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H.M.S. Hood Roll of Honour
Updated 07-Mar-2010

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This report shows casualties in order of age from youngest to oldest.

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService NumberDate of birthAge
Thomas Joseph BernardBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18213618th January 192516
Robert ElliottBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18193718th November 192416
Robert WilliamBoy 1st ClassP/JX 17597014th September 192416
William JohnBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1819399th September 192416
Alan RaymondBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18190231st August 192416
Charles AlecBoy 1st ClassP/JX 19472921st August 192416
Roy Thomas RichardBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1820131st August 192416
William MillerBoy 1st ClassP/JX 17017312th July 192416
Kenneth JamesBoy BuglerPO/X 46872nd July 192416
JohnSignal BoyP/JX 16636730th June 192416
ArthurBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18456528th June 192416
William JohnBoy 1st ClassP/JX 17729217th June 192416
Gordon Harold ThomasBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18206417th June 192416
Thomas CaffinBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1716719th June 192416
Norman George LandsburyBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1664871st June 192416
John PearmanBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18196226th May 192416
Mark Hunter ParnellMidshipmanN/AAugust 192416

A total of 17 men were lost in Hood aged 16.
This represents 1.2% of the total casualties.

A total of 17 men were lost in Hood aged 16 or younger.
This represents 1.2% of the total casualties.

Ralph FrederickBoy TelegraphistP/JX 1638203rd May 192417
Colin Harry ThomasBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1821152nd May 192417
Desmond TrevorBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16635325th April 192417
Eric GeorgeBoy TelegraphistP/JX 16381622nd April 192417
William RobertBoy TelegraphistP/JX 16409610th April 192417
ArthurBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1641627th April 192417
Archibald WilliamBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1628706th April 192417
BenjaminBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1947324th April 192417
Leslie DonaldBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18859924th March 192417
William ThomasBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1632231st March 192417
RobertBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18853422nd February 192417
John Crawford AndersonBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1628365th February 192417
NormanBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1632032nd February 192417
Percy AlfredBoy BuglerPO/X 341326th January 192417
Frederick John ReiffBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18198422nd January 192417
Robert ThomasBoy 1st ClassP/JX 17179117th January 192417
David ThowBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16246014th January 192417
John WilliamBoy 1st ClassP/JX 18205812th January 192417
Jack CharlesBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1623014th January 192417
Philip JohnSignal BoyP/JX 1629414th January 192417
Peter JohnBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16280020th December 192317
HerbertSignal BoyP/JX 16229728th November 192317
Peter Ernest AlfredSignal BoyP/JX 16669825th November 192317
Mark RaymondBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16238623rd November 192317
Percy Christopher BoylettBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16251517th November 192317
WalterBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16245813th November 192317
Ian AlisterBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1624538th November 192317
William SmedleyBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1620685th November 192317
DouglasBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16148031st October 192317
Edward JamesBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16244826th October 192317
Hugh FrancisBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1624379th October 192317
Gordon VictorBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1623026th October 192317
JackBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1805643rd October 192317
Leslie RaymondBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16642430th September 192317
David JackBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16320724th September 192317
Raymond WilliamBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1631398th September 192317
Stanley ArthurBoy 1st ClassP/JX1604205th September 192317
Percy Wilfred LeonardBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1607914th September 192317
RobertBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1947601st September 192317
AlanBandboyRMB/X 110826th August 192317
James HutchinsonBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16239124th August 192317
John LouisBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1613633rd August 192317
FrancisBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16428924th July 192317
PeterOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16203320th July 192317
Eric FrancisBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16315115th July 192317
William MacFarlaneBoy 1st ClassP/JX 15941113th July 192317
RonaldBoy 1st ClassP/JX 15942111th July 192317
Maurice PercyBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1604309th July 192317
Frederick GeorgeBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1625975th July 192317
Kenneth JamesBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1717202nd July 192317
George RoyBoy 1st ClassP/JX 15953730th June 192317
WilliamBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16237722nd June 192317
Benjamin GeorgeBoy 1st ClassP/JX 15900513th June 192317
James KellyBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16318712th June 192317
PercivalBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16261811th June 192317
Stanley AlbertBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1608349th June 192317
Alastair DonaldBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1597466th June 192317
JackCanteen AssistantNAAFI4th June 192317
Albert EdwardBoy 1st ClassP/JX 16079226th May 192317
Edward David GeorgeBoy 1st ClassP/J 16057926th May 192317
Douglas CyrilMidshipman July 192317

A total of 61 men were lost in Hood aged 17.
This represents 4.31% of the total casualties.

A total of 78 men were lost in Hood aged 17 or younger.
This represents 5.51% of the total casualties.

Roland Garth ClaytonMidshipmanN/A17th September 192318
Vernon Richard K.Boy 1st ClassP/JX 15959717th May 192318
SamuelOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16237615th May 192318
SidneyOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15972714th May 192318
Anthony VictorOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15917113th May 192318
Stanley EricOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16077212th May 192318
Joseph WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1631855th May 192318
RobertBoy 1st ClassP/JX 1594012nd May 192318
Victor WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16147226th April 192318
Alan EarleOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15953225th April 192318
HowardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16018924th April 192318
Percy AlfredOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16169124th April 192318
Ronald JamesOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15910922nd April 192318
Harry JohnOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1595320th April 192318
Gordon WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15906816th April 192318
ErnestOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 1641988th April 192318
Arthur ThomasOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1579667th April 192318
John StanleyAble SeamanP/JX 1595492nd April 192318
Thomas WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1590821st April 192318
PeterOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15930830th March 192318
Frank SidneyOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 16250311th March 192318
Gordon RoyOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15866410th March 192318
Roy ReginaldOrdinary TelegraphistP/JX 1619387th March 192318
Colin EdwinOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1624465th March 192318
HaroldOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1623741st March 192318
KennethOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15955127th February 192318
Benjamin ArthurOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15793325th February 192318
Victor EdwardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15891218th February 192318
Leonard Walter JamesOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 15950117th February 192318
Nigel NorringtonMidshipmanN/A10th February 192318
Edgar CharlesOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 1573257th February 192318
Cecil Reginald EdwardCanteen AssistantNAAFI3rd February 192318
Ronald WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 1582272nd February 192318
Joseph VincentOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15714231st January 192318
Cyril HenryOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16187627th January 192318
Leonard FrankOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15918026th January 192318
JackAble SeamanP/JX 15890025th January 192318
Albert EdwardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16218114th January 192318
JackOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15833114th January 192318
Samuel CharlesAble SeamanP/JX 15889813th January 192318
William AlfredOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1593949th January 192318
JackAble SeamanP/JX 1582208th January 192318
Stanley Godwin ScarthMarinePO/X 48372nd January 192318
Douglas EdwinOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1581451st January 192318
Paul DennisAble SeamanP/JX 15952231st December 192218
Albert SidneyAble SeamanP/JX 15839831st December 192218
Peter Frederick ArthurAble SeamanP/JX 15839730th December 192218
Joseph MilliganOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15728724th December 192218
RoystonOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16229324th December 192218
Edgar William FrankOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15787024th December 192218
Alan CharlesAble SeamanP/JX 15823921st December 192218
Donald OgilvieOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15951321st December 192218
Leo StuartOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15733820th December 192218
Cyril WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 15823718th December 192218
Eric StanleyOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15953416th December 192218
ThomasOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15701611th December 192218
Ronald Thomas LawOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 15797811th December 192218
AlbertOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1605838th December 192218
John ArthurOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1586046th December 192218
OwenOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1626606th December 192218
JohnOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1612144th December 192218
Leonard MoyalOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1582364th December 192218
Herbert William LlewellynOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1584002nd December 192218
Walter KeithOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15619330th November 192218
Reginald AlfredAble SeamanP/JX 15823826th November 192218
William HaroldOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15959323rd November 192218
Jack Fred WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16250021st November 192218
Leslie VictorOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15839920th November 192218
Eric CharlesAble SeamanP/JX 16202216th November 192218
John CharlesOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16238315th November 192218
William EdwardAble SeamanP/JX 16119215th November 192218
Leslie WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15787814th November 192218
Jack Clarence PhilipOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15971814th November 192218
Murdoch McLeanAble SeamanP/JX 15751912th November 192218
Robert MurrayOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16238610th November 192218
Arthur JackOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1622994th November 192218
GeorgeOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1591422nd November 192218
Herbert WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1597172nd November 192218
EdwardAble SeamanP/JX 15910128th October 192218
Gordon VincentTelegraphistP/JX 16222627th October 192218
George AlfredSignalmanP/JX 15777125th October 192218
LeonardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15863223rd October 192218
Harold ThomasAble SeamanP/JX 15733419th October 192218
George Thomas EdwinOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15882013th October 192218
HarryMarinePO/X 421510th October 192218
Robert StanleyOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1589651st October 192218
Alfred Edwin JohnMusicianRMB/X 103728th September 192218
ThomasOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 22537727th September 192218
Ronald CharlesAble SeamanP/JX 15952025th September 192218
John CoatsOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15836924th September 192218
Walter RobertAble SeamanP/JX 15705922nd September 192218
John HenryMarinePO/X 487920th September 192218
Kenneth GuyMidshipmanN/A13th September 192218
ThomasOrdinary SeamanP/JX 16124311th September 192218
Kenneth WalterOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1569037th September 192218
Kenneth GeorgeOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1581075th September 192218
John HarrySignalmanP.JX 1566192nd September 192218
Geoffrey James WilliamAble SeamanP/J 15661631st August 192218
Joseph RichardAble SeamanP/JX 16069021st August 192218
Leonard JohnAble SeamanP/JX 15966721st August 192218
Kenneth Raymond JohnOrdinary CoderP/JX 22935419th August 192218
WalterAble SeamanP/JX 15951718th August 192218
William StanleyAble SeamanP/JX 15866215th August 192218
Albert DonaldAble SeamanP/JX 15663710th August 192218
NormanMarinePO/X 42284th August 192218
RobertAble SeamanP/JX 1595082nd August 192218
Leslie Edward VernonAble SeamanP/JX 15954430th July 192218
Charles ArthurTelegraphistP/JX 15660630th July 192218
Phillip ArthurOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15959529th July 192218
Geoffrey WallaceCanteen AssistantNAAFI26th July 192218
Frank AlbertOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 15452826th July 192218
Henry CliffordMarinePO/X 427323rd July 192218
Robert John WilliamMarinePO/X 424713th July 192218
FrancisSignalmanP/JX 15547212th July 192218
Neville William HarrisOrdinary TelegraphistP/JX 1606826th July 192218
NormanAble SeamanP/JX 1586265th July 192218
Henry DavidOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 2166022nd July 192218
Reginald JamesAble SeamanP/JX 15838926th June 192218
Edward BeaumontOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22779425th June 192218
John HenryAble SeamanP/SSX 2858322nd June 192218
Eric OwenStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11434922nd June 192218
Terrence LancelotMarinePO/X 427521st June 192218
Walter GeorgeTelegraphistP/JX 16068321st June 192218
William CharlesOrdinary TelegraphistP/SSX 3266815th June 192218
Denis MichaelMidshipmanN/A14th June 192218
Benjamin SeivillAble SeamanP/JX 15814414th June 192218
Stephen ErnestAble SeamanP/JX 15805112th June 192218
William JamesOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 22533710th June 192218
Kenneth Arthur FrederickAble SeamanP/JX 1599368th June 192218
CornwallOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 2253757th June 192218
JohnSignalmanP/JX 1603206th June 192218
William PeterStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1169435th June 192218
Arthur DavidAble SeamanP/JX 1595454th June 192218
LeonardAble SeamanP/JX 1593973rd June 192218
Raymond FrankAble SeamanP/JX 15974129th May 192218
Roy FrederickMidshipmanN/A192218
Basil PatrickMidshipmanN/AOctober 192218

A total of 137 men were lost in Hood aged 18.
This represents 9.68% of the total casualties.

