-H.M.S. Hood Crew Information-
H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Men who died in service after leaving Hood

Updated 06-Jun-2022

This page contains a listing of men who served in Hood
who later died or were killed whilst still serving in the Royal Navy.
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Name (click link to visit individual pageShipDate lostDetails
Cross, James HenryBonibristleSuicide
Crang, William JohnCourageous
Hyslop, Hugh ThomsonEclipseWar Service
Barnsley, John GreshamHeronCoronary Occlusion
Collins, Edwin Thomasat Honiton3rd July 1922Fatty Heart
Broad, Thomas MartinHoodAcute haemorage of the pancreas
Sadler, Reginald CharlesRN Hospital Portland24th November 1925Died from meningitis
Johnson, Albert JohnPlymouth Hospital26th August 1929Post Operation Shock
Willis, John ThomasHM Tug St Genny12th January 1930Foundered in high seas
Smith, William CharlesRNH Plymouth12th January 1930
Small, JamesHunter23rd April 1930Died of Wounds
Donovan, EdwardHaslar Hospital29th June 1930Tubercolosis
Phillips, William Thomas EdwardRNH Plymouth5th August 1930Pneumonia
Giambelli, John ElliottRNH Plymouth1st January 1931Peritonitis
Gee, Cecil GeorgeLiskeard ,Cornwall28th January 1931
Woodward, Leslie ScarboroughRNH Haslar11th April 1931Tuberculosis
Baveridge, Albert CharlesAshore12th April 1931Killed in a motorcycle accident.
Hammett, LeonardPlymouth2nd May 1931Aneurysm
Hake, GeorgeRNH Malta30th August 1931Perforated Ulcer
Bedford, Frederick CharlesSt Peters Hospital3rd October 1931
Elliott, George HenryRNH Plymouth17th November 1931Septicaemia
Martin , Henry ThomasRNH Chatham18th December 1931Tuberculosis
Monk, William JamesRNH Plymouth4th January 1932Pneumonia
Bain, William AlexanderRNH Malta6th January 1932Pneumonia/ Cardiac Failure
Williams, Leonard WalterM229th January 1932Ship Sunk
Strode, John HenryRNH Plymouth30th June 1932Tuberculosis
Temp, GeorgeDelhi21st August 1932Coronary Sclerosis
Eales, Joseph StanleyRNH Portland12th September 1932
Buswell, Leonard WilliamVigo , Spain21st January 1933injuries from propeller
Morris, Edgar FelixRNH Plymouth18th April 1933Pulmonary Tubercolosis
Hughes, Alfred StanleyRNH Bermuda31st May 1933Aortic disease
Cleave, Robert HenryRNH Plymouth13th June 1933Aneurysm
Keegan, Denis LawrenceHood15th October 1933Drowned Macduff Harbour
Sullivan, John AugustineRNH Hong Kong26th December 1933
Ablett, John Gordon RNH Haslar9th January 1934Tubercolosis
Bradley, Charles Alderman GilbertRNH Plymouth30th May 1934Pneumonia
Parker, RichardRNH Portland19th August 1934Stomach Cancer
Dove, Victor ArthurRNH Haslar29th January 1935Peritonitis
Makin, HerbertBerwick3rd February 1935
Hall, Wilfred ErnestRN Hospital Bermuda18th April 1935Fractured Skull
Brace, Edward CharlesRN Hospital Chatham12th May 1935Oedema of lungs and Pulmonary Thrombosis
Johnson, William HenryRNH Chatham22nd May 1935Pneumonia
Mansell, RobertRNH Malta27th May 1935Pneumonia
Hammett, William ArthurRNH Plymouth8th June 1935Peritonitis
Peddle, PercyAden 28th September 1935Cerebral Haemorrage
Sheridan, John EdwardRNH Portland3rd October 1935TB/ Meningitis
Avant, John HenryCameronia18th December 1935Lost Overboard
Bartlett, LeslieRHH Woolwich8th February 1936TB
Wilcox, Hubert ReginaldRNH Plymouth6th May 1936Pneumonia
Nicholson, Stanley GeorgeHood10th May 1936TB
Fudge, John EdwardRNH Haslar24th July 1936Renal Failure
Dite, Samuel RNH Malta14th August 1936Empyema
Smith, Frederick GeorgeHong Kong22nd December 1936Heart Failure
Bond, AlfredWei Hei Wei21st June 1937Heart Problems/ Pneumonia
Davis, Franklin HubertRN Hospital Haslar28th January 1938Pulmonary Neoplasm
