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Dates joined ship for Men Lost in the Sinking of Hood, 24th May 1941

Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page contains a listing of the dates on which men who were lost when Hood was sunk on 24th May, 1941 had joined the ship. At present, dates are held for around 350 or so of the 1415 men who died. We hope to increase this as new information comes to light.
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Number of men for whom as date joined Hood is held: 386

Date joined HoodName (click link to visit individual pageRank / rate (24th May 1941)
31st August 1933Miles, Francis BenjaminAble Seaman
31st August 1933Thompson, HaroldAble Seaman
31st August 1933Watson, B.E.M., HarryChief Stoker
12th January 1934Binnie, John ErnestStoker Petty Officer
14th May 1934Utteridge, Raymond HarryPetty Officer Telegraphist
30th August 1935Edmiston, Reginald FrankChief Engine Room Artificer
30th August 1935Gregory, Arthur HenryLeading Seaman
30th August 1935Lynch, James FrancisSupply Petty Officer
30th August 1935Walton, Josiah TarnChief Stoker
Early 1936Adams, Frank PercyMusician
2nd June 1939Honeybun, Richard JohnChief Stoker
8th August 1936Morley, Sidney VictorChief Petty Officer
17th August 1936Edwards, Thomas William GuyAble Seaman
7th September 1936Francis, Victor RobertLeading Stoker
7th September 1936Huntley, Henry FrederickPlumber 1st Class
8th September 1936Allen, William Ernest SydneyAble Seaman
8th September 1936Ambrose, JohnAble Seaman
8th September 1936Bostock, Charles WauchopeChief Mechanician
8th September 1936Burgess, B.E.M., HenryActing Temporary Warrant Ordnance Officer
8th September 1936Burningham, William Frederick RichardChief Petty Officer
8th September 1936Chappell, Robert EdwinAble Seaman
8th September 1936Choules, Sydney JamesChief Petty Officer
8th September 1936Collins, Reginald JamesAble Seaman
8th September 1936Compton, William AlfredLeading Stoker
8th September 1936Dixon, AlbertLeading Stoker
8th September 1936Eyres, Thomas Walter WilliamAble Seaman
8th September 1936Fletcher, PeterStoker Petty Officer
8th September 1936Foley, Rodney AlfredChief Stoker
8th September 1936Glenn, RobertActing Stoker Petty Officer (Temporary)
8th September 1936Hanwell, TomChief Stoker
8th September 1936Haynes, Albert EdwardLeading Stoker
8th September 1936Hemmings, BertieEngine Room Artificer 1st Class
8th September 1936Jennings, Walter Henry WoodrowChief Petty Officer
8th September 1936Jones, David JohnLeading Stoker
8th September 1936Kendall, Albert JamesAble Seaman
8th September 1936Le Page, Edwin Henry GeorgeAble Seaman
8th September 1936Maycock, Ernest VictorAble Seaman
8th September 1936McDonald, HaroldAble Seaman
8th September 1936McNulty, John GeraldChief Petty Officer Telegraphist
8th September 1936Moon, WalterAble Seaman
8th September 1936Pearse, B.E.M., John Frederick FabianElectrical Artificer 1st Class
8th September 1936Pope, Geoffrey CharlesChief Petty Officer Supply
8th September 1936Slowther, GeorgeActing Stoker Petty Officer (Temporary)
8th September 1936Smith, Frederick ArthurAble Seaman
8th September 1936Smith, Frederick Harry StanleyStoker Petty Officer
8th September 1936Smith, John HenryChief Petty Officer
8th September 1936Smith, William GeorgeAble Seaman
8th September 1936Snell, JohnChief Engine Room Artificer
8th September 1936Stoyles, Sydney StandertonChief Stoker
8th September 1936Walker, Albert CliffordPetty Officer
8th September 1936Wannerton, Henry JamesLeading Stoker
8th September 1936Watkins, JohnStoker Petty Officer
