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In Remembrance of
Ernest Harold Hawkins

Photo of
Date of birth: 3rd April 1906
Place of birth: Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Parents: Ernest and Ada Hawkins
Wife: Liv Hawkins
Previous occupation: Scholar
Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Shipwright 1st Class
Service Number: P/M 36757
Joined Hood: 14th August 1937 (Shipwright 2nd Class)
Left Hood: 24th May 1941 (loss of ship) (Shipwright 1st Class)
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Biographical Information: Ernest Harold Hawkins was born on 3rd April 1906 in Portsmouth, Hampshire to Ernest and Ada Hawkins. The 1911 Census that shows that he was living, aged 5, with his parents at 273 Twyford Avenue, North End, Stamshaw in Portsmouth. His father Ernest was an electrician in the Royal Navy and had been married to Ada for six years with Ernest being their only son at that time.

Ernest joined the Royal Navy as an Apprentice Shipwright on 22 August 1922, at the age of just 15. He married Liv Borgny Olsen in the October quarter of 1932, in the Portsmouth registration district - Liv appears to have had connections to Norway. By the time of his marriage, Ernest's career was progressing very satisfactorily: he was, by then, a Shipwright 3rd Class.

Ernest's career continued to advance: he joined HMS Hood as a Shipwright 2nd Class on 14th August 1937. He was promoted to Shipwright 1st Class on 22nd August 1939, while on board. He spent nearly four years in HMS Hood - much his longest draft while on the trained strength - and this was his misfortune.

Ernest Harold Hawkins was 35 years old at the time of his loss.

History of ships served in and rate held:

Date FromDate toShipRatingSource
22nd August 192131st December 1921Victory IIIApprentice ShipwrightADM188/1091
1st January 192221st August 1926Victory IIApprentice ShipwrightADM188/1091
22nd August 19261st November 1926Victory IIShipwright 5th ClassADM188/1091
2nd November 192614th January 1927FisgardShipwright 5th ClassADM188/1091
15th January 192721st August 1927CardiffShipwright 5th ClassADM188/1091
22nd August 192729th May 1928CardiffActing Shipwright 4th ClassADM188/1091
30th May 19288th August 1928FisgardActing Shipwright 4th ClassADM188/1091
9th August 192821st August 1928ConstanceActing Shipwright 4th ClassADM188/1091
22nd August 19286th September 1929ConstanceShipwright 4th ClassADM188/1091
7th September 192921st August 1930NelsonShipwright 4th ClassADM363/172
22nd August 193031st August 1932NelsonShipwright 3rd ClassADM363/172
1st September 193217th October 1932Victory IIShipwright 3rd ClassADM363/172
18th October 193221st August 1934Royal SovereignShipwright 3rd ClassADM363/172
22nd August 193423rd August 1935Royal SovereignShipwright 2nd ClassADM363/172
24th August 193529th June 1936VernonShipwright 2nd ClassADM363/172
30th June 193631st July 1936Victory II (Grenville)Shipwright 2nd ClassADM363/172
1st August 193613th August 1937St. Angelo (Grenville)Shipwright 2nd ClassADM363/172
14th August 193721st August 1939HoodShipwright 2nd ClassADM363/172
22nd August 193924th May 1941HoodShipwright 1st ClassADM363/172

Additional Photos

Ernest Hawkins as a baby. This photo was found on an old postcard purchased as part of an online lot. Patient detective work by the purchaser (see below) revealed the identity of the baby.

Reverse of the postcard on which Ernest Hawkins' baby photo was found. Although the name is incorrectly listed (given names are transposed) that name, together with a precise date, gave enough information for the baby to be identified.

Hood Chapel, Church of St. John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Southsea, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

The part of the memorial in which the Hood casualty names can be found.
(Panels 45 to 61)

Ernest's name is in Column 2 of Panel 56.

Detail of Ernest's name.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
'Register of Deaths of Naval Ratings' (data extracted by Director of Naval Personnel (Disclosure Cell), Navy Command HQ, 2009)
Harold's son, Ernest T. Hawkins (photo, July 2006)
Simon Last (Charnwood Genealogy) biographical information and postcard photos October 2021.