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Navy Lists
Updated 08-May-2009

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Navy List entries for Officers who who served in H.M.S. Hood whose surname began with the letter 'C'.

JHTemporary Sub-Lieutenant (E)
Ian MRLieutenant
GVPaymaster Lieutenant -Commander
GVPaymaster Lieutenant -Commander, R.N.V.R.
John FBLieutenant-Commander (T)
ALPTemporary Lieutenant (E)
ALPTemporary Sub-Lieutenant (E), R.N.V.R.
TDCaptain, R.M.
Harold DMidshipman
Harold DSub Lieutenant
CHCommander (N)
JACommisioned Gunner
JPaymaster Cadet
Thomas RMidshipman
Thomas RSub Lieutenant
Albert MMidshipman
Albert MSub Lieutenant
Henry CCLieutenant-Commander (G)
HV Lieutenant R.N.R.
HV Lieutenant R.N.R. to complete 12 month's training
Christopher BSMidshipman
John BCommissioned Electrician
BWGLieutenant (E)
BWGLieutenant-Commander (E)
Edward OCommander (G)
WRLieutenant R.N.R.
JPPaymaster Midshipman
BSurgeon Lieutenant (D)
Sidney A Commissioned Writer
Sidney AWarrant Writer
JohnCommissioned Signals Boatswain
Edward RMidshipman
Edward RSub Lieutenant
EWLLieutenant-Commander (G)
Geoffrey RFTMidshipman
SJCommisioned Gunner (T)
Noel MFLieutenant-Commander
Thomas CWarrant Telegraphist
Walter HRear Admiral
HSignal Boatswain
Nigel CBSub Lieutenant
John GLieutenant-Commander (T)
Andrew LPaymaster Cadet
Trevor GPMidshipman
Trevor GPSub Lieutenant
Reginald JMidshipman
Malcolm GS 
Alastair SLieutenant
William GWarrant Writer
DCLieutenant (G)
John HDCommander (N)
RACommander (G) (I Gr)
RACommander (G) (I Gr.)
VNLieutenant (E), R.N.R.