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H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 17-Apr-2010

It is estimated that as many as 9,000 men served aboard the "Mighty Hood" during the operational portion of her 21 year career. Unfortunately, there is no surviving official single listing of ALL men who served in her. Here you will find our attempt at creating such a listing. We are using the few, fragmentary crew lists known to exist, Navy Lists, various official reports, public records, and most importantly of all, inputs from the families of former crew.

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Harry Redvers Gribben

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth: St. Agnes
Former Occupation: Blacksmith's Assistant
Service: Royal Navy
Service No.: J54838
Previous Service No.: None
Rank in Hood (highest): Able Seaman
Period in Hood: 24 November 1923 to 6 January 1926
Biographical Information: Harry Gribben's 'man's time' - an engagement of twelve years - began on his eighteenth birthday in 1918. As a native of Cornwall, Gribben was, unsurprisingly, a Devonport-based rating - and Hood was home-ported in Devonport at that stage of her career. Gribben joined Hood just three days before her departure on the ten-month 'Empire Cruise' of 1923-4. It is known that a number of ratings with a poor disciplinary record were drafted out of Hood before this prestigious and high-profile trip, and Harry (whose record was impeccable) may have been one of those drafted in to replace them. Harry left the Navy at the end of his engagement in 1930, but re-joined into the Royal Fleet Reserve in 1937, being mobilized in 1938.  He spent his second term in small ships, ending up being sunk whilst serving in HMS Broke at Alexandria.  He survived that, and the remainder of the war. He moved to Australia in 1958, but returned to the UK after a year or two. He died in his native Cornwall in around 1983-4.