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H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

It is estimated that as many as 9,000 men, perhaps more, served aboard the "Mighty Hood" during the operational portion of her 21 year career. Unfortunately, there is no surviving official single listing of ALL men who served in her. Here you will find our attempt at creating such a listing. We are using the few, fragmentary crew lists known to exist, Navy Lists, various official reports, public records, and most importantly of all, inputs from the families of former crew.Chainbar divider

Number of matching records:74

Rank / Rating = Chief Petty Officer

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.Timeframe
Charles HenryChief Petty Officer2256751923/1924
Stanley Ernest HillChief Petty OfficerJ9452202 May 1939 - 03 Mar 1940 and 11Aug 1940- 12 May 1941
JohnChief Petty OfficerJ17487 
Ernest FrederickChief Petty Officer2212041923/1924
WalterChief Petty Officer  
UnknownChief Petty OfficerUnknownCirca 1926/1927
Albert ErnestChief Petty OfficerJ24377 
William Frederick RichardChief Petty OfficerP/J 79704Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Sydney JamesChief Petty OfficerP/J 94291Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
William HenryChief Petty OfficerP/JX 152636Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
HenryChief Petty OfficerJ6942 
William FrankChief Petty OfficerJ2387 
Sidney JosephChief Petty OfficerJ24731 
Harold LeslieChief Petty OfficerP/J 105588Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
George EdwardChief Petty Officer2200391923/1924
NicholasChief Petty OfficerP/J 21190Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
W.Chief Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Anthony James BarffChief Petty OfficerJ40965 
AlexanderChief Petty OfficerJ39763 
Albert HaroldChief Petty OfficerJ5859 
FrederickChief Petty OfficerJ28897 
Charles ReginaldChief Petty Officer216764 
LChief Petty OfficerK363311939 - 1940
ThomasChief Petty OfficerJ14762 
Walter Henry WoodrowChief Petty OfficerP/J 104150Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
William JohnChief Petty OfficerUnknownUnknown (prob pre-war)
John MilesChief Petty Officer238735 
Albert GeorgeChief Petty Officer2221941923/1924
Peter StanleyChief Petty Officer234328 
Richard JamesChief Petty OfficerJ23914 
FrankChief Petty OfficerJ8013 
Arthur Edward StanleyChief Petty OfficerUnknown1940
JohnChief Petty OfficerJ18143 
JohnChief Petty Officer220716 
Sydney HaroldChief Petty OfficerJ1729 
James E.Chief Petty OfficerUnknownUnknown
Vernon GeorgeChief Petty OfficerP/J 103886Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Robert HenryChief Petty OfficerJ545108th September 1936 to 2nd June 1939
Sidney VictorChief Petty OfficerP/J 93170Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Charles LeonardChief Petty OfficerJ36063 
Sydney ThomasChief Petty OfficerPortsmouth J 1128730 Aug 1933 - 04 Sep 1934
FrankChief Petty OfficerJ14639 
Thomas HenryChief Petty Officer202714 
H.R.S.Chief Petty OfficerUnknown1922
FredChief Petty OfficerJ18211 
WilliamChief Petty OfficerJ731 
George EdwinChief Petty OfficerJ26347 
Arthur G.H.Chief Petty OfficerJ9525708 Sep 1936 - 15 Apr 1941
GeorgeChief Petty Officer2177091923/1924
William ArthurChief Petty Officer205776 
John SamuelChief Petty Officer238430 
MarkChief Petty Officer201281 
Arthur JamesChief Petty Officer237662 
JamesChief Petty OfficerUnknownWartime
SidneyChief Petty OfficerJ14641 
ThomasChief Petty OfficerUnknown1937/1938
John HenryChief Petty OfficerP/J 91627Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
AndrewChief Petty Officer20363Served in Hood twice: 8th January 1923 to 4th April 1923 and again from 24th November 1923 to 28th October 1924
MarkChief Petty Officer237842 
Ralph StewartChief Petty OfficerJ23077 
Henry ArthurChief Petty OfficerJ21089 
Edward AlfredChief Petty Officer34622102 Oct 1920 - 07 Apr 1921
Joseph PhillipChief Petty OfficerJ22902 
T.C.Chief Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Maurice HerbertChief Petty OfficerJ10390 
Edward ErnestChief Petty OfficerUnknownCIrca 1922
Edward Arthur HerbertChief Petty OfficerP/J 98316Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Edward ThomasChief Petty OfficerJ19815 
William JosephChief Petty OfficerJ465871922 and 1939
Stanley AlbertChief Petty Officer220128 
Wallace WalterChief Petty OfficerJ10620 
James Douglas HaigChief Petty Officer Early World War 2
Frederick ThomasChief Petty Officer20310810th June 1922 to 3rd January 1923
Frederick ThomasChief Petty Officer203108