowe, William28th August 1928Leading Seaman
McSwain, James Munro28th August 1928Leading Seaman
Newcombe, Alfred James28th August 1928Able Seaman
Painter, William George28th August 1928Able Seaman
Parker, Frederick Archibald28th August 1928Able Seaman
Shank, John Joseph28th August 1928Able Seaman
Sutton, Stanley Carey28th August 1928Able Seaman
Terrell, Bernard Weeks28th August 1928Petty Officer
Thorne, John Thomas Perry28th August 1928Petty Officer
Muggeridge, Frederick30th August 1928Chief Petty Officer
Young, John Scott31st August 1928Petty Officer
Moore, Wilfred Purslow4th September 1928Petty Officer
Pearson, Harold4th September 1928Petty Officer
Matier, Alexander6th September 1928Able Seaman
Stephens, James Norman7th September 1928Able Seaman
Bates, George Arthur13th September 1928Yeoman of Signals
Tudor, Henry30th September 1928Leading Seaman
Purdy, George William16th October 1928Able Seaman
Ball, Vaughan Nicholas12th November 1928Leading Signalman
Alford, Thomas13th March 1929Leading Signalman
Northcott, Ernest George7th June 1929Petty Officer
Vincer, George Edward10th July 1929Petty Officer
Alford, Thomas4th November 1929Leading Signalman
Moore, Wilfred Purslow1st July 1931Petty Officer
Baker, William13th July 1931Petty Officer
Newcombe, Alfred James13th July 1931Able Seaman
Noxon, James13th July 1931Leading Seaman
Stephens, James Norman24th August 1931Able Seaman
Bickerstaff, Harry5th September 1931Able Seaman
Wiffin, Charles Henry1st December 1931Able Seaman
Tudor, Henry2nd March 1932Leading Seaman
McSwain, James Munro24th March 1932Leading Seaman
Pearson, Harold12th April 1932Petty Officer
Painter, William George11th May 1932Able Seaman
Alford, Thomas1st June 1932Leading Signalman
Marr, Alexander9th June 1932Petty Officer
Penwill, John Henry14th September 1932Petty Officer
Sampson, Richard George6th December 1932Petty Officer
Penney, Frank11th January 1933Leading Telegraphist
Northcott, Ernest George25th January 1933Petty Officer
Sampson, Richard George13th June 1933Petty Officer
Swinney, John Dixon16th June 1933Petty Officer Telegraphist
Tudor, Henry1st July 1933Leading Seaman
Alford, Thomas8th September 1933Leading Signalman
Moore, Wilfred Purslow8th September 1933Petty Officer