-H.M.S. Hood Reference Materials-
1940 C.A.F.O. 2201.–21-in. Fixed A.W. Torpedo Tubes–Modification
("Hood," "Renown" and "Repulse.")

Updated 27-Dec-2008

This document is a modern transcription of a small portion of Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 2201 from the year 1940. It concerns the safety arrangements of torpedo devices aboard Royal Navy battle cruisers. The original file is held at the Royal Navy Library at the Royal Navy Base, Portsmouth. This Crown Copyrighted material is reproduced here by kind permission of the Royal Navy Library.

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C.A.F.O. 2201.—21-in. Fixed A.W. Torpedo Tubes—Modification
("Hood," "Renown" and "Repulse.")

(T. 4370/40.–5.12.1940)

A safety plate is to be fitted in the mantlet so that the tube-held locking device on the torpedo pistol is held while the torpedo is in the tuber.

2. An item for this work is to be inserted in the ship's list of Alterations and Additions, Classification A.

3. Guidance drawings will be supplied by Portsmouth Dockyard on demand.

End of transcription