8th September 1936Wilson, Herbert GodfreyLeading Seaman
8th September 1936Wright, Thomas CharlesLeading Seaman
10th September 1936Belsham, James RolandAble Seaman
24th September 1936Bocutt, Alfred ArthurMarine
30th September 1936Sewell, Gilbert WilliamMarine
25th May 1937Barnes, Thomas GeorgeStoker Petty Officer
25th May 1937Burckitt, John Benjamin EdgarPetty Officer Cook
25th May 1937Leishman, WilliamChief Stoker
25th May 1937Luckhurst, John Henry JamesAble Seaman
25th May 1937Neville, William ArthurPetty Officer
28th May 1937Brown, ArthurMarine
28th May 1937Laycock, HenryMarine
29th May 1937Russell, Walter FrederickActing Petty Officer
31st May 1937Robinson, Arthur EdwardAble Seaman
14th August 1937Hawkins, Ernest HaroldShipwright 1st Class
10th September 1937Pearce, William FrederickPetty Officer
10th September 1937Wilson, GeorgeAble Seaman
9th November 1937Walton, CliffordMarine
23rd November 1937Barnes, Walter JohnAble Seaman
23rd November 1937West, Robert WilliamChief Engine Room Artificer
29th November 1937Howse, ThomasLeading Seaman
17th December 1937Powley, Herbert WilliamChief Engine Room Artificer
1938Heptonstall, George AlanAble Seaman
1938Park, RaymondAble Seaman
30th April 1938Mitchell, Leonard Frederick WilliamAble Seaman
30th April 1938Richer, Harold EdwardPetty Officer
7th May 1938Bishop, Charles JohnChief Stoker
10th May 1938Sherval, William RobertChief Stoker
1st July 1938Harris, Charles ArthurChief Mechanician
1st July 1938Sulley, John CharlesCommissioned Ordnance Officer
23rd July 1938Turner, George FrederickStoker 1st Class
25th July 1938Allen, Charles WilliamActing Leading Seaman (Temporary)
31st August 1938Hall, Henry GordonAble Seaman
6th September 1938Brownrigg, John George PlunketLieutenant-Commander
12th September 1938Walter, William Frederick PrideauxWarrant Engineer
1st October 1938Doak, Walter WilliamActing Petty Officer (Temporary)
November 1938Smith, James McLeanAble Seaman
1939/1940Annis, James EdwardStoker 1st Class
About 1939Hanna, RobertPlumber 3rd Class
1939Herod, Maurice Hector EdwardBandmaster
1939Holroyd, ArthurSailmaker's Mate
1939Sanderson, PeterAble Seaman
January 1939Solman, Murdoch McLeanAble Seaman
1939Taylor, CharlesLeading Seaman
1939Wells, Stanley AlbertBoy 1st Class
1939Whitehead, Reginald CharlesSeageant
9th January 1939Scammell, Walter GeorgeLeading Stoker
28th January 1939Phillips, Ronald GeorgePaymaster Lieutenant
28th February 1939Price, William AlbertWarrant Shipwright
Spring 1939Bamford, Anthony Bernard JosephAble Seaman
11th March 1939Freeborn, Frederick CharlesWarrant Supply Officer
18th March 1939Betts, RobertStoker 1st Class
18th March 1939Green, William JohnLeading Stoker
18th March 1939Love, Herbert WilliamActing Leading Stoker
18th March 1939Parratt, Albert HenryStoker 1st Class
18th March 1939Prescott, Marcus RichardStoker Petty Officer
18th March 1939Sidley, Robert Baden PowellStoker Petty Officer
23rd March 1939Marsh, Percy GordonMarine
25th March 1939Roe, Donovan ConnorCommander (S)
1st April 1939Varlow, Albert CorneliusCommissioned Gunner
April 1939Worsfold, Sydney GeorgeBand Corporal
15th April 1939Palmer, Frederick William JenkinsRegulating Petty Officer
25th April 1939Stannard, George WilliamSick Berth Petty Officer
29th April 1939Crouch, Cecil HenryRegulating Pety Officer
1st May 1939Tozer, Harry George HubertCommissioned Gunner
4th May 1939Cabell, Percy ArthurChief Petty Officer Cook
5th May 1939Grogan, Robert TerenceCommander (E)
20th May 1939Wingfield, Charles HarcourtPetty Officer Cook
23rd May 1939Lewis, Edward Percival SealyLieutenant
