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H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

It is estimated that as many as 9,000 men, perhaps more, served aboard the "Mighty Hood" during the operational portion of her 21 year career. Unfortunately, there is no surviving official single listing of ALL men who served in her. Here you will find our attempt at creating such a listing. We are using the few, fragmentary crew lists known to exist, Navy Lists, various official reports, public records, and most importantly of all, inputs from the families of former crew.Chainbar divider

Number of matching records:91

Rank / Rating = Chief Stoker

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.Timeframe
Thomas WilliamChief StokerK5746431 August 1933 to 17 April 1941
Harold VineChief StokerK17142 
JamesChief StokerK21963 
Philip HenryChief StokerK8588 
T.J.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
Leonard JacobChief StokerK59295 
Reginald JohnChief StokerK41339 
Sidney GeorgeChief StokerK2342 
HarryChief Stoker310148 
Walden JohnChief StokerP/KX 88862Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Charles JohnChief StokerP/R 49102Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
WilliamChief StokerK174 
William GeorgeChief StokerK2314 
ArthurChief StokerK598131935-1936
ArthurChief StokerK59813 
FrederickChief StokerK11146 
William HenryChief Stoker30507530 October 1923 to 10 November 1924.
James EnochChief StokerP/K 20007Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
John StanleyChief StokerK59403 
George ArthurChief StokerK17121 
A.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
J.F.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
AlbertChief StokerK10463 
DavidChief StokerK1882 
Ernest WilliamChief StokerK56117 
Rodney AlfredChief StokerP/K 57838Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
P.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
Edward WilliamChief StokerK43641 
J.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
Randolphin ErnestChief StokerK2895 
JohnChief StokerK2540 
ThomasChief StokerK2733 
Alfred PercivalChief StokerDevonport M614726 Nov 1923 - 02 May 1926
TomChief StokerSS122379, P/K 64275Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
J.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
J.W.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
GeorgeChief StokerUnknownCirca 1929
SamuelChief StokerK1813 
AlbertChief StokerK55829 
Frederick JamesChief StokerP/K 23361Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Richard JohnChief StokerP/K 51611Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
ErnestChief StokerK668431928-9, 1940-1
William JamesChief StokerK1947 
William ThomasChief StokerK15357 
Harry CharlesChief StokerK4413 
Samuel JohnChief Stoker310625 
Charles HenryChief StokerK11972 
John ThomasChief StokerK60863 
Albert EdwardChief StokerP/K 63728Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
WilliamChief StokerK7940 
WilliamChief StokerP/K 46594Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
William George SneddonChief StokerK20834 
Robert GeorgeChief StokerK2345 
JamesChief StokerK5240 
RichardChief Stoker30504330 October 1923 to 10 September 1925
James AlexanderChief StokerK17221 
StanleyChief StokerK57327 
George FrederickChief Stoker312191 
William JamesChief StokerK19093 
William John AubreyChief StokerK59700 
RichardChief StokerK18619Twice - 15 May 1923 to 04 November 1925 and 24 April 1929 to 16 May 1929
Thomas HerbertChief StokerK36315 
John HaroldChief StokerK4258 
T.J.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
Harry NoelChief StokerK65878 
Charles VictorChief StokerK50245 
W.H.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
William ThomasChief StokerK18660 
William RobertChief StokerP/K 64634Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
WilliamChief StokerK2256 
HenryChief Stoker304884 
JohnChief StokerP/K 55256Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
J.Chief StokerUnknown1923/1924
FrankChief Stoker310454 
Arthur HenryChief StokerK19138 
Sydney StandertonChief StokerP/K 55384Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
JosephChief StokerK15705 
Ernest StanleyChief StokerK18434 
FredChief StokerK9655 
George AlbertChief StokerK15238 
Albert EdwardChief Stoker346-98612 Sep 1920 - 14 May 1923
Frederick James Chief StokerK28596 
GeorgeChief StokerK16234 
Josiah TarnChief StokerP/K 60980Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Charles JohnChief StokerK171 
HarryChief StokerJ103868 then P/K 61055Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Harold HenryChief StokerK5251 
F.Chief StokerUnknown1923 to 1924
Joseph EdwardsChief StokerK10365 
A.E.Chief StokerUnknown1923 to 1924
George WilliamChief StokerK15253