-H.M.S. Hood Crew Information-
H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

It is estimated that as many as 9,000 men, perhaps more, served aboard the "Mighty Hood" during the operational portion of her 21 year career. Unfortunately, there is no surviving official single listing of ALL men who served in her. Here you will find our attempt at creating such a listing. We are using the few, fragmentary crew lists known to exist, Navy Lists, various official reports, public records, and most importantly of all, inputs from the families of former crew.Chainbar divider

Number of matching records:285

Rank / Rating = Petty Officer

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.Timeframe
Louis Frederick HenryPetty OfficerJ19255 
Sidney GeorgePetty OfficerJ20157 
Harry CecilPetty OfficerP/J 112089Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
WalterPetty OfficerJ113075 
JamesPetty Officer2287661923/1924
WilliamPetty Officer2028436 
William HenryPetty OfficerJ17547 
G.G.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
John JamesPetty Officer2020093 
EdwardPetty Officer237259 
John EliotPetty Officer220565 
Kenneth Charles FrankPetty OfficerP/JX 126991Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Charles GeorgePetty OfficerP/JX 161546Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
John KennethPetty OfficerP/J 112529Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Charles ReginaldPetty OfficerJ22787 
Richard AdworthPetty Officer233548 
John RichardPetty OfficerJ14598 
Edward James PurnellPetty OfficerP/JX 151111Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
W.H.J.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Henry GeorgePetty OfficerJ16378 
TomPetty OfficerJ1383 
Alfred EdwardPetty Officer236995 
ClementPetty OfficerJ14849 
StanleyPetty OfficerP/JX 140291Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
William LouisPetty OfficerP/JX 138206Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
William JohnPetty Officer238169 
William HarryPetty OfficerJ17560 
FrankPetty OfficerJ18660 
Thomas MartinPetty Officer229152 
Wilfred FrankPetty OfficerJ17138 
Wilfred FrankPetty OfficerJ17138 
Frederick RobertPetty Officer206477 
Joseph FrancisPetty Officer228769 
Herbert L.Petty OfficerJ 1305910 Mar 1931 - 24 Aug 1933
Albert Edward ClementsPetty OfficerJ23372 
Kenneth FrankPetty OfficerP/J 103720Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Francis JamesPetty OfficerJ15901 
InkermanPetty Officer225748 
Reginald John Petty OfficerJ1235 
Scott ArthurPetty OfficerJ6816 
OwenPetty Officer234111 
OswaldPetty Officer232869 
W.A.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
W.G.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
AlfredPetty OfficerJ24824 
Francis HenryPetty OfficerJ31979 
Henry JohnPetty OfficerP/JX 137525Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
William GeorgePetty OfficerJ 5711308 Sept 1936 to 09 Sep 1940
Ernest WalterPetty OfficerJ43963 
Roy ArthurPetty OfficerJX150843Circa 1941
Ronald Herbert JohnPetty OfficerJ109840Mid 1930s to mid/late 1930s
JeremiahPetty Officer2295041923/1924
Arthur RalphPetty OfficerP/JX 137201Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
E.T.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
F.Petty OfficerP/JX 130725Early 1940
F.J.G.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
E.C.G .Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Percy MullicePetty OfficerJ17136 
Percy MullicePetty OfficerJ17136 
H.T.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
CharliePetty Officer2390261927-1928
E.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Joseph BeddingtonPetty OfficerP/JX 136123Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
B.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
DuncanPetty OfficerJ23959 
Reginald JackPetty OfficerJ35825 
Ralph Petty OfficerJ31509 
DavidPetty Officer2263431923/1924
W.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Frederick Daniel PatrickPetty OfficerJ111690 
H.A.A.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Albert HenryPetty OfficerJ7058 
Charles HenryPetty OfficerJ18738 
Francis CharlesPetty OfficerJ24006 
A.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
G.A.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
William WallacePetty OfficerUnknown1936-1941
Walter WilliamPetty OfficerP/JX 130708Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Cyril FrancisPetty OfficerJ26810 
Patrick LewisPetty OfficerP/J 108617Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
W.G.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Sydney JamesPetty OfficerJ899 
