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Memorials to Men Lost in the Sinking of Hood, 24th May 1941

Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page contains a listing the 1415 men who were lost when Hood was sunk on 24th May, 1941
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We will remember them

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O'Connell, James Felix
Petty Officer
P/JX 143771
Age 27
Home town: Camlough

O'Leary, Leslie Stanley David
Stoker 1st Class
P/KX 96062
Age 21
Home town: Haslemere

O'Neil, Owen
Ordinary Seaman
P/JX 162660
Age 18
Home town: Flint

O'Reilly, Dennis Patrick
Stoker 2nd Class
P/KX 113104
Age 19
Home town: Senghenydd

O'Rourke, Patrick Charles
Leading Seaman
P/JX 126715
Age 31
Home town: Portsmouth

Oborne, Reginald George Henry
Petty Officer Steward
P/L 14432
Age 35
Home town: Laverstock

Ogden, Robert
Able Seaman
P/JX 127622
Age 30
Home town: Haydock

Oldershaw, Arthur
Leading Stoker
P/KX 91342
Age 22
Home town: Harborne

Olive, Ronald McCann
Cook (O)
P/MX 62304
Age 22
Home town: Southampton

Orrell, Walter John
PO/X 100578
Age 23
Home town: Coventry

Ovenden, Jack
Canteen Assistant
Age 17
Home town: Deal

Owen, Harold
Petty Officer
P/J 110958
Age 32
Home town: Woolwich

Owens, George Edward Mills
Age 32