Price, John EdwardRN Hospital Haslar24th May 1938Multiple injuries. Fractured ribs, extensive rupture left lung, Rupture right kidney
Bedwell, Hector William JosephRoyal Oak14th October 1938
Dunstan, William James OsmondRNH (Temp) Invergordon17th October 1938Septicaemia
Hingston, Arthur Ernest GeorgeRNH Plymouth9th December 1938Cancer
Doherty, Henry Edward Galatea1st February 1939Overboard and drowned
Mitchell, ErnestThetis3rd June 1939Asphyxia
Alford, Willie HerbertCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Bolt, Albert JamesCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Borlace, Samuel JohnCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Brabyn, CharlesCourageous17th September 1939War Service
Brooks, Charles LeversonCourageous17th September 1939War Service
Corbin, Wilson JohnCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Curtler, Frederick ArthurCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Davey, WilfredCourageous17th September 1939War Service
Frood, FrederickCourageous17th September 1939War Operations
Holberton, John AlfredCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Ivey, Frederick CharlesCourageous17th September 1939
Luxton, Herbert WilliamCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Payne, George ThomasCourageous17th September 1939Sunk by Enemy Action
Simpson, Frederick JohnCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Smillie, ThomasCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Stuart, Samuel Courageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Tibbs, Ernest EdisonCourageous17th September 1939War Operations
Tree, Herbert JamesCourageous17th September 1939War Operations
Vickery, BertieCourageous17th September 1939War Operations (Ship Sunk)
Waldron, Albert EdwardCourageous17th September 1939Enemy Action
Ward, Harold WilliamCourageous17th September 1939War Operations
Briscoe, Edmund JohnRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Brown, Henry WilliamRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Bucknall, Arthur GeorgeRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Burtenshaw, Clifford HenryRoyal Oak14th October 1939
Butler, Albert EdwardRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Castleman, HarryRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Chappell, William GeorgeRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Crockett, John StanleyRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Dunk, Charles AlbertRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Farr, Ernest WilliamRoyal Oak14th October 1939Ship Sunk
Johns, Percival Herbert MitchleyRoyal Oak14th October 1939Ship Sunk
Kennett, Ernest HenryRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Kersey, Henry ArthurRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Meadon, Frederick Edwin BryantRoyal Oak14th October 1939
Rann, FrankRoyal Oak14th October 1939Enemy Action
Ross , Gordon Ian McLeodRoyal Oak14th October 1939
Smith, Charles JohnRoyal Oak14th October 1939
Bowden, William ThomasRNH Haslar19th October 1939Pneumonia
Prater, William Charles JamesAdventure13th November 1939Explosion
Dalton, David Gipsy22nd November 1939Enemy Action
Tutten, Albert FrancisGipsy22nd November 1939Enemy Action. Body found at Horsea [...] Kirby-le-Soker 30/3/1940
Barrett, William Robert HenryRawalpindi23rd November 1939
Emmett, Alan Victor DesmondRawalpindi23rd November 1939Enemy Action
Paton, GeorgeRawalpindi23rd November 1939
Sturdy, ThomasRawalpindi23rd November 1939Enemy Action
Winton, John CookeRawalpindi23rd November 1939Enemy Action
Powton, Richard FoardKing Edward Hospital ,Falklands17th December 1939Enemy Action
Wesson, Richard RaymondElfin12th January 1940War Operations
