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In Remembrance of
Frederick Charles Freeborn

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Date of birth: 12th January 1901
Place of birth: Tooting, London, England
Wife: Violet Mary Adams
Previous occupation: Junior Clerk
Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Warrant Supply Officer
Service Number: J67519 then M37994
Joined Hood: 11th March 1939
Left Hood: 24th May 1941 (loss of ship) (Warrant Supply Officer)
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Biographical Information:

Frederick was born on 12th January 1901 in Streatham, London to parents Albert Edward and Ellen Freeborn (nee Bridge). He joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Second Class in 1917 and, on reaching the age of 18, began his adult service as an Ordinary Seaman. Somewhat unusually, while holding the rate of Able Seaman, he elected to transfer to the Stores Accountant branch in January 1924, not long after his 23rd birthday.

Frederick served aboard the following ships/establishments: H.M.S. Capetown, Cricket, Eclipse, Revenge, Dunedin, Hawkins and Hood. Frederick gave exemplary service: he gained his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in 1934 when serving in H.M.S. Cricket. Furthermore, his service record has a string of successive 'Superior' professional assessments. Not surprising, then, that he gained the distinction of being promoted to warrant rank in late 1938. He was subsequently appointed to Portsmouth in January 1939 as an instructor at H.M.S. Hawkins. Later that year, before the outbreak of the Second World War, he was appointed to H.M.S. Hood.

He was married to Violet Mary Adams in Dartmouth in 1924. The couple had one son, Anthony John, who was born 16th October 1928. He would later go on to serve in the RAF, retiring as a Wing Commander.

Frederick was honoured with the M.B.E. on the very day Hood sank. He was 40 years old at the time of his loss.

History of ships served in and ratings held:

Date FromDate toShipRatingSource
19th February 191722nd June 1917PowerfulBoy 2nd ClassADM188/781
23rd June 19173rd August 1917ImpregnableBoy 2nd ClassADM188/781
4th August 191718th December 1917ImpregnableBoy 1st ClassADM188/781
19th December 191712th July 1918HerculesBoy 1st ClassADM188/781
13th July 191811th January 1919HerculesOrdinary SeamanADM188/781
12th January 19195th March 1919HerculesAble SeamanADM188/781
6th March 191930th June 1919Vivid IAble SeamanADM188/781
1st July 19199th March 1920HermioneAble SeamanADM188/781
10th March 19209th April 1920Vivid IAble SeamanADM188/781
10th April 19201st October 1920PomoneAble SeamanADM188/781
2nd October 192031st May 1922Pomone (Sturgeon)Able SeamanADM188/781
1st June 192217th April 1923Britannia (Sturgeon)Able SeamanADM188/781
18th April 19232nd May 1923Vivid IAble SeamanADM188/781
3rd May 192320th January 1924Columbine (Warwick)Able SeamanADM188/781
21st January 192420th February 1924Columbine (Warwick)Stores AssistantADM188/1093
21st February 19246th September 1924Vivid IIStores AssistantADM188/1093
7th September 19246th April 1925WoolwichStores AssistantADM188/1093
7th April 19256th May 1925Vivid IIStores AssistantADM188/1093
7th May 192530th June 1927CapetwonStores AssistantADM188/1093
1st July 192730th November 1927Vivid IIStores AssistantADM188/1093
1st December 192731st March 1928Vivid IILeading Stores AssistantADM188/1093
1st April 192814th December 1928BeaufortLeading Stores AssistantADM188/1093
15th December 192811th January 1929Vivid IILeading Stores AssistantADM188/1093
12th January 192931st October 1929Queen Elizabeth (Bryony)Leading Stores AssistantADM363/404
1st November 192911th November 1929Warspite (Bryony)Leading Stores AssistantADM363/404
12th November 19292nd September 1931MalayaLeading Stores AssistantADM363/404
3rd September 193112th March 1932Vivid II - VLeading Stores AssistantADM363/404
13th March 193218th May 1932CanterburyLeading Stores AssistantADM363/404
19th May 193217th May 1934Bee (Cricket)Leading Stores AssistantADM363/404
18th May 19349th June 1934CalcuttaLeading Stores AssistantADM363/404
10th June 193413th July 1934CalcuttaSupply Petty OfficerADM363/404
14th July 193423rd April 1935Drake IISupply Petty OfficerADM363/404
24th April 193531st October 1935Drake II (Echo)Supply Petty OfficerADM363/404
1st November 193514th March 1936St. Angelo II (Echo)Supply Petty OfficerADM363/404
15th March 19365th January 1937Drake II (Echo)Supply Petty OfficerADM363/404
6th January 193712th April 1937Drake IISupply Petty OfficerADM363/404
13th April 193727th April 1937DelhiSupply Petty OfficerADM363/404
28th April 193729th April 1938Drake IISupply Petty OfficerADM363/404
30th April 193829th July 1938RevengeSupply Petty OfficerADM363/404
30th July 19388th September 1938RevengeSupply Chief Petty OfficerADM363/404
9th September 193810th March 1939DunedinActing Warrant Supply OfficerNavy List January 1939
11th March 193924th May 1941HoodWarrant Supply OfficerNavy List August 1939

Additional Photographs
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Hood Chapel, Church of St. John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Southsea, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

The part of the memorial in which the Hood casualty names can be found.
(Panels 45 to 61)

Frederick's name is in Column 1 of Panel 46.

Detail of Frederick's name.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
'Register of Deaths of Naval Ratings' (data extracted by Director of Naval Personnel (Disclosure Cell), Navy Command HQ, 2009)
His son, A J Freeborn, Wing Commander, RAF (retired) (photo & information, December 2007)
The National Archives (ADM 188/781)
Mr Jonathan Collins, medal collector, information September 2022.