A total of 215 men were lost in Hood aged 18 or younger.
This represents 15.19% of the total casualties.

Leon JackAble SeamanP/JX 16060319th May 192219
Henry JohnAble SeamanP/JX 15875819th May 192219
Leonard RoyAble SeamanP/SSX 2788218th May 192219
Christopher John BirdwoodMidshipmanN/A16th May 1922 19
Robert Edwin GeorgeAble SeamanP/SSX 3221215th May 192219
Robert ChristianAble SeamanP/JX 2257811th May 192219
LeslieAble SeamanP/JX 1590677th May 192219
SydneyAble SeamanP/SSX 277365th May 192219
WilliamMarinePO/X 48944th May 192219
Francis O'NeillAble SeamanP/JX 15826430th April 192219
LeonardAble SeamanP/JX 15750624th April 192219
FrederickMusicianPO/X 482119th April 192219
James BoxallAble SeamanP/JX 15571019th April 192219
Samuel JosephMarinePO/X 396714th April 192219
LeonardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2610806th April 192219
Sidney CharlesAble SeamanP/SSX 285765th April 192219
Frederick PercyOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2272053rd April 192219
John BruceMidshipmanN/A1st April 1922 19
Cyril JohnAble SeamanP/JX 15377824th March 192219
Alfred KennethCanteen Assistant 22nd March 192219
Patrick JamesAble SeamanP/JX 15876817th March 192219
Lambert EdwardsAble SeamanP/JX 15360912th March 192219
William HenryMarinePO/X 42238th March 192219
Henry EdwardMarinePO/X 39236th March 192219
John HenryStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1103123rd March 192219
Anthony Bernard JosephAble SeamanP/JX 1579283rd March 192219
FrederickAble SeamanP/JX 15844627th February 192219
JosephOrdinary TelegraphistP/SSX 3178226th February 192219
HerbertMarinePO/X 488126th February 192219
Edward OwenAble SeamanP/JX 16057822nd February 192219
NormanStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10712221st February 192219
Godfrey JuliusLeading Seaman (Acting)P/JX 15408913th February 192219
Sylvius LaurenceOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 21020412th February 192219
Arthur WilliamMarinePO/X 38638th February 192219
Robert HenryMarinePO/X 48048th February 192219
Albert ArthurOrdinary TelegraphistP/SSX 339346th February 192219
Dennis JamesMarinePO/X 1011026th February 192219
Maurice HenryMarinePO/X 38006th February 192219
Thomas EdwardMarinePO/X 37994th February 192219
Charles HenryAble SeamanP/SSX 2848931st January 192219
Robert ThomasAble SeamanP/SSX 3220930th January 192219
Robert BruceAble SeamanP/JX 15330926th January 192219
Frederick GeorgeLeading SeamanP/JX 1537158th January 192219
Cyril Leslie DennisOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 2242417th January 192219
JamesOrdinary TelegraphistP/SSX 3241729th December 192119
AlexanderAble SeamanP/JX 15938926th December 192119
John NeilsonAble SeamanP/JX 15758921st December 192119
EdwinOrdinary SeamanP/JX 15898719th December 192119
Peter William CharlesSupply AssistantP/MX 7166313th December 192119
RichardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21248812th December 192119
Daniel JosephMarinePO/X 349010th December 192119
Stewart Robert JosephAble SeamanP/SSX 273325th December 192119
George TavendaleOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 1552275th December 192119
Frederick JamesMarinePO/X 40174th December 192119
AlbertMarinePO/X 38134th December 192119
ErnestMarinePO/X 39113rd December 192119
EricAble SeamanP/JX 15881729th November 192119
Arthur JamesMarinePO/X 381627th November 192119
Reginald GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 15239726th November 192119
Frederick JamesOrdinary TelegraphistP/SSX 3304425th November 192119
Peter MalcolmOrdinary SeamanP/JX 23495720th November 192119
Malcolm McClymontAble SeamanP/CD/X 288217th November 192119
Donald GuilleAble SeamanP/SSX 2858115th November 192119
Joseph StanleyAble SeamanP/SSX 3016815th November 192119
Reginald JamesAble SeamanP/SSX 2764814th November 192119
EricLeading SeamanP/JX 15838210th November 192119
RonaldAble SeamanP/JX 1571387th November 192119
StanleyWiremanP/MX 782035th November 192119
Robert WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22008630th October 192119
Charles ArthurMarinePO/X 381125th October 192119
Cyril ArthurStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11439522nd October 192119
Donald ArthurTelegraphistP/SSX 2995219th October 192119
Harold EdwinOrdinary SeamanP/JX 24658813th October 192119
Ronald ArthurAble SeamanP/JX 15787913th October 192119
David Thomas HenryAble SeamanP/SSX 27723312th October 192119
Stanley WilliamWiremanP/MX 781808th October 192119
SidneyAble SeamanP/JX 15775126th September 192119
Cyril AlfredAble SeamanP/SSX 2765417th September 192119
Tom George JosephAble SeamanP/JX 15207713th September 192119
Sidney Charles SamuelOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2347009th September 192119
Hubert GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 1520756th September 192119
William GeorgeMarinePO/X 339026th August 192119
Harold LeslieOrdinary SeamanP/SSX 3065325th August 192119
Henry JamesMarinePO/X 349515th August 192119
Dennis PatrickStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11310413th August 192119
Thomas WillieAble SeamanP/SSX 284808th August 192119
Harry TrevorAble SeamanP/SSX 322606th August 192119
Charles Laban SpillaneAble SeamanP/JX 1533865th August 192119
WilliamMarinePO/X 38153rd August 192119
Eric CharlesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004872nd August 192119
Roy DonaldSignalmanP/SSX 2909131st July 192119
Edward HesseyAble SeamanP/JX 15442723rd July 192119
Joseph WilliamAble SeamanP/SSX 2745323rd July 192119
Kenneth Ramsey RawsonAble SeamanP/JX 15161713th July 192119
Leslie RonaldAble SeamanP/JX 1499648th July 192119
James AlexanderMarinePO/X 34877th July 192119
Roderick McGregorStoker 1st ClassP/KX 974201st July 192119
JohnMarinePO/X 343230th June 192119
Graham GreavesMarinePO/X 386830th June 192119
William RobertLeading SeamanP/JX 15321230th June 192119
Charles JamesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10048628th June 192119
Robert Henry WhiteStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9811127th June 192119
William AlfredAble SeamanP/JX 15321726th June 192119
PeterAble SeamanP/JX 15629426th June 192119
Robert MaxwellStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10049623rd June 192119
Alfred GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 15321521st June 192119
Thomas HenryAble SeamanP/SSX 2625017th June 192119
Ernest GeorgeMarinePO/X 349413th June 192119
Kenneth JamesAble SeamanP/JX 15127012th June 192119
ReginaldAble SeamanP/JX 15604812th June 192119
CliffordAble SeamanP/JX 15441011th June 192119
Jack EdwardMarinePO/X 348911th June 192119
George WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004569th June 192119
John Sutherland LidgeyMarinePO/X 48268th June 192119
Albert EdwardMarinePO/X 38746th June 192119
Roland DavidAble SeamanP/JX 1540955th June 192119
George StanleyMarinePO/X 33373rd June 192119
Albert HenryMarinePO/X 33913rd June 192119
Norman Walter AlastairOrdinary SeamanP/JX 23492927th May 192119
John DavidStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 9812426th May 192119
George HenryMusicianRMB/X 94525th May 192119
JohnStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11704225th May 192119
Philip JamesMidshipmanN/A192119
Hamilton KingMidshipmanN/A192219
Peter RossMidshipmanN/AJuly 192119
Roderick Gwynne LotheringtonMidshipmanN/AAbout 192219

A total of 126 men were lost in Hood aged 19.
This represents 8.9% of the total casualties.

A total of 341 men were lost in Hood aged 19 or younger.
This represents 24.1% of the total casualties.

