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H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

It is estimated that as many as 9,000 men, perhaps more, served aboard the "Mighty Hood" during the operational portion of her 21 year career. Unfortunately, there is no surviving official single listing of ALL men who served in her. Here you will find our attempt at creating such a listing. We are using the few, fragmentary crew lists known to exist, Navy Lists, various official reports, public records, and most importantly of all, inputs from the families of former crew.Chainbar divider

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Rank / Rating = Stoker

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.TimeframeSource
Joseph SydneyStokerkx 831101939 to 1941 
Edward PhilipStokerK23977March 1920 - May 19231a
CharlesStokerSS1257518th September 1936 - 7th February 1938 
H.StokerP/KX92162Early 19402c
E.StokerP/KX 92177Early 19402c
J.StokerP/KX 92716Early 19402c
J.StokerP/KX96067Early 19402c
L.StokerP/JX91747Early 19402c
George E. (Spike)StokerUnknown1936-19381a
Frederick CharlesStokerUnknownLate 1930s4
Thomas WilliamStokerKX.91247circa 1941 
Arthur FrancisStokerUnknown1921 to 1923 
JohnStokerUnknownCirca 1921/19223f
HarryStokerUnknownCirca 19383f
W.StokerP/KX92898Early 19402c
F.StokerP/MX88110Early 19402c
B.StokerP/KX8846Early 19402c
T.StokerP/KX91303Early 19402c
William HenryStokerP/K 57511? - 22 May 1935 (died)2b
E.StokerP/KX96052Early 19402c
Albert CyrilStokerPKX 880661936-19381a
F.J.StokerP/KX88064Early 19402c
Harold JohnStokerUnknownWartime. Later served in submarines3a
H.StokerP/KX91851Early 19402c
R.StokerP/KX97418Early 19402c
J.StokerP/KX 91632Early 19402c
Major RaymondStokerUnknownAround 1937 
AlfredStokerUnknown1939 to 19414
George EdgarStokerP/KX 91999Early 19402c
Frederick JamesStokerKX 109476Wartime4
V.StokerP/KX92986Early 19402c
J.StokerP/KX95283Early 19402c
C.StokerP/KX79604Early 19402c
Sidney CharlesStokerP/KX 10048829 April - 11 Jun 19401a, 2c
J.StokerP/KX 96080Early 19402c
E.StokerP/K21179Early 19402c
J.StokerP/KX91325Early 19402c
R.StokerP/KX 85337Early 19402c
Emrys JamesStokerUnknownUnknown4
Frank VictorStokerUnknownMid 1930s 
L.StokerP/KX 88044Early 19402c
Richard (Dick)StokerUnknown07 Sep 1936 - 29 Nov 19391a
NormanStokerUnknownUntil May 19413b
C.StokerP/KX 96087Early 19402c
D.StokerP/KX 91801Early 19402c
William EdwinStokerP/KX 91253mid-late 1930s3a, 3b