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H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Ranks / rates are the highest known for each man during his time serving in Hood.

26 men are known to have served in Hood and reached the rank of Chief ERA 1st Class

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.FromTo
Frederick James Chief ERA 1st ClassM118415th May 19234th November 1925
William RichardChief ERA 1st ClassM6254th December 192517th May 1929
Harold ReedChief ERA 1st ClassM3497630th August 19356th April 1941
William Harold EastlakeChief ERA 1st Class2719251st April 192724th April 1929
Claude WilliamChief ERA 1st ClassM306810th March 193122nd April 1932
William LeonardChief ERA 1st ClassM22391. 2nd July 1920
2. 17th July 1928
1. 4th May 1923
2. 16th May 1929
Henry JamesChief ERA 1st ClassM1097816th March 193122nd April 1932
Alfred James TrewinChief ERA 1st ClassM11904th December 192514th April 1927
Alfred ThomasChief ERA 1st ClassM223615th May 192315th December 1925
JohnChief ERA 1st Class2719884th December 19251st September 1926
Francis PatrickChief ERA 1st Class2719711. 4th February 1920
2. 1st April 1920
3. 1st April 1927
1. 31st March 1920
2. 6th January 1922
3. 30th April 1929
Arthur ClarenceChief ERA 1st ClassM10982911th May 193426th August 1936
James HenryChief ERA 1st ClassM22815th May 192315th December 1925
AlfredChief ERA 1st ClassM69013th January 19269th July 1926
Horace FrankChief ERA 1st Class27222630th April 19274th December 1928
James NelsonChief ERA 1st Class2720971st April 192716th May 1929
John WilliamChief ERA 1st ClassM254317th July 192816th May 1929
Reginald WilliamChief ERA 1st ClassM1141930th August 19335th August 1936
William FrancisChief ERA 1st Class27225818th April 19234th November 1925
John WilliamChief ERA 1st ClassM14344th December 192514th April 1927
Robert OlariveChief ERA 1st ClassM3815th December 19257th May 1928
Robert WalterChief ERA 1st Class27199417th November 192816th May 1929
Francis CecilChief ERA 1st Class27195715th May 192329th December 1925
PercyChief ERA 1st ClassM25412nd November 19268th August 1928
Henry Herbert NcMahonChief ERA 1st Class2724011st July 193127th August 1931
Charles EdwinChief ERA 1st Class2719201. 4th February 1920
2. 1st April 1920
3. 1st April 1927
1. 31st March 1920
2. 4th April 1921
3. 27th August 1928