White, John HenryElfin12th January 1940War Operations
Tandy, Henry ArthurInverdargle16th January 1940Enemy Action
Mengham, RichardGrenville19th January 1940Enemy Action
Warner, HaroldGrenville19th January 1940Enemy Action
Cattell, William EdwardExmouth21st January 1940Enemy Action
MItchell, Leonard Sydney GeorgeExmouth21st January 1940Enemy action
Strevens, Gordon FrankExmouth21st January 1940Enemy Action
Vincent, Sidney Edward CrawfordExmouth21st January 1940Enemy Action
Diplock, Hedworth LambtonRobert Bowen9th February 1940Enemy Action
Guegan, Albert FrankSuffolk14th February 1940Natural Causes
Barber, John Arthur Hector MacdonaldKimberley16th February 1940Coronary Thrombosis
Copperthwaite, Ernest AlfredDaring18th February 1940War Service
Finlay, Daniel ErnestDaring18th February 1940War Service
Jestico, Alfred WilliamDaring18th February 1940War Service
Miller, Edward CharlesDaring18th February 1940War Service
Stokes, William GeorgeHMS Daring18th February 1940War Service
Townsend, Arthur JohnVictory16th March 1940Meningitis
Piper, William AlexanderGlowworm8th April 1940Enemy Action
Cockayne, Harry RonaldHardy10th April 1940War Service
Plant, EdwardHardy10th April 1940War Service
Hayes, Michael FrancisHunter10th April 1940Killed in Action
Ryman, Richard David SuttonHunter10th April 1940Enemy Action
Templeman, Joseph EdwinCossack13th April 1940Killed in Action
Brewer, Victor LeslieForth ( Thistle)14th April 1940Killed in Action
Elson, Thomas Albert WilliamSuffolk17th April 1940Enemy Action
Lake, Edward CharlesSterlet27th April 1940Missing Presumed Dead
Sargant, Walter Charles ReginaldSterlet27th April 1940Missing Presumed Dead
Coulter, Jacob WalterMaori2nd May 1940Enemy Action
Budgen, DonaldAlfridi3rd May 1940Killed in action
McDonald, DavidHussar15th May 1940Killed in Action
Dure, George HenryBideford29th May 1940Enemy Action
Redhead, George WilliamBideford29th May 1940Missing Presumed Dead
Lapworth, George ThomasCambrian30th May 1940War Service
Mahoney, Herbert JohnBasilisk1st June 1940Enemy Action
McBride, Hebert PercyHavant1st June 1940Enemy Action
Grace, William WarrenSt Abbs1st June 1940Missing Presumed Dead
Chilvers, Frederick JamesSt Fagan1st June 1940Enemy Action
Buckwell, Horace Edwin SamuelSt. Fagan1st June 1940Enemy Action
Vincent, FrancisHalcyon2nd June 1940Enemy Action
Elsey, Archibald Frederick EdwinAcasta9th June 1940Enemy Action
Fennell, Frederick GeorgeAcasta9th June 1940Enemy Action
Guy, Williams Terry WinterAcasta9th June 1940Enemy Action
Bailey, Bertram LeonardArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Clark, Reginald ArthurArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Furse, FrankArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Henderson, Alexander SmithArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Jefferis, Reginald LangdonArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Lane, Stanley PercivalArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Marsh, Reginald ArthurArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Mason, WilliamArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Preston, WalkerArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Truscott, Austin HenryArdent9th June 1940Enemy Action
Alexander, William LionelGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Andrew, William JohnGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Arrowsmith, Cyril ErnestGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Blake, William FulbertGlorious9th June 1940Killed in Action