27th May 1939Passells, Keith CharlesChief Petty Officer Supply
Summer 1939Battersby, CliffordAble Seaman
1st June 1939Cooper, Alan CharlesAble Seaman
1st June 1939Lumley, HeatonMajor
1st June 1939Oborne, Reginald George HenryPetty Officer Steward
1st June 1939Peirce, James PercyChief Petty Officer Steward
2nd June 1939Ayling, RonaldAble Seaman
2nd June 1939Balch, Percy HerbertAble Seaman
2nd June 1939Baxter, John KennethPetty Officer
2nd June 1939Brown, Henry JamesAble Seaman
2nd June 1939Bull, Percival HoraceLeading Seaman
2nd June 1939Bull, Robert JohnAble Seaman
2nd June 1939Bulman, Kenneth FrankPetty Officer
2nd June 1939Carn, George Herbert KnightChief Yeoman of Signals
2nd June 1936Charker, Albert WilliamAble Seaman
2nd June 1939Corddell, Harold LeslieChief Petty Officer
2nd June 1939Dade, William Francis LawrencePetty Officer Steward (Temporary)
2nd June 1939Dowdell, William Frederick SpencerActing Leading Seaman
2nd June 1939Farnish, Frederick NormanActing Petty Officer Telegraphist
2nd June 1939Gray, Alfred Ernest EdwardAble Seaman
2nd June 1939Hawthorne, John WilliamChief Petty Officer Cook (O)
2nd June 1939Nevett, Arthur LeslieYeoman of Signals
2nd June 1939Owen, HaroldPetty Officer
2nd June 1939Perry, William HenryPetty Officer Cook (O)
2nd June 1939Petty, Edmund JamesAble Seaman
2nd June 1939Radley, KennethStoker 1st Class
2nd June 1939Roberts, Frederick CharlesLeading Seaman
2nd June 1939Ryder, LeonardActing Petty Officer Telegraphist
2nd June 1939Sheppard, Leonard Fred GeorgePetty Officer
2nd June 1939Shorrock, Stanley Henry AlexanderAble Seaman
2nd June 1939Shute, Harry LeonardLeading Cook (O)
2nd June 1939Smith, DickAble Seaman
2nd June 1939St Clair-Tracy, Albert EmmettElectrical Artificer 2nd Class
2nd June 1939Walker, George TavendaleOrdinary Signalman
2nd June 1939Waters, William ForemanStoker 1st Class
2nd June 1939Watts, Edward Arthur HerbertChief Petty Officer
2nd June 1939Wells, Herbert WilliamOrdinary Seaman
2nd June 1939Whiteman, John WilliamActing Stoker Petty Officer
3rd June 1939Flint, Sydney GeorgeAble Seaman
20th June 1939Pares, AnthonyLieutenant-Commander (T)
21st June 1939Dunne, Patrick LewisPetty Officer
21st June 1939Emery, Richard CharlesStoker Petty Officer
28th June 1939Bosley, Frank WilliamLeading Sick Berth Attendant
3rd July 1939Marsh, Robert James AlfredLeading Stoker (Temporary)
4th July 1939Gregson, Edward Hilleary GelsonCommander (G)
10th July 1939Erskine, John Gordon MorrisonLieutenant-Commander (E)
11th July 1939Atkins, William EdwardChief Petty Officer Steward
29th July 1939Sprakes, JohnChief Stoker
2nd August 1939Fielding, James OxenhamSurgeon Lieutenant
3rd August 1939Kelly, RobertStoker Petty Officer
6th August 1939Steel, Douglas MersonCommander (Instructor)
8th August 1939Ambridge, Walter ClarenceSergeant
10th August 1939Smith, Harold George EdwardLieutenant (E)
11th August 1939Moore, Hugh Thomas HenryPetty Officer
12th August 1939Owens, George Edward MillsLieutenant-Commander
23rd August 1939Eastwood, Walter CharlesMarine
23rd August 1939Hatherill, William HenryMarine
23rd August 1939Holland, CharlesMarine
23rd August 1939Kersley, Albert StephenMarine
23rd August 1939Neale, Robert StanleyMarine
23rd August 1939Perry, LeonardMarine
24th August 1939Bond, Sidney WilfredAble Seaman
24th August 1939Craft, Thomas EdwardAble Seaman
25th August 1939Graves, John RochesterLieutenant (S)
25th August 1939Hall, John WellingtonLieutenant-Commander (Ret.)
26th August 1939Davis, Herbert AlbertMarine
26th August 1939Dent, Christopher Henry CongreveSurgeon Lieutenant R.N.V.R.
