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Television & Video References
Updated 05-Apr-2019

Listed here (in chronological order) are various television and film productions concerning H.M.S. Hood. These range from "Hollywood" style films to documentaries about the ship and her sinking. This listing is quite extensive, but it is possible we may have overlooked minor productions. With this in mind, if you know of a source we have overlooked, please be sure to contact us.

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"Sink the Bismarck"
20th Century Fox, 1960, B&W
Technically a motion picture, but we're including it here as it is generally seen only on video. An entertaining though somewhat fictionalised theatrical feature film account of the Bismarck drama.  Currently available on DVD (multiple regions/formats). Older VHS copies may also still be found.
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"Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond" (Episode- "Signal Received")
ABC Films, 1961, B&W
This is an episode from the famous American television programme of paranormal suspense. Three Royal Navy sailors on leave from H.M.S. Hood each encounter bizarre premonitions of the loss of the ship. Known to be available on older VHS tapes.
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"Sink the Bismarck"
BBC, 1972
Sir Ludovic Kennedy's excellent account of the pursuit of the German battleship Bismarck. This was the first true in-depth television documentary about the this subject. It is not currently available on home video. Though unlikely, it may be possible to find old VHS versions.

"Search for Battleship Bismarck"
National Geographic Society, 1989 & 1992, Colour
Excellent documentary covering Dr Ballard's discovery of Bismarck.   Currently available on DVD (Region 1). Older VHS copies may also still be found. Click here for more information.

"Sink the Bismarck"
Greystone Communications Inc. production for A&E, 1996, Colour
Excellent 2 hour program on the Bismarck and Operation Rheinübung.  Currently available on DVD (Region 1).
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"The Mighty Hood" (aka "Sunk by the Bismarck")
ITN Production for the Discovery Channel, 1997, Colour
Superb 1 hour documentary specifically on Hood.
Contact Vice-President Rob White on rob@maritimefilmsuk.tv or on 020 8349 4638 if you would like a copy.

"Hunt for the Hood" (aka "Hunt for Battleship Hood")
Channel 4, 2001, Colour
1 hour documentary covering the July 2001 expedition to find and film the wrecks of Hood and Bismarck. This is currently not available on home video.

"The Battle of Hood and Bismarck"
ITN Factual for Channel 4, 2001, Colour
Gripping two part 180 minute (two 90 minute programmes) documentary covering the loss of Hood and Bismarck.
Available on home video (in the US and Canada, NTSC format are available on Region 1 DVD. In Europe, PAL copies are available on Region 2 DVD).

"James Cameron's Expedition Bismarck"
Discovery Channel, 2002, Colour
Visually interesting documentary which features excellent footage of Bismarck's wreck. Available on DVD.
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"Dogfights- Hunt for the Bismarck"
The History Channel, 2007, Colour
Interesting programme featuring state of the art computer animation recreating the major events of Bismarck's single mission. Available on DVD.
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"Churchill's Darkest Decision"
Furnace production for Channel 4/PBS, 2009, Colour
Programme concerning the regrettable British attack against the French fleet at Mers-el-Kebir in July 1940. Click here for more information.

"Nazi Supership"
National Geographic, 2010, Colour
Programme concerning the mission of the Bismarck as well as the results of a 2001 expedition to the wreck. Click here for more information.'

"For Years Unseen - How HMS Hood's Bell Came Home"
Maritime Films UK, 2017, Colour
A 20 year journey, ending in the Royal dedication of the bell of the great warship, recovered from her wreck in the Denmark Strait. Click here for more information.

"Le Naufrage de Bismarck" ("Out of Control: The Sinking of the Bismarck")
RMC Découverte (France), 2018, Colour
Laure Bessi's excellent look at the brief career of the German battleship Bismarck. Click here for more information.