Derek ArthurOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 22535419th May 192120
Thomas Norman KempMidshipmanN/A16th May 192120
Jack Charles ReginaldStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11694115th May 192120
JosephMarinePO/X 318715th May 192120
WilliamStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11501214th May 192120
MelvilleMarinePO/X 415412th May 192120
Douglas HarryMarinePO/X 10002811th May 192120
GordonMarinePO/X 34268th May 192120
Thomas GeraldStoker 1st ClassP/KX 981186th May 192120
Robert GeorgeMarinePO/X 33614th May 192120
Neil HamiltonAble SeamanP/SSX 314984th May 192120
Sidney GeorgeMarinePO/X 33922nd May 192120
Roy VictorAble SeamanP/JX 14988830th April 192120
WalterOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 22155627th April 192120
Arthur JohnOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22086324th April 192120
Gordon HenryStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9693223rd April 192120
AlexanderMarinePO/X 349622nd April 192120
Stephen RonaldAble SeamanP/JX 15005421st April 192120
Alfred NicholasAble SeamanP/SSX 3015717th April 192120
John ArthurStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11694612th April 192120
EricAble SeamanP/JX 15073711th April 192120
Gordon BernardStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9812710th April 192120
Campbell Richard FrederickOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2346999th April 192120
William DavidAble SeamanP/JX 1566366th April 192120
RonaldMarinePO/X 33864th April 192120
SidneyElectrical Artificer 5th ClassP/MX 531904th April 192120
Charles JohnAble SeamanP/JX 1523571st April 192120
John TalbotStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11331131st March 192120
JohnTelegraphistP/SSX 3236227th March 192120
ThomasMarinePO/X 348123rd March 192120
Ronald Leslie WilliamLeading SeamanP/JX 15574123rd March 192120
Frederic RoyAble SeamanP/JX 1523697th March 192120
JohnAble SeamanP/JX 1539663rd March 192120
StephenAble SeamanP/SD/X 118826th February 192120
George FrederickStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10050222nd February 192120
George Frederick StephenStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9693120th February 192120
AlfredStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9811620th February 192120
RobertStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9812619th February 192120
Stanley RonaldMarinePO/X 387114th February 192120
Arthur PresleyStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9742112th February 192120
Derrick BrianSignalmanP/JX 1512282nd February 192120
Robert DavidMarinePO/X 41412nd February 192120
Anthony RayWriterP/MX 6351018th January 192120
Owen Frank CharlesAble SeamanP/SSX 3366617th January 192120
NormanOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21248515th January 192120
Leonard AlbertStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11528610th January 192120
Frederick CharlesMarinePO/X 386431st December 192020
Charles ArthurAble SeamanP/SSX 2742728th December 192020
Charles John JosephStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9812126th December 192020
Russell GordonMarinePO/X 342121st December 192020
John GeorgeStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9811220th December 192020
Frederick WilliamAble SeamanP/SSX 2319315th December 192020
Ronald JohnLeading Supply AssistantP/MX 5858113th December 192020
JosephAble SeamanP/JX 20706812th December 192020
RobertStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10527111th December 192020
JackLeading SeamanP/SSX 216567th December 192020
James McLeanAble SeamanP/SSX 242573rd December 192020
Albert Gordon LeeAble SeamanP/SSX 2182729th November 192020
Victor William JosephAble SeamanP/JX 14997929th November 192020
CharlesWiremanP/MX 6248427th November 192020
Leon BernardMidshipmanN/A23rd November 192020
John HenryAble SeamanP/SSX 2851122nd November 192020
Harold HarlanAble SeamanP/SSX 2286220th November 192020
CharlesMarinePO/X 364714th November 192020
Walter HarryLeading SeamanP/SSX 2409413th November 192020
Gordon Albert CharlesAble SeamanP/SSX 2779412th November 192020
John William FrederickStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1120166th November 192020
Robert GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 1738514th November 192020
JohnOrdnance Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6932131st October 192020
Percy WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10050030th October 192020
Geoffrey HughesOrdinary CoderP/JX 21024129th October 192020
Leonard Frederick WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 15273723rd October 192020
John Albert CharlesMarinePO/X 336322nd October 192020
John AlfredStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11694420th October 192020
JackCook (S)C/MX 5936418th October 192020
William FrancisStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10048017th October 192020
Ernest FrankStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9607314th October 192020
Roy VerdunStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11378614th October 192020
Richard EdwardStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004468th October 192020
Alex CruickshankLeading Cook (S)P/MX 593087th October 192020
Reginald ThomasStoker 1st ClassP/KX 981192nd October 192020
Ronald MolyneuxStoker 1st ClassP/KX 959381st October 192020
ArthurStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11695030th September 192020
Charles JosephStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11479726th September 192020
John RoderickSub-LieutenantN/A25th September 192020
Charles Walter EricLeading SignalmanP/JX 14754321st September 192020
Henry CharlesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9593321st September 192020
George AlanAble SeamanP/SSX 2165419th September 192020
Phillip ArthurStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9812218th September 192020
Albert Charles WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10044911th September 192020
Michael Stephen ThurlbeckLieutenant (E)N/A6th September 192020
Walter SwansonOrdinary SeamanP/SSX 294675th September 192020
JamesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9592930th August 192020
RobertAble SeamanP/UD/X 155122nd August 192020
JohnAble SeamanP/JX 14893721st August 192020
John ColstonOrdinary CoderP/JX 22936021st August 192020
NoelOrdnance Artificer 5th ClassP/MX 6796220th August 192020
BenjaminStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11694719th August 192020
Richard Anthony LeeOrdinary SeamanP/FX 8052313th August 192020
Francis WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 14672413th August 192020
Ian McRaeAble SeamanP/SSX 3237110th August 192020
HarryWiremanP/MX 719775th August 192020
Kenneth JohnAble SeamanP/SSX 257111st August 192020
WilliamAble SeamanP/SSX 2254928th July 192020
Francis Llewelyn LloydMidshipmanN/A24th July 192020
Thomas NelsonStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10049123rd July 192020
William JohnStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11527123rd July 192020
JosephMarinePO/X 342918th July 192020
William BernardOrdnance Artificer 5th ClassP/MX 6796017th July 192020
George HamiltonStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004608th July 192020
Frank AlfredTelegraphistP/JX 1515167th July 192020
AlexanderLeading StokerP/KX 976257th July 192020
George HerbertStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1167106th July 192020
Vernon JamesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9607128th June 192020
Aylmer Norman JamesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9605020th June 192020
Harold JohnAble SeamanP/SSX 2178418th June 192020
Frederick EricMarinePO/X 342018th June 192020
Robert ClaireCook (O)P/MX 5753717th June 192020
Stanley AlfredStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9568113th June 192020
ErnestStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1132578th June 192020
JackAble SeamanP/SSX 296735th June 192020
Frederick JohnStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004844th June 192020
WalterSignalmanC/JX 21383526th May 192020
John PatrickMidshipman (S)N/A192120
George RigbyMidshipman January 192120
Neville HeathcoteSub-LieutenantN/AJanuary 192120
Geoffrey Dumas ByronPaymaster MidshipmanN/AApril 192120

A total of 127 men were lost in Hood aged 20.
This represents 8.98% of the total casualties.

A total of 468 men were lost in Hood aged 20 or younger.
This represents 33.07% of the total casualties.

Richard AnthonyMidshipmanN/A24th May 192021
Henry Edward JohnStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11337724th May 192021
Rupert ThomasCook (O)P/MX 5736324th May 192021
Jeffrey Alfred FrederickMarinePO/X 256024th May 192021
James EdwardStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9812923rd May 192021
Douglas BramerdAble SeamanP/JX 14601423rd May 192021
FrankAble SeamanP/SSX 2437122nd May 192021
DonaldMarinePO/X 10027522nd May 192021
ReubenStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11328819th May 192021
Ian Charles CameronAble SeamanP/JX 17670218th May 192021
Cecil GodfreyAble SeamanP/JX 14736813th May 192021
Denzil StuartMarinePO/X 34277th May 192021
Kenneth RichardStoker 1st ClassP/KX 954364th May 192021
Frederick ErnestWiremanP/MX 6971329th April 192021
Michael Herbert St. JohnMarinePO/X 483429th April 192021
Horace AlbertAble SeamanP/SSX 2050627th April 192021
GeorgeTelegraphistP/SSX 2451925th April 192021
Leslie Stanley DavidStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9606225th April 192021
Arthur WilliamEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 5177925th April 192021
Leslie George VictorAble SeamanP/JX 14748118th April 192021
RonaldEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6018017th April 192021
Reginald StanleyWiremanP/MX 7823116th April 192021
Reginald CharlesWireman (L)P/MX 677297th April 192021
ColinLeading SeamanP/JX 1448691st April 192021
William AlbertMusicianRMB/X 73828th March 192021
JohnAble SeamanP/SSX 2257122nd March 192021
ErnestMarinePO/X 343220th March 192021
ThomasMarinePO/X 284420th March 192021
JohnStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9555410th March 192021
David AdamsonAble SeamanP/ESD/X 19168th March 192021
HenryStoker 1st ClassP/KX 959105th March 192021
HarryAble SeamanP/JX 2040574th March 192021
Reginald SamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004972nd March 192021
Montague DouglasMarinePO/X 34242nd March 192021
WilliamEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6018429th February 192021
Raymond ThomasOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21229727th February 192021
EwenAble SeamanP/SSX 2842026th February 192021
JohnOrdinary SeamanP/X 20831 A23rd February 192021
Leslie AshtonOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21227519th February 192021
Thomas FrederickOrdinary SeamanP/JX 20156017th February 192021
Jack CharlesTelegraphistC/JX 14441717th February 192021
Ronald FrankStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11524712th February 192021
Cyril Arthur JamesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9605510th February 192021
HaroldAble SeamanP/JX 1457399th February 192021
Frank RobertOrdnance Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 517978th February 192021
Geoffry JohnStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004855th February 192021
DavidWiremanP/MX 686415th February 192021
William LancelotCook (O)P/MX 6311030th January 192021
Stanley Edwin PercivalStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11693523rd January 192021
Robert AlanMarinePO/X 336021st January 192021
KazimierzMidshipmanN/A20th January 192021
Alfred NormanAble SeamanP/JX 20403118th January 192021
Frank SnowdenWriterP/MX 6785018th January 192021
Aubrey John WilliamStewardP/LX 2272513th January 192021
Stanley KeithLeading SeamanP/JX 14484011th January 192021
HughAble SeamanP/SSX 2333210th January 192021
Jack RonaldCanteen AssistantNAAFI9th January 192021
VictorPetty Officer StewardP/LX 25356th January 192021
RobertAble SeamanP/JX 1472866th January 192021
Alfred Charles JohnShipwright 4th ClassP/MX 590792nd January 192021
Frank EdwardStoker 1st ClassP/KX 929051st January 192021
Leslie BertramMarinePO/X 487827th December 191921
Geoffrey GordonAble SeamanP/JX 14341922nd December 191921
Victor GeorgeLeading StokerP/KX 9297922nd December 191921
George McFarlane DuncanWiremanP/MX 6248319th December 191921
George KennethAble SeamanP/SD/X 114715th December 191921
Albert George EvansStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9742514th December 191921
CliffordMarinePO/X 316313th December 191921
Ernest AlfredStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9591510th December 191921
William JamesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 974275th December 191921
James FrankLeading WriterP/MX 571904th December 191921
James EdmondStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10048229th November 191921
WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 18474928th November 191921
HaroldLeading SeamanP/JX 14457126th November 191921
Joseph AnthonyLeading SeamanP/JX 14400923rd November 191921
AlexanderOrdinary SeamanP/X 19838 A22nd November 191921
MatthewLeading SeamanP/JX 14906012th November 191921
Clifton WestStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10413911th November 191921
Frank ReubenCanteen Assistant 9th November 191921
George DavidMarinePO/X 1007567th November 191921
Gerald AlwynOrdinary TelegraphistP/JX 2011325th November 191921
FrancisStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1169341st November 191921
Albert ThomasStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9741931st October 191921
Harry RobertStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10045429th October 191921
Daniel Arthur BasilSupply AssistantP/MX 6362527th October 191921
Henry MatthewAble SeamanP/SSX 1903127th October 191921
JosephOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21247627th October 191921
StanislawMidshipmanN/A23rd October 191921
Dennis Charles BenEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassC/MX 6017919th October 191921
Arthur SamuelStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10373215th October 191921
MariusElectrical Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6951315th October 191921
Kenneth Edward GordonStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10369510th October 191921
Francis BertramStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1133009th October 191921
Henry Frank MichaelCook (S)P/MX 577249th October 191921
StanleyPaymaster Sub-LieutenantN/A9th October 191921
Arthur ThomasTelegraphistP/SSX 330406th October 191921
George WilliamShipwright 4th ClassP/MX 592436th October 191921
AlfredAble SeamanP/J 1905166th October 191921
Stedman BishopMusicianRMB/X 5054th October 191921
Reginald CharlesOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1905453rd October 191921
Robert StanleyMarinePO/X 350822nd September 191921
HerbertStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10049222nd September 191921
Edward RowlandMarinePO/X 389017th September 191921
Charles WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9606614th September 191921
Henry GeorgeSupply AssistantP/MX 6629812th September 191921
Leslie FrankStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9594011th September 191921
William CampbellPetty OfficerP/JX 1608961st September 191921
RonaldAble SeamanP/JX 14282130th August 191921
Ronald George ScurlingOrdinary SeamanP/JX 17882129th August 191921
Arthur WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21247328th August 191921
JohnMarinePO/X 336528th August 191921
Ronald MauriceOrdnance Artificer 4th ClassP/M 6015227th August 191921
Arthur FrederickMarinePO/X 335821st August 191921
Arthur WorthingtonAble SeamanP/SSX 3105019th August 191921
George DavidStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9257018th August 191921
GeorgeCook (O)P/MX 5736615th August 191921
WilliamAble SeamanP/CD/X 253211th August 191921
James GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 14374310th August 191921
AlexanderEngine Room Artificer 5th ClassP/MX 601859th August 191921
ThomasAble SeamanP/SSX 216089th August 191921
Maurice RoyAble SeamanP/JX 1727478th August 191921
DanielStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1049724th August 191921
Douglas ThornhillAssistant Cook (S)P/MX 709902nd August 191921
Colin AbbottAble SeamanP/JX 18187027th July 191921
James Acquilla KilgourStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9608524th July 191921
Thomas RonaldOrdinary TelegraphistP/JX 22316023rd July 191921
Claude ByneAble SeamanP/SSX 1933415th July 191921
Howard WilsonOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21248012th July 191921
EricStoker 2nd ClassP/K 1040777th July 191921
Albert VictorLeading SeamanP/JX 14424227th June 191921
Thomas BulstrodeElectrical Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 5895026th June 191921
Arthur EdwardEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6018326th June 191921
Stanley ErnestStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 9812318th June 191921
John OliverSignalmanP/JX 16545712th June 191921
William FrederickAble SeamanP/SSX 2003510th June 191921
Frederick SydneyEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassC/MX 597965th June 191921
John GordonMarinePO/X 218230th May 191921
Stanley DonaldsonWiremanP/MX 6802428th May 191921
John Hubert AlastairSub-LieutenantN/A191921

A total of 139 men were lost in Hood aged 21.
This represents 9.82% of the total casualties.

