-H.M.S. Hood Technical Specifications & Armament Information-
Hood "Factoids"
Updated 23-Mar-2018

Various bits of minor data and minutae which Hood enthusiasts may find of interest

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Hull number (for construction): 460

Callsign: GECV

Pendant number: 51

Public Nickname: The "Mighty Hood"
Crew Nickname(s): There were several...some of which were not particularly flattering! We'll list just the most common ones here:

Original construction cost was £6,025,000 (of which John Brown & Company, Ltd, reportedly made £214,108.00)

Built on Number 3 slip at John Brown & Company, Lt. Clydebank

One of the few ships that possessed her own chapel and the first to have a chapel incorporated into the original design

380 telephones at the time of her loss

3,874 electric light fittings (per late 1930s information)

Nearly 200 miles of permanent electric cable (weighing 100 tons)

General provisions for 4 months amounted to 320 tons, including one month's fresh meat

Breakfast consisted of 100 gallons of tea, four sides of bacon, 300 Ibs of tomatoes, 600 Ibs bread, 75 Ibs of butter

Monthly payroll was approximately £6,000

Fuel consumption at full speed was 3 yards to the gallon

Three times around the ships was one mile

Longest warship completed for Royal Navy until creation of Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier (2017)

You can read more basic facts about the ship here (1930s pamphlet about the ship)