Brown, ThomasGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Davison, Henry Victor PhippsGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Dickenson, Joseph Albert Glorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Drew, Richard CharlesGlorious9th June 1940
Gorry, Robert Richard Glorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Grinter, Ernest AlbertGlorious9th June 1940Killed in Action
Holsworth, LeonardGlorious9th June 1940
Page, Walter Glorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Slade, James PatrickGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Symons, William BaltimoreGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Trevena, William RobertGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Walters, George ErnestGlorious9th June 1940Enemy Action
Milton, Gilbert RolandCalypso12th June 1940Enemy Action
Collins, William Jacob GeorgeCape Howe21st June 1940War Service
Northcott, Lewis Henry JordanGrampus24th June 1940War Service
Hartley, JohnOdin27th June 1940Enemy Action
Williams, WilliamFame6th July 1940Enemy Action
Crabb, Frederick Charles StewartHermes12th July 1940Injuries
Pittman, Arthur Henry SpringettImogen16th July 1940War Service
Benford, George ErnestDelight29th July 1940Enemy Action
Dennett, William JohnDelight29th July 1940Enemy Action
Abrams, William john EdwardThames3rd August 1940Enemy Action
Barford, William AlfredThames3rd August 1940Enemy Action
Mott, Herbert EdwinThames3rd August 1940Enemy Action
Tingley, CyrilTransylvania10th August 1940Enemy Action
Buckett, Charles ReginaldEsk1st September 1940Enemy Action
Dunning, Oliver HerbertEsk1st September 1940Enemy Action
James, RichardEsk1st September 1940Enemy Action
Langley, Frank LawrenceExpress1st September 1940Enemy Action
Hartwell, George AlfredGodetia6th September 1940Accident
Pitter, Kenneth DavidAtherstone11th September 1940Injuries following explosion (bomb)
Hoskin, Ronald RedversCourageous17th September 1940Enemy Action
Ford, Charles RichardVenetia19th October 1940Enemy Action
Knowles, Augustus ChambersElfin27th October 1940
Edmonds, Charles WilliamH4927th October 1940War Service
Wood, William Frederick GoffeH4927th October 1940War Service
Lewis, Edward JohnLaurentic3rd November 1940War Service
Campbell, Henry James StewartDecoy13th November 1940Enemy Action
Martin, Henry GeorgeMedoc26th November 1940War Service
Bowdler, Idwin ThomasCameron5th December 1940Enemy Action
Shadbolt, Albert VernonS.S Silver Pine5th December 1940Enemy Action
Duffay, Owen Vernon HughRegulus6th December 1940War Service
Ellis, James ArthurParis16th December 1940
Goldsmith, John Victor CrusoeAcheron17th December 1940Enemy Action
Codman, Herbert Cyril PercivalTriton18th December 1940War Service
Lodwick, WilliamVenomous25th December 1940Natural Causes
Bevan, David WilliamGalatea10th January 1941Enemy Action
Crocker, Thomas WilliamIllustrious10th January 1941War Service
Woodward, Cyril LeslieImpulsive10th January 1941Accident
Banfield, NoelVictory14th January 1941Enemy Action
Chase, Herbert IsaacCaroline18th January 1941Cerebral Haemorrhage
Hale, Reginald HerbertHuntley31st January 1941War Service
Quigley, James IgnatiusUnknown3rd February 1941Post Operation Shock
Dearn, Archie Sidney AlbertElfin12th February 1941
Maunder, FrankHermes13th February 1941Septic ulcer
Cheesmer, Charles HenryDainty24th February 1941War Service
McLeod, DonaldManistee24th February 1941War service
Green, Charles StanleyVernon5th March 1941Enemy Action
Gott, EdwardVernon11th March 1941Enemy Action
Offord, Victor JackPembroke 4 (Helvellyn)20th March 1941Enemy Action
Austin, William RobertGlasgow22nd March 1941War Service
Knott, Albert JohnVoltaire9th April 1941Enemy Action
Wright, Robert VictorRajputana13th April 1941Enemy Action