A total of 607 men were lost in Hood aged 21 or younger.
This represents 42.9% of the total casualties.

Robert VictorLeading WriterD/MX 6004023rd May 191922
JohnEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 5126720th May 191922
William RussellStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11693019th May 191922
StanleyStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9155816th May 191922
KennethStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9413314th May 191922
Ernest HenryAble SeamanP/JX 1452409th May 191922
James PatrickAble SeamanP/JX 1442924th May 191922
GeorgeEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 601861st May 191922
JohnAble SeamanP/SSX 224321st May 191922
Albert JohnAble SeamanP/JX 14500629th April 191922
AndreElectrical Artificer 4th ClassP/MX7219428th April 191922
ArthurLeading StokerP/KX 9134224th April 191922
Jack HardwickAble SeamanP/JX 14626821st April 191922
GwilymAble SeamanP/SSX 2763119th April 191922
Aubrey RoySick Berth AttendantP/MX 6331016th April 191922
Ronald WilliamWiremanP/MX 621638th April 191922
John HunterSub-Lieutenant (E)N/A7th April 191922
Victor JohnStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9503428th March 191922
Charles WalterAble SeamanP/SSX 1923921st March 191922
Robert Albert EdwardStewardP/LX 2306720th March 191922
Denis William AlbertEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 5127213th March 191922
RobertEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 512644th March 191922
StanleyLeading SeamanP/JX 14398028th February 191922
Victor MarcusLeading StokerP/KX 9137420th February 191922
Percy HenryStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9133019th February 191922
Stanley RobertStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9607717th February 191922
RichardOrdinary SeamanP/X 20159 A6th February 191922
Alexander GayStewardP/LX 237415th February 191922
John WilliamAble SeamanP/SSX 182114th February 191922
Maurice ArthurShipwright 4th ClassP/MX 571303rd February 191922
Cecil VictorOrdinary SeamanP/JX 19746731st January 191922
Robert LatimerStewardP/LX 2341631st January 191922
Lewis GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 16861331st January 191922
Arthur BenjaminAble SeamanP/SSX 2465630th January 191922
Jack ArthurAble SeamanP/SSX 2202729th January 191922
Thomas SamuelEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6018127th January 191922
Ronald GeorgePaymaster LieutenantN/A22nd January 191922
HaroldAble SeamanP/SSX 2382820th January 191922
Charles ValentineYeoman of SignalsP/JX 14238120th January 191922
Ronald WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9091916th January 191922
John Edward LloydShipwright 4th ClassP/MX 584708th January 191922
Frederick GeorgeEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 512558th January 191922
ThomasAble SeamanP/SSX 184235th January 191922
Albert VictorSupply AssistantP/LX 667973rd January 191922
ArthurWiremanP/MX 6864731st December 191822
Walter Murray HourstonOrdinary SeamanP/JX 20242728th December 191822
William NoelLeading SeamanP/JX 14351425th December 191822
John SebastianStewardP/LX 2353825th December 191822
Ronald StanleyMarinePO/X 307424th December 191822
WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9595220th December 191822
Ronald McCannCook (O)P/MX 6230418th December 191822
Herbert WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 1721822nd December 191822
Kazimierz OttonMidshipman 18th November 191822
LloydElectrical Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 589514th November 191822
NormanStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9693330th October 191822
Bernard JonathanEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6018815th October 191822
William RaymondAble SeamanP/JX 1419458th October 191822
David RoyMusicianRMB/X 5686th October 191822
George FrederickStoker 1st ClassP/KX 929846th October 191822
Stanley GeorgeOrdinary TelegraphistP/SR 864330th September 191822
James WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9811430th September 191822
Thomas RenwickAble SeamanP/SSX 2491929th September 191822
William LeslieLeading StewardP/LX 2307813th September 191822
Arthur JamesLeading WriterP/SR 862711th September 191822
Gordon EricAble SeamanP/SSX 1786528th August 191822
GordonStewardP/SR 7412923rd August 191822
John FrederickCook (S)C/SR 866723rd August 191822
GeorgeOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21247418th August 191822
Sidney Charles TheobaldMarinePO/X 350115th August 191822
OwenAble SeamanP/JX 14166514th August 191822
Raymond LeonardOrdnance Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 601959th August 191822
George HughLeading SeamanP/JX 1431879th August 191822
JohnStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1169128th August 191822
Ronald WallisAble SeamanP/SR 163458th August 191822
Herbert Frederick WilliamAble SeamanP/SR 165633rd August 191822
Donald WilliamAble SeamanP/SR 816119th July 191822
HaroldJoiner 4th ClassP/SR 5988th July 191822
Frank PercyMusicianRMB/X 5465th July 191822
Frederick MervynAble SeamanP/JX 1726204th July 191822
ThomasAble SeamanP/CD/X 23322nd July 191822
Norman VictorStoker 1st ClassP/KX 928941st July 191822
Archie Arnold JohnMusicianRMB/X 52830th June 191822
Bernard Ernest CharlesMarinePO/X 185217th June 191822
Stanley JohnAble SeamanP/JX 14388114th June 191822
Robert AllenAble SeamanP/JX 14166410th June 191822
Archibald ThompsonStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004941st June 191822
Frederick AnthonyPaymaster LieutenantN/AJune 191822
Bryan Clement JamesLieutenant (E)N/AApril 191922
Ian George EdmeadesOrdinary SeamanPM/V 19About 191922

A total of 89 men were lost in Hood aged 22.
This represents 6.29% of the total casualties.

A total of 696 men were lost in Hood aged 22 or younger.
This represents 49.19% of the total casualties.

Thomas Charles FrederickAble SeamanP/JX 17385212th May 191823
Albert PhineasOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22719312th May 191823
Lewis AlfredStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10564314th April 191823
Cecil ArthurOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22765513th April 191823
Stanley FrederickLeading WriterP/MX 587628th April 191823
ArthurMarinePO/X 19417th April 191823
Keith HenryCorporalPO/X 20293rd April 191823
JohnEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 503713rd April 191823
Philip RogerOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2374311st April 191823
HarryLeading StokerP/KX 9298028th March 191823
Andrew KennethAble SeamanP/SSX 2841425th March 191823
JohnLeading SeamanP/SSX 1884520th March 191823
Albert FrancisStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10045117th March 191823
Harold JamesAble SeamanP/SSX 1718213th March 191823
Charles ThomasLeading Supply AssistantP/MX 596354th March 191823
Ronald ErnestStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10045928th February 191823
James EdwardCorporalPO/X 181428th February 191823
Alfred WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9606827th February 191823
Andrew LeanderOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21247224th February 191823
ArthurSailmaker's MateP/JX 13983322nd February 191823
Robert Harold PercyLieutenant (S) 20th February 191823
William HenryOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21248920th February 191823
Charles GilchristStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10553318th February 191823
AlexanderOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22430717th February 191823
RalphStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10408014th February 191823
Jack Verdun KevernAble SeamanP/SR 818511th February 191823
Eric John ReginaldMarinePO/X 387010th February 191823
Robert WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004533rd February 191823
John Henry CadmusStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1004931st February 191823
Thomas FrankStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10369629th January 191823
Reginald EdmondStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10371924th January 191823
RonaldAble SeamanP/JX 15789520th January 191823
Walter JohnMarinePO/X 10057819th January 191823
Clarence VictorMarinePO/X 10033512th January 191823
WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9164730th December 191723
JamesStoker 2nd ClassP/JX 11693326th December 191723
Leonard ArthurLeading StokerP/KX 9515422nd December 191723
Christopher WilliamCoderP/JX 17481018th December 191723
Snowden Foggan OrangeStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10045217th December 191723
RonaldStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10420816th December 191723
WilliamAble SeamanP/SSX 2464413th December 191723
James WilliamLeading StokerP/KX 9297711th December 191723
Edward GeorgeAble SeamanP/SSX 2417712th November 191723
John WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 959453rd November 191723
Albert AllanPetty Officer TelegraphistP/JX 13904827th October 191723
Robert GeorgeYeoman of SignalsP/JX 14017624th October 191723
Irving ThirlwellAble SeamanP/SSX 1805422nd October 191723
Brian RobertOrdinary SeamanP/JX 19052318th October 191723
StanleyPetty OfficerP/JX 1402912nd October 191723
Eric DouglasMarinePO/X 1002659th September 191723
SamuelOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21247827th August 191723
William AlexanderAble SeamanP/JX 13850125th August 191723
Reginald KeithAssistant StewardP/LX 2502710th August 191723
James SouterPetty Officer TelegraphistP/JX 1415247th August 191723
NormanStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1037342nd August 191723
Raymond Kut JamesLeading StokerP/KX 9215830th July 191723
RalphOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21247529th July 191723
Geoffrey VivianJoiner 4th ClassP/MX 5896922nd July 191723
HughAble SeamanP/SSX 2520720th July 191723
Frederick JohnAble SeamanP/JX 23455117th July 191723
Thomas Jeffreys BattLeading StokerP/KX 9215915th July 191723
RobertAssistant Cook (O)P/MX 703212nd July 191723
WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21247716th June 191723
Herbert FrederickStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11672214th June 191723
ArthurStoker 2nd ClassP/SKX 62512th June 191723
Anthony Charles RumneySub-LieutenantN/A3rd June 191723
FrankElectrical Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6913131st May 191723
Edwin AlbertOrdnance Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6032430th May 191723
CorneliusStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11692529th May 191723
ArthurEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 5835329th May 191723
William JohnStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11441525th May 191723
John FrederickWiremanP/MX 6861915th December 191723
George WilliamOrdinary SeamanPACTINGV 8 23

A total of 73 men were lost in Hood aged 23.
This represents 5.16% of the total casualties.

A total of 769 men were lost in Hood aged 23 or younger.
This represents 54.35% of the total casualties.

