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ADM 178-113: Invergordon Incident, 1931 - Discharged Men
Updated 08-Mar-2007

This document is a modern transcription of a portion of Admiralty record ADM 178-113. It concerns the men discharged following the infamous mutiny at Invergordon, Scotland in September 1931. The original file is held at the The National Archives at Kew, London. This Crown Copyrighted material is reproduced here by kind permission of The National Archives.

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2nd November, 1931



The Commander-in-Chief,
H.M. Ships and Vessels,

With reference to your submission No. 1480/P.0243, of the 9th October last, enclosing a list of ratings removed from ships of the Atlantic Fleet on the 6th idem, I am to inform you that Their Lordships have approved the discharge "services no longer required" of the following twenty six men :-

Late H.M.S. Rodney.

D/J66125 William Ryder, Able Seaman
D/K55888 William James Edwards, Stoker, 1st Class
D/J9736 George Henry Sarahs, Able Seaman
D/J31462 William Haywood, Leading Seaman
D/J95206 Cyril Bond, Able Seaman
D/KX77984 Francis Sydney Dawe, Stoker 1st Class
D/J38218 Edgar Thomas Parsons, Leading Seaman
D/K19160 James William Henry Lee, Leading Stoker
D/K26775 Edward Ley, Stoker, 1st Class
D/K60878 David Gale, Stoker, 1st Class
D/K51853 Albert Pow, Stoker, 1st Class
Ply/X 65 William Frederick Watson, Marine

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Late H.M.S. RODNEY (Contd.)

Ply / 21149 Cecil Frank Hamer, Marine
Ply / 22430 Richard Allen, Marine


D/J107098 Leonard Wincott, Able Seaman
D/J35807 Edward O'Toole, Able Seaman
D/J106509 Frederick B. Copeman, Able Seaman
D/J99292 Augustine Shiel, Able Seaman
D/J84655 Richard J. Carr, Leading Seaman
D/J97418 Henry G. Rush, Able Seaman


D/J71408 Ernest Mallett, Able Seaman
D/J113988 Michael Fitzgerald, Able Seaman


D/J34441 Richard H. Athay, Leading Telegraphist
D/J92196 James Shaw, Sailmaker's Mate
D/J105170 Edward G.C. Branch, Able Seaman
NK Thomas M. Lancaster, Able Seaman

They are to be regarded as eligible for unemployment benefit and plain clothes gratuity, and should be give a free railway ticket to their homes, in accordance with Article 1664, King's Regulations.

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and Admiralty Instructions. Steps should be taken, so far as may be possible, to ensure that men whose homes are not at Devonport or in the neighbourhood do not remain in the port. The men's addresses after discharge should be reported.

No reasons for their discharge should be given to the men. An official statement will be published when the discharges have been effected and for that purpose you should report by telegram when the discharges have been carried out. Discharge should be effected as soon as possible on the same day and in any case before Atlantic Fleet ships return to Devonport.

William J. Northcott, Stoker, 1st Class, D/K.56692, is to be warned that it will depend on his future conduct whether confidence in him is re-established or not.

Their Service Certificates are returned.


Note- Remainder of document are pleas for reconsideration of cases. These are not reproduced here.