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It is estimated that as many as 18,000 men served aboard the 'Mighty Hood' during the operational portion of her 21 year career. Unfortunately, there is no surviving official single listing of ALL men who served in her. Here you will find our attempt at creating such a listing. We are using the few, fragmentary crew lists known to exist, Navy Lists, various official reports, public records, and most importantly of all, inputs from the families of former crew.

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Eddie Goggins

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Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Ordinary Seaman
Service Number: P/JX151956
Joined Hood: 1938
Left Hood: 1940

Biographical Information:

Eddie served in Hood twice. He joined her for the first time on 30 April 1938. Eddie served in Hood as a Boy 1st Class until 28 September 1938, leaving to join H.M.S. London. But he was only in that ship for just over a month before transferring back to Hood, still as a Boy 1st Class on 3rd October 1938. His service then continued in Hood until he finally left the ship on 10th June 1940. 'She was a dream ship and I couln't believe my luck to be drafted to her but I was lucky to leave her when I did,' he says.

Eddie was a long time member of the H.M.S. Hood Association and travelled down every May from his home in Edinburgh to Portsmouth for the annual reunion. It was Eddie's habit to arrive on the Friday and to stop at the Lady Hamilton on the front. All the members marveled how Eddie made the long journey on his own year after year.

Eddie was a great conversationalist and, over the years, many members have enjoyed an evening with him in the bar at the Home Club. He loved his whisky and always took it 'with a tear drop of water.' Eddie's conversation was not limied to English (or Scottish!) as he took great enjoyment in trying out his German on various German guests attending the Reunions over the years.

At home in Edinburgh, Eddie's favourite haunt was the Central Branch of the Royal British Legion.

In 2005 Eddie was amazed to be invited to a Buckingham Palace garden party. In his typically modest way Eddie's comment was 'fancy the Queen inviting me - just an Ordinary Seaman!'

Sadly 2006 was to be Eddie's final trip to Portsmouth. On 29th August 2006 this true gentleman Crossed the Bar. Rest in Peace Eddie, your many friends in the Royal British Legion and H.M.S. Hood Association will always remember you.

Additional Photos

Eddie tries out his German on Thomas Schmid at the Hood Association Reunion, May 2006

Another German friend. Eddie meets Bismarck veteran Heinrich Kuhnt at the Reunion, May 2005

Eddie and Malte Gaack at the Reunion, May 2005

Eddie and Ward Carr at the Reunion, May 2005

Eddie and website researcher Paul Bevand at the Reunion, May 2005

Eddie and long time Association member Alan Plant after the Sunday morning church service, May 2004

Eddie's last march was in 2003. Here he is in the centre of the front rank with Dick Turner on his right and Jim Taylor to his left.

No known memorials

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
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ADM 101/565
Eddie himself
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