Ivor GeorgeStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10418623rd May 191724
RonaldStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10405220th May 191724
Peter VictorEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6019117th May 191724
Douglas AlanAble SeamanP/JX 14019017th May 191724
William LouisPetty OfficerP/JX 13820616th May 191724
Horace WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9539615th May 191724
John FrederickAssistant Cook (S)P/MX 6990614th May 191724
Leonard VictorStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1148425th May 191724
George Henry FarrStoker 1st ClassP/KX 902911st May 191724
Douglas Haige WilliamStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1041371st May 191724
Robert JohnStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11691823rd April 191724
Herbert ErnestLeading SeamanP/JX 13820119th April 191724
Bertie Douglas MessinesStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11672318th April 191724
George AlfredMarinePO/X 207311th April 191724
Jack ElfordPetty OfficerP/JX 1393348th April 191724
Harry RudgeEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 492038th April 191724
JohnStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1040644th April 191724
John LeonardLeading SeamanP/JX 13875131st March 191724
JohnStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10045527th March 191724
Ronald David GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 18410027th March 191724
Cyril RichardLeading StokerP/KX 8678319th March 191724
Douglas HaigStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11743010th March 191724
Arthur WilliamPetty OfficerP/JX 1401596th March 191724
Raymond EwartStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1040952nd March 191724
William GeorgeMarinePO/X 184425th February 191724
Percival Charles HerbertAble SeamanP/JX 17259724th February 191724
LeonardAble SeamanP/JX 17259820th February 191724
WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2347459th February 191724
Wilfred CharlesOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 2131145th February 191724
Augustine PatrickAble SeamanP/SSX 156284th February 191724
GeorgeSignalmanP/JX 14711129th January 191724
Ronald WilliamOrdinary TelegraphistP/JX 21454922nd January 191724
Reginald PercyAble SeamanP/JX 21227419th January 191724
Owen WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9606114th January 191724
Albert GeorgeStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1152465th January 191724
Cyril AustinStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1069383rd January 191724
TomSub-LieutenantN/A2nd January 191724
CharlesAble SeamanP/SSX 1517128th December 191624
Frederick RoseAble SeamanP/JX 19661124th December 191624
Henry Francis DanielOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 21231821st December 191624
John Ashley GuildfordPetty OfficerP/JX 13879421st December 191624
Robert WilliamStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11692720th December 191624
Leonard WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 13926414th December 191624
George PercyStoker 1st ClassP/KX 974228th December 191624
Herbert JohnOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 22417630th November 191624
John VerdunOrdinary SeamanP/JX 23487924th November 191624
DonaldSupply AssistantP/MX 7121318th November 191624
FrankStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9157017th November 191624
James DuncanStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11694015th November 191624
WilliamAssistant StewardP/LX 250609th November 191624
Algernon ThomasAble SeamanP/JX 1726276th November 191624
William FrederickMarinePO/X 18165th November 191624
AlexanderAble SeamanP/JX 1546605th November 191624
MarkAssistant StewardP/JX 20140831st October 191624
William HillsCorporalPO/X 177630th October 191624
Leslie AlanEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 4921419th October 191624
Harold JohnWiremanP/MX 6245915th October 191624
Rodney GeorgeStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9607213th October 191624
George PhilipOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2124796th October 191624
FrederickAble SeamanP/JX 17164312th September 191624
Neville TrenearSignalmanC/WRX 1047th September 191624
John JosephOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2124872nd September 191624
Hector LeslieCorporalPO/ 16821st September 191624
John Mair JamesOrdinary SeamanP/JX 24652631st July 191624
Arthur RalphPetty OfficerP/JX 13720130th July 191624
Edward Alfred PercyStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11130128th July 191624
Merlin FrancisWriterP/MX 7188325th July 191624
LeonardWiremanP/MX 6862821st July 191624
Henry JohnPetty OfficerP/JX 13752520th July 191624
ThomasMarinePO/X 176410th July 191624
MartinAble SeamanP/JX 17262227th June 191624
John HenryOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 22419924th June 191624
Edward George VivianLeading SeamanP/JX 13682624th June 191624
Joseph WilliamStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10711523rd June 191624
Thomas WilliamCookP/MX 5682923rd June 191624
Percy RobertAble SeamanP/JX 13691916th June 191624
Albert ThomasCorporalPO/X 18483rd June 191624
Henry RoyMarinePO/X 18562nd June 191624
Frederick CliffordAble SeamanP/SSX 1842929th May 191624
CharlesLeading SeamanP/JX 13767528th May 191624
David GeoffreyOrdinary SeamanPACTINGV 9 24

A total of 81 men were lost in Hood aged 24.
This represents 5.72% of the total casualties.

A total of 850 men were lost in Hood aged 24 or younger.
This represents 60.07% of the total casualties.

Henry SidneyCorporalPO/X 339324th May 191625
Dennis CharlesWiremanP/MX 6862021st May 191625
Frederick ArthurPetty OfficerP/JX 15204829th April 191625
Harry VictorEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 4868623rd April 191625
Frederick JohnMarinePO/X 184919th April 191625
JamesAble SeamanP/SSX 2186417th April 191625
John DonaldsonAble SeamanP/JX 15735417th April 191625
William FrederickPetty OfficerP/JX 1364628th April 191625
HarryJoiner 4th ClassP/MX 594462nd April 191625
David WilliamOrdinary SeamanP/JX 23728127th March 191625
Leonard ArthurMarinePO/X 156118th March 191625
Antony AdrianOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 2068604th March 191625
Victor VerdunPetty OfficerP/JX 13665727th February 191625
Horace DonaldLieutenantN/A25th February 191625
Howard Lewis CharlesSignalmanC/LD/X 422821st February 191625
JohnEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 5788017th February 191625
JohnStewardP/LX 2240416th February 191625
GeorgeMarinePO/X 163912th February 191625
Thomas DesmondCaptain 1st February 191625
James Arthur PatrickStoker 1st ClassP/KX 959191st February 191625
Stephen JohnWiremanP/MX 6864213th January 191625
AlbertOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2465799th January 191625
Robert Grieve WatsonMarinePO/X 35035th January 191625
CurzonWriterP/MX 6592122nd December 191525
Stanley GeorgeStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9811719th December 191525
George EdwardLeading StokerP/KX 844718th December 191525
Ernest SydneySergeantPO/X 128827th October 191525
Charles ErnestPetty Officer TelegraphistP/JX 13668318th October 191525
Fred HodgsonOrdinary SignalmanC/TD/X 20127th October 191525
Benjamin LeonardMarinePO/X 33946th October 191525
AlbertCorporalPO/X 15016th October 191525
Arthur WilliamWiremanP/MX 6244328th September 191525
WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 13539123rd September 191525
JamesAble SeamanP/SSX 1767521st September 191525
Walter FrederickStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9606013th September 191525
Alfred GeorgeStoker 1st ClassP/KX 1175168th September 191525
JamesAble SeamanP/SSX 162025th September 191525
John RobertOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21248231st August 191525
John FrancisOrdinary SeamanP/JX 1823424th August 191525
Albert GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 13646423rd July 191525
William RalphSergeantPO/X 126419th July 191525
Joseph BeddingtonPetty OfficerP/JX 1361234th July 191525
EdwinMarinePO/X 17883rd July 191525
John CyrilLeading StokerP/KX 8434527th June 191525
PatrickOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2124839th June 191525
Andrew BuchanOrdinary SeamanP/X 18159 A2nd June 191525
Owen EllisAble SeamanP/JX 17263731st May 191525
John FrenchLeading SeamanP/JX 13645028th May 191525
Desmond Stephen RichardLieutenantN/AMarch 191625
John MartindaleElectrical LieutenantN/A191625

A total of 50 men were lost in Hood aged 25.
This represents 3.53% of the total casualties.

A total of 900 men were lost in Hood aged 25 or younger.
This represents 63.6% of the total casualties.

Hayden JohnStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9586616th May 191526
Francis HobsonStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11326911th May 191526
Benjamin ThomasMarinePO/X 15643rd May 191526
George Henry PhillipMarinePO/X 127627th April 191526
WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10823026th April 191526
NormanEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 5190925th April 191526
Robert RitchieWiremanP/MX 7071823rd April 191526
Cecil EdwinAble SeamanP/JX 23519821st April 191526
Edward RichardSupply AssistantP/MX 7106115th April 191526
JohnAble SeamanP/JX 13543012th April 191526
Alexander EdwardSick Berth AttendantP/MX 694364th April 191526
Robert CharlesMarinePO/X 124529th March 191526
HoraceLeading StokerP/KX 844073rd March 191526
VernonBlacksmith 4th ClassP/MX 6550118th February 191526
Henry GeorgeOrdinary SeamanP/JX 23519715th February 191526
Richard JamesStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10658026th January 191526
Herbert Thomas JohnStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 8548017th January 191526
ThomasAble SeamanP/SSX 179698th January 191526
LawrenceStoker 1st ClassP/KX 916495th January 191526
Percy JamesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 974302nd January 191526
HughAble SeamanP/JX 14861130th December 191426
James KitchenerStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10548028th December 191426
Thomas GeorgeStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9594425th December 191426
John HenrySupply AssistantP/MX 20121620th December 191426
Sidney ThomasLeading Cook (S)P/MX 5036429th November 191426
Ernest WilliamWriterP/MX 7178119th November 191426
EricSupply AssistantP/MX 6854416th November 191426
Arthur GeorgeStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 8241125th October 191426
George CalebYeoman of SignalsP/JX 13556010th October 191426
Philip JosephCorporalPO/X 16451st October 191426
Charles GeorgePetty OfficerP/JX 16154628th September 191426
John DonaldsonOrdinary SeamanB/V 8 (RANVR)25th September 191426
Robert GordonCookP/MX 6488525th August 191426
Kenneth CharlesOrdinary TelegraphistC/LD/X 540925th August 191426
Harold George EdwardLieutenant (E)N/A24th August 191426
FrankStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10710121st August 191426
HarryStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 8227026th July 191426
John RochesterPaymaster LieutenantN/A20th July 191426
John CharlesOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22399119th July 191426
JamesStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10709413th July 191426
CorneliusOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 2215501st July 191426
Dennis ArthurEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6043326th June 191426
Harry EdwardAble SeamanP/JX 13382122nd June 191426
Herbert HenryCook (S)P/MX 6521417th June 191426
Robert HoraceMusicianRMB/X 31314th June 191426
GeorgeStoker 1st ClassP/KX 8367513th June 191426
ThomasStoker 1st ClassP/KX 9665913th June 191426
Edward JamesStoker 1st ClassP/KX 10702810th June 191426
James DavidLeading SeamanP/JX 1437759th June 191426
James LeonardAble SeamanP/SSX 142752nd June 191426
John WesleyPetty OfficerP/JX 1334861st June 191426
Charles ThomasOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22402131st May 191426
JackMarinePO/X 10057426th May 191426
Richard HughLieutenant (E)N/AJuly 191426

A total of 54 men were lost in Hood aged 26.
This represents 3.82% of the total casualties.

A total of 954 men were lost in Hood aged 26 or younger.
This represents 67.42% of the total casualties.

