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1941 CAFO 67 – Ammunition - Q.F., 4-in., Mark V & XVI - Ready-use Lockers–Modifications (Ships concerned)
Updated 12-Aug-2007

This document is a modern transcription of a portion of 1941Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 67. It concerns modifications to 4" ready use lockers such as those used aboard Hood. The original file is held at the Royal Navy Library at the Royal Navy Base, Portsmouth. This Crown Copyrighted material is reproduced here by kind permission of the Royal Navy Library.

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C.A.F.O. 67. –Ammunition–Q.F., 4-in., Mark V and XVI–
Ready-use Lockers–Modifications

(Ships concerned.)

(G. 014323/40..–9.1.1941.)

Consequent on the introduction in the near future of a new type of fuze, the following modifications are to be carried out as necessary in all Patterns 12 L.P., 12, and 12 N.C.P. ready-use ammunition lockers stowing 4-in., Mark V and 4-in., Mark XVI ammunition, to allow for a maximum overall length of round of 44.78-in. and 44.9-in. respectively: –

(i) The 1-in. or 3/4 –in. teak boards at the rear of the lockers are to be removed.

(ii)  If it is also found necessary to dispense with the lagging fitted at the backs of the lockers in accordance with A.F.O. 2550/37, alternative means should be provided (e.g., loose canvas covers) to protect the lockers from the direct rays of the sun.

2. The work should be carried out by ships’ staffs, with dockyard assistance if necessary, and an item, Classification “ A,” included in the ship’s current list of Alterations and Additions to cover the work.

(A.F.O. 2550/37 (not in Annual Volume).)
(This Order is to be retained until complied with.)

End of transcription