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It is estimated that as many as 9,000 men, perhaps more, served aboard the "Mighty Hood" during the operational portion of her 21 year career. Unfortunately, there is no surviving official single listing of ALL men who served in her. Here you will find our attempt at creating such a listing. We are using the few, fragmentary crew lists known to exist, Navy Lists, various official reports, public records, and most importantly of all, inputs from the families of former crew.

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We need your help: Our attempt at an H.M.S. Hood Crew List is not complete. Based on known crew complement authorisations for each commission, we know Hood should have had approximately 8,000 to 9,000 men who served in her during her long career. Due to irregularities, complement number fluctuations, temporary postings, etc., the figure could be even higher. Based on the current estimate however, we currently have the names of approximately half the number of men who actually served in the ship. Additionally, the information we have on many men is scant at best. We are always on the lookout for more names and additional details. With this in mind, we need assistance:

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III. Important Notes Regarding Required Information

Why do we need YOUR contact information?:
In the past we've received a great many inputs where we had additional information to provide, or, had further questions we needed to ask the submitter. We were unable to do so because we had no way to reach them. Often this resulted in us being unable to use their inputs. Because of this, said information is vital. We assure you that your name and e-mail address will only be used for follow-up purposes by our staff and then, only if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you will not hear from us. The data will not be disseminated to any other parties or used for any other reasons.

Why do was ask for certain type of information about the Crew Member?:
In the past, we've received many inputs for men who, in the end, turned out were never aboard the Hood. The submitters had scant information or were otherwise very confused. Because of this, we require that submitters have some form of proof that a relative/acquaintance served in Hood. Said proof will assist us in verifying the data and ensuring the Crew List is accurate. Acceptable proof can include many things, to include actual service records, old letters/correspondence, public documentation/records and of course photos.

If you do not provide your contact information, and/or if you do not have any solid proof of a man's service aboard H.M.S. HOOD, we regretfully cannot use information you submit.

Lastly, please also note that we have a limited staff and that we only update our database a couple of times a year. As a result, you may not see your data on the site for quite some time.