Raymond HarryPetty Officer TelegraphistP/JX 15519017th May 191427
Maurice John EdwinSignalmanP/LD/X 227414th May 191427
AndreLeading SignalmanP/JX 2259274th May 191427
Richard FultonOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22397528th April 191427
DuncanAble SeamanP/CD/X 218023rd April 191427
George LiddleLeading StokerP/KX 8281128th March 191427
Reginald WilliamSergeantPO/X 106321st March 191427
EricOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22304118th March 191427
Alfred PhillipPetty Officer Cook (S)P/MX 393415th March 191427
HughLeading StokerP/KX 845542nd March 191427
ValentineOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22098814th February 191427
Charles Frederick DavidAble SeamanP/JX 1740997th February 191427
Graham HerbertAble SeamanP/JX 15519124th January 191427
James BrownAble SeamanP/ESD/X 147019th January 191427
George Bramato BrownLeading Cook (S)P/MX 5930717th January 191427
AndrewStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11332912th January 191427
Alfred JamesCook (S)P/MX 5603129th December 191327
David GerrardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22307223rd December 191327
Reginald CharlesSergeantPO/X 103812th December 191327
George HenryAble SeamanP/JX 1332613rd December 191327
Norman Frederick HenryOrdinary CoderP/JX 25124124th November 191327
Hector RobertPlumber 3rd ClassP/MX 5410917th November 191327
Alfred WordsworthOrdinary SeamanP/JX 23545031st October 191327
James FelixPetty OfficerP/JX 14377125th October 191327
William Edward CharlesShipwright 3rd ClassP/MX 4786715th October 191327
Gordon ReginaldAble SeamanP/JX 2122988th October 191327
Edward ReubenLeading Cook (O)P/MX 501063rd October 191327
David EmrysOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22400514th September 191327
Albert JamesStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1038179th September 191327
Walter EdwardSergeantPO/X 8594th September 191327
John Arthur FrederickOrdinary SeamanP/JX 225982nd September 191327
Frederick George DenisMechanician 2nd ClassP/KX 8137229th August 191327
John CharlesAble SeamanP/JX 13338323rd August 191327
Arthur CharlesStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 8204923rd August 191327
Frederick ReginaldAble SeamanP/JX 15134920th August 191327
Leslie HerbertElectrical Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6096515th August 191327
LawrenceLeading Cook (S)P/MX 5122126th July 191327
Stanley Walter FrederickSupply AssistantP/MX 7107514th July 191327
RoyOrdnance Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6273229th June 191327
Ernest JamesOrdnance Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 5102925th June 191327
RobertStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 8300323rd June 191327
JamesOrdinary CoderP/JX 22937222nd June 191327
Christopher Henry CongreveSurgeon LieutenantN/AOctober 191327

A total of 43 men were lost in Hood aged 27.
This represents 3.04% of the total casualties.

A total of 997 men were lost in Hood aged 27 or younger.
This represents 70.46% of the total casualties.

ArchibaldLeading SeamanP/JX 13238818th May 191328
Caleb Arthur WilliamMechanician 1st ClassP/KX 8093211th May 191328
Charles FrederickStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1169395th May 191328
Albert EdwardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21223120th April 191328
Cyril AlfredOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22383415th April 191328
KennethOrdinary CoderP/JX 25154212th April 191328
Albert GeorgeLeading SeamanP/JX 13238011th April 191328
GeorgeStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1169264th April 191328
Stanley ReginaldJoiner 4th ClassP/MX 5803827th March 191328
LeslieOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22833227th February 191328
WallaceAble SeamanP/SSX 1406224th February 191328
WilfredAssistant StewardP/LX 2439816th February 191328
James GodfreyStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1133442nd February 191328
Bramwell GordonOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 23169317th January 191328
Frederick WilliamPainter 3rd ClassP/MX 5511311th January 191328
William AnthonyPetty OfficerP/JX 1322715th January 191328
Bertram CliftPetty OfficerP/JX 13180524th December 191228
Arthur Ernest JamesMechanician 2nd ClassP/KX 8198614th December 191228
Ronald CecilSupply AssistantP/MX 693926th December 191228
Kenneth WalterOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2515204th December 191228
HowardAble SeamanP/JX 13301026th November 191228
FrederickLeading CookP/MX 4964715th November 191228
Leonard ArthurMarinePO/X 1000467th November 191228
Lancelot JackOrdinary SeamanP/JX 21229626th October 191228
Ernest PercyCook (S)C/MX 5816225th October 191228
Edward John EssexWriterP/MX 808022nd October 191228
LaurenceLeading StokerP/KX 9132924th September 191228
George WalkerOrdinary CoderP/JX 25121319th September 191228
Cecil PulteneyOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22383217th September 191228
Leslie LewisOrdinary CoderP/JX 25151011th September 191228
CyrilWarrant EngineerN/A28th August 191228
Robert HenryMarineCH/X 69227th August 191228
HarryOrdinary SeamanP/JX 26178113th August 191228
Alfred FrankPetty OfficerP/JX 1314028th August 191228
GeorgeLeading SeamanP/JX 1490317th August 191228
Cyril LeslieAble SeamanP/JX 13242626th July 191228
AlfredAble SeamanP/JX 13267420th July 191228
Herbert ReginaldOrdinary SeamanP/JX 26175118th July 191228
Frank RonaldPetty OfficerP/JX 13208516th June 191228
Norris HenryPaymaster LieutenantN/AJuly 191228

A total of 40 men were lost in Hood aged 28.
This represents 2.83% of the total casualties.

A total of 1037 men were lost in Hood aged 28 or younger.
This represents 73.29% of the total casualties.

Reginald John CharlesSergeantPO/X 91124th May 191229
Victor Edward FrankStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10825421st May 191229
AlbertAble SeamanP/SSX 1843116th May 191229
Thomas Gordon PuttPaymaster LieutenantN/A13th May 191229
RaymondAble SeamanP/SSX 1470412th May 191229
Thomas ArchieEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 5842711th May 191229
RobertPlumber 3rd ClassP/MX 569779th May 191229
Leslie JamesLeading SeamanP/JX 13098828th April 191229
George WilliamShipwright 3rd ClassP/MX 5299530th March 191229
JamesAble SeamanP/SSX 1516327th March 191229
George FrederickLeading StokerP/KX 9298520th March 191229
Albert EmmettElectrical Artificer 2nd ClassP/MX 4698814th March 191229
David JohnOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2122878th February 191229
Ernest GeorgeMechanician 2nd ClassP/KX 8121419th January 191229
Cyril PeacockPetty OfficerP/JX 13137410th January 191229
JohnOrdinary SeamanP/JX 25166728th December 191129
GeorgeYeoman of SignalsP/JX 13200226th December 191129
Reginald ArcherPetty OfficerP/JX 13027924th December 191129
Thomas FrancisStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1082499th December 191129
Richard AlfredMarinePO/X 10088815th November 191129
William JamesStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11329010th November 191129
Kenneth Frederick AlfredLeading Cook (S)P/MX 4894629th October 191129
Eric ThomasOrdinary SeamanP/JX 26179623rd October 191129
Charles Edward GeorgeStoker 1st ClassP/KX 8104021st October 191129
Alec Blenner-HassettSupply AssistantP/MX 7122921st October 191129
William EdwardPetty OfficerP/JX 1305439th October 191129
JohnLeading SeamanP/JX 12931529th September 191129
William ArthurEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 5084327th September 191129
William AlfredStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 806862nd September 191129
LeslieBlacksmith 3rd ClassP/MX 5578125th August 191129
Leslie William RichardPainter 3rd ClassP/MX 5166017th August 191129
Cyril FrederickShipwright 2nd ClassP/MX 4666015th August 191129
Kenneth Herbert WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 1283792nd August 191129
RichardLeading SignalmanP/JX 1313602nd June 191129

A total of 34 men were lost in Hood aged 29.
This represents 2.4% of the total casualties.

A total of 1071 men were lost in Hood aged 29 or younger.
This represents 75.69% of the total casualties.

Hugh Whitelaw PhilpOrdinary CoderP/JX 21522323rd May 191130
Owen O'RaffertyAble SeamanP/JX 12827218th May 191130
Joseph SydneyEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassP/MX 6019312th May 191130
David MorganStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 10891121st April 191130
AlbertStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 8006520th April 191130
Albert JohnPetty OfficerP/JX 12748818th April 191130
Cyril KempOrdinary SignalmanP/JX 21646429th March 191130
ThomasAble SeamanP/JX 1275567th March 191130
Lambert CharlesOrdinary SeamanP/JX 22384228th February 191130
AlfredOrdinary TelegraphistP/JX 22317522nd February 191130
JohnMusicianRMB/X 6021st January 191130
Kenneth Charles FrankPetty OfficerP/JX 12699116th January 191130
John NormanEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 524896th January 191130
RobertAble SeamanP/JX 1276222nd January 191130
John Edward ChesterfieldSurgeon Lieutenant (D)N/A2nd January 191130
William St. ClairStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 8009827th December 191030
Lewis JohnMarinePO/X 54130th October 191030
CharlesLeading StokerP/KX 7980426th October 191030
Harold EdwardPetty OfficerP/JX 1265142nd October 191030
Walter WilliamPetty OfficerP/JX 13070814th September 191030
Arthur HenryLeading SeamanP/JX 12681031st August 191030
Percy HerbertAble SeamanP/JX 12618124th August 191030
Reginald LewisMusicianRMB/ 308716th August 191030
GeorgeStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 7962418th July 191030
Albert JamesAble SeamanP/J 11500014th July 191030
James OxenhamSurgeon LieutenantN/A8th July 191030
Sidney WilfredAble SeamanP/J 11490828th June 191030
John WilliamStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 7938224th June 191030
Edwin Henry GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 1259093rd June 191030
Reginald JamesMusicianRMB/ 304026th May 191030
Tristram FosterLieutenant (E)N/AJune 191030

A total of 31 men were lost in Hood aged 30.
This represents 2.19% of the total casualties.

A total of 1102 men were lost in Hood aged 30 or younger.
This represents 77.88% of the total casualties.

William HenryPetty Officer SupplyJX126539 then P/MX 5098910th May 191031
Edward HarryPetty Officer TelegraphistP/J 1145833rd May 191031
George WilliamPetty Officer StewardD/LX 2090230th April 191031
Thomas CharlesLeading SeamanP/JX 12774822nd April 191031
Nelson LawrenceMusicianRMB/301320th April 191031
Stanley CyrilLeading CookP/MX 4808316th February 191031
HenryStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11655016th February 191031
Edwin HerbertAble SeamanP/J 11421813th February 191031
Percival ThomasPetty Officer CookP/MX 4804517th January 191031
HaroldAble SeamanP/J 11525911th January 191031
William ArthurPetty OfficerP/J 11371010th January 191031
Horace ArthurPainter 3rd ClassP/MX 5542628th December 190931
Lawrence AllenMusicianRMB/30649th December 190931
John Frederick WilliamAble SeamanP/JX 1275001st December 190931
Robert James PatrickChaplainN/A17th November 190931
Leslie StephenAble SeamanP/J 11526416th November 190931
Horace ErnestLeading SeamanP/J 11503312th November 190931
William Henry ThomasLeading Cook (S)D/MX 4811116th October 190931
Edward GeorgeSergeantPO/ 2180412th October 190931
Patrick CharlesLeading SeamanP/JX 1267151st October 190931
Wallace AndrewMarinePO/X 32825th September 190931
Arthur ThomasChief Engine Room ArtificerP/MX 4833327th August 190931
Ernest FrankGunner (T)N/A21st August 190931
James FrancisSupply Petty OfficerP/MX 468845th August 190931
William ForemanStoker 1st ClassP/KX 785621st August 190931
Edward Percival SealyLieutenantN/A29th July 190931
Edward CharlesLeading StewardP/LX 2080329th July 190931
Roland MorganWriterP/MX 7240928th June 190931
John Benjamin EdgarPetty Officer CookP/MX 4662524th June 190931
Stanley Henry AlexanderAble SeamanP/J 11245518th June 190931
Henry WilliamMarinePO/X 5468th June 190931

A total of 31 men were lost in Hood aged 31.
This represents 2.19% of the total casualties.

