-H.M.S. Hood Reference Materials-
1941 CAFO 112 – Rangefinder Range Receivers
Updated 25-Jan-2008

This document is a modern transcription of a portion of 1941Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 112 . It concerns modifications to dial receivers for rangefinder range receivers used aboard various Royal Navy warships to include Hood. The original file is held at the Royal Navy Library at the Royal Navy Base, Portsmouth. This Crown Copyrighted material is reproduced here by kind permission of the Royal Navy Library.

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C.A.F.O. 112. – Rangefinder Range Receivers

(N.S. 04517/40.-16.1.1941.)

New types of matching dial receivers, rangefinder range, have been introduced to which pattern numbers 10434 and 10435 have been assigned.

           2.  A contract, C.P. 50065/40/F.538, dated 11th June, 1940, amended 15th July, 1940, and 4th November, 1940, has been placed with Messrs. Horstman, Ltd., for the supply of the following quantities of the instruments for the services indicated:-

Pattern 10434.  35 No.

“Queen Elizabeth.”
“Royal Sovereign.”


Reserve (2).

 Pattern 10435.  7 No.

“King George V.”
“Prince of Wales.”
“Duke of York.”


Reserve (1).

           3. Arrangements have been made for initial deliveries to be made to the following services, in accordance with Admiralty Letter C.P. 50065/40/F.538, dated 30th November, 1940:-


Pattern 10434.
“Queen Elizabeth.”

Pattern 10435.
“King George V.”
“Prince of Wales.”

           4.  Further deliveries direct to the respective ships will be arranged without demand when the production situation and availability of ships is sufficiently clear.

           5.  All invoices will be forwarded to Devonport for entry on A/R, with the exception of the two Pattern 10434 instruments for “Australia” and “Canberra,” which have been ordered on direct charge to the Australian Government.

           6.  The instruments should be inserted on page 145 of the Annual Demand form Subhead F, Item 1B.

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