H.M.S. Hood Today
Photos of the Wreck of H.M.S. Hood in 2001

Updated 21-Nov-2018

Contained herein, are many photos of the wreck of H.M.S. Hood as it appeared at the bottom of the Denmark Strait in 2001. We owe a special debt of gratitude to our friend David L. Mearns of Blue Water Recoveries Ltd, for generously allowing us to post these photos here. Additionally, we would also like to thank renowned author and draughtsman John Roberts for his invaluable assistance in helping us to identify items pictured here. Lastly, much thanks to accomplished graphics artist Thomas Schmid, for the computer renderings shown here.

Important Notice: These photographs have been exclusively loaned for display here on the official H.M.S. Hood Association web site, and are not to be downloaded or republished elsewhere without the express permission of David L. Mearns and Blue Water Recoveries Ltd. The wreck renderings may not be downloaded or republished elsewhere without the express permission of Thomas Schmid.

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The Roll of Honour/Memorial Plaque
The discovery and assessment of the wreck aside, the most important part of this entire endeavour was the laying of the Roll of Honour plaque. This memorial plaque, containing two specialised digital Rolls of Honour in Compact Disk (CD) format, serves as the grave marker for each of the 1,415 men who died. We web site staff members are very proud to have been involved in this particular aspect of the mission.

Please note that we have slightly modified some of these photos; some were lightened/brightened a small amount to reduce the "murkiness" inherent in underwater photographs. Lastly, please be aware that this page is image intensive, and may take some time to fully load.

The Roll of Honour plaque before the mission
David Mearns unveils the plaque at the May 2001 H.M.S. Hood Association reunion. Inset - The plaque the following morning, shortly after its blessing by the late Reverend Ron Paterson at Saint Georges Church, Portsea.

The plaque is manoeuvred into place before dropping
The ROV operators manoeuvre the plaque into place. At this point, they are preparing to hand the controls over to Ted Briggs, the last living survivor of Hood's sinking. Ted will press the button which releases the plaque.

Ted Briggs releases the plaque
Ted has released the plaque.

The plaque hits the bottom
The plaque has struck the bottom and stirred up a large cloud of sediment. This sediment is very fine and has literally plated most surfaces of Hood. This is why much of the wreck seems "white" in appearance.

The sediment settles after the plaque hits the seabed
The sediment is settling.

The ROV pulls back to survey scene where plaque was dropped
The sediment has finally settled and the ROV pulls back to take a look.

Overview of Hoods bow and memorial plaque
An overview of the bow and plaque. Note the immense size of the bow as it towers over the plaque.

Port side of Hoods stern
The plaque in its final resting place. Rest in peace gallant crew of the Mighty Hood; We will remember you.