A total of 1133 men were lost in Hood aged 31 or younger.
This represents 80.07% of the total casualties.

ArthurMechanician 2nd ClassP/KX 7900416th May 190932
Frederick NormanPetty Officer TelegraphistP/J 11289913th May 190932
Cyril Stanley VictorElectrical Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 514705th May 190932
Harry CecilPetty OfficerP/J 11208928th April 190932
Cecil HenryRegulating Petty OfficerP/M 4009319th April 190932
Hugh Thomas HenryPetty OfficerP/J 11208413th April 190932
Henry JosephEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 5162611th April 190932
HaroldPetty OfficerP/J 1109588th April 190932
RobertStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 7927020th March 190932
AlbertOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2186329th January 190932
Thomas ParkerOrdinary SeamanP/X 17772 A3rd January 190932
John KennethPetty OfficerP/J 1125292nd January 190932
John GeraldChief Petty Officer TelegraphistP/J 11479321st November 190832
CharlesLeading StokerP/KX 7830219th October 190832
Arnold EdwardOrdinary SeamanP/JX 2349468th October 190832
John Henry JamesAble SeamanP/J 11503925th September 190832
William BarkisSick Berth AttendantP/MX 7234526th August 190832
Leslie EdgarLieutenantN/A25th August 190832
George Edward MillsLieutenant-CommanderN/A25th August 190832
James HenryMarinePO/X 42822nd August 190832
David LeesMusicianRMB/X 145014th August 190832
Robert JohnAble SeamanP/J 11173520th July 190832
Charles Frederick BernardLieutenantN/A18th July 190832
Francis Henry FrederickCorporalPO/X 20529th June 190832
HaroldChief Electrical ArtificerP/M 3843917th June 190832
William Frederick SpencerLeading SeamanP/J 11163831st May 190832

A total of 26 men were lost in Hood aged 32.
This represents 1.84% of the total casualties.

A total of 1159 men were lost in Hood aged 32 or younger.
This represents 81.91% of the total casualties.

Patrick LewisPetty OfficerP/J 1086179th May 190833
William WrightSick Berth AttendantP/MX 803997th April 190833
Robert KnoxStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 7818926th March 190833
William Frederick PrideauxWarrant EngineerN/A29th February 190833
Charles HarcourtPetty Officer Cook (S)P/MX 4619525th February 190833
George WilliamSick Berth Petty OfficerP/MX 4648117th February 190833
Percy GordonMarinePO/ 2266015th February 190833
Harold GeorgeMechanician 1st ClassP/KX 764859th January 190833
Gilbert WilliamMarinePO/ 225685th January 190833
John Gordon MorrisonLieutenant-Commander (E)N/A20th December 190733
JamesAble SeamanP/J 10888114th December 190733
Walter CharlesMarinePO/2242011th December 190733
DickAble SeamanP/JX 13291011th December 190733
Archibald HenryChief Petty Officer WriterP/MX 4636330th November 190733
Herbert HaroldStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 8002322nd November 190733
Albert CliffordPetty OfficerP/J 10746115th November 190733
Gerald EdwardSergeantPO/X 226389th November 190733
Harold GeorgeLeading StokerP/KX 8125211th October 190733
George PercyShipwright 4th ClassP/MX 5171313th September 190733
William FrederickPetty OfficerP/J 10955712th September 190733
Ernest Andrew JamesAble SeamanP/SSX 1210811th September 190733
Walter ClarenceSergeantPO/ 2212818th July 190733
ArthurWiremanP/MX 6800413th July 190733
Frederick William JenkinsRegulating Petty OfficerP/M 4006418th June 190733
William Francis LawrencePetty Officer StewardP/LX 2031110th June 190733
GeorgeAble SeamanP/J 1089034th June 190733
Victor HenryLeading StokerP/K 752151st June 190733
Sydney GeorgeBand CorporalRMB/ 285429th May 190733
John MichaelPaymaster CommanderN/AOctober 190733

A total of 29 men were lost in Hood aged 33.
This represents 2.05% of the total casualties.

A total of 1188 men were lost in Hood aged 33 or younger.
This represents 83.96% of the total casualties.

GeorgeMarinePO/ 2253224th April 190734
James DanielPetty Officer TelegraphistP/J 10621425th March 190734
GeorgeLeading StokerP/K 6584513th March 190734
Robert GeorgeBoatswainJ1062321st March 190734
Hugh DeaneLieutenant-CommanderN/A15th February 190734
Robert James AlfredLeading StokerP/K 662596th February 190734
Edward Home FergusLieutenant-Commander (G) 2nd February 190734
Walter FrederickPetty OfficerP/J 10827725th January 190734
John HenryRegulating Petty OfficerP/M 4012314th January 190734
Maurice Hector EdwardBandmaster 1st ClassRMB/ 282619th November 190634
Harold EdgarJoiner 2nd ClassP/MX 5106316th November 190634
Albert EdwardMarinePO/ 215119th October 190634
Harold LeslieChief Petty OfficerP/J 10558812th September 190634
Michael EdmundStoker Petty OfficerK64910 and P/KX 10381519th August 190634
CharlesMarinePO/ 2249015th August 190634
CliffordMarinePO/ 2221514th July 190634
William CharlesStoker 1st ClassP/K 641818th June 190634

A total of 17 men were lost in Hood aged 34.
This represents 1.2% of the total casualties.

A total of 1205 men were lost in Hood aged 34 or younger.
This represents 85.16% of the total casualties.

Vernon GeorgeChief Petty OfficerP/J 1038865th May 190635
Reginald George HenryPetty Officer StewardP/L 1443220th April 190635
PeterStoker Petty OfficerP/K 6399516th April 190635
Ernest HaroldShipwright 1st ClassP/M 367573rd April 190635
Herbert George AdrianOrdnance Artificer 3rd ClassP/MX 5073027th March 190635
Walter Henry WoodrowChief Petty OfficerP/J 10415027th March 190635
Robert JarvieStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11693228th February 190635
Charles DugdaleLieutenant-CommanderN/A22nd February 190635
Frank DonaldStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 1116294th February 190635
Edward JamesOrdinary TelegraphistP/JX 18962529th January 190635
FrankJoiner 1st ClassP/MX 4598217th January 190635
Edward Hilleary GelsonCommander (G)N/A22nd December 190535
Frederick Harry StanleyStoker Petty OfficerJ101880 then P/K 6704220th December 190535
Herbert GodfreyLeading SeamanP/J 10163318th October 190535
William DennisYeoman of SignalsP/J 1002646th October 190535
James WilliamStoker Petty OfficerP/K 639044th October 190535
Richard CharlesStoker Petty OfficerP/K 6373024th September 190535
Albert EdwardChief StokerP/K 6372812th September 190535
Thomas GeorgeStoker Petty OfficerJ101337 then P/K 6219730th July 190535
Arthur CharlesAble SeamanP/J 10313426th July 190535
John GeorgeStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 7723524th July 190535
Robert StanleyMarinePO/ 2245420th July 190535
CliffordLeading StokerK66111 then P/KX 8484714th July 190535
John WilliamLeading StokerP/K 6404410th July 190535
Sydney GeorgeAble SeamanP/J 10334026th June 190535
Leonard Fred GeorgePetty OfficerP/J 9858527th May 190535
Cedric Basil NewtonLieutenantN/A7th October 190435

A total of 27 men were lost in Hood aged 35.
This represents 1.91% of the total casualties.

A total of 1232 men were lost in Hood aged 35 or younger.
This represents 87.07% of the total casualties.

HenryMarinePO/X 2263110th May 190536
Walter GeorgeLeading StokerP/K 658449th May 190536
WilliamLeading StokerP/KX 751161st May 190536
WilliamStoker 2nd ClassP/KX 11664226th April 190536
Edward Arthur HerbertChief Petty OfficerP/J 9831626th April 190536
JohnChief Engine Room ArtificerP/M 3612413th April 190536
Bertram HaroldLeading StokerP/K 655054th April 190536
RobertStoker 1st ClassP/K 6441128th March 190536
Walter James BreachLeading SeamanP/J 10338617th March 190536
Marcus RichardStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 7667415th March 190536
GeorgePetty Officer Cook (S)P/MX 454105th March 190536
Reginald Augustus HarryWarrant EngineerN/A27th February 190536
Arthur Frederick JohnLeading StokerP/K 6290023rd February 190536
Josiah TarnChief StokerP/K 609806th February 190536
Reginald JamesAble SeamanP/J 9886628th January 190536
Albert StephenMarinePO/ 2236827th January 190536
Alfred JamesLeading StokerP/K 6231711th January 190536
Kenneth FrankPetty OfficerP/J 1037208th January 190536
George VictorChief Engine Room ArtificerP/M 356466th January 190536
LeonardMarinePO/ 2196318th December 190436
Keith CharlesChief Petty Officer SupplyP/M 375648th December 190436
HarryChief StokerJ103868 then P/K 6105527th October 190436
AnthonyLieutenant-Commander (T)N/A9th October 190436
Charles WilliamLeading SeamanP/J 1019955th October 190436
Albert WilliamAble SeamanP/J 1019513rd October 190436
Henry JamesAble SeamanP/J 9737925th September 190436
LeonardPetty Officer TelegraphistP/J 968018th September 190436
Albert EdwardLeading StokerP/K 641239th August 190436
WalterAble SeamanP/JX 9732613th July 190436
William Ernest SydneyAble SeamanP/JX 9812111th July 190436
HaroldAble SeamanP/J 988725th July 190436
William HenryMarinePO/ 2199224th June 190436

A total of 32 men were lost in Hood aged 36.
This represents 2.26% of the total casualties.

A total of 1264 men were lost in Hood aged 36 or younger.
This represents 89.33% of the total casualties.

John ErnestStoker Petty OfficerP/K 666126th April 190437
Reginald JosephMarinePO/ 21589822nd February 190437
Selwyn John PowerCommander (N)N/A6th February 190437
Frank WilliamLeading Sick Berth AttendantP/MX 4629115th December 190337
Henry FrederickPlumber 1st ClassP/MX 4552510th December 190337
John George PlunketLieutenant-CommanderN/A26th November 190337
George VernonLieutenant-Commander (S), RNVRN/A17th November 190337
Thomas William GuyAble SeamanP/J 975235th November 190337
William Kenneth RamsdenCommanderN/A22nd September 190337
Albert Walter CharlesMarinePO/X 14005th September 190337
William JohnLeading StokerP/K 630483rd September 190337
Herbert GoodwinChief Petty Officer CookP/M 3681628th August 190337
Henry JamesLeading StokerP/K 6332727th July 190337
John EdwardAble SeamanP/J 9770721st June 190337
Frederick CharlesLeading SeamanP/J 9517720th June 190337
James RolandAble SeamanP/J 9390018th June 190337
JohnAble SeamanP/J 947833rd June 190337
John Frederick FabianElectrical Artificer 1st ClassP/MX 4520626th May 190337

A total of 18 men were lost in Hood aged 37.
This represents 1.27% of the total casualties.

A total of 1282 men were lost in Hood aged 37 or younger.
This represents 90.6% of the total casualties.

