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Updated 07-Mar-2010

This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Ranks / rates are the highest known for each man during his time serving in Hood.

73 men are known to have served in Hood and reached the rank of Leading Telegraphist

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.FromTo
ArchibaldLeading TelegraphistJ281571st April 192017th May 1920
ArchibaldLeading TelegraphistJ3312215th May 19237th May 1925
Vaughan NicholasLeading TelegraphistJ271301st July 193127th August 1931
George JamesLeading TelegraphistJ360605th May 193320th February 1936
Alexander HarrisLeading TelegraphistJ7775224th November 19236th October 1926
John CharlesLeading TelegraphistJ4294428th August 192830th April 1929
John ThomasLeading TelegraphistJ528387th January 192627th August 1928
Raphael Dominic TerrenceLeading TelegraphistJ4836914th August 19237th January 1926
Alfred William BoynesLeading TelegraphistJ303788th September 193116th December 1931
ThomasLeading TelegraphistJ.2815228th August 192816th May 1929
William WillettLeading TelegraphistJ7199712th May 19314th September 1931
Charles LeonardLeading Telegraphist2400458th May 192527th August 1928
Howard GeorgeLeading TelegraphistJ201471st August 192223rd November 1923
Arthur HenryLeading TelegraphistJ3032121st February 193611th May 1938
Henry Alexander CampbellLeading TelegraphistJ4172915th May 19236th May 1925
Frederick GeorgeLeading TelegraphistP/J 7396427th May 194024th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Wilfred John WilliamLeading TelegraphistJ338597th January 192627th August 1928
WalterLeading TelegraphistJ4323728th August 192831st December 1928
Brian CrickmoreLeading TelegraphistJ339161st April 192020th April 1920
Herbert BradleyLeading TelegraphistJ4228528th August 192831st December 1928
William AmosLeading TelegraphistJ6612012th May 193122nd April 1932
Robert Cecil ErnestLeading TelegraphistJ7016930th August 193520th February 1936
William ThomasLeading TelegraphistP/JX 144419May 1936July 1939
A.E.Leading TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
StanleyLeading TelegraphistUnknownabout 1936about 1936
FrankLeading TelegraphistJ325435th September 193428th August 1936
William ThomasLeading TelegraphistJ531717th January 192627th August 1928
Benjamin PalmerLeading TelegraphistF551681. 5th May 1934
2. 28th November 1936
1. 3rd September 1936
2. 11th May 1938
JosephLeading TelegraphistJ3984018th April 192816th May 1929
William JamesLeading TelegraphistJ7053128th August 19285th April 1929
J.Leading TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
Arthur FrederickLeading TelegraphistJ705047th January 192627th August 1928
Frank LawrenceLeading TelegraphistJ7123130th August 193520th February 1936
Roman BelmontLeading TelegraphistJ6544516th May 193130th August 1933
John EdwinLeading TelegraphistJ8039915th May 19236th January 1926
Frderick James HoraceLeading TelegraphistJ5290612th January 193428th August 1936
Ernrest GeorgeLeading TelegraphistJ358651st January 192916th May 1929
Terence EdwardLeading TelegraphistJ5196726th August 193230th December 1932
Walter Arthur FrederickLeading TelegraphistJ8559315th May 19236th January 1926
William JamesLeading TelegraphistJ5565116th March 19319th May 1932
Albert MontagueLeading TelegraphistJ116876th December 192114th May 1923
Cecil LonelLeading TelegraphistJ591085th May 193428th August 1936
John ClugstonLeading TelegraphistJ5350731st August 19334th May 1934
WilliamLeading TelegraphistJ3320928th August 192816th May 1929
Kenneth WilliamLeading TelegraphistJ10895331st August 19334th May 1934
Reginald WilliamLeading TelegraphistJ3168710th June 192212th August 1922
William James HayterLeading TelegraphistJ452437th January 192627th August 1928
G.T.Leading TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
George ThomasLeading TelegraphistJ3018624th November 19237th January 1926
FrankLeading TelegraphistJ286366th December 192114th May 1923
C.F.Leading TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
ArthurLeading TelegraphistJ304596th December 192114th May 1923
HarryLeading TelegraphistJ337481. 13th August 1922
2. 15th May 1923
1. 31st December 1922
2. 22nd February 1925
ThomasLeading TelegraphistJ6936428th August 19285th April 1929
A.G.Leading TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
Walter JoshuaLeading TelegraphistJ430411. 10th March 1920
2. 1st April 1920
1. 31st March 1920
2. 22nd April 1920
HarryLeading TelegraphistJ3192528th August 192816th May 1929
Albert WilliamLeading TelegraphistJ5235212th May 193130th August 1933
William George RedversLeading TelegraphistJ6599228th August 19283rd April 1929
Frederick ThomasLeading TelegraphistJ338546th December 19212nd August 1922
John EdwardLeading TelegraphistJ3315326th May 192031st December 1922
CharlesLeading TelegraphistJ5296027th August 193230th August 1933
Eric ArthurLeading TelegraphistJ9324623rd September 193416th October 1940
Robert GeorgeLeading TelegraphistJ1013568th September 193620th November 1936
Harry StanleyLeading TelegraphistJ4382217th December 19311st May 1933
Arthur JohnLeading TelegraphistJ4837631st August 193328th August 1936
Ernest Frank WindettLeading TelegraphistJ5473316th March 19315th May 1933
Ernest Frank WindettLeading TelegraphistJ54733about 1932about 1932
Allan ArthurLeading TelegraphistJ9232816th March 193130th August 1933
HoraceLeading TelegraphistJ376891. 6th December 1921
2. 2nd January 1923
1. 2nd August 1922
2. 6th January 1926
George EdwardLeading TelegraphistJ339131st September 19236th January 1926
Ernest AlfredLeading TelegraphistJ5479428th August 192820th April 1929
FrederickLeading TelegraphistJ7882416th March 193122nd April 1932