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Updated 07-Mar-2010

This page allows you to search the logs of H.M.S. Hood for a date range or location you specify. Information in the database is sourced directly from Hood's Ship's Logs, held at The National Archives at Kew, London. At present only basic details are held of where the ship was on each date. Ultimately, we would like to provide a facility which lists in detail the entries to be found in Hood's logs. Transcribing the logs is time consuming and we will move only slowly towards this ultimate goal. If you would like to help with this project please contact us.

The data remains Crown Copyright and is reproduced here by kind permission of The National Archives.

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Sunday1922-01-01  Devonport
Monday1922-01-02  Devonport
Tuesday1922-01-03  Devonport
Wednesday1922-01-04  Devonport
Thursday1922-01-05  Devonport
Friday1922-01-06  Devonport
Saturday1922-01-07  Devonport and Plymouth Sound
Sunday1922-01-08  Plymouth Sound
Monday1922-01-09Plymouth SoundFalmouth Bay 
Tuesday1922-01-10  Falmouth
Wednesday1922-01-11  Falmouth
Thursday1922-01-12  Falmouth
Friday1922-01-13  Falmouth
Saturday1922-01-14  Falmouth
Sunday1922-01-15  Falmouth
Monday1922-01-16  Falmouth
Tuesday1922-01-17  Falmouth
Wednesday1922-01-18FalmouthArosa Bay 
Thursday1922-01-19FalmouthArosa Bay 
Friday1922-01-20FalmouthArosa Bay 
Saturday1922-01-21  Arosa Bay
Sunday1922-01-22  Arosa Bay
Monday1922-01-23  Arosa Bay
Tuesday1922-01-24  Arosa Bay
Wednesday1922-01-25Arosa BayGibraltar 

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