-History of H.M.S. Hood-
Force H Documentation Resource
Updated 07-May-2014

Here you will find information related to Hood's involvement with Force "H" in June and July 1940. During this timeframe, Force H was involved in various action against against the Italian Regia Marina in the Mediterranean. It was also responsible for executing the highly distasteful destruction of the French fleet at Oran/Mers El-Kebir, Algeria.

ADM 199-391: Force "H" War Diaries
The official Admiralty war diary of Force H during Hood's time of involvement

ADM234/317: Operations against the French Fleet at Mers-el-Kebir, 03 - 06 July 1940
An official Admiralty account of the action at Mers El-Kebir

The Battle of Oran
A firsthand account of the action written by Royal Marine Band Corporal Walter Rees, of H.M.S. Hood.

Destruction of the French Fleet at Mers El-Kebir, 03 July 1940
A firsthand account of the action written by Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant Ronald G. Phillips, of H.M.S. Hood.

Efforts to Return Mers El Kebir/Oran Dead to France
Information on the drive to get the dead of Mers El-Kebir returned to France