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William Samuel Wadham Day

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Date of birth: 27th February 1902
Place of birth: Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, England
Parents: Samuel and Alice Day
Wife: Lily Day
Previous occupation: Fitter and Turner
Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Chief Electrical Artificer
Service Number: P/M 39061
Joined Hood First time: 10th March 1931 (Electrical Artificer 3rd Class)
Left Hood First time: 27th May 1933 (Electrical Artificer 2nd Class)
Joined Hood Second time: 17th June 1933 (Electrical Artificer 2nd Class)
Left Hood Second time: 30th August 1933 (Electrical Artificer 2nd Class)
Joined Hood Third time: 19th April 1940 (Chief Electrical Artificer 1st Class)
Left Hood Third time: 24th May 1941 (loss of ship) (Chief Electrical Artificer 1st Class)
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Biographical Information:

William was born on 27th February 1902 in Shoreham, Sussex to parents Samuel and Alice Day. The family lived in Grahtham Road, Brighton. He was educated at the Ditchling Road School. After leavin school, William worked with Brighton Corporation Tramways Undertaking and then as a fitter with Volk's Electric Railway.

William joined the Navy in March 2915. He was trained at H.M.S. Vernon and H.M.S. Victory through 1926. He subsequently went on to serve at the following establishments/ships: H.M.S. Barham (Oct -Dec 1926), H.M.S. Caradoc (Dec 1926-Jun 1927), H.M.S. Curlew (Jun 1927-Sep 1928), H.M.S. Vernon (Sep-Nov 1928), H.M.S. Constance (Nov 1928-Dec 1930), H.M.S. Frobisher (Dec 1930), H.M.S. Constance (Jan-Mar 1931), H.M.S. Hood (Mar 1931-May 1933), H.M.S. Vernon (May-Jun 1933), H.M.S. Hood (Jun-Aug 1933), H.M.S. Victory (Aug 1933-Feb 1934), H.M.S. Vernon (Feb 1934-Nov 1935), H.M.S. Pembroke (Nov 1935), H.M.S. Enterprise (Nov 1935-Mar 1938), H.M.S. Vernon (Mar-May 1938), H.M.S. Dolphin (May 1938-May 1940) and lastly, H.M.S. Hood.

William was the husband of Lily Day (nee Upton). They had one son. The family lived in Brighton. William was 39 years old at the time of his loss.

History of ships served in and rate held:

Date FromDate toShipRatingSource
5th March 192519th March 1925VernonActing Electrical Artificer 4th ClassADM362/43
20th March 192516th June 1925Victory IIActing Electrical Artificer 4th ClassADM362/43
17th June 192524th August 1925VernonActing Electrical Artificer 4th ClassADM362/43
25th August 192514th October 1926VernonElectrical Artificer 4th ClassADM362/43
15th October 192617th December 1926BarhamElectrical Artificer 4th ClassADM362/43
18th December 192623rd June 1927CaradocElectrical Artificer 4th ClassADM362/43
24th June 19274th March 1928CurlewElectrical Artificer 4th ClassADM362/43
5th March 192810th September 1928CurlewElectrical Artificer 3rd ClassADM362/43
11th September 19288th November 1928VernonElectrical Artificer 3rd ClassADM362/43
9th November 19288th December 1930ConstanceElectrical Artificer 3rd ClassADM362/43
9th December 193031st December 1930FrobisherElectrical Artificer 3rd ClassADM363/197
1st January 19319th March 1931Frobisher (Constance)Electrical Artificer 3rd ClassADM363/197
10th March 19314th March 1932HoodElectrical Artificer 3rd ClassADM363/197
5th March 193227th May 1933HoodElectrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
28th May 193316th June 1933VernonElectrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
17th June 193330th August 1933HoodElectrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
31st August 19338th January 1934Victory IIElectrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
9th January 193412th February 1934Victory IIActing Chief Electrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
13th February 19348th January 1935VernonActing Chief Electrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
9th January 19354th November 1935VernonChief Electrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
5th November 193520th November 1935Pembroke IIChief Electrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
21st November 193526th January 1936Pembroke II (Enterprise)Chief Electrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
27th January 193618th March 1938EnterpriseChief Electrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
19th March 19385th May 1938VernonChief Electrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
6th May 19388th January 1940DolphinChief Electrical Artificer 2nd ClassADM363/197
9th January 194018th April 1940DolphinChief Electrical Artificer 1st ClassADM363/197
19th April 194024th May 1941HoodChief Electrical Artificer 1st ClassADM363/197

Additional Photos

Hood Chapel, Church of St. John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Southsea, Hampshire, England

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Commonwealth War Graves Commission
'Register of Deaths of Naval Ratings' (data extracted by Director of Naval Personnel (Disclosure Cell), Navy Command HQ, 2009)
His grand-daughter, Theresa Day (information & photos, October 2008)
Doug Surrey (information from 31 May 1941 edition of the "Brighton and Hove Herald", November 2013)