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H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Hood casualties who also served in H.M.S. Ganges

Name (click link to visit individual page)Date joined or re-ratedRank / rate
Chapman, James Alfred3rd February 1916Boy 2nd Class
Craft, Thomas Edward8th April 1916Boy 1st Class
Chapman, James Alfred3rd July 1916Boy 1st Class
Batchelor, Arthur Reginald25th November 1916Boy 2nd Class
Nevett, Arthur Leslie9th January 1917Boy 2nd Class
Batchelor, Arthur Reginald21st February 1917Signal Boy
Bull, Percival Horace31st March 1917Boy 2nd Class
Nevett, Arthur Leslie6th June 1917Signal Boy
Davey, Frederick George27th June 1917Boy 2nd Class
Bull, Percival Horace3rd August 1917Boy 1st Class
Carn, George Herbert Knight20th October 1917Boy 2nd Class
Davey, Frederick George24th October 1917Boy Telegraphist
Carn, George Herbert Knight12th December 1917Boy Signalman
Burningham, William Frederick Richard16th February 1918Boy 2nd Class
Burningham, William Frederick Richard21st June 1918Boy 1st Class
Morley, Sidney Victor13th September 1918Boy 2nd Class
Wannerton, Henry James26th November 1918Boy 2nd Class
Bartley, Archibald Edward Thomas28th November 1918Boy 2nd Class
Morley, Sidney Victor21st March 1919Boy 1st Class
Wannerton, Henry James28th June 1919Boy 1st Class
Bartley, Archibald Edward Thomas4th July 1919Signal Boy
Choules, Sydney James29th November 1919Boy 1st Class
Moon, Walter19th May 1920Boy 2nd Class
Brown, Henry James26th May 1920Boy 2nd Class
Edwards, Thomas William Guy8th June 1920Boy 2nd Class
Cruttenden, John Edward23rd June 1920Boy 2nd Class
Brown, Henry James20th July 1920Boy 2nd Class
Watts, Edward Arthur Herbert12th August 1920Boy 2nd Class
Moon, Walter10th September 1920Boy 1st Class
Ryder, Leonard10th September 1920Boy 2nd Class
Collins, Reginald James14th September 1920Boy 2nd Class
Thompson, Harold14th September 1920Boy 2nd Class
Thompson, Harold28th November 1920Boy 1st Class
Ryder, Leonard5th December 1920Boy 1st Class
Edwards, Thomas William Guy6th February 1921Boy 1st Class
Brown, Henry James27th February 1921Boy 1st Class
Watts, Edward Arthur Herbert3rd April 1921Boy 1st Class
Charker, Albert William13th April 1921Boy 2nd Class
Allen, Charles William14th April 1921Boy 2nd Class
Collins, Reginald James17th April 1921Boy 1st Class
Canty, William Dennis27th May 1921Boy 2nd Class
Ryder, Leonard16th June 1921Boy Telegraphist
Jarvis, Arthur Charles19th July 1921Boy 2nd Class
Treloar, Walter James Breach6th August 1921Boy 2nd Class
Canty, William Dennis12th September 1921Boy 1st Class
Jennings, Walter Henry Woodrow13th September 1921Boy 2nd Class
Smith, Frederick Harry Stanley3rd November 1921Boy 2nd Class
Allen, Charles William12th February 1922Boy 1st Class
Smith, Frederick Harry Stanley19th February 1922Boy 1st Class
Treloar, Walter James Breach12th March 1922Boy 1st Class
Jennings, Walter Henry Woodrow19th March 1922Boy 1st Class
Smith, John Henry27th June 1922Boy 2nd Class
Yates, Robert George19th September 1922Boy 2nd Class
Palmer, Frederick William Jenkins27th November 1922Boy 2nd Class
Smith, John Henry18th February 1923Boy 1st Class