ThomasPetty OfficerJ38011 
Frederick WilliamPetty OfficerJ29208 
A.Petty OfficerP/J14926Early 1940
Arthur ThomasPetty OfficerJ14926 
BillyPetty OfficerUnknown1924
DanielPetty OfficerJ19573 
Richard JamesPetty OfficerJ15844 
RichardPetty OfficerJ21303 
V.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
VictorPetty OfficerJ27155 
SamuelPetty OfficerJ 8603? - 14 June 1927 (died)
George FrankPetty OfficerJ7216 
Sidney Augustus LeonaardPetty OfficerJ34309 
MichaelPetty OfficerUnknownUnknown
VernonPetty OfficerUnknown17 Jul 1938 - 26 May 1940
William JohnPetty OfficerJ109351 
Ralph StewartPetty OfficerJ18340 
G.A.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Arthur JamesPetty OfficerJ24262 
Alfred WilliamPetty OfficerJ27468 
Horace WalterPetty OfficerP/J 41701Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Frederick ArthurPetty OfficerP/JX 152048Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
AlfredPetty OfficerC/J 45510Circa 1929
Albert EdwardPetty OfficerJ27489 
RupertPetty OfficerONJ2249Circa 1922
Thomas Evan LloydPetty OfficerJ14003 
JamesPetty OfficerJ32209 
Charles HerbertPetty Officerj17939 
T.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
JamesPetty OfficerJ43938 
Reginald AlbertPetty OfficerJ1631 
A.H.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Frederick CharlesPetty OfficerUnknown1932 to 1934 and 1936 to 1939
GeorgePetty OfficerJ17417 
L.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
George NormanPetty OfficerJ20283 
Edward AlbertPetty OfficerJ26395 
FrancisPetty OfficerJ29968 
Ernest Frank Petty OfficerJ14376 
Christopher JohnPetty OfficerJ115170 
Edward ErnestPetty OfficerJ784376 May 1933 to 21 February 1936
Stanley JosephPetty OfficerUnknown20 April 1923 to 6 Jan 1926
William AnthonyPetty OfficerP/JX 132271Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
R.G.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
John ThomasPetty OfficerJ1320328 Aug 1928 - 16 May 1929
A.E.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
H.Petty OfficerP/JX151744Early 1940
William Samuel McAvoyPetty OfficerJ21042 
S.E.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Samuel EdgarPetty OfficerJ23590 
Frederick RichardPetty OfficerJ17990 
GeorgePetty OfficerJ16296 
WilliamPetty OfficerJ26519 
Albert JohnPetty OfficerP/JX 127488Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
George EdwardPetty OfficerJ23407 
A.W.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Charles Frederick Petty OfficerJ20150 
R.Petty OfficerP/SSX132845Early 1940
William FrederickPetty OfficerP/JX 136462Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
John WesleyPetty OfficerP/JX 133486Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Meiron HughesPetty OfficerUnknown1935-1940
Richard PercyPetty OfficerJ2680831 August 1933 to 7 September 1936
JeromePetty OfficerJ2151923/1924
CharlesPetty Officer221825 
RoyPetty OfficerJ25580 
William MerioniPetty Officer216077 
MichaelPetty Officer220294 
PatrickPetty Officer225304 
Albert EdwardPetty Officer2309161923/1924
James DurhamPetty OfficerJ20138 
W.H.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Ralph MartinPetty OfficerJ14477 
W.F.H.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
William ThomasPetty OfficerP/JX13796108 Sep 1936 - 28 Feb 1941
Alfred ErnestPetty OfficerJ10652 
T.D.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
J.W.Petty OfficerUnknownCirca 1935
John WilliamPetty OfficerJ19640 
Roland RobertPetty OfficerJ9312 
CharlesPetty Officer2200153 August 1921 to 14 May 1923
AlfredPetty Officer240076 
Albert FrancisPetty OfficerK9298 
Riley ArthurPetty Officer237760 
Samuel JohnPetty Officer221788 
KennethPetty OfficerJ113618 
HenryPetty Officer215620 
WilliamPetty Officer239003 
James HenryPetty Officer222920 
DonaldPetty OfficerJ19874 
John FrederickPetty OfficerJ17627 
Patrick JosephPetty OfficerJ.3636 
Albert Edward StonePetty OfficerJ25751 
Gio (John)Petty OfficerUnknownWartime
Frank RonaldPetty OfficerP/JX 132085Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Dusty (Screaming Skull)Petty OfficerP/J8558608 Sep 1936 to 21 May 1940
Joseph SidneyPetty OfficerJ17206 
W.W.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Walter WilliamPetty OfficerJ14969 
Jack ElfordPetty OfficerP/JX 139334Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Hugh Thomas HenryPetty OfficerP/J 112084Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
|Percival StanleyPetty OfficerJ1987 
JamesPetty Officer2263271923/1924
FrederickPetty Officer235921 
JohnPetty Officer2131151923/1924
