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Navy Lists
Updated 08-May-2009

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Here is the Navy List for H.M.S. Hood for the month Feb-31

Rank and PostNameSeniority
Lieutenant-Commander (T)1930-08-12
Lieutenant-Commander (G)1930-06-11
Eng Commander1929-08-01
Lieutenant (E)1931-01-01
Lieutenant (E)1930-10-23
Commisioned Gunner (T)1929-10-06
Commisioned Gunner1930-08-12
Commisioned Shipwright1929-05-17
Commisioned Ordnance Officer1930-08-12
Warrant Engineer1929-06-12
Warrant Engineer1930-11-16
Warrant Engineer1930-08-12
Warrant Engineer1931-06-01
Warrant Supply Officer1931-01-20