Yates, Robert George18th March 1923Boy 1st Class
Gardner, James Daniel13th April 1923Boy 2nd Class
Gardner, James Daniel3rd June 1923Boy 1st Class
Walker, Albert Clifford14th June 1923Boy 2nd Class
Palmer, Frederick William Jenkins15th July 1923Boy 1st Class
Russell, Walter Frederick9th September 1923Boy 2nd Class
Dunne, Patrick Lewis14th October 1923Boy 2nd Class
Locklin, James10th November 1923Boy 2nd Class
Wilson, George13th November 1923Boy 2nd Class
Walker, Albert Clifford24th February 1924Boy 1st Class
Russell, Walter Frederick4th May 1924Boy 1st Class
Dunne, Patrick Lewis15th June 1924Boy 1st Class
Wilson, George6th July 1924Boy 1st Class
Locklin, James27th July 1924Boy 1st Class
Bull, Robert John20th September 1924Boy 2nd Class
Crouch, Cecil Henry10th October 1924Boy 2nd Class
Alland, Harry Cecil14th October 1924Boy 2nd Class
Moore, Hugh Thomas Henry14th October 1924Boy 2nd Class
Shorrock, Stanley Henry Alexander22nd November 1924Boy 2nd Class
Farnish, Frederick Norman21st January 1925Boy 2nd Class
Alland, Harry Cecil29th March 1925Boy 1st Class
Moore, Hugh Thomas Henry29th March 1925Boy 1st Class
Bull, Robert John17th May 1925Boy 1st Class
Crouch, Cecil Henry21st June 1925Boy 1st Class
Shorrock, Stanley Henry Alexander12th July 1925Boy 1st Class
White, Edward Harry31st July 1925Boy 2nd Class
McNulty, John Gerald21st August 1925Boy 2nd Class
Bond, Sidney Wilfred29th August 1925Boy 2nd Class
Kendall, Albert James5th September 1925Boy 2nd Class
Phillips, Horace Ernest6th September 1925Boy 2nd Class
Luckhurst, John Henry James8th September 1925Boy 2nd Class
Farnish, Frederick Norman4th October 1925Boy 1st Class
Le Page, Edwin Henry George28th January 1926Boy 2nd Class
McNulty, John Gerald14th February 1926Boy 1st Class
White, Edward Harry14th February 1926Boy 1st Class
Chatfield, B.E.M., Edwin Herbert21st February 1926Boy 1st Class
Richer, Harold Edward30th March 1926Boy 2nd Class
Shiers, William Henry8th April 1926Boy 2nd Class
O'Rourke, Patrick Charles22nd April 1926Boy 2nd Class
Bond, Sidney Wilfred25th April 1926Boy 1st Class
Kendall, Albert James25th April 1926Boy 1st Class
Phillips, Horace Ernest25th April 1926Boy 1st Class
Gregory, Arthur Henry29th April 1926Boy 2nd Class
Luckhurst, John Henry James13th June 1926Boy 1st Class
Chatfield, B.E.M., Edwin Herbert20th June 1926Boy 2nd Class
Skipper, John Frederick William24th July 1926Boy 2nd Class
Wright, Thomas Charles19th August 1926Boy 2nd Class
Le Page, Edwin Henry George3rd October 1926Boy 1st Class
McNulty, John Gerald21st November 1926Ordinary Telegraphist
Richer, Harold Edward21st November 1926Boy 1st Class
Shiers, William Henry28th November 1926Boy 1st Class
O'Rourke, Patrick Charles5th December 1926Boy 1st Class
Gregory, Arthur Henry12th December 1926Boy 1st Class
Skipper, John Frederick William6th March 1927Boy 1st Class
Wright, Thomas Charles20th March 1927Boy 1st Class
Doak, Walter William1st September 1927Boy 2nd Class
Doak, Walter William27th May 1928Boy 1st Class
Doak, Walter William14th September 1928Ordinary Seaman
Bartley, Archibald Edward Thomas22nd January 1938Signal Boatswain