Archibald Edward ThomasSignal BoatswainJ9389524th May 190338
Sydney JamesChief Petty OfficerP/J 9429121st May 190338
Ernest Francis ThomasSick Berth Chief Petty OfficerP/M 3689816th May 190338
John WellingtonLieutenant-CommanderN/A3rd May 190338
RobertStoker Petty OfficerP/KX 7555627th April 190338
Alfred ArthurMarinePO/2163219th April 190338
Frederick ArthurMarinePO/ 196993rd April 190338
Reginald FrankChief Engine Room ArtificerP/M 3326431st January 190338
William RobertChief StokerP/K 6463418th January 190338
Frederick ArthurAble SeamanP/J 943668th January 190338
Alfred Ernest EdwardAble SeamanP/J 9216229th December 190238
John LeeLieutenant-CommanderN/A18th November 190238
William SidneyAble SeamanP/J 955092nd November 190238
Victor RobertLeading StokerP/K 596512nd November 190238
Robert EdwinAble SeamanP/J 9132621st October 190238
WilliamStoker 1st ClassP/K 593018th October 190238
ThomasLeading SeamanP/J 8282128th August 190238
Herbert AlbertMarineP0/1947511th August 190238
William EdwardChief Petty Officer StewardC/L 1140915th July 190238
George EdwardLeading StokerP/KX 6701524th June 190238
Alfred EdwardMarineCH/ 2294212th June 190238

A total of 21 men were lost in Hood aged 38.
This represents 1.48% of the total casualties.

A total of 1303 men were lost in Hood aged 38 or younger.
This represents 92.08% of the total casualties.

Albert FrankAble SeamanP/J 8969716th May 190239
Thomas Walter WilliamAble SeamanP/J 9118814th May 190239
John HenryChief Petty OfficerP/J 9162723rd April 190239
AlbertLeading StokerP/X 5935311th April 190239
William Frederick RichardChief Petty OfficerP/J 797041st April 190239
William Samuel WadhamChief Electrical ArtificerP/M 3906127th February 190239
Ernest JohnLeading StokerP/K 5898424th February 190239
Edmund JamesAble SeamanP/J 7345525th January 190239
John WilliamChief Petty Officer Cook (O)P/L 1268311th January 190239
JohnStoker Petty OfficerP/K 6386030th December 190139
Frederick GeorgeLeading TelegraphistP/J 7396424th November 190139
John EdwardAble SeamanP/J 9022519th November 190139
Henry FrederickBlacksmith 1st ClassP/M 3804916th November 190139
Sidney VictorChief Petty OfficerP/J 931704th November 190139
Percival HoraceLeading SeamanP/J 6816811th October 190139
Robert WilliamChief Engine Room ArtificerP/M 2731411th October 190139
Rodney JohnChief Petty Officer Cook (O)P/L1312813th September 190139
Arthur EdwardAble SeamanP/J 683921st September 190139
George WilliamStewardL12208 then K65938 then L1518629th August 190139
Robert EdwardLeading StewardP/L 120547th August 190139
ArthurMarinePO/2174225th July 190139
George Herbert KnightChief Yeoman of SignalsP/J 7343718th July 190139
Albert HenryStoker 1st ClassP/K 56583 late J9420616th July 190139
Frederick WilliamMarinePO/1883213th July 190139
Harry LeonardLeading Cook (O)P/L 1436226th June 190139
Thomas EdwardMarinePO/2111514th June 190139
ArthurStoker Petty OfficerP/K 5629613th June 190139
Arthur LeslieYeoman of SignalsP/J 657379th June 190139
Francis BenjaminAble SeamanP/J 713842nd June 190139
John MauriceColour SergeantPO/ 21677929th May 190139

A total of 30 men were lost in Hood aged 39.
This represents 2.12% of the total casualties.

A total of 1333 men were lost in Hood aged 39 or younger.
This represents 94.2% of the total casualties.

William GeorgeAble SeamanP/J 5938824th April 190140
Herbert RalphMarinePO/2272210th April 190140
Anthony Roger TownendLieutenant-Commander, RNVRnone29th March 190140
TomChief StokerSS122379, P/K 6427521st March 190140
Sydney StandertonChief StokerP/K 553842nd March 190140
HarryMarinePO/ 21687113th February 190140
Rodney AlfredChief StokerP/K 5783812th February 190140
Charles ArthurChief MechanicianP/K 553416th February 190140
Walter JohnAble SeamanP/J 5459928th January 190140
Frederick CharlesWarrant Supply OfficerJ67519 then M3799412th January 190140
William AlfredLeading StokerP/K 551901st January 190140
Alfred JohnMaster at ArmsP/M 3979111th December 190040
Herbert WilliamChief Engine Room ArtificerP/M 225412nd December 190040
Arthur ReginaldYeoman of SignalsP/J 5435326th November 190040
Percy ArthurChief Petty Officer CookP/M 343385th November 190040
James AlfredCommissioned GunnerN/A13th September 190040
Charles WauchopeChief MechanicianP/K5752026th August 190040
Harry George HubertCommissioned GunnerN/A3rd August 190040
James PercyChief Petty Officer StewardP/L 1239828th July 190040
Geoffrey CharlesChief Petty Officer SupplyP/M 3298514th July 190040
Henry GordonAble SeamanP/J 760578th July 190040

A total of 21 men were lost in Hood aged 40.
This represents 1.48% of the total casualties.

A total of 1354 men were lost in Hood aged 40 or younger.
This represents 95.69% of the total casualties.

Herbert WilliamLeading StokerP/K 5178418th May 190041
Richard JohnChief StokerP/K 5161114th May 190041
Robert Baden PowellStoker Petty OfficerP/K 5160710th May 190041
David JohnLeading StokerP/K 614225th May 190041
JohnChief StokerP/K 552565th May 190041
Harry FrederickAble SeamanP/J 5782825th April 190041
Ernest VictorAble SeamanP/J 8379924th March 190041
William AlbertWarrant ShipwrightN/A21st March 190041
JosephLeading StokerP/K 4967224th February 190041
HeatonMajor 18th January 190041
William HenryPetty Officer Cook (O)P/L 81182nd January 190041
John WilliamChief ShipwrightP/M 889828th December 189941
Thomas EdwardAble SeamanP/J 4509830th November 189941
Cecil Augustus BentleyAble SeamanP/J 4179724th November 189941
WilliamChief StokerP/K 465943rd October 189941
Robert TerenceCommander (E)N/A20th September 189941
John JamesChief Petty Officer WriterP/M 2790228th August 189941

A total of 17 men were lost in Hood aged 41.
This represents 1.2% of the total casualties.

A total of 1371 men were lost in Hood aged 41 or younger.
This represents 96.89% of the total casualties.

Ronald ThomasSenior Master Commis. Warrant OfficerN/A2nd May 189942
Horace WalterPetty OfficerP/J 4170114th February 189942
Ralph WilliamPetty Officer TelegraphistP/J 3464828th January 189942
Edwin JamesChief Engine Room ArtificerP/M 708619th October 189842
Charles JohnChief StokerP/R 4910230th August 189842

A total of 5 men were lost in Hood aged 42.
This represents 0.35% of the total casualties.

A total of 1376 men were lost in Hood aged 42 or younger.
This represents 97.24% of the total casualties.

HenryWarrant Ordnance OfficerM.3547911th December 189743
Francis JulesAble SeamanJ30619 then P/JX 1557865th November 189743
William LeonardShipwright 4th ClassP/MX 6774217th September 189743
JamesLeading StokerSS123423 then P/K 597641st September 189743

A total of 4 men were lost in Hood aged 43.
This represents 0.28% of the total casualties.

A total of 1380 men were lost in Hood aged 43 or younger.
This represents 97.53% of the total casualties.

Douglas MersonInstructor CommanderN/A5th April 189744
JackStoker 1st ClassPly 17171 then K58230 then P/KX 9093028th February 189744
William GeorgeAble SeamanP/JX 16490020th January 189744
NicholasChief Petty OfficerP/J 2119011th January 189744
William HenryChief Petty OfficerP/JX 15263625th December 189644
Albert CorneliusCommissioned GunnerN/A25th December 189644
Edward James PurnellPetty OfficerP/JX 15111111th October 189644
ThomasAble SeamanP/ 426973rd October 189644
Isaac GordonChief Ordnance ArtificerP/M 543911th October 189444

A total of 9 men were lost in Hood aged 44.
This represents 0.64% of the total casualties.

A total of 1389 men were lost in Hood aged 44 or younger.
This represents 98.16% of the total casualties.

John CharlesCommissioned Ordnance ArtificerN/A21st February 189645
Kenneth AldredPetty Officer TelegraphistP/JX 14786226th January 189645
Frederick JamesWarrant ElectricianN/A17th January 189645
Frederick JamesChief StokerP/K 2336130th December 189545
Alfred John EmberyAble SeamanJ16441 then P/JX 1522633rd November 189545
Sidney JamesCommissioned GunnerJ2215826th September 189545
WilliamCanteen ManagerNAAFI14th July 189545
Albert MartinAble SeamanP/J 119602nd July 189545

A total of 8 men were lost in Hood aged 45.
This represents 0.57% of the total casualties.

A total of 1397 men were lost in Hood aged 45 or younger.
This represents 98.73% of the total casualties.

EdwardStoker Petty OfficerP/K 2115720th February 189546
HenrySurgeon CommanderN/A 6th February 189546
William OswaldCommissioned TelegraphistN/A24th January 189546
James EnochChief StokerP/K 2000717th January 189546
William NevilleOrdnance Artificer 1st ClassP/MX 5803424th December 189446
BertieEngine Room Artificer 1st ClassP/M 345853rd August 189446

A total of 6 men were lost in Hood aged 46.
This represents 0.42% of the total casualties.

A total of 1403 men were lost in Hood aged 46 or younger.
This represents 99.15% of the total casualties.

JoshuaStoker Petty OfficerP/K 1909530th March 189447
Albert Frederick GeorgeStoker Petty OfficerP/K 1473122nd March 189447
HaroldChief MechanicianP/KX 8922817th August 189347

A total of 3 men were lost in Hood aged 47.
This represents 0.21% of the total casualties.

A total of 1406 men were lost in Hood aged 47 or younger.
This represents 99.36% of the total casualties.

Donovan ConnorPaymaster CommanderN/A4th October 1892 48

A total of 1 men were lost in Hood aged 48.
This represents 0.07% of the total casualties.

A total of 1407 men were lost in Hood aged 48 or younger.
This represents 99.43% of the total casualties.

JohnLeading StokerP/K 8702912th April 189249
Sidney JasparCaptain (E)N/A21st October 189149
RalphCaptainN/A16th August 189149

A total of 3 men were lost in Hood aged 49.
This represents 0.21% of the total casualties.

A total of 1410 men were lost in Hood aged 49 or younger.
This represents 99.65% of the total casualties.

Walden JohnChief StokerP/KX 8886211th April 189150
PhilipStoker 1st ClassP/KX 884983rd February 189150

A total of 2 men were lost in Hood aged 50.
This represents 0.14% of the total casualties.

A total of 1412 men were lost in Hood aged 50 or younger.
This represents 99.79% of the total casualties.

JohnChief Engine Room ArtificerP/M 570923rd May 189051

A total of 1 men were lost in Hood aged 51.
This represents 0.07% of the total casualties.

A total of 1413 men were lost in Hood aged 51 or younger.
This represents 99.86% of the total casualties.

John WilliamAble SeamanP/23107825th November 188753
Lancelot ErnestVice-AdmiralN/A13th September 188753