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In Remembrance of
Joshua Cantrill

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Date of birth: 30th March 1894
Place of birth: Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Parents: Joshua and Sarah Cantrill
Wife: Kate Cantrill
Previous occupation: Rubber on pit bank
Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Stoker Petty Officer
Service Number: P/K 19095
Joined Hood: 3rd June 1940 (Stoker Petty Officer)
Left Hood: 24th May 1941 (loss of ship) (Stoker Petty Officer)
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Biographical Information:

Joshua was born on 30th March 1894 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire to parents Joshua and Sarah Cantrill (nee Needham). His mother died in childbirth in 1905. His father, a coal miner by trade, re-married to Mary Ann Jelley. Joshua had six brothers and sisters.

Prior to joining the Navy in May 1913, Joshua had followed his father into the coal industry, working on the surface at Rubberson pit bank. After joining the Navy he was trained as a Stoker and served until October 1938. He was recalled to service in September 1939 after the outbreak of the Second World War, and joined his final ship, Hood, in June 1940.

Joshua was the husband of Kate Cantrill, of Stoneferry, Hull. They were married on 23 January 1919. Family memory tells that Kate learned of the fate of her husband when she was out shopping in Stoneferry and saw a Hull Daily Mail advertising board saying "HOOD LOST WITH ALL HANDS". The story tells that she collapsed in the street with shock and never fully recovered from it.

Joshua was 47 years old at the time of his loss.

History of ships served in and ratings held:

Date FromDate toShipRatingSource
10th May 191314th October 1913Victory IIStoker 2nd ClassADM188/905
15th October 19139th March 1914LatonaStoker 2nd ClassADM188/905
10th March 19149th May 1914NeptuneStoker 2nd ClassADM188/905
10th May 191425th September 1915NeptuneStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
26th September 191519th November 1915Victory IIStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
20th November 191527th December 1916VenerableStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
28th December 19168th April 1917Victory IIStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
9th April 19178th June 1917Attentive (Saracen)Stoker 1st ClassADM188/905
9th June 191710th July 1919Victory IIStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
1st February 19195th June 1919Wallington (Saracen)Stoker 1st ClassADM188/905
6th June 191929th July 1919Victory IIStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
11th July 191931st January 1919Attentive (Saracen)Stoker 1st ClassADM188/905
30th July 191930th September 1919Blake (Ursula)Stoker 1st ClassADM188/905
1st October 191923rd August 1920Coleen (Ursula)Stoker 1st ClassADM188/905
24th August 19209th March 1922Dido (Ursula)Stoker 1st ClassADM188/905
10th March 192214th March 1922Victory IIStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
15th March 192215th May 1922Columbine (Westminster)Stoker 1st ClassADM188/905
16th May 192219th June 1922Victory IIStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
20th June 192226th May 1924ThundererStoker 1st ClassADM188/905
27th May 192427th May 1924ThundererActing Leading StokerADM188/905
28th May 192422nd September 1924Victory IIActing Leading StokerADM188/905
23rd September 19249th January 1925FisgardActing Leading StokerADM188/905
10th January 192526th May 1925Victory IIActing Leading StokerADM188/905
27th May 192520th October 1925Victory IILeading StokerADM188/905
21st October 192526th May 1926CurlewLeading StokerADM188/905
27th May 192616th January 1927CurlewActing Stoker Petty OfficerADM188/905
17th January 192726th May 1927CairoActing Stoker Petty OfficerADM188/905
27th May 192715th June 1928CairoStoker Petty OfficerADM188/905
16th June 192825th July 1928Victory IIStoker Petty OfficerADM188/905
26th July 192829th April 1929Constance (Seymour)Stoker Petty OfficerADM188/905
30th April 192914th May 1929Constance (Thistle)Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
15th May 192915th June 1930Victory (Selkirk)Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
16th June 193028th July 1930Victory II - VStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
29th July 19303rd September 1930Victory II - IV (Shamrock)Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
4th September 19302nd November 1930Victory II - VStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
3rd November 193017th November 1930Victory II - IV (Shamrock)Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
18th November 193013th May 1933Cormorant (Shamrock)Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
14th May 19339th June 1933CormorantStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
10th June 193324th July 1933Victory IIStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
25th July 193323rd April 1934St. VincentStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
24th April 193417th May 1935Boscowen [Illegible]Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
18th May 193527th September 1938Victory IIStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
28th September 19386th September 1939Victory II - II (Mob)Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
7th September 19393rd December 1939Victory IIStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
4th December 19399th January 1940HawkinsStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
10th January 19408th April 1940Victory IIStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
9th April 194012th April 1940Cochrane (Nubian)Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
13th April 194020th April 1940WoolwichStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
21st April 19403rd May 1940Cochrane II (Alfridi)Stoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
4th May 19402nd June 1940Victory IIStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24
3rd June 194024th May 1941HoodStoker Petty OfficerADM363/24

Additional Photos

Uncropped portrait of Joshua and his son Stanley in December 1939

Joshua as a young sailor early in his Navy career

Hood Chapel, Church of St. John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Southsea, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

The part of the memorial in which the Hood casualty names can be found.
(Panels 45 to 61)

Joshua's name is in Column 1 of Panel 54.

Detail of Joshua's name.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
'Register of Deaths of Naval Ratings' (data extracted by Director of Naval Personnel (Disclosure Cell), Navy Command HQ, 2009)
Mrs R. Hepton (photo, 2001)
Dave Taylor (photo & information, May 2006 and November 2017)
His grandson Steve Cantrill-Brown (photo, Oct 2007)
Stephen Jenner (information, April 2013)
The National Archives (ADM 188/905)