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On this day...

Below you will find details of where the ship was on 20th September each year. Where the year in the first column includes the word 'details' in brackets, you can click this link to access a full transcription of Hood's log for that date.





1921Scapa Flow
1922SantosTrinidadSantos and sea
1923Weymouth BayWeymouth Bay
1924Topsail Bay
1927Sea & Dornoch Firth
1938Gibraltar HarbourSea for exercisesGibraltar Bay on conclusion
1939 (details)Loch EweScapaLoch Ewe
1940 (details)Rosyth

For further details why not visit our Timeline which describes in details the ship's career from 1920 to 1941. Or, if want to check when she was at a particular place or where she was on a range of dates then our ship movements database is worth a visit.

Forthcoming events

Saturday 11th September, 2021 10:40
Pompey Pals Event, Southsea National War memorial

Sadly, the all day event planned will not now take place. This means that our Memorial Gallery Display will no longer feature. The Pals are, however, going to hold a Memorial Service at Southsea War Memorial on this day to remember not only those lost in Hood but also those who lost their lives in the Portsmouth Blitz as well as those who filled in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 on the 20th anniversary of that awful day. The service will commence at around 10:40 with people asked to muster from around 10:15. Please check the Popmey Pals website for further details.

Thursday 11th November, 2021 10:30
Armistice Day Service at Southsea National War memorial

Subject to any Covid-19 restrictions which may be imposed beforehand, we intend to reinstate our full Armistice Day service at the War Memorial on Southsea Common this year. Do please check here in the days before the event to ensure that our plans have not had to be amended.

Thursday 11th November, 2021 18:30 for 19:00
Association Annual Dinner at the Royal Maritime Club

Our Annual Dinner, delayed from its usual date in May due to Covid-19 restrictions in place at the time, will now be held at the Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth on the evening of Thursday 11th November - the day of our Remembrance Service in Southsea. Our Guest of Honour will be Association Vice-President and "Shipwreck Hunter" David Mearns who will speak on the discovery of Hood's wreck in 2001 and the recovery of her bell in 2015. The revision of the Pompey Pals event on 11th September to be a short service rather than the full day of activities previously anticipated means that the dinner will now be the first occasion on which the Memorial Gallery will be on display since we passed the 1,000 milestone in the spring of this year.

Full details and a ticket application were published in the Summer edition of 'The Chough' (which will be issued to full Association Members by the end of August.)

Saturday 21st May, 2022,
AGM and Runion Dinner

We sincerely hope that these will take place in person at the Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth. Please put the date in your diary. Further details will follow nearer the time.

Sunday 22nd May, 2022
Service at St. Ann's church in the Dockyard

Details of the service will be posted here closer to the date.

Sunday 29th May, 2022, 11.00
Boldre Memorial Service, 2022

it is hoped that, next year, the Boldre service will be 'in person' as well as on line.

80th Anniversary Events

A new film from the H.M.S. Hood Association

To mark the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the wreck of H.M.S. Hood, and the 80th anniversary of the tragic loss of the ship in the Battle of the Denmark Strait, the H.M.S. Hood Association has commissioned a film linking the Royal Navy of today with the Royal Navy of 1941.

To do that, we turned to one of the Royal Navy's newest warships - H.M.S. Tamar. Using the complex multi-layered resource of the Association's website - with its wealth of information, pictures and crew detail - we set out to find 'pairs' from H.M.S. Hood then, with H.M.S. Tamar now. We sought ages, trades and hometowns among those who fought in the battle - and then, with the kind support of R.N. PR and all on board Tamar, found sailors serving in her whose profile matched, as closely as possible, their forebears. These volunteers then studied our data on their 'pairs' and viewed two films about Hood: her first dedicated TV documentary, 1997's 'The Mighty Hood'and the Association's own production, 'For Years Unseen', about the recovery of her ship's bell in 2001.

The thoughts that came to the Tamar pairs, along with those of her Captain, form the centrepiece of 'H.M.S. Hood - Mighty Then, Mighty Now'. Along with new and exclusive interviews with veterans, and outstanding colour footage of Hood in 1939, our film sets out to show that H.M.S. Hood and the values she represented are as important to Navy and nation today as they were when she and her ship's company died for freedom on the 24th of May, 1941.

'H.M.S. Hood - Mighty Then, Mighty Now' will be released on the 18th of July - the day, exactly two decades ago, when the search team led by undersea explorer David Mearns found the shattered wreck of Hood, 2,845 metres beneath the waters of the Denmark Strait.

Click here to access 'H.M.S. Hood - Mighty Then, Mighty Now'.

Orkney International Science Festival

The HMS Hood Association is delighted that 'Another Orkney Production', with support from the Orkney International Science Festival, have run an online event commemorating the 80th anniversary of Hood's loss./

Participants included our President Rear Admiral Philip Wilcocks, Vice-presidents Rob White and David Mearns, and Chairman Cdr William Sutherland. Links to the various discussions are below.

Iconic Ships: H.M.S. Hood

The Society of Nautical Research has released through its Mariner's Mirror Podcast facility, a presentation by the late Professor Eric Grove who makes the case for Hood as an 'iconic ship.' This recording of Eric who was for so many years a stalwart friend and supporter of the Association, was made only a few days before his untimely death and was the last piece of work he completed.We are grateful to the Society of Nautical Research for their work in producing and releasing this important appraisal of Hood's place in British Naval history.

Click here to access the Podcast.

Service of Commemoration for Hood's lost

The Association would like to express its gratitude to Fr. Tim Handley SSC, Parish Priest of St. James, Garlickhythe for his support in arranging and leading the Service of Commemoration for Hood's lost, initiated by former Association Vice-President Joanna Warrand, and held on Monday 24th May 2021. Our thanks also go to the organist and singers as well as to our Patron Viscount Hood and Chaplain Rev. Ali Mepham for their participation in the commemoration. You can watch a recording of the service online in the following ways:

Click here to access the Order of Service.

Shine a Light - thank you!

The Association would like to express its thanks to all those who joined us in the Shine a Light initiative over the period of the 80th Anniversary.

We were moved both by the number of people who took part as well as by the thought and care which had so clearly been put into the individual tributes to men lost with the ship. Our grateful thanks are also due to the many organisations including branches of the Royal British Legion, The Royal Naval Association, Pompey Pals, Sea Cadets and others who held services or events across the U.K. in support of Shine a Light.

Over the coming days we will start to collect and collate all the posts made across Facebook and other social media platforms with a view to including them in an archive of tributes within this website to form a permanent record of the 80th Anniversary. We will remember them...

Memorials to Hood's lost

The memorial pages to the men lost will always be the central part of this web site. Below we feature two of the 1415 men lost with the ship - one for whom we have a photo and the other for whom we do not. You can find out more about the men who died in the sinking of the ship by visiting our Roll of Honour page

Francis O'Neill Dall

Memorial photo appeal

Sadly, for 398 of the men lost with the ship we have no photo.Do you have local knowledge or contacts which would help us reduce this number? Please visit our Memorial photo appeal page to find out more.

Robert Lightbody

Remembering Hood's crew

We want to remember and commemorate the lives of all the men who served in Hood from 1920 to 1941. To that end we have a page for each man about whom we have information. On these we record details of their lives and service as well as including photos of them with their families and service mates. Please visit our H.M.S. Hood Crew Database section to find out more.

Updates to crew pages

No new pages have been created in previous two weeks.

During the last two weeks, we have amended the following crew pages: