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H.M.S. Hood Rolls of Honour
Memorials to Men Lost in the Sinking of Hood, 24th May 1941

Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page contains a listing the 1415 men who were lost when Hood was sunk on 24th May, 1941
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We will remember them

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Eagles, George Rigby

Age 20
Home town: Enfield

Earl, Joseph William
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 107115
Age 24
Home town: Middlesbrough

Earwaker, Ronald Charles
Able Seaman
P/JX 159520
Age 18
Home town: Fishbourne

Eastwood, Walter Charles
Age 33
Home town: Portslade

Eaton, Raymond Kut James
Leading Stoker
P/KX 92158
Age 23

Eaves, Leonard
P/MX 68628
Age 24
Home town: Wood Green

Edes, Henry Matthew
Able Seaman
P/SSX 19031
Age 21
Home town: Ashington

Edmiston, Reginald Frank
Chief Engine Room Artificer
P/M 33264
Age 38

Edmonds, Alfred George
Able Seaman
P/JX 153215
Age 19
Home town: Parkstone

Edmonds, Anthony Ray
P/MX 63510
Age 20
Home town: Swindon

Edwards, Melville
PO/X 4154
Age 20
Home town: Bynea

Edwards, Robert
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 105271
Age 20
Home town: Letchworth

Edwards, Thomas William Guy
Able Seaman
P/J 97523
Age 37

Eldred, Eric Charles
Stoker 1st Class
P/KX 100487
Age 19
Home town: Ryde

Eldridge, Bertie Douglas Messines
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 116723
Age 24
Home town: Ryde

Elliott, John George
Stoker Petty Officer
P/KX 77235
Age 35
Home town: Jarrow

Eltis, Donald Ogilvie
Ordinary Seaman
P/JX 159513
Age 18
Home town: Sale

Emery, Lawrence Allen
Age 31
Home town: Weybridge

Emery, Richard Charles
Stoker Petty Officer
P/K 63730
Age 35
Home town: Portsmouth

Erridge, Frank Alfred
P/JX 151516
Age 20
Home town: Hailsham

Erskine, John Gordon Morrison
Lieutenant-Commander (E)
Age 33
Home town: Holywood

Erskine, Roy Donald
P/SSX 29091
Age 19
Home town: Romford

Escott, Robert William
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 116927
Age 24
Home town: Greenwich

Evans, David Morgan
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 108911
Age 30

Ewart-James, David Emrys
Ordinary Seaman
P/JX 224005
Age 27
Home town: Thorpe Bay

Eyres, Thomas Walter William
Able Seaman
P/J 91188
Age 39