White, Wallace WalterVictory17th April 1941Killed in an air raid
Renney, Samuel HaroldNile18th April 1941War Service
Aris, Edgar Charles WilliamDrake21st April 1941Air Raid
Pook, Robert WilliamDrake21st April 1941Air Raid
Robinson, Ernest WilliamDrake21st April 1941Air Raid Casualty
Ward, James HenryDrake21st April 1941Air Raid
Warren, William JamesDrake21st April 1941Air Raid
Weeks, Thomas JohnBadger24th April 1941Explosion
Lowe, HarryVernon24th April 1941Enemy Action
Hurley, Daniel Diamond27th April 1941Enemy Action
Street, Hector Frederick CharlesDiamond27th April 1941Enemy Action
Parker, John HaroldRN Hospital Plymouth27th April 1941Air Raid: Pulmonary Oedema and bomb blast
Poole, Cyril Horace HeywoodWryneck27th April 1941Enemy Action
Tunnah, JohnRaleigh28th April 1941Enemy Action (Air Raid)
Stone, Edwin CharlesFurious8th May 1941Air Raid
Hearnshaw, FrankBridlington11th May 1941Enemy Action
Welch, George Thomas AnthonyDrake12th May 1941Air Raid
Boak, Joseph JamesGloucester22nd May 1941War service
Dickens, William HenryGloucester22nd May 1941War Service
Ellis, Herbert Christopher SherrattGloucester22nd May 1941War Service
Fedrick, JosephGloucester22nd May 1941War Service
Hicks, Ernest WalterGloucester22nd May 1941War Service
Lindsay, JohnGloucester22nd May 1941War Service
Whiting, Frederick AlexanderGloucester22nd May 1941War Service
Blakemore, WilliamGreyhound22nd May 1941War Service
Rose, Leonard George CharlesGreyhound22nd May 1941War Service
Doe, Robert SydneyFiji23rd May 1941Enemy Action
Evans, Reginald HoraceFiji23rd May 1941Enemy Action
Green, Frederick JamesFiji23rd May 1941Enemy Action
Gordon, DuncanFormidable26th May 1941Enemy Action
Gamble, Alfred RussellDido29th May 1941War Service
Smith, Gerard DuncanHereward29th May 1941War Service
Caister, Arthur WilliamOrion29th May 1941Killed in Action
Newton, Matthew BenhamVanessa19th June 1941Enemy Action
Smith, Reuben EdwardAmazon8th July 1941Tuberculosis
Mullen, CharlesChelsea9th July 1941Malaria
Baker, Percy PeterHelicon11th July 1941
Greaves, Charles ErnestUnion22nd July 1941Enemy Action
Pellow, Mark Fearless23rd July 1941Enemy Action
Wilcox, HoraceManchester23rd July 1941Enemy Action
Gedge, Bertie SoutheyVictory22nd September 1941Carcinoma of the stomach
Weeks, William Elijah ReeceVenomous8th October 1941Lost Overboard
Hunt, Frederick HoraceBroadwater18th October 1941Enemy Action
Barton, LeonardCossack23rd October 1941Enemy Action
Howman, Charles CecilCossack23rd October 1941Enemy Action
Hutchins, Leslie JamesCossack23rd October 1941Enemy Action
Jones, Alfred EdmundCossack23rd October 1941Enemy Action
Silvester, Christopher AlfredLatona25th October 1941War Service
Merritt, Alfred Henry DavidMenestheus27th October 1941Heart Failure
Lang, Charles WilliamDuke of York6th November 1941Drowning
Brown, William HenryDunedin24th November 1941Enemy Action
Hawton, Albert WilliamDunedin24th November 1941Enemy Action
Holloway, Henry CharlesDunedin24th November 1941Enemy Action
Manners, John AlexanderDunedin24th November 1941Enemy Action
Adams, Alfred JohnBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Agate, John Edward FrostBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Annandale, Robert Barham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Burn, ThomasBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Curtis, HenryBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Ford, Albert EdwardBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Greenwood, ThomasBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Gurd, Geoffrey Barham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Horner, Eric Algeon CharlesBarham25th November 1941Enemy action.
