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ADM 234/509: Sinking of the 'Bismarck', 27 May 1941: Official Dispatches
Updated 11-Mar-2007

This document is a modern transcription of a portion of Admiralty record ADM 234/509. This record contains various despatches and reports concerning the pursuit and sinking of the German battleship Bismarck in late May 1941. The original file is held at the The National Archives at Kew, London. This Crown Copyrighted material is reproduced here by kind permission of The National Archives.

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Admiral Tovey's Dispatch

H.M.S. Suffolk Operations 23-26 May 1941

H.M.S. Norfolk Gunnery and R.D.F. During Operations Against "Bismarck"

H.M.S. Prince of Wales Gunnery Aspects of the "Bismarck" Pursuit