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Updated 08-May-2009

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Navy List entries for Officers who who served in H.M.S. Hood in the rank of 'Sub Lieutenant'.

Sub LieutenantGodfrey W
Sub LieutenantPercy
Sub LieutenantHarold D
Sub LieutenantThomas R
Sub LieutenantAlbert M
Sub LieutenantEdward R
Sub LieutenantNigel CB
Sub LieutenantTrevor GP
Sub LieutenantPeter
Sub LieutenantArchibald H
Sub LieutenantHenry C
Sub LieutenantRobert C
Sub LieutenantLionel F
Sub LieutenantHugh V
Sub LieutenantEvelyn IR
Sub LieutenantCharles N
Sub LieutenantHeron S
Sub LieutenantHugh MS
Sub LieutenantGeorge
Sub LieutenantRobert JO
Sub LieutenantRoger deT
Sub LieutenantEdward
Sub LieutenantJohn GD