Hume, Noble GeorgeBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Ludlow, Sidney FrederickBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Morgan, William Donald BartonBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Plowman, Thomas GeorgeBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Usmar, Edward GordonBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Wilson, AndrewBarham25th November 1941Enemy Action
Whitlock, Ernest AlbertParramatta27th November 1941War Service
Gilbert, Alfred EdwinPrince of Wales10th December 1941War Service
Woollons, Leonard JohnPrince of Wales10th December 1941War Service
Young , William GeorgePrince of Wales10th December 1941War Service
Cummins, Charles HenryRepulse10th December 1941War Service
Keast, William JamesRepulse10th December 1941War Service
Ladd, Clifford FrederickRepulse10th December 1941Enemy Action
Lugger, Lionel JohnRepulse10th December 1941War Service
Mitchell, George StanleyRepulse10th December 1941War Service
Wood, Harry HectorRepulse10th December 1941War Service
Gomer, Alfred ErnestGalatea15th December 1941Enemy Action
Hunt, Walter HowardGalatea15th December 1941Enemy Action
Hutton, Gilbert EdwardGalatea15th December 1941Enemy Action
Taylor, ErnestGalatea15th December 1941Enemy Action
Ball, William FrederickNeptune19th December 1941War Service
Bartlett, Owen JohnNeptune19th December 1941War Service
Branson, Wilfred FrankNeptune19th December 1941
Bright, Reginald WalterNeptune19th December 1941War Service
Elson, Dudley VincentNeptune19th December 1941War Service
Handford, Bertram CharlesNeptune19th December 1941War Service
Johnson, Edward WilliamNeptune19th December 1941War Service
Lang, Albert WilliamNeptune19th December 1941War Service
Price, Henley BrimblecombeNeptune19th December 1941War Service
Hatt, HarryQueen Elizabeth19th December 1941Enemy Action
Glover, John ThomasStanley19th December 1941Enemy Action
Bowden, George WilliamTamar19th December 1941War Service
Starr, Thomas WalterKandahar20th December 1941Enemy Action
Russell, James CameronAudacity22nd December 1941War Service
Corpse, WilliamTamar25th December 1941War Service
Cooper, Arthur HenryVictory8th January 1942Pneumonia
Head, William AlfredMatabele17th January 1942Enemy Action
Murphy, JohnMatabele17th January 1942Enemy Action
Baker, Arthur JamesCloughton Wyke2nd February 1942Enemy Action
Owen , JohnSultan16th February 1942War Service
Trueman, Ernest Arthur BadenFury19th February 1942Carcinoma of the liver
Johnston , Kenneth JamesStronghold2nd March 1942War Service
Reid, ThomasAnking4th March 1942War Service
Unwin, Frederick WilliamVortigern15th March 1942War Service
Keylock, Alfred RobertAvon Vale26th March 1942War Service
Jenkins, George JohnJaguar26th March 1942War Service
Jenkins, George John Jaguar26th March 1942War Service
Sharp, PeterJaguar26th March 1942War Service
Townsend, Norman GeorgeJaguar26th March 1942War Service
Riggs, Charles Thomas Trinidad29th March 1942War Service
Horn, Harry Thomas WebberHermes9th April 1942War Service
Watson, ArthurHermes9th April 1942War Service
Cooper, HenryHollyhock9th April 1942War Service
Thomson, JohnVansittart17th April 1942Natural Causes
Dolton, William SamuelChorley25th April 1942Drowning
Davis, Charles ErnestEdinburgh30th April 1942War Service
Gee, AlbertLively11th May 1942War Service
Stead, George HenryLively11th May 1942War Service
