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In Remembrance of
Ronald Ernest Faulkner

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Date of birth: 28th February 1918
Place of birth: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Parents: Ernest and Elsie Faulkner
Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Stoker 1st Class
Service Number: P/KX 100459
Joined Hood: 29th April 1940 (Stoker 2nd Class)
Left Hood: 24th May 1941 (loss of ship) (Stoker 1st Class)
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Biographical Information:

Ronald was born on 28th February 1918 in Cheltenham, Gloucester to Ernest and Elsie Faulkner. He was 23 years old at the time of his loss.

The following account was written for the family by Ron's sister Eileen and gives an excellent account of Ron's background and his love of the sea and the Royal Navy.

Ron was the eldest of eight children. He left school at 14 years of age and went to work as a page boy (Buttons) at the Bell Hotel in Gloucester.

He was always fascinated by the sea and boats of all sizes, and spent many hours carving away at pieces of wood turning them, usually into small model boats. But his finest carving was a model of R.M.S. Berengaria carved out of a 4 foot long log of oak. He adapted a gramophone motor to give her power and it was a great day when all the family went to the local park to see the 'launching'. A big crowd gathered and a great cheer went up when she made her 'maiden voyage' (with a slight list to starboard!) across the large paddling pool.

He was determined to join the Royal Navy 'to see the world' he said but [his mother] who knew of the likelihood of war was not at all happy. However the day came when he said he was going to Bristol to sign on as a Volunteer Reserve. [His mother] did all she could to dissuade him (even to going with him as pillion on his motor cycle hoping to make him change his mind) but it was to no avail, he signed on.

Of course, as soon as war was declared in 1939 he was over the age of 18 and was one of the first boys to go in to the Navy. He went to the Royal Navy land base. H.M.S. Victory at Portsmouth and after training joined H.M.S Renown and H.M.S. Repulse [there is no mention of this on his service record] before being transferred to H.M.S. Hood. [His mother] was really pleased about this because 'The Hood' was regarded as the finest ship afloat and she felt that he would be safe aboard such a wonderful ship.

Although he was unable to divulge any information as to the movements and whereabouts of his ship we do know that she sailed through the Mediterranean Sea calling at Malta and Gibraltar. Ron came home on leave with a really good sun tan!

As far as the events of May 1941 are concerned the last news of him came from a cousin, Alfred, who was in the Army. They met very briefly at a northern port in the British Isles and made plans to meet up that evening. Ron was an accomplished piano accordion player and took his accordion with him when he joined the Royal Navy. Of course when the ships went to sea all personal belongings had to be left in the stores on land. Alfred heard that the Hood was about to sail before he and Ron could meet up so he rushed down to the docks and Ron had just sufficient time to say, 'See that my accordion is safe,' and he joined his ship.

We who were at home heard the dreadful news on the radio and a telegram from King George VI and the War Office [Admiralty] arrived within a day or two.

History of ships served in and rate held:

Date FromDate toShipRatingSource
18th December 193928th April 1940VictoryStoker 2nd ClassService Record
29th April 194026th December 1940HoodStoker 2nd ClassService Record
27th December 194024th May 1941HoodStoker 1st ClassService Record

Additional Photos

Ron as a baby with parents Ernest and Elsie.

Ron with his brother Eric and their dog Dandy at home in Gloucester.

Ron enjoying some leisure time as an oarsman.

Ronald in civilian dress (date unknown)

A letter written by Ron from 54 Mess, H.M.S. Hood dated 22nd August 1940. The ship would have been at Rosyth.

A Christmas card sent by Ron from Hood in 1940 whilst the ship was at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys.

Parents Ernest and Elsie with brother Eric at the dedicational of the National Naval at Memorial Southsea.

Hood Chapel, Church of St. John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Southsea, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

The part of the memorial in which the Hood casualty names can be found.
(Panels 45 to 61)

Ronald's name is in Column 1 of Panel 55.

Detail of Ronald's name.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
'Register of Deaths of Naval Ratings' (data extracted by Director of Naval Personnel (Disclosure Cell), Navy Command HQ, 2009)
Peter Barnes (photo, December 2006)
Jackie Miller (photo), November 2020
Peter Barnes (photo, December 2006)