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H.M.S. Hood Rolls of Honour
Memorials to Men Lost in the Sinking of Hood, 24th May 1941

Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page contains a listing the 1415 men who were lost when Hood was sunk on 24th May, 1941
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We will remember them

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Joseph Nally
Leading Stoker
P/K 49672
Age 41
Home town: Mosely, Manchester

Kenneth Richard Nash
Stoker 1st Class
P/KX 95436
Age 21
Home town: St. John's, Worcester

Rodney John Naylor
Chief Petty Officer Cook (O)
Age 39
Home town: Wymering

Ronald Naylor
Able Seaman
P/JX 157138
Age 19
Home town: Darlington

Edward Richard Neal
Supply Assistant
P/MX 71061
Age 26
Home town: Swindon

Ronald Wallis Neal
Able Seaman
P/SR 16345
Age 22
Home town: Nottingham

Robert Stanley Neale
PO/ 22454
Age 35
Home town: Southsea

Peter Frederick Arthur Neave
Able Seaman
P/JX 158397
Age 18
Home town: Battersea, London

William Nelson
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 116642
Age 36
Home town: Frizington

Arthur Leslie Nevett
Yeoman of Signals
P/J 65737
Age 39
Home town: Wolverhampton

William Arthur Neville
Petty Officer
P/J 113710
Age 31
Home town: North End, Portsmouth

Charles John Newell
Able Seaman
P/JX 152357
Age 20
Home town: Aldershot

Cedric Basil Newton Newey
Age 35
Home town: Ashford

Robert Newnham
Able Seaman
P/JX 159508
Age 18
Home town: Brighton

Donald William Nicholl
Able Seaman
P/SR 8161
Age 22
Home town: Warley, Halifax

Douglas Haig Nicholls
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 117430
Age 24
Home town: Clapton, London

Thomas Frederick Nichols
Ordinary Seaman
P/JX 201560
Age 21
Home town: Hampstead

Alfred Frank Nicholson
Petty Officer
P/JX 131402
Age 28
Home town: Gosport

Thomas William Nicholson
P/MX 56829
Age 24
Home town: Gateshead

Alexander Noble
PO/X 3496
Age 19
Home town: Wallsend

Christopher John Birdwood Norman
Age 19
Home town: Victoria

Thomas Francis Norris
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 108249
Age 29
Home town: Carlisle

William Alexander Northam
Able Seaman
P/JX 138501
Age 24

Albert Victor Nuding
Supply Assistant
P/LX 66797
Age 22
Home town: Tottenham

William James Nugent
Stoker 1st Class
P/KX 97427
Age 21
Home town: Smethwick