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02 May 1899
Able Seaman
Able Seaman
Able Seaman (Gunner)
Able Seaman (Gunner) Royal Navy
Able Seaman (Gunnery Control)
Able Seaman (Gunnery)
Able Seaman (Pom pom Antiaircraft Gunner)
Able Seaman (Torpedo Rating)
Able Seaman (Torpedoman)
Able Seaman / Cook
Able Seaman Gunner
Able Seaman, Diver 2nd Class
Able Seaman, R.N.V.R.
Able Seaman, RFR
Able Seaman, RNVR
Acting Chief Petty Officer
Acting Corporal
Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Acting Leading Seaman
Acting Leading Seaman
Acting Leading Signalman
Acting Leading Stoker
Acting Leading Telegraphist (on joining Hood)
Acting Mechanician
Acting Officers Chief Cook
Acting Officers Chief Steward
Acting Petty Officer
Acting Petty Officer
Acting Petty Officer (T)
Acting Petty Officer Stoker
Acting Petty Officer Telegraphist
Acting Regulating Petty Officer
Acting Sergeant, Royal Marines
Acting Stoker Petty Officer
Acting Sub Lieutenant
Acting Sub-Lieutenant
Acting Yeoman of Signals
Assistant Cook
Assistant Cook (O)
Assistant Cook (S)
Assistant Steward
Assistant Steward
Band Corporal, R.M.B.
Bandboy, RMB
Bandmaster 1st Class
Bandmaster First Class
Bandmaster, R.M.
Bandsman, RM
Blacksmith 1st Class
Blacksmith 3rd Class
Blacksmith 4th Class
Boy 1st Class
Boy 1st Class / Ord Sea
Boy 1st Class / Ord Seaman / Able Seaman
Boy 1st  Class
Boy Bugler
Boy First Class
Boy Seaman
Boy Seaman / Ordinary Seaman
Boy Seaman 1st Class
Boy Seaman, First Class
Boy Telegrapher
Boy Telegraphist
C.P.O Mechanician
Canteen Assistant
Canteen Manager
Captain (Chief of Staff)
Captain (E)
Captain, Commanding H.M.S. Hood
Captain, Commanding H.M.S. Hood & Rear-Admiral
Chief Blacksmith
Chief Electrical Artificer
Chief Engine Room Artificer
Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
Chief Gunner
Chief Mechanician
Chief Ordinance Officer
Chief Ordnance Artificer
Chief Ordnance Artificer 2nd Class
Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer (Chief Gunners Mate)
Chief Petty Officer Cook
Chief Petty Officer Cook (O)
Chief Petty Officer Steward
Chief Petty Officer Stoker
Chief Petty Officer Supply
Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist
Chief Petty Officer Writer
Chief Plumber
Chief Shipwright
Chief Steward
Chief Stoker
Chief Stoker Petty Officer
Chief Writer
Chief Yeoman
Chief Yeoman of Signals
Chieft Petty Officer Telegraphist
Colan, Cornwall
Colour Sergeant
Commander (E)
Commander (G)
Commander (N)
Commander (SGO)
Commis. Warrant Officer (E)
Commissioned Gunner
Commissioned Ordnance Artificer
Commissioned Telegraphist
Communications (rating
Cook (O)
Cook (O), 2nd Class
Cook (S)
Corporal, R.M.
Corporal, RM
CPO Blacksmith
CPO Cook
CPO Telegraphist
Electrical Artificer
Electrical Artificer 1st Class
Electrical Artificer 2nd Class
Electrical Artificer 3rd Class
Electrical Artificer 4th Class
Electrical Artificer 5th Class
Electrical Artificer Third Class
Electrical Lieutenant, RNVR
Engine Room Artificer
Engine Room Artificer 1st Class
Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Engine Room Artificer 5th & 4th Class
Engine Room Artificer 5th Class
Engineer Commander
Engineer Lieutenant
Engineer Officer (exact rank not known)
Engineering Officer
First Writer
Flag Lieutenant
Gun Room Steward
Gunner (T)
Gunner RMA, then Marine
Gunners mate
Instructor Commander
Instructor Lieutenant
Joiner 1st Class
Joiner 2nd Class
Joiner 4th Class
Joiner 4th  Class
Leading Cook
Leading Cook (O)
Leading Cook (S)
Leading Rating
Leading seaman
Leading Seaman
Leading Seaman (gunnery)
Leading Seaman/Petty Officer
Leading Sick Berth Attendant
Leading Signalman
Leading Steward
Leading Stoker
Leading Stoker
Leading Supply Assistant
Leading Telegraphist
Leading Torpedo Operator
Leading Writer
Lieutenant (E)
Lieutenant (G)
Lieutenant (Ordinance Officer)
Lieutenant (S)
Lieutenant (Ship's Schoolmaster)
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander (G)
Lieutenant Royal Marines
Lieutenant Royal Navy
Lieutenant, R.M.
Lieutenant, R.N.V.R.
Lieutenant, RMLI
Lieutenant, RN
Lieutenant-Commander (E)