27th August 1939Cogger, Thomas EdwardMarine
27th August 1939Gomer, HarryMarine
27th August 1939Porter, Frederick ArthurMarine
27th August 1939Viney, Albert EdwardMarine
29th August 1939Bailey, Frederick WilliamMarine
13th September 1939Plumley, Reginald Augustus HarryWarrant Engineer
14th September 1939Iago, John MartindaleElectrical Lieutenant (R.N.V.R.)
Late 1939 or early 1940Le Noury, Alfred NicholasAble Seaman
7th October 1939Yates, Robert GeorgeBoatswain
10th October 1939Barclay, Alex CruickshankLeading Cook (S)
13th October 1939Bussey, Harry FrederickAble Seaman
18th October 1939Leach, Harold GeorgeMechanician 1st Class
1st November 1939Awdry, Charles DugdaleLieutenant-Commander
November 1939Davis, Percy JamesStoker 1st Class
18th December 1939Chapman, James AlfredCommissioned Gunner
30th December 1939Alland, Harry CecilPetty Officer
30th December 1939Cockhead, Alfred JamesLeading Stoker
January 1940Adams, Victor EdwardAble Seaman
1940 or earlierBall, Charles Frederick DavidAble Seaman
1st January 1940Collings, John PatrickPaymaster Midshipman
Early 1940Hennessy, David ThowBoy 1st Class
1940Humphreys, WilliamMarine
1940Jack, GeorgeOrdinary Seaman
Early 1940Kelly, Jack Verdun KevernAble Seaman
1940Long, Percy Christopher BoylettBoy 1st Class
1940Moon, Jack ElfordPetty Officer
1940Neal, Ronald WallisAble Seaman
1940Puttick, William FrancisStoker 1st Class
1st January 1940Vacher, Geoffrey Dumas ByronPaymaster Midshipman
13th January 1940Jesse, HaroldChief Electrical Artificer
19th January 1940Smith, John HenryRegulating Petty Officer
26th November 1940Goodenough, Herbert Henry
February 1940Younger, AlbertMarine
14th February 1940Ball, Phillip ArthurStoker 1st Class
23rd February 1940Laws, Albert EdwardChief Stoker
March 1940Macnamara, Robert ThomasAble Seaman
3rd March 1940L Enfant, Bertram HaroldLeading Stoker
13th March 1940Warrand, Selwyn John PowerCommander
27th March 1940Cope, Sidney JamesCommissioned Gunner (T)
27th March 1940Thurogood, John FrederickCook (S)
29th March 1940Payne, Harry TrevorAble Seaman
April 1940Jaggers, EricStoker 2nd Class
April 1940Wilcockson, Harry RobertStoker 1st Class
10th April 1940Buckett, Philip JamesMidshipman R.N.V.R.
10th April 1940Davies, Hamilton KingMidshipman R.N.V.R.
10th April 1940Down, John RoderickSub-Lieutenant R.N.V.R.
10th April 1940Hibbs, Richard AnthonyMidshipman R.N.V.R.
10th April 1940Lapthorn, Peter RossTemporary Midshipman R.N.V.R.
19th April 1940Day, William Samuel WadhamChief Electrical Artificer 1st Class
29th April 1940Faulkner, Ronald ErnestStoker 1st Class
1st May 1940Bryant, Denis MichaelMidshipman
1st May 1940Eagles, George RigbyMidshipman
May 1940McCart, GeorgeTelegraphist
3rd May 1940Davies, Ronald ThomasSenior Master
16th May 1940Coombes, Gerald EdwardSergeant
27th May 1940Davey, Frederick GeorgeLeading Telegraphist
June 1940Kay, SamuelOrdinary Seaman
3rd June 1940Assirati, Albert Frederick GeorgeStoker Petty Officer
3rd June 1940Cantrill, JoshuaStoker Petty Officer
10th June 1940Elliott, John GeorgeStoker Petty Officer
10th June 1940Pulling, EdwardStoker Petty Officer
Before July 1940Anderson, Joseph MilliganOrdinary Seaman
9th July 1940Machin, John LeeLieutenant-Commander
10th August 1940Bartley, Archibald Edward ThomasSignal Boatswain
11th August 1940Batchelor, Arthur ReginaldYeoman of Signals
1th August 1940Canty, William DennisYeoman of Signals
11th August 1940Holdaway, FrankJoiner 1st Class
11th August 1940Horton, George WilliamPetty Officer Steward (Temporary)
11th August 1940Naylor, Rodney JohnChief Petty Officer Cook (O)
