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Updated 07-Mar-2010

This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Ranks / rates are the highest known for each man during his time serving in Hood.

24 men are known to have served in Hood and reached the rank of Chief Petty Officer Writer

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.FromTo
FrederickChief Petty Officer WriterM696410th June 19228th January 1925
CorneliusChief Petty Officer WriterM543711th July 19311st September 1931
Charles FrederickChief Petty Officer WriterM45431st May 19266th August 1928
William ThomasChief Petty Officer WriterM45401st January 19263rd September 1928
George FrancisChief Petty Officer Writer34735921st November 19236th January 1926
John JamesChief Petty Officer WriterP/M 2790213th August 194024th May 1941 (loss of ship)
George WilliamChief Petty Officer WriterM69707th January 192628th August 1927
William BertChief Petty Officer WriterM1813629th August 193326th February 1936
Albert EdwardChief Petty Officer WriterM383451. 2nd November 1925
2. 6th July 1940
1. 2nd May 1927
2. 17th August 1940
Herbert RandolphChief Petty Officer WriterM389222nd January 193418th May 1936
Francis SydneyChief Petty Officer WriterM303020th July 192816th May 1929
Jeremiah Chief Petty Officer WriterM3930911th May 193420th February 1936
George AlfredChief Petty Officer WriterM351212nd September 193320th February 1936
John FrancisChief Petty Officer WriterM192928th August 192816th May 1929
Herbert SpencerChief Petty Officer WriterM3761016th March 19314th September 1933
Reginald Cecil Victor ClarenceChief Petty Officer WriterM85981st January 19275th April 1929
Archibald ErnestChief Petty Officer WriterM605530th December 19314th September 1933
Ronald JohnChief Petty Officer WriterM21471st July 19286th April 1929
AllanChief Petty Officer WriterM371781st September 193213th January 1935
Archibald HenryChief Petty Officer WriterP/MX 463631. 11th December 1939
2. 11th August 1940
1. 3rd March 1940
2. 24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Sydney GeorgeChief Petty Officer WriterM274516th March 19314th January 1932
Norman LeslieChief Petty Officer WriterM2770212th January 193526th May 1937
Frederick WilliamChief Petty Officer Writer3475154th January 192522nd July 1928
Stanley EdgarChief Petty Officer WriterM21127th January 19263rd September 1928