William ArthurPetty OfficerP/J 113710Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Alfred FrankPetty OfficerP/JX 131402Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Thomas JosephPetty Officer235376 
James FelixPetty OfficerP/JX 143771Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
UnknownPetty OfficerUnknownCirca 1924
Samuel JohnPetty Officer2345881923 to 1924
John HenryPetty Officer224541 
HaroldPetty OfficerP/J 110958Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Frederick WilliamPetty OfficerJ42457 
HarryPetty OfficerJ14531 
ThomasPetty Officer2375261923/1924
William PatrickPetty Officer221863 
Francis JohnPetty Officer219241 
WalterPetty Officer230710 
TomPetty OfficerJ29379 
William FrederickPetty OfficerP/J 109557Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
HaroldPetty OfficerJ28857 
John HenryPetty OfficerJ17528 
A.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Stanley OsbornPetty OfficerJ20850 
William JamesPetty OfficerJ93990 
Edward JamesPetty Officer2140371923/1924
AlexanderPetty Officer238142 
Leonard John NyePetty Officer219768 
James EdmundPetty Officer222421 
Frederick JohnPetty OfficerJ23356 
William EdwardPetty OfficerP/JX 130543Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
TomPetty Officer2401161923/1924
Alfred HenryPetty OfficerJ14506 
H.Petty OfficerP/J86431Early 1940
Edward WilliamPetty Officer216890 
Harold EdwardPetty OfficerP/JX 126514Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
C.J.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Charles JohnPetty OfficerJ19430 
AlfredPetty Officer225773 
Charles HenryPetty OfficerUnknownWartime
John Ashley GuildfordPetty OfficerP/JX 138794Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Walter FrederickPetty OfficerP/J 108277Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
William AlfredPetty OfficerJ3570910th March 1931 to 6th January 1933
Arthur J.Petty OfficerUnknown? - 19 Nov 1928 (died)
F.R.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
PatrickPetty Officer2105801923/1924
JohnPetty Officer239005 
Leonard Fred GeorgePetty OfficerP/J 98585Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Albert EdgarPetty OfficerP/J 4248118 February 1936 to 01 June 1939
William HerbertPetty OfficerJ42546 
AlexanderPetty OfficerJ25822 
LesliePetty OfficerUnknownWartime
ReginaldPetty OfficerJ17713 
RichardPetty OfficerJ20852 
WilfridPetty OfficerJ20404 
H.H.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Albert JamesPetty Officer238174 
Charles William EvansPetty OfficerJ29207 
Frederick White AylwinPetty OfficerJ40629 
Isaiah William PurchasePetty Officer239836 
Arthur JohnPetty OfficerJ17761 
DouglasPetty OfficerUnknown1920
Arthur WilliamPetty OfficerP/JX 140159Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Albert HoracePetty Officer220042 
ANPetty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
Herbert Bruce (Bruce)Petty OfficerJ 130591931 to 1933
Bertram CliftPetty OfficerP/JX 131805Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
W.J.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
George EdwardPetty OfficerJ17280 
Victor Douglas HerbertPetty OfficerJ15666 
GeorgePetty OfficerJ20729 
Bernard WeeksPetty Officer235051 
Wilfred John Jago Petty OfficerJ20795 
John Thomas PerryPetty Officer236958 
James SomervillePetty Officer2302251923/1924
GeorgePetty OfficerJ23207 
CharlesPetty Officer236840 
William CampbellPetty OfficerP/JX 160896Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
J.Petty OfficerUnknown1923/1924
WilliamPetty Officer2338311923/1924
William CharlesPetty Officer223506 
AlecPetty Officer2386611923/1924
George EdwardPetty Officer239839 
AlbertPetty OfficerJ114423 
Albert CliffordPetty OfficerP/J 107461Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
James LewisPetty Officer2257611923 to 1924
Robert HenryPetty OfficerJ83286 
Noah SamuelPetty Officer238183 
Reginald ArcherPetty OfficerP/JX 130279Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
ErnestPetty OfficerJ13937December 1920 to June 1922
Cyril PeacockPetty OfficerP/JX 131374Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
Henry WilliamPetty Officer209209 
Roland AlanPetty OfficerJ24944 
Walter CharlesPetty Officer228704 
Victor VerdunPetty OfficerP/JX 136657Lost in sinking of ship, 24 May 1941
RowlandBattsonPetty OfficerJ24871 
TrevorPetty OfficerJ17916 
Christopher RalphPetty OfficerJ111230 
Samuel JohnPetty OfficerJ19045 
ArthurPetty OfficerP/JX 152160? - 08 Jul 1940 (died)
Edgar St. VincentPetty OfficerJ38307 
FrederickPetty OfficerJX1935521932 to 1933
FrederickPetty OfficerJ14622