Hare, William Frederick JamesJackal13th May 1942Burns received in action
Allison, Arthur GeorgeWild Swan18th June 1942War service
Harrison, Hugh Victor DrummondWild Swan18th June 1942War service
Heath, John GeorgeS.S Ekma23rd June 1942Myocardial Failure
Brennan, ChristopherDragonfly29th June 1942Whilst POW
Adams, Alfred CharlesMedway30th June 1942War Service
Ponting, Bernard FrankMedway30th June 1942War Service
Barnden, John Thomas HaywardEagle11th August 1942War Service
Thompson, John AlfredEagle11th August 1942War Service
Smith, Charles FrederickManchester13th August 1942War Service
Brundle, James HenryNot recorded26th August 1942Tubercolosis
Hancock, GeorgeCoventry14th September 1942Killed in Action
Speed, John HenryCoventry14th September 1942Killed in Action
Haeger, William Joseph DanielPenelope26th September 1942Fractured Pelvis
Butler, Albert ThomasCuracao2nd October 1942War Service
Grey, William EdwardTamar2nd October 1942Following sinking of Lisbon Maru
Long, Joseph WalterTamar2nd October 1942 PW on Lisbon Mar
Bright, Arthur WilliamTamar (Redstart)2nd October 1942Following the sinking of Japanese ship "Lisbon Marie"
Williams, George AlbertTamar7th October 1942Lost in Lisbon Maru whilst POW
Chappell, Leonard GeorgeOrcades10th October 1942War Service
Chiswell, Reginald Clarence GeorgeTamar11th October 1942Whilst POW
Robinson, Joseph ArthurDrake30th October 1942Killed by Pedal Cyclist
Richardson, ArthurSS Lindenhall7th November 1942Enemy Action
Hutchinson, AlfredRoberts11th November 1942War Service
Codman, Richard WilliamHecla12th November 1942War Service
Cook, Sydney CaytonHecla12th November 1942War Service
Radcliffe, Horace WilliamHecla12th November 1942War Service
Tottel, Thomas WilliamHecla12th November 1942War Service
Blake, Walter JoshuaAlgerine15th November 1942War Service
Gilbertson, Thomas FrederickAlgerine15th November 1942War Service
Morgan, Ernest EdwardAvenger15th November 1942War Service
Legg, Reginald WilliamFiredrake17th December 1942War Service
Darwent, ArthurSkirmisher28th December 1942Pneumonia
Courts, Bernard HenryBramble31st December 1942War Service
Wackley, William FernleyBramble31st December 1942War Service
Hartnell, Albert ErnestFidelity1st January 1943Enemy Action
Kendall, Wilfred AlfredOnslow7th January 1943War Service
West, Albert EdwardExeter2nd February 1943Pneumonia whilst POW
Shepherd, Herbert Walter JohnHMS Vandal24th February 1943War Service
McSwain, James MunroDasher27th March 1943War service
Robinson, GeorgeRenown31st March 1943Heart Failure
Jenkins, Percy VanBeverley11th April 1943War Service
Edwards, George HenryVectis17th April 1943Heart Failure
Fice, Charles Frederick WilliamEuphrates22nd August 1943Cereberal Malaria
Reeves, Sidney ArthurEgret27th August 1943War Service
Saunders, Albert EdwardExeter2nd September 1943Whilst POW
Harris, Harold LucasItchen23rd September 1943War Service
Oxenham, Charles JamesItchen23rd September 1943War Service
Long, Herbert EdwardPenelope7th October 1943War Service
Ross, Ernest Arthur BadenHurworth22nd October 1943War Service
Tippett, John HenryHurworth22nd October 1943War Service
Clements, Horace AlbertHusworth22nd October 1943War Service
Cairns, FrederickCharybdis23rd October 1943War Service
Price, EdwardCharybdis23rd October 1943War Service
Robinson, GeorgeEclipse24th October 1943War Service
