-H.M.S. Hood Reference Materials-
1941 CAFO 448 – Fuzes, No. 401, Mark II, in lieu of Fuzes, No. 206 – Issue
Updated 16-Feb-2008

This document is a modern transcription of the Hood-related portion of February 1941 Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 448. It concerns the option of safely substituting one type of artillery fuze for another. The original document is held at the Royal Navy Library at the Royal Navy Base, Portsmouth. This Crown Copyrighted material is reproduced here by kind permission of the Royal Navy Library.

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C.A.F.O. 448. – Fuzes, No. 401, Mark II, in lieu of Fuzes, No. 206 – Issue

(A.S.03835/40. – 27.2.1941.)

Owing to increasing requirements and wide distribution of stocks of fuzes, time, No. 206, difficulty may be experienced locally in meeting urgent demands for replenishments for this fuze if large expenditure takes place on any particular station.

     2.  The question of supplying fuzes, No. 401, Mark II, in lieu of fuzes, No, 206, has therefore been considered, and the following is a list of H.M. ships to which the fuze, No. 401, Mark II, could be issued if the necessity arises for use with full charges, without any modification to fire control arrangements being required, viz.:-

Ships with Bulkhead Fuze
Transmission Units





Eastney A.A. Battery.











“Queen Elizabeth.”

R.A.N. “G” School.
“Royal Sovereign.”




Ships with Fuze-keeping Clocks

“Black Swan” class sloops.
“Egret” class sloops.
“Grimsby” class sloops.
“Hunt” class destroyers.
“Wair”  destroyers (“V” and “W” converted to A.A.).

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