11th August 1940Scott, JamesLeading Stoker
11th August 1940Shepherd, George VictorChief Engine Room Artificer
11th August 1940Surrey, Archibald HenryChief Petty Officer Writer
13th August 1940Brown, George WilliamSteward
13th August 1940Forrester, John JamesChief Petty Officer
13th August 1940Goldsmith, Horace WalterPetty Officer
15th August 1940Dale, Richard HughLieutenant (E)
16th August 1940Hurst, HenryCommander Surgeon
19th August 1940Cartwright, Thomas DesmondCaptain, Royal Marines
24th August 1940Davies, Horace DonaldLieutenant, Royal Marines
Autumn 1940Ayres, Henry DavidOrdinary Signalman
September 1940McDuell, AlfredAble Seaman
2nd September 1940Ball, WilliamLeading Stoker
2 September 1940Cox, Cyril AustinStoker 1st Class
2nd September 1940Foot, CharlesLeading Stoker
2nd September 1940Hope, Ernest JohnLeading Stoker
2nd September 1940Jones, James WilliamActing Stoker Petty Officer
6th September 1940Chatfield, B.E.M., Edwin HerbertAble Seaman
6th September 1940Stokes, John EdwardAble Seaman
7th September 1940Tocher, EdwinOrdinary Seaman
13th September 1940Steven, ArthurStoker Petty Officer
16th Seoptember 1940Cross, William Kenneth RamsdenCommander
17th September 1940Friend, Leslie EdgarLieutenant
22nd September 1940Gardner, James DanielActing Petty Officer Telegraphist
28th September 1940Ward, JosephOrdinary Telegraphist
28th September 1940White, Edward HarryPetty Officer Telegraphist
Late 1940Fowler, Frank SidneyOrdinary Signalman
4th October 1940Borsberry, GeorgePetty Officer Cook
4th October 1940Maitland, John WilliamChief Shipwright
10th October 1940Carlin, George VernonLieutenant-Commander (S)
10th October 1940Locklin, JamesAble Seaman
11th October 1940Beard, Thomas Norman KempMidshipman R.C.N.
14th October 1940Pedder, Ernest Andrew JamesAble Seaman
18th October 1940Taylor, William OswaldCommissioned Telegraphist
18th October 1940Vickers, Herbert GoodwinChief Petty Officer Cook
24th October 1940Harris, Desmond Stephen RichardLieutenant, Royal Marines
25th October 1940Julier, Alfred EdwardMarine
28th October 1940Wheeler, Ernest FrankGunner (T)
Late 1940De Gernier, James BrownAble Seaman
1st November 1940Webb, Albert FrankAble Seaman
November 1940Willetts, TomSub-Lieutenant R.N.V.R.
7th November 1940Peacock, John Edward ChesterfieldSurgeon Lieutenant (D)
9th November 1940Allen, Arthur Frederick JohnLeading Stoker
12th November 1940Spencer, ArthurMechnaician 2nd Class
2nd December 1940Warden, Kenneth GuyTemporary Midshipman R.N.R.
3rd December 1940Watkinson, StanleyPaymaster Sub-Lieutenant
4th December 1940Groves, ThomasAble Seaman
20th December 1940Cruttenden, John EdwardAble Seaman
27th December 1940Peacock, WilliamStoker 2nd Class
about January 1941Alger, EricOrdinary Seaman
1st January 1941Jones, Francis Llewelyn LloydMidshipman R.C.N.
1941King, Howard Lewis CharlesSignalman
Early 1941Le Bosquet, Cecil EdwinAble Seaman
1st January 1941Norman, Christopher John BirdwoodMidshipman, R.I.N.
Early 1941Porter, Cyril Leslie DennisOrdinary Signalman
1st January 1941Roach, Bryan Clement JamesLieutenant (E)
January 1941Shepherd, Lambert CharlesOrdinary Seaman
1941Wyldbore-Smith, Hugh DeaneLieutenant-Commander
14th January 1941Jarvis, Arthur CharlesAble seaman
14th January 1941Stringer, Cecil Augustus BentleyAble Seaman
15th January 1941Woodward, Frederick JamesWarrant Electrician
21st January 1941Allott, GeorgeMarine
21st January 1941Savage, Edwin JamesChief Engine Room Artificer
23rd January 1941Adams, Nigel NorringtonTemporary Midshipman R.N.R.