Young , Wilfred LawsonEclipse24th October 1943War Service
Blann, Philip GeorgeAurora30th October 1943War Service
Newth, Cyril GeorgeQuail23rd November 1943Fractured skull
Ray, GeorgeGlendower3rd December 1943Haematemesis
Ring, JohnFerret22nd January 1944Cerebral Thrombosis
Hillyer, AlbertRevenge6th February 1944Heart Failure
Pinyon, Fairlie CyrilPenelope18th February 1944War Service
Richardson, Stephen ArthurPenelope18th February 1944War Service
Bagwell, William HarryMahratta25th February 1944War Service
Holland, CharltonMahratta25th February 1944War Service
Richards, Thomas CharlesMahratta25th February 1944War Service
Rendell, Samuel FrancisGould1st March 1944War Service
Mercer, Albert Edward StonePyramus20th March 1944Premature Mine Explosion
Day, CharlesLaforey30th March 1944War Service
Rutter, CharlesLaforey30th March 1944War Service
Byrne, JohnDrake20th April 1944Cerebral Abscess
Kennedy, RoyForth30th May 1944Suicide Cut Throat
Donaldson, John FrederickHMS Iron Duke6th June 1944Pharyngeal tumour and heart failure
Johns, Samuel EdmundDrake14th June 1944Carcinoma
Thomas, Albert HenryMourne15th June 1944War Service
Munro, David GeorgeEx Wellington19th June 1944
Osborn, Alfred JamesRepulse26th June 1944POW ( Singapore)
Lee, Roman BelmontCato6th July 1944War Service
Williams, AlfredLulworth19th July 1944Respiratory Failure
Hicks, Durley JamesIsis20th July 1944War Service
Vesey, Francis MichaelExeter8th August 1944Whilst POW
Ford, George JamesNewcastle12th August 1944Leukaemia
Ellis, Edward RalphKite21st August 1944War Service
Methuen, Henry GordonKite21st August 1944War Service
Read, Albert EdwardKite21st August 1944War Service
Parsons, FrankVictory 21st November 1944Carcinoma
Williams, Alexander JohnDrake2nd November 1944Cardiac Failure
Harbinson, HenryOrion16th November 1944Pulmonary Oedema
Richards, John DavidDrake24th November 1944Thrombosis
Poole, Frederick WalterStalker16th December 1944Carcinoma
Patrick, George VictorLaforey30th December 1944War Service
Dawson, HenryCavendish22nd January 1945Asphyxiation
Phillips, William JohnDrake (Mount Wise)17th March 19341. Chronic ?Endgratitis?, 2. ?Sciatic? incompetence 3. Cardiac failure
Granville, Stanley ArthurLapwing23rd March 1945War Service
Honeycombe, William Samuel McAvoyExcellent12th April 1945Natural Causes
Hatherall, William JohnPhiloctetes9th May 1945Heart Failure
Stuckey, RonaldEland21st May 1945Myocarditis
Eden, ByronSultan30th June 1945POW ( Singapore)
Bell, JamesLST 300929th July 1945Asphyxia
Smith, Sidney CharlesVictory22nd September 1945Natural Causes
Stephenson, George RobertRosario14th March 1946Pericarditis
Devis, Sidney Arthur JosephSultan1st September 1946Singapore ( POW)
Brookbanks, Alfred WilliamDrake16th July 1947Carcinoma
Shilcott, Frederick EdwardForth 14th October 1947Drowning
Gurney, Maurice James (Jim)Consort20th April 1949Yangtsee Incident
Leal, Edward ErnestNot recorded11th November 1950Natural Causes
Zanelli, FrederickHMS Victory4th March 1952Glioma of brain
Phillips, William GeorgeAdamant8th December 1952Unknown
Feltham, Walter FrankNot recorded29th March 1955
Titchener, HarryNot recorded10th April 1956
Knott, Arthur HenryNot recorded16th February 1957
Johnstone, JohnNot recorded28th February 1957
Gumbleton, Percy JamesNot recorded13th April 1957
Scholes, George ErnestUnknown7th November 1957
Barnes, HarryRNH Plymouth25th August 1959