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Updated 07-Mar-2010

Use this page to search for details of where Hood was on any date or period. Detailed entries from the logs are only available for a certain months - mainly World War 2. Basic details about where the ship was are held for all of Hood's life from 1920 to 1941.

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Transcription of the Log of H.M.S. Hood

Monday 20th November 1939

From: -
To: -
At: Plymouth
Sick: Not recorded
Distance through water: -
Comments: -

06:15 - Emergency party fall in. Scrub decks
07:45 - Clear lower deck of seamen. Warrants No. 132 and 133 read
08:30 - Clear Lower Deck Payment
09:05 - Hands fall in: detailed for work
11:20 - Hands for 2nd leave proceed
13:15 - Both watches fall in
14:45 - H.A. guns crews and control parties fall in
15:45 - Both Watches fall in Warrants 134 to 137 read
16:30 - en under 20 granted leave until 2300 hours. Red Watch granted leave until 0700 the following morning.
17:00 - Fire parties exercised