Lieutenant-Commander (Ret.)
Lieutenant-Commander (S), RNVR
Lieutenant-Commander (T)
Lieutenant-Commander, RNVR
Lt Cdr (T)
Lt Commander, US Navy
Major, R.M.
Major, RM (Gunner)
Marine (Gunner)
Marine Gunner, RMA
Marine, RM
Marine, RM (Gunner)
Master at Arms
Mechanician 1st Class
Mechanician 2nd Class
Midshipman (S)
Midshipman, Polish Navy
Midshipman, R.A.N.
Midshipman, R.C.N.
Midshipman, R.I.N.
Midshipman, R.N.R.
Midshipman, R.N.V.R.
Midshipman, RCN
Midshipman, RNVR
Musician, later Band Corporal
Musician, RMB
Not known
Not known (Torpedoman)
Offciers Steward
Officer (navigation?)
Officers Cook
Officers Steward
Officers Steward
Officers Steward 1st Class
Officers Steward 2nd Class
Officers Steward 3rd Class
Officers' Cook Second Class
Ordiary Seaman
Ordinance Artificer
Ordinary Coder
Ordinary Seaman
Ordinary Seaman
Ordinary Seaman (Gunner)
Ordinary Seaman (PT instructor)
Ordinary Seaman (RNVR)
Ordinary Seaman (Torpedoes/Anti-Submarine)
Ordinary Seaman, R.A.N.V.R.
Ordinary Seaman, RANVR
Ordinary Signalman
Ordinary Signalman, R.N.V.R.
Ordinary Telegraphist
Ordinary Telegraphist, R.C.N.
Ordnance Artificer
Ordnance Artificer 1st Class
Ordnance Artificer 3rd Class
Ordnance Artificer 4th Class
Ordnance Artificer 5th Class
P/Sick Berth Attendant
Painter 3rd Class
Paymaster Cadet
Paymaster Commander
Paymaster Lieutenant
Paymaster Lieutenant, R.N.V.R.
Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander
Paymaster Midshipman
Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant
Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.Z.N.
Paymaster- Lieutenant
Petty Officer
Petty Officer (Gunner)
Petty Officer (Signals)
Petty Officer ?
Petty Officer Cook
Petty Officer Cook (O)
Petty Officer Cook (S)
Petty Officer Cook. Chief Petty Officer Cook from 1 October 1924
Petty Officer Physical Trainer
Petty Officer Regulating
Petty Officer Shipwright 2C
Petty Officer Steward
Petty Officer Stoker
Petty Officer Supply
Petty Officer Telegrapher
Petty Officer Telegraphist
Petty Officer Writer
Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer
Plumber 1st Class
Plumber 3rd Class
PO (Gunner)
Private (Butcher)
Regulating Petty Officer
Regulating Petty Officer (RPO)
Royal Marine
RPO (Regulating Petty Officer)
Sailmaker's Mate
Sailmakers Mate - Leading Hand
Sailmaker’s Mate
SC Petty Officer
Seaman (Captain Messenger)
Seaman 1st Class
Seaman Torpedoman
Seaman, R.N.R.
Second Gunner
Senior Master Commis. Warrant Officer
Sergeant, R.M.
Sgt then C/Sgt
Shipwright 1st Class
Shipwright 2nd Class
Shipwright 3rd Class
Shipwright 3rd  Class
Shipwright 4th Class
Sick Berth Attend.
Sick Berth Attendant
Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer
Sick Berth Petty Officer
Signal Boatswain
Signal Boy
Signal Boy
Signalman, R.N.V.R.
Staff Ops Officer
Steward 2nd Class (O)
Stoker (unsure)
Stoker 1
Stoker 1st Class
Stoker 1st Class
Stoker 1st class (1928-9) Chief Stoker (1940-41)
Stoker 1st Class /Acting Leading Stoker
Stoker 1st Classe
Stoker 1st. Class
Stoker 2nd Class
Stoker First Class
Stoker Petty Office
Stoker Petty Officer
Stoker Petty Officer
Stoker Petty Officer (SPO)
Stoker Second Class
Stoker, 2nd Class
Stoker, First Class
Sub Lieutenant
Sub-Lieutenant (E), RNVR
Sub-Lieutenant (Paymaster)
Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.R.
Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.V.R.
Sub-Lieutenant, RNVR
Supply Assistant
Supply Boy/Supply Assistant
Supply Chief Petty Officer
Supply Petty Officer
Surg Cdr
Surgeon Commander
Surgeon Lieutenant
Surgeon Lieutenant (D)
Surgeon Lieutenant Commander
Surgeon Lieutenant, RNVR
Surgeon Lt (D)
Surgeon-Commander (D)
Temp Sub-Lieut., RNVR
Unknown (in Supply)
Unknown (officer, RM)
Unknown (rating)
Unknown Gunner rating
Valet to Admiral
Vice-Admiral, BCS1
Victualling Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Electrician
Warrant Engineer
Warrant Instructor in Cookery
Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer Gunner T
Warrant Ordnance Officer
Warrant Sergeant
Warrant Shipwright
Warrant Supply Officer
Wireman (L)
Writer (Ty)
Yeoman of Signals
Yeoman of Signals.