23rd January 1941Shannon, John DonaldsonOrdinary Seaman
23rd January 1941Startup, Ian George EdmeadesOrdinary Seaman
27th January 1941Spence, Tristram FosterLieutenant (E)
29th January 1941Skipper, John Frederick WilliamAble Seaman
Early 1941Hall, George WilliamOrdinary Seaman
6th February 1941Walsh, John FrederickAssistant Cook (S)
After 7th February 1941Anderson, JohnChief Engine Room Artificer
13th February 1941Cook, James EnochChief Stoker
15th February 1941Kerr, C.B.E., RalphCaptain
19th February 1941Nelson, WilliamStoker 2nd Class
20th February 1941Moultrie, Edward Home FergusLieutenant-Commander (G)
22th February 1941Stubbs, Charles Frederick BernardTemporary Lieutenant, R.N..V.R.
25th February 1941Williams, Roderick Gwynne LotheringtonMidshipman, Royal Naval Volunteeer Reserve
26th February 1941Holmes, GeorgeLeading Stoker
27th February 1941Chandler, Alfred JohnMaster at Arms
27th February 1941Stewart, Robert James PatrickChaplain
28th February 1941Peel, Reginald KeithAssistant Steward
March 1941Reddall, Peter Ernest AlfredSignal Boy
1st March 1941Scott-Kerr, John Hubert AlastairSub-Lieutenant
8th March 1941Gordon, Leslie StephenAble Seaman
8th March 1941Jones, John WesleyPetty Officer
8th March 1941Ogden, RobertAble Seaman
8th March 1941Stewart, Albert MartinAble Seaman
15th March 1941Treloar, Walter James BreachLeading Seaman
18th March 1941Newell, Charles JohnAble Seaman
26th March 1941Batley, Anthony Roger TownendLieutenant-Commander, RNVR
April 1941Collett, Stanley JohnAble Seaman
1st April 1941Haughton, CyrilActing Warrant Engineer
2nd April 1941Dunwell, William SidneyAble Seaman
4th April 1941Phelps, Henry FrederickBlacksmith 1st Class
8th April 1941Higginson, WilliamStoker 1st Class
14th April 1941Robins, Anthony Charles RumneySub-Lieutenant, R.N.R.
15th April 1941Hobbs, Frederick JamesChief Stoker
22nd April 1941Brandon, Albert ArthurOrdinary Telegraphist
23rd April 1941Perman, Roland Garth ClaytonMidshipman
29th April 1941Ford, Douglas CyrilTemporary Probationary Midshipman R.N.R.
29th April 1941Freeman, Mark Hunter ParnellTemprorary Probationary Midshipman R.N.R.
29th April 1941Knight, Roy FrederickMidshipman
29th April 1941McLaren, John BruceTemporary Probationary Midshipman R.N.R.
29th April 1941Nally, JosephLeading Stoker
29th April 1941Payne, John WilliamLeading Stoker
29th April 1941Stevenson, Basil PatrickMidshipman, Royal Naval Reserve
May 1941Armstrong, John CyrilLeading Stoker
About May 1941Hoare, Norris HenryLieutenant (S)
1st May 1941Humphrey, Michael Stephen ThurlbeckLieutenant (E)
May 1941Rowe, Stanley Godwin ScarthMarine
May 1941Rowsell, Leslie DonaldBoy 1st Class
May 1941Thompson, RobertBoy 1st Class
3rd May 1941Berner, Robert VictorLeading Writer
6th May 1941Todd, William CharlesStoker 1st Class
9th May 1941Porter-Fausset, Frederick AnthonyPaymaster Lieutenant
12th May 1941Frodsham, Neville HeathcoteSub-Lieutenant
12th May 1941Hannaway, Edward JamesOrdinary Telegraphist
12th May 1941Hogan, John MichaelCommander (S)
12th May 1941Holland, Lancelot ErnestVice-Admiral
12th May 1941Miles, Vernon GeorgeChief Petty Officer
12th May 1941Plimbley, Edward CharlesLeading Steward
13th May 1941Clark, Leonard ArthurMarine
13th May 1941Lockhart, Archibald WilliamMarine
14th May 1941Phillips, Horace ErnestAble Seaman
14th May 1941Sammars, Thomas Joseph BernardBoy 1st Class
21st May 1941